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					                                                             JONATHAN WATT MONKEMEYER             (610) 687-4515      47 Paper Mill Lane, Newtown Square, PA 19073

      Design engineer seeking a Project Leadership or Director position.
      Common sense with the passion and vision to achieve excellence.
      Key Areas: ASIC, Nanotech, HDTV, Medical Devices, Aerospace.

EXTREME ENGINEERING & INNOVATION, Newtown Square, PA                                    2001 - present
Chief Technology Officer                                                    EE&I is a small consulting firm.
Applied advanced technology solutions in several entrepreneurial endeavors.
   Invented integrated direct energy conversion nuclear power sources for ASIC / Nanotech applications.
    This results in self-powered electronics that offer significant military and aerospace advantages.
   Adapted a 3-d display system that used ultrasound to target tumors with cryogenic surgery.

BROADBAND HOME, RTP, NC          (hired through ATI, Boston, MA)                         2000 - 2001
Director, Analog ASIC Design                                        BBH was a startup spun-off from IBM.
Transferred designs into ASICs. Our products used coax cable to network video, HDTV, 1394, stereo,
USB, RF keyboard / mouse, IR remotes, set-tops, and home control automation.
   Designed a programmable HDTV-compatible modulator with 2 ASICs and SAW filter to transmit
    single-side-band video. This low-cost studio-quality prototype provided a critical competitive edge.
   Created strategic alliances with Motorola and Anadigics. Motorola modified their ASIC design for
    us. This minimized in-house development, reduced time-to-market, and saved millions of dollars.
   Used low-cost ASIC design methods: Translated FPGA HDL code into ASIC with a 3 week
    foundry lead-time. Rather than outsource to TI, we saved 9 months and $700,000.
   Reduced cost by using existing IP. AMI foundry services. EDA: Tanner L-Edit Pro layout editor,
    MOSIS, Xilinx Foundation Series Integrated Synthesis Environment with ModelSim and Matlab.

TENACIOUS MANAGEMENT INC., Virginia Beach, VA                                                   1997 - 2000
Web Designer                                                                    TMI was a small consulting firm.
   Created websites using photography, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, and Frontpage.
   Produced marketing multimedia. Expanded consulting to include IT and telecom optimization.

NEW YORK LIFE, NYLCARE HEALTH PLANS, Wayne, PA                                           1995 - 1997
Telecom Manager                                NYLCare was a multi-site mid-sized call-center operation.
   Designed call-centers. Directed purchase, transition, and installation of Lucent PBXs at 6 offices.
   Eliminated $370,000 in hardware expenses. Deployed an Intranet server for CTI CMS statistics.
   Negotiated a 48% long-distance rate reduction that generated $6,650,000 annual savings.
   Managed a $2 million annual budget. Mentored a PBX support team of 7. Conducted training.
   Programmed and optimized 3 Definity G3s and 3 Merlin Legends with Conversant IVR, vectoring,
    Intuity Audix, ACD, CMS, CAS, and T-1s. Optimizations shortened answer time by 75%.
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                                                              JONATHAN WATT MONKEMEYER              (610) 687-4515     47 Paper Mill Lane, Newtown Square, PA 19073

GENERAL ELECTRIC, ASTRO SPACE DIVISION, Valley Forge, PA                                1987 - 1992
ASIC Engineer, Communication Systems Engineer                   GE was a large satellite manufacturer.
 Created ASICs, satellite electronics, Star Wars SDI prototypes. Held DoD secret clearance.
   Designed and optimized a 2.8GHz fast-hopping frequency-synthesizer Triquent GaAs ASIC.
    Innovative design enhancements caused it to outperform I/O expectations by 40%.
   Designed a sat-to-sat laser comm adaptive-array liquid crystal prototype. Built and delivered it to
    the DoD within a tight budget and schedule. It was the key to winning a follow-on ASIC contract.
   Designed radiation-hard CMOS ASIC DSPs at the transistor, micro-cell, macro-cell, and chip level.
   Worked on ASIC teams for 1024-FFT, A/D, D/A, and SDI light exo-atmospheric projectiles. Used
    CASE schematic-capture, simulation, design-for-test, DRC verification, LASAR, and HSPICE.
   Integrated multi-board flight-box systems for an IR&D FFT ASIC project and GPS satellites.
    Updated digital-flight-box designs for TIROS. Presented the changes to NASA.
  Upgraded and tested LANDSAT / TIROS uplink processor boards with error-correction Hamming
   decoder circuitry. This helped to merge GE and RCA satellite hardware design methodologies.

WAWA, INC., HEADQUARTERS, Wawa, PA                                                1985 - 1986
Computer Programmer                                             Wawa is a 500+ store corporation.
 Created logistics management and accounting databases. Taught dBase III programming.

VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY, Villanova, PA BS Electrical Engineering, Math minor (Cum Laude)              1987
   Graduated in six semesters as the only Villanova EE to finish in three years.
   Tau Beta Pi (national engineering honor society)                Villanova academic scholarship
   Eta Kappa Nu (international engineering honor society)          E. J. Hanley merit scholarship
   B'nai B'rith Citizenship Award                                  National Honor Society
           Serve on the Board of Directors, Villanova Alumni Delaware County Chapter.

                  Windsurfing and Sailing       Music and Photography        CBMC
            Monitor many industry journals to keep abreast of the latest technologies.
  Published a physics theory that explains Quantum Mechanics in terms of General Relativity.
          American Society of Inventors: Automatic continuous-variable-transmission,
             Multi-layer optical disc, Nuclear-voltaic direct energy conversion device

                                          TECH TALK
                     ALDEC Active-HDL (vector generator, VHDL simulator)
                Mentor Graphics (Renoir, ModelSim, LeonardoSpectrum, HDL)
    MicroSim (Schematic Capture, Logic Synthesis, PSpice Analog Optimizer)  OrCAD

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