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									Should Internet Marketers use Facebook and YouTube?

Facebook has just showed off some very large stats as part of its recent initial
public offering (IPO) filing. YouTube has recently grown by 25% in the last eight
months alone… Can you really afford to ignore them?

        So what you might ask? Well as everyone I know has a facebook account and
seems to spend hours on it every day… I decided to research some statistics about these
social networks to see whether Internet Marketers, Online businesses, and in fact
anyone wanting to make money online, should or shouldn’t be using them as a serious
tool in their marketing strategies.

       What I found simply astounded me!

Facebook Users Just Can’t Get Enough

       As a none Facebook user myself I found the research fascinating as a picture
slowly built up about the profile of how it is used by its ‘members’; in particular how
often they interact with it and the topics they ‘chat’ about on their status posts.

        Not only that, but I was also stunned to see how many people, of all demographic
types, joined in on threads that initially seemed innocuous but spawned, literally in
minutes, to 10, 20, 50 posts mainly by separate individuals. Viral marketing at its best!

       I had to research through several ‘official’ sources of web trend investigators to
find the information. It was quite easy in the end and I’m glad I did spend a few hours
work as it opened my eyes to whether I should personally use it as well as providing the
material for this article.

       1. For those of you who love statistics… here’s the 2012 stats for the U.S.:

       2. Facebook.com received 9 percent of all U.S. Internet visits in April 2012.

       3. Facebook.com received more than 1.6 billion visits a week and
          averaged more than 229 million U.S. visits a day for the year-to-date.

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      4. 1 in every 5 page views in the U.S. occurred on Facebook.com.

      5. Facebook.com has received more than 400 billion page views this year in the

      6. The average visit time on Facebook.com is 20 minutes.

      7. The Facebook.com audience skews more female (56 percent) than male.

      8. Facebook.com became the #1 ranked website in the U.S. on March 9, 2010.

      9. The term ‘Facebook’ is the most searched term in the U.S. and has been for
         the past three years, starting the week ending July 18, 2009.

      10. Facebook-related terms account for 6 percent of the top searched terms in the
          U.S. and Facebook-related terms made up 4 of the top 10 U.S. searches
          (among the top 100 search terms for the 4 weeks ending May 12, 2012).

      11. Facebook.com users are highly loyal to the website; 96 percent of visitors to
          Facebook.com were returning (defined as visited within the past 30 days)
          visitors in April 2012.

      12. 10 states account for 52 percent of visits to Facebook.com – California, Texas,
          New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, North
          Carolina based on year-to-date average.

      13. The top states where users are more likely to visit Facebook.com versus the
          online population are: West Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, Arkansas,
          Iowa, Indiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama based on year-to-date

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      14. The New York City DMA provides the largest volume of traffic to
          Facebook.com and the Charleston, WV DMA is the area where users are most
          likely to visit compared to the online population.

      15. Facebook.com is the top social networking site in the U.S., Canada, UK,
          Brazil, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

      16. Facebook.com is the top overall site in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Hong
          Kong and Singapore. Facebook.com ranks 2nd in the UK, Brazil, France and

Before we go any further… here are the 2011 top 5 UK internet search stats:

      James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst of Experian Hitwise commented:

“Search engines are the primary portal people use to get to where they want to go
online. The place people want to go most online is Facebook. Around two per cent of all
UK searches online are for the term ‘facebook’ which contribute to the website
receiving over a billion visits a month from British Internet users alone.

      “Understanding the way people use search engines is crucial for marketers if they
want to adapt their digital strategies to the fast moving and constantly evolving online

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      The scale of that information to an internet marketer or people with an online
business wanting to make money online is quite frankly… phenomenal. Nearly 7.5
Billion searches a month in the US and the UK alone!

YouTube goes Vertical with its Views
       Coupled with that massive opportunity is YouTube. According to Reuters: In
January 2012 YouTube hit 4 Billion Video views a DAY (28 Billion a month) and 130
Million unique visitors a month!

       Despite those numbers, Reuters adds that incredibly only 3 Million videos (1.1%)
are currently monetized clearly showing internet marketers have another untapped
marketing arena in our midst to work in.

      So back to my original question…

      Should Internet Marketers use Facebook and YouTube?

      My Conclusion:

       Whatever you think of Facebook and YouTube clearly they’re here to stay! So you
either embrace them or you’ll be left behind very quickly!

       With Facebook generating over 6.4 Billion US searches and over 1 Billion UK
searches a month so far in 2012… and YouTube 28 Billion video views a month globally,
as marketers we really cannot ignore them as a serious opportunity to put our message
across to Billions of people… and quickly!

     You’ll do well to always remember that: “What you don’t do today… Your
competition will do tomorrow”.

       My advice to all businesses, online or offline, is to find out how to utilize
Facebook and YouTube as tools to promote yourself to vast and interested audiences as
well as using them as a fantastic source of finding ‘hot, hungry and highly targeted’

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      As far as these two giants of social media are concerned… Your audience truly
does await you!

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