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Covering Letters. Writing a covering letter Why send a covering letter with the CV? The covering letter is your opportunity to tell a potential employer why you would be the right person for the job. Your aim in writing is to highlight your skills and experience so that you can get an interview. The basic rules of good business writing also apply - keep it brief, polite and relevant. Starting the letter In the first paragraph, you should say why you are writing: I would like to apply for the position of Sales Manger, as advertised in the Oxford Express. I am writing in response to your recent advertisement in the Oxford Express for the Sales Manager. I was extremely interested to see your advertisement for Sales Manager in the Oxford Express. The main part of the letter In the following paragraphs, you can give further information. You should demonstrate how you fit the requirements of the job. To keep what you write relevant, organize the information around the key words of the advertisement. For example: “Oris computers are looking for a Sales Manager with excellent customer service skill as well as significant experience in account management. A team player, you will have overall responsibility for all key accounts in the South East - a position that is responsible for the highest turnover in the country. Reporting directly to the Managing Director, you will able to identify new markets and customers and implement effective and suitable marketing and promotional activities.”

Key words and phrases Customer service Significant experience Team player Overall responsibility for the key accounts Identify new markets Implement effective and suitable marketing and promotional activities Ways of using these key words and phrases With five years’ experience of sales management at Thomas Trading, I am comfortable with the requirements of the post. With the experience I have gained at Thomas Trading. I fit the profile of Sales Manager as specified in the advertisement. As Sales Manager for Thomas Trading, I have overall responsibility for a yearly turnover of more than two million pounds. In my position of Sales Manager for Thomas Trading, I work closely with the Promotions Department to devise and Implement a range of marketing

activities. For example, we were responsible for a print and broadcast campaign that generated more than one million pounds in additional revenue. Part of my responsibilities also include evaluating new markets and customers. I have initiated a series of test and focus groups to evaluate potential products as well as to gain a deeper understanding of key customer requirements. Ending the letter In the final part of your covering letter, you should ask for an interview and thank the reader for their time and attention. I would be delighted to discuss my application with you in the further detail.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my application with you. I would be extremely grateful for a chance to discuss my application with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.