Indigenous Australian Art

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					            Indigenous Australian Art
A nation is uniquely identified by its art. Aboriginal Art is another name of Indigenous Australian
art which is the oldest ongoing form of art. The Indigenous Australian art is a kind of colorful
painting works done by Australian people. The famous rock carvings, ground designs and body
painting are some kind of aboriginal expressions. Early Australian paintings were done of Australian
flowers and animals. Their work of art included painting on leaves, rock carving, wood carving, sand
painting, sculpture and ceremonial clothing etc.

Aboriginal Art is just amazing. It is not only an art work but each stone sculpture, rock curving
painting, or wood carving describes an incident, feelings of human being, culture and traditional life.
In recent years these all have been analyzed, studied and have got international recognition. They
used to paint on rocks and caves to describe their religion.

Indigenous art:

   •   Dot painting: Various colors were used in dot painting. Indigenous Australian people used to
       paint dot images on rocks, caves etc. Generally used colors were yellow (the sun), red (desert
       sand), brown (the mud) and white (the clouds and sky).

   •   Rock painting: There were three styles of rock art. The first one is geometric forms like
       circles, dots and arcs animal tracks. These types of art can be seen in Central Australia,
       Tasmania, and Victoria. Next type is the simplest style of any figure of animal or may be
       forms. This type of art can be seen in Queensland. The last one is complex. It describes
       detailed figure. For example an x-ray art in which the internal organs of humans are clearly
       shown. This type of art can be found in Arnhem Land.

   •   Bark painting: This is a kind of art which involves painting on the tree bark’s strip. These
       types of painting are taken as the finest art. So it has high price value in international art

   •   Aerial landscapes art: This type is also known as “country”. It often describes a traditional
       story of dream.

   •   Rock engravings: It depends on the rock which is being used. There are many ways to make
       rock engravings. The most popular is Murujuga in Western Australia.

   •   Stone arrangements: Stone arrangements are found throughout Australia.

Sales and markets:
Sales of these paintings provide financial support to many Indigenous families. Brilliant artists are not
only getting prices but also they are awarded by Koori Heritage Trust in Victoria and Queensland
Indigenous Arts Marketing and Export Agency (QIAMEA).

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Description: Aboriginal Art is just amazing. It is not only an art work but each stone sculpture, rock curving