Annual Meeting Checklist

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									This document provides a step-by-step checklist to use when planning an annual
meeting. This form gives advice about planning and communication among the
organizers to ensure that the meeting is successful. The checklist provides information
about important steps in the preparation process, such as notices, agenda, mailing lists,
and RSVPs. Additionally, this form includes a sample meeting agenda but this
document can be modified to fit the needs of the meeting planners.
                                      Chec klist fo r
                          Yo ur Next A nnual Meeting

Meeting Notices
Notices should be sent to the guest speakers, VIPs and Senior Management as soon as possible.
Once you receive confirmation from all of the presenters, you can finalize the meeting agenda

Setting the Agenda
A proposed agenda go hand and hand with the meeting notice. Agenda item owners should be
asked to submit either an abstract, or a summary of their agenda topic item. As people respond,
adjust times appropriately.

The Mailing List
Maintaining the mailing list is an ongoing function. It will include internal and external people,
and the media and guest speakers if applicable. This database gives you a comprehensive mailing
list that can be used for other events. Make sure that this list is kept current by updating it
You may also want to develop a webpage that includes all relevant meeting notice information
      The meeting date/time/location
      Proposed agenda
      Participant and speaker instructions
 The webpage should be discussed with appropriate IT staff.

Make sure to send RSVPs to all persons who are accessible prior to the meeting. It is essential
that the person who sends out the RSVPs be fully acquainted with all of the particulars of the
meeting and the location, so that they can answer logistical questions about parking, access, etc.
Finalize the arrangements once they have been sent out.

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                                     Chec klist fo r
                         Yo ur Next A nnual Meeting

                                    Sa mp le Ag e nd a
                                        XYZ Company
                                  Annual Shareholders Meeting

                Date:                      Time:                        am   pm

                        Meeting Agenda

Agenda Item Number      Agenda Topic

          1.            Opening of the Meeting

          2.            Apologies

          3.            Approval of the minutes from the prior Annual
                        Shareholders Meeting

          4.            Presentation - Annual Report

          5.            Adoption of the Annual Report

          6.            Presentation - Treasurer’s Report

          7.            Election – New Executive Director

          8.            Appointment of Auditor

          9.            Vote of Thanks to Outgoing Executive

          10.           Determination of Annual Membership Fee

          11.           Notice(s) of Motion

          12.           Urgent General Business

          13.           Closure

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                                                       Chec klist fo r
                                      Yo ur Next A nnual Meeting

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