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					    Five Secrets of SEO:
  Turning the Key to Online Visibility

                Presented by

Janell Loving
SEO: Search Engine Optimization
SEO – what is it? The task of helping search engines
  see your business as you want it to be seen
SEO has two components:
1.   Onsite Optimization - content on your own website (the
     foundation of good SEO)
2.   Link Building – incoming links from other websites (the
     structure built once you have a good onsite foundation)

Our 5 Secrets help strengthen your foundation and build structure
Web Users Search for Businesses
Searching for a business:
 • General search terms (keywords)
 • City and state are critical
 • Target phrases for services

For example:
 • “business type” + city (keywords)
 • “service details” (content)
Search Results – Content and Keywords
Content = everything on your website
•   Articles
•   Treatment descriptions
•   Posted reviews

Keywords = words targeted to search engines
•   Title and description tags in html header
•   Unique/local phrases used in text for impact
Secret #1: Most Powerful SEO Tool Is FREE
      (SEO Foundation Building)

Google’s Keyword Tool

• Helps to compare potent keywords
• One keyword per line, such as
  “spa, albuquerque”
• Local volume shows only nearby
  searching traffic
• Advertiser Competition – a lower
  number is better
• Choose medium volume
Secret #1 (cont’d)

Keywords “day spa”, “spa”, “spa massage” – over-searched

Other listed phrases above are perfect additions to a webpage –
   medium search volume, less competition in local market
Secret #2: SEO Foundation is in Your Control
   (SEO Foundation Building)

Use your
keywords to
edit your
website Title:

Descriptive new title shown in browser, once updated in SpaBoom:
Secret #2 (cont’d)

Use local terms to create home page content:
Secret #3: Tweet Your Way to Link-Building
   (SEO Structure Work)

SpaBoom’s Twitter and
 Facebook = reach clients
 and create links to events
• Configure social media settings
  via Marketing Tab
• Create Event, “send to social
• Edit your messages & dates
Secret #4: No Need to Hire SEO Experts
    (SEO Foundation Building)

Good SEO consultants exist – but you can do well without

SEO takes time - not experts
•   You can do it with our Online Spa Marketing Guide
•   http://www.spaboom.com/online-spa-marketing
•   Allocate several hours to the task upfront, keep the ball rolling
•   Hire an intern if time is scarce
•   Experts can be valuable for in-depth link building work
Secret #5: Claim Your Google Listing
        (SEO Structure Work)

Use getlisted.org
    •   Enter business & zip
    •   Use links below each item
        to add or edit your listing

Control your listing
•       Accurate data for clients
•       Consistency across web
•       Updated records keep you
        on Google’s hot list
Bonus #1: SEO Beats Adwords
Foundation of your SEO is your content

•   Spend time creating relevant content
•   Update your website to stay on search radar
•   Use social media
•   Interact with consumers & reviewers
Bonus #2: Your Links Are Your In-Crowd
Incoming Links – Be Selective for SEO Gain
• Only relevant websites need apply
    • Local
    • Spa-oriented
    • Treatment or product focused
•   No guilt by association (link-trading with solicitors)
•   Build value to attract good linking partners
•   Create automatic links with social networking
•   Cultivate relationships with local media, writers
SpaBoom’s SEO Secrets
1.   Your most powerful SEO tool is free
2.   SEO foundation is 100% in your control
3.   Tweet your way to link-building
4.   No need to hire SEO experts
5.   Claim your Google listing

Bonus Tips
• SEO beats Adwords
• Your links are your in-crowd
Final SEO Ideas
Need more SEO details -- dig deeper
  • http://www.spaboom.com/online-spa-marketing
  • Google’s tools: http://www.google.com/webmasters/

ASK your clients
  •   If they found you online, how hard was it
  •   Could they easily find your website again
  •   Did they find what they were looking for on your site
Accuracy check – find outdated information
  •   Search for your old details
  •   Contact any sites you find with outdated info
Using SpaBoom to Grow

Dynamic SpaBoom Websites
•   Built-in SEO features
•   Event Promotion
•   Easy Access to Editing Your Content
•   Reports on Your Web Traffic

Questions? Get in touch with us!
• support@spaboom.com
• 800.940.0458
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Smart SEO – our package to launch your SEO
• Join SpaBoom with a new hosted site & receive Smart SEO
   • We will evaluate your current site
   • Recommend strategies, ideas
   • Normally $499 – included in your new signup or upgrade by 4/9/2010
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Questions? 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. MDT
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