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					                                                                                                 AESOP Energy Options
                                                                                                 113 Hampton St. 
                                            Solar Lighting for Home 
                                                 and Business                                    Rock Hill SC 29730 


                                Polaris Solar Deck Post Lights 

                                                 Prices range from 
                                                 $69.00 to $149.00                                         
                                    • Two rechargeable NiCad batteries
                                    • Auto on at Dust
                                    • 2 White LED Bulbs
                                    • No Wiring required
                                    Material: Sturdy Cast Aluminum with
                                                                                                Available for 2” to 
                                    powder coat finish
                                                                                                  5‐1/2” Posts 

               SunWize LED-PIR Solar Floodlight System with Motion Sensor
              Integrated solar-powered security floodlight system with pre-wired 12 Vdc passive infra-red (PIR)
              motion detector and LED lamps. Includes corrosion-proof wet location rated lamp holders with two
               PAR30 med screw base 60 degree view, bright  white LED floodlights. Features  SunWize SC
               Series unbreakable and vandal-resistant solar module, includes adjustable universal roof/pole/wall
              mount  bracket, with 20-foot outdoor cable. PIR  sensor features;  motion  detection range 30 meters
              -120 degree angle, self-resetting adjustable time base from 6 seconds to 2 minutes, day/night
               mode,  8A rated switching, 3 mA self consumption. Both models  designed to operate approx. 1
               hour/night for every hour of peak sunlight received. Battery sized for many days of reserve power
              with no-sun. All manufacturer warranties apply. 
              Part # Model LED Lamp\\\\ Watts Qty. PV Module Battery Capacity Weight
      Model  - LEDPIR12W-2X48, LED Lamp - PAR30-48W, PV Module - SC12. $825.00  
     Model -  LEDPIR18W-2X99, LED Lamp - PAR30-99W,  PV Module - SC18. $1,000.00  
                   SunWize 18 LED & 27 LED – Solar Spotlight System
                   Ready to install stand-alone solar-powered  LED spotlight works every night  from dusk to
                   dawn, with  a week  reserve.  Select from three system sizes with 18 or 27 LED spotlight,
                   depending  on geographic location.  Features include vandal-resistant enclosure system
                   and SunWize SolCharger SC Series unbreakable solar modules with 20 foot cable,
                   aluminum roof/pole/wall mount bracket, sealed                                   
                                                                  gel battery, solid-state lighting system
                               bright white 30 degree view LEDs in bullet design outdoor fixture and Mighty
                   Post. System designed for  10-15 ft.  flagpole, landscape, path, trees, security,
                   entry/exits, and small signs.
           Model - 999SL002, LED  Fixture - 18LED, PV Module -12watt. $900.00  
          Model - 999SL006, LED Fixture -  27LED, PV Module - 18watt. $1200.00 

              Do‐It‐Yourself Solar Outdoor Lighting Systems – We provide the 
                                 components and you assemble!   
                                    Combination  solar charge controller  
                                                                                      Economy Battery  Enclosures
          Solar Panels
                                          and lighting controller.
                                      LED Spotlights & Floodlights                                       
                                                                                        LED Outdoor Light Fixture 
Fluorescent Outdoor Floodlight
                                POLEL MOUNTS 

                                             SOLAR POWERED SECURITY LIGHT 
                                             Motion‐activated security light can be installed anywhere‐‐no wiring 
                                             needed! Bright 10 watt quartz lamp 
                                             Easy to install, mounting hardware included. Detects motion over a 
                                             range of 180 degrees, up to 60 ft. away.                    
                                             Adjustable delay, from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.   
                                               Sturdy die‐cast construction, 7" x 7‐1/2” polycrystalline solar panel.
                                       SunWize Designer Lighting Systems (DLS) use solar technology to provide lighting in
                                         areas where there is no utility power or where excavation for underground power lines
                                         makes utility power too costly. The SunWize Designer Lighting Systems combine the
                                       latest technology available to provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation. The
                                       factory assembled electronic control panel and batteries are contained in a “slim-line”,
                                       outdoor enclosure and fully tested for simple, trouble-free installation. The SunWize
                                       Designer Lighting Systems with replaceable lamps feature an ultra-high efficiency
                                       luminaire incorporating a computer-generated, polished reflector to maximize the lighting
                                       intensity and coverage area. SunWize Designer Lighting Systems are color coordinated
                                       in attractive powder coated “architectural bronze” paint, including the optional pole and
                                       arm. DLS systems come with Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) 35 watt or 55 watt fixtures,
                                       LED 36 watt fixture or fluorescent 55 watt fixture. The LPS lamp is a monochromatic
                                       (yellow-orange) light source, preferred for unobtrusive lighting. LEDs are 6500K color
                                       temperature producing bright white light and are not affected by temperature extremes.
                                       Compact fluorescent lamps are cool-white 4100K and should be used where temperature
                                       averages above 25°F degrees for best results, not recommended below 10°F. Sealed,
                                       maintenance-free, deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide 7-8 year life based on
                                       average 15% daily depth of discharge. All DLS systems come with gel batteries, proven
                                       best for cold climate cyclic operation. Battery reserve # days are rated to 80% depth of
                                       discharge. Batteries have a limited 2-year warranty.

• School ground security lighting
• Marinas and campgrounds
• Parks and recreation areas
• Community area lighting
• Parking lots
• Bicycle and jogging paths                DLS lighting systems include:
• Residential roadways and
intersections                              • Luminaire with 30’ cable • Solar array • Top pole mount • Electrical lighting control panel •
                                           Sealed deep-cycle batteries • Enclosure & mounting brackets • All wiring & fuse protection.

                                           Standard systems do not include pole or fixture arm. (Optional)

                                                                          Call for Discounted Prices  

                                                                       MSRP prices listed below do not 
                                                                        include Pole, Fixture arm, or 


• Eliminates utility line extensions
                                                                 MSRP (LPS Light Fixture/35W) – Starting @ $4,662.00
• Fast and easy installation

• Location flexibility                                           MSRP (600 LED Light Fixture) – Starting @ $4,989.00 

• Automatic lighting controller with adjustable                  MSRP (Fluorescent Light Fixture/55w) – Starting @ $6,000.00 
run times
                   Solar Mate I ($155.00)                                        Solar Mate II  ($255.00)
  Ideal for smaller buildings such  as the average  garden                                         
                                                                Delivers  twice the power  and brightness  making it suitable
shed, summer house or single stable and will provide light
                                                                 for a workshop,  larger stables, greenhouses, agricultural
           for up to seven hours per 24hour period.                                     buildings etc.
The Solar Mate I lighting kit   ideal  for providing  
                                                                The Solar Mate II shed lighting kit addresses the
essential light to any outdoor  building such as                                                           
                                                                problem of outdoor lighting in areas where no main
sheds,  workshops, summer/pool houses,                          power exists. Solar Mate can   easily and safely
stables, agricultural buildings and etc. Solar Mate  
                                                                installed by anyone.  
I will provide light
                     for up to seven hours per 24hour  
                                                                The Solar Mate II solar panel will collect enough
                                                                energy  during  the course of the day to power its bulb
period.  Its single 12volt, energy saving  bulb is  
                                                                for between 5 and 7 hours every day of the year.
equivalent to a  40watt  household light  bulb illuminates
                                                                Solar Mate has a 10 year warranty so will easily pay
an area  of 150  sq. ft.                                                                                   
                                                                back its investment many times.
                                                                Solar Mate II  will illuminate an area of 250 sq. ft.
Technical Description:                                                                                     
                                                                Technical Description:
    •  Supplied with a 5watt  crystalline solar panel, 
          roof / wall mounting kit,12 volt energy
                                                                     •  Supplied with   10watt crystalline solar
          saving bulb, ceiling / wall bulb holder, wall  
                                                                         panel, roof / wall mounting kit, 2 x 12volt
          switch,  5m cable, connectors,  fuses and                      energy saving bulbs, 2 x ceiling / wall bulb
          detailed instructions                                          holders, wall switch, 7m cable, connectors,
                                                                         fuses and detailed instructions   
    • Takes around 1 hour to install
                                                                     •  Takes around 1 hour to install 
    • No special tools needed
    •  Requires 12v battery (not included)  
                                                                     •  No special tools needed
          The kit  has a 10 year warranty excluding the              •  Requires 12v battery (not included)
          bulb                                                       •  The kit  has a 10 year warranty excluding the
    •  The bulb has a  3000 hour life  cycle  
    •  The solar panel has a 35 year  
                                           life expectancy 
                                                                     •  The bulbs have a 3000 hour life cycle
    •  Size – 397x215x25mm                                           • The solar panel has a 35 year life expectancy
    • Weight – 2.9kgs                                                • Size – 397x215x25mm
                                                                     • Weight – 2.9kgs

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