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					                                                                                                                                       Amanda Sobhani
                                                                                                                                              Chie Kai
                                                                                                                                            Jen Bailey
                                                                                                                                           Laura Ladd
                                                                                                                                        Sep. 11th, 2012

                                                              Menu for Week: 1
             Monday            Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday               Friday            Saturday            Sunday
Juice        -Orange Juice     - Mango Juice      - Apple Juice       - Orange Juice       -Apple Juice      -Orange Juice       -Mixed Juice
Cereal       -Bran Muffins     -Bananas Foster    -Eggs your way      -Cheesy Grits        -Cinnamon Rolls   -Biscuits and       -Whole Wheat
Breakfast    -Margarine        French Toast       - Crispy Toast      -Bacon               -Scrambled Eggs   Mushroom Gravy      Blueberry
  Meat       -Vegetarian       -Andouille         -Ham                -Biscuits            -Tea              -Zucchini Straws    Pancakes
Entrée       Sausage           -Chicory Coffee    -Margarine          -Margarine           -Milk             -Coffee             -Hashbrowns
Starch       -Cantaloupe       -Milk              -Blackberry Jam     -Strawberry Jelly                      -Tea                -100% Maple
Margarine    -Coffee                              -Coffee                                                                        Syrup
Jelly        -Tea                                 -Tea                                                                           -Margarine
Beverage                                                                                                                         -Milk
Beverage                                                                                                                         -Coffee

Appetizer    - Crackers and    -Sweet Potato      -Minestrone Soup    -Mixed fruit         -Carrots and      - Young Greens      -Cole Slaw
Entrée       hummus            Chips              -Salad              salad(banana,        hummus            Salad with          -Fried Chicken
Starch       -Quinoa           -Po Boy            -Chives             pears, apples, and   -Tuna noodle      Balsamic            - Broccoli
Vegetable    Stuffed Peppers   Sandwiches         -Bruschetta         pineapple)           salad             Vinaigrette         Casserole
Garnish      -Basil Leaves     -Lettuce, tomato   -Lemon Bars         -Chicken Nuggets     -Whole grain      -Hearty Beef Stew   -Baked Beans
Bread        -Black Bean       -Peaches           -Iced Tea           -Steamed broccoli    baguette          - Country Loaf      - Corn Bread
Margarine    Brownies          -Lemon Water                           with pepper          -Margarine        - Shoo Fly Pie      - Butter
Dessert      -Pomegranate                                             -Chocolate chip      -Fresh pear       - Hot Cider         - Fried Apples
  or Fruit   Juice                                                    cookies              -Peach and                            - Sweet Tea
Beverage                                                              -Milk                strawberry tea

Supper:                                                                                    - Watermelon
Appetizer    -Caprese Salad    - Fruit salad      -Cucumber Salad     - Burgers            Granita           -Raw vegetables     - Steak tips salad
Entrée       -Spinach          -Gumbo             with cherry         -Sweet Potato        -Lemon baked      with Tsitiki        with a strawberry
Starch       Lasagna           -Cornbread         tomatoes and        Fries                tilapia           Rice and Beans      vinaigrette
Vegetable    -Baked            -Parsley           lemon vinagarette   -Lettuce and         -Baked Kale       with tomatoes       -Feta Cheese
Garnish      Asparagus         - Beignets         -Shepherd’s Pie     Tomato               chips             - Pita bread        - Croutons
Bread        -Garlic Bread     - Raspberry Tea    -Roasted Carrots    -Pickle              - Rice Pilaf      -Honeydew and       - Orange Slices
Margarine    Knots                                -Crusty Bread       -Burger Buns         - Dinner Rolls    honey-lime          - Cucumber-mint
Dessert      -Lemon-                              -Baked Pears with   - Apple Pie          - Butter          dressing            Water
  or Fruit   Raspberry                            candied walnuts     - Cranberry Juice    -Chocolate        - Lemon Water
Beverage     Sorbet                                                                        Mousse with
                                                                                           -Iced Tea
                                                                Menu for Week: 2

             Monday           Tuesday             Wednesday            Thursday             Friday             Saturday            Sunday
Breakfast:   -Oatmeal with    -Tomato Juice       -Orange Juice        -Apple Juice         -Orange Juice      -Mango Juice        -Orange Juice
Juice        Nuts             -Huevos             -Muesli-Yogurt,      -Omelet              -Strawberry and    -Assorted bagels    -Belgian Waffles
Cereal       -English         Rancheros with      Oats, Dried Fruit,   -Assorted Biscotti   Nutella Crepes     and Cream           -Bacon
Breakfast    Muffin           Tex-Mex potatoes    Nuts                 -Honeydew            -Pork Medallions   Cheese              -Butter
  Meat       -Butter          -Chorizo            -Over-easy eggs      Melon and            -Coffee            -Sausage            -Maple Syrup
Entrée       -Raspberry Jam   -Coffee             -Coffee              Blueberries          -Tea               -Fruit Salad        -Milk
Starch       -Coffee          -Tea                -Tea                 -Coffee                                 -Coffee             -Coffee
Margarine    -Tea                                                      -Tea                                    -Tea
Jelly        -Orange Juice
Lunch:       -Tomato Soup -   -Guacamole and      -Apple Slices        -Mandarin            -Cobb Salad        -Eggrolls           -Spinach Maria
Appetizer    Grilled Cheese   Blue Corn Chips     -Split-pea soup      Oranges              -Chicken-Noodle    -Fried Rice with    -Turkey Meatloaf
Entrée       -Basil           -Bean Burritos      With Ham             -Grilled Chicken     Soup               Tofu                -Assorted
Starch       -Saltine         with Assorted       - Dark               Salad                -Oyster Crackers   -Edamame            Mushrooms
Vegetable    Crackers         Vegetables          Pumpernickel         -Jewish Rye          -Apple Fritters    -Nori               -Baguettes
Garnish      -Oatmeal         -Cilantro Lime      Bread                -Butter              -Cranberry Juice   -Peach Granizado    -Butter
Bread        Chocolate        Brown Rice          -Butter              -Strawberry and                         -Green Tea          -Chocolate Cake
Margarine    Chips Cookies    -Flan               -Snicker-doodles     Banana Smoothie                                             with Raspberries
Dessert      -Milk            -Limeade                                                                                             Iced Tea
  or Fruit
Supper:      -Spinach Salad   -Tomato and         -Broccoli            -Caesar Salad        -Roasted           -Refried Beans      -Cornmeal
Appetizer    with             Corn Salad with     -Pan-seared Steak    -Beef Stroganoff     Mushrooms          -Parsley            Muffins
Entrée       Strawberries     Cilantro            -Ratatouille         -Green Peas and      -Salmon            -Spanish Tortilla   -BBQ Pork Ribs
Starch       and Feta         -Sizzling Chicken   -Kale Chips          Roasted Carrots      -Asparagus         with Roasted Red    -Green Beans
Vegetable    -Sundried        and Vegetable       -Dinner Rolls        -Fudge Brownies      -Cheese Biscuits   Pepper and Goat     -Baked Beans
Garnish      Tomato Orzo      Fajitas             -Butter              with Cream           -Lemon             Cheese              -Butter
Bread        with Feta        -Mayan Coco         -Berry Tart          Cheese Icing and     Meringue Pie       -Tapioca Pudding    -Cherry Pie
Margarine    Cheese           Spice Hot                                a Cherry on Top      -Lemonade          -Lime and Mint      -Sweet Tea
Dessert      -Crusty Whole    Chocolate                                -White Grape                            Water
  or Fruit   Wheat Herb                                                Juice
Beverage     Bread
             -Carrot and
             Apple Juice
                                                                Menu for Week: 3

             Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday            Friday              Saturday           Sunday
Breakfast:   -Grapefruit        -Mango Juice       -Orange                -Orange            -Apple              -Apple Juice       -Orange Juice
Juice        Juice              -Naan              -Assorted cereal      -Greek Yogurt       -French Toast       -Quiche with       -Oatmeal -
Cereal       -Veggie Frittata   -Feta              -Italian Eggs         -Granola            -Syrup              Turkey Sausage     Pancakes with
Breakfast    -Hashbrowns        -Pecans, Walnuts   (Fried egg over       -Banana Nut         -Sausage Links      Patties            Honey and Fresh
  Meat       -Coffee            -Cucumbers,        tomato, spinach,      Muffins             -Butter             -Coffee            Berries
Entrée       -Tea               tomatoes           cheese, on crusty     -Butter             -Coffee             -Tea               -Butter
Starch                          -Coffee            bread)                -Coffee             -Milk                                  -Coffee
Margarine                       -Tea               -Coffee               -Tea                                                       -Tea
Jelly                                              -Tea
Lunch:       -Tomato Basil      -Sag Panir         -Roasted Eggplant     -Marinated          -Grapes and Feta    - Mushrooms,       -Herbed
Appetizer    Bread              (Spinach and       -Salmon Patties       Cucumbers           -Hummus and         Water Chestnuts    Asparagus
Entrée       -Greek Salad       Cheese)            -Garlic Butter Rice   -Vegetarian Chili   Mixed Veggie        and Rice Chicken   -Lemon –thyme
Starch       -Spicy Lentil      -Curry-noodle      -Rye Bread            -Basil              Pita                Lettuce Wrap       Chicken
Vegetable    Soup               soup               -Butter               -Cornbread          -Applesauce         -Smoked Salmon     -Rustic Bread
Garnish      -Chocolate         -Parsley           -Watermelon           -Butter             -Iced Tea           -Rye Crackers      -Butter
Bread        Raspberry          -Naan              -Lemonade             -Fried Okra                             -Fruit Cobbler     -Pumpkin
Margarine    Cheesecake         -Butter                                  -Mint Brownie                           -Lemon Water       Chocolate Chip
Dessert      -Cherry            -Rice Pudding                            -Milk                                                      Cake
  or Fruit   Limeade            -Tea                                                                                                -Iced Tea
Supper:      -Breadsticks       -Vegetable         -House Salad          -Broccoli with      -Carrot Soup        -Dark Crusty       -Onion Tart
Appetizer    -Baked             Samosas            -Chicken Pot Pie      Roasted Almonds     -Saltine Crackers   Bread              -Broccoli Cheese
Entrée       Spaghetti with     -Shrimp-curry      -Brussel-sprouts      -Pork chops         -Scallop Scampi     -Vinison Stew      Soup
Starch       Marinara Sauce     Cous Cous          -Mint Basil           -Dinner Rolls       with Vegetables     (Potatoes,         -Irish Soda Bread
Vegetable    -Baked             -Naan              -Chocolate            -Butter             - Triple Berry      Vegetables,        -Mushrooms and
Garnish      Parmesan           -Mango Ice         Mousse                -Angel Food Cake    Crisp               Barley, Vinison)   Wild Rice
Bread        Asparagus and      Cream              -Cranberry Juice      -Lemon Water        -White Grape        -Brussel-Sprouts   -Crème Brule
Margarine    Mushrooms          -Tea                                                         Juice               -Raspberry Brie    -Spiced Warm
Dessert      -Baked                                                                                              en Croute          Milk
  or Fruit   Apricots with                                                                                       -Milk
Beverage     Honey

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