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									                              Lighting Resources
This resource sheet lists websites and handouts which provide more in-depth information
on quality, energy-efficient lighting.

International Dark Sky Association Resources

For a complete listing, including the topics and handouts described below, and many
more not listed, go to the website ( and click on "Get Help" in the left
menu bar, then click on "Info Sheets and Practical Guides."

Overview on Light Pollution
- Practical Guide: Introduction to Light Pollution
- Practical Guide: Residential Lighting (Good Neighbor Guide)

City Lighting
- Why Should a City Government Be Concerned About Light Pollution?
- Sports and Recreational Area Lighting
- Exterior Lighting: Glare and Light Trespass

Cost Savings of Energy-efficient Lighting
- Economic Issues in Wasted and Inefficient Outdoor Lighting
This sheet gives examples of the cost savings of using energy-efficient lighting.

- Efficient Outdoor Lighting - cost comparison on types of lighting
- Examples of Good and Bad Lighting Fixtures - provides helpful images

- The Aging Eye - Some Basic Information
This sheet addresses how lighting affects the aging population so as to improve safety.

Safety and Security
- Security Lighting: Let’s Have Real Security, Not Just Bad Lighting.

Dark Skies Approved Lighting Fixtures
- Visit and click "Approved Fixtures" in the left menu bar.

compiled by Andrea Schweitzer, Ph.D.                                version 4 August 2009
Demos and Resources for Giving Presentations
- The Campaign for Dark Skies,
    o Floodlight angle interactive demonstration:
    o Position light poles of different types -- try your hand at being a lighting designer!
- Let There be Night,
Several good demonstrations including the Mag-Lite demo on a town map.
- Earth Hour video, with more information at
- Issue on Light Pollution with Activities, from The Universe in the Classroom
Newsletter for Teachers of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Lighting Articles in the Popular Media
- Reader's Digest, May 2009, "Spotlight on a Hidden Cancer Risk"
- National Geographic Magazine, November 2008, "Our Vanishing Night"
- Environmental Issues and Astronomy: An Introductory Resource Guide
by Andrew Fraknoi (includes many past articles in the popular media):

Star Counting Programs
Star counting events to raise awareness about dark skies and light pollution:
    o How Many Stars, an ongoing global citizen science program (
    o Great World Wide Star Count, October 9-23, 2009, and October every year
    o GLOBE at Night, March every year during the two weeks around new moon
    o Earth Hour, mid- to late March every year (

This resource list was compiled by Andrea Schweitzer and Kristina Harding for the
International Year of Astronomy,

Andrea Schweitzer, Ph.D.
U.S. Project Manager for the International Year of Astronomy
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compiled by Andrea Schweitzer, Ph.D.                                 version 4 August 2009

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