; The Enigma of The Absolute
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The Enigma of The Absolute


The thing to remember about mathematics is that it is strictly a theoretical framework for describing reality and it is not truly reality itself. Only reality is reality and a map such as mathematics can never truly be the territory. More than a few genius mathematicians have driven themselves mad and ended up in the insane asylum because they had fallen into the trap of believing that numbers are actually real, in the sense of being direct reality itself, so they could not figure out why they could never prove the perfection of mathematics, and thus the perfection of reality as understood through mathematics, using all of their tricks and theories. 1+1=2 is actually a theoretical statement of faith, and it is not a provable statement of objective truth at all, in the strictist scientific philosophical sense. Even patterns based on concepts like Pi or Phi or the Fibonacci Sequence can only be represented by numbers and the actual patterns in essential nature themselves go deeper into reality than numbers can possibly reach. The pattern itself is the pattern, not the numbers that are merely expressing it. Reality is a perfect paradox because it is always both finite and infinite at the same time, without ever being purely just finite or purely just infinite. When you start believing that numbers are reality itself and you try to prove the perfection of numbers using numbers, you come up against the paradox of reality and it will drive you mad if you are a driven genius who is convinced that the mind of God can be known through mathematics and you cannot figure out what the mistake you are making is before your sanity is gone. Reality is perfect. Mathematics is not perfect and can never be.

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									                                   The Enigma of The Absolute
This text on metaphysics is offered to you in the spirit of friendship and non-dogmatic spiritual exploration. Logic and mathematics is
not reality itself, it is a way of describing reality that is less than perfect and has its own strengths and weaknesses. All logic and
mathematics is strictly theoretical but life and reality itself is not. No map can ever truly be the territory, especially in this case...

"All proof is relative to experience and all experience is subjective. Logic and mathematics can never absolutely and objectively define
what Reality is or what Reality does. The direct experience of Life itself is the only true absolute there is as the living proof of Reality."
- Aeon Nova Network

"1+1=2 is actually a statement of Faith, not a statement of Truth, and relative objectivity is actually collective subjectivity because logic
and mathematics are subjective within consciousness and they have no provable absolute objectivity."
- Aeon Nova Network

"The only theory that is absolutely and objectively provable is that no theory is absolutely and objectively provable, including this one."
- Aeon Nova Network

"0 and 1 are exactly the same in a certain vital sense - they are both absolutes and they are both unity unlike any other two numbers.
However, 0 must always express first before 1 can possibly express because Love is always faster than Fear. 0 and 1 symbolically
represent the expression of the two most primal elemental forces of spiritual reality, Love and Fear."
- Aeon Nova Network

"Absolute everythingness and absolute nothingness are both actually exactly the same abstract concept because they are both made
entirely out of pure consciousness itself, which is what makes them the same."
- Aeon Nova Network

"All thoughts and forms always possess both existence and unexistence at the same time but they never purely just exist or purely
just unexist. The existence or unexistence of any thought or form is always subjective and can never be absolutely objectively
- Aeon Nova Network

"If your mind is real, then all things that touch your mind must also be real, whether they exist or not, because everything is truly real
on some level. Each of our personal realities are all entirely shared together as the same reality, and yet also are all entirely separate
from each other as unique realities, both at the same time."
- Aeon Nova Network

"Our Consciousness is also our Reality. There is no real difference between these two concepts because they are like two sides of
the same coin with no meaningful way of separating them. Therefore, if you don't know what Reality is, then you cannot possibly
know what Consciousness is either. The Creator is like an ambient continuum of Divine Consciousness in a living Reality and is the
only one with objective knowledge of Reality."
- Aeon Nova Network

"Our metaphysical models concerning Reality are paradoxical because only The Creator is absolute and without paradox and
transcends all destinies of time, space, thought and form. As a Flux Continuum Bounded by Finitude and Infinity, All Ends In Mystery
and In Awe and Faith Creates All Meaning!"
- Aeon Nova Network

"Reality is a perfect paradox because it is always both finite and infinite at the same time, without ever being purely just finite or purely
just infinite."
- Aeon Nova Network

"Reality is not made out of any kind of geometry or 'crystallized mathematics'. Reality is made out of Holy Words."
- Aeon Nova Network

"As far as the Laws of Mathematics refer to Reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to Reality."
- Albert Einstein

"If a man will begin with certainties, he will end with doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he will end in certainties."
- Francis Bacon

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