; September14 16 2006 NORCAL UFO 'SILLY MILLIE'
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September14 16 2006 NORCAL UFO 'SILLY MILLIE'


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									Silly Millie Report
       By Cody Mould

I left my place at 430am for Willows, the starting point of the run. I arrived early and went to check
out the Competition Sports Car Club (?)'s track day. Scott Higashi, a Sentra SE-R driver that
goes to Shasta every year was there, getting ready to take down some German wheels. I also
saw a Camaro built similar to trans am style which was featured in Hot Rod Magazine a while
back. Nice stuff! I soon had to leave and meet Dennis and Peggy and get ready for the long haul.

We ended up meeting at their motel, along with fellow lister Steve Harris, and Andrea (dont know
last name). Turns out, I was the ONLY 510 in the bunch! Dennis/Peggy were driving Miata R, and
Andrea was in a Mazdaspeed Miata (turbo), Steve was driving his 3 series BMW convertible.

We headed off west on Highway 162 and took the backroads to Red Bluff, what a ride, beautiful
views and exciting roads. Including a spot where we all did a little bit of a tail slide on right hand
over crest-turn. We stopped at some little general store in the middle of nowhere for a small rest
stop and photo op but quickly got going again as he had a helluva drive ahead of us.

Once in Red Bluff, we navigated our way to the Chevron for one last fill up before tackling the
famous Highway 36. Once we were off we had a little bit of excitement right off the bat. I had
expressed my desire to take a photo of the sign that reads windy road, next 140 miles. So,
everyone had their eyes peeled for it, once they saw it, they all dove off the road, save for Steve
whose big Beemer couldnt fit! (HAHAHA!!!) Can you say 4 wheel lock, release brakes, yank car
to the left, back right into my lane, and then onto the side of the road? A little bit much adrenaline
for the first 3 miles of the road!

The next several hours were spent traversing the whoopsies, banked turns, and absolute sport
driver bliss that is Hwy 36. Somewhere in the middle of the trip we stopped at a small town for
lunch and met up with our final addition to the run, a man by the name of Jerry. He drives a two-
tone S13 240sx. He was racing at the Shasta T-Hill event. A while up the road we hit the biggest
construction stop I had ever seen since Shasta 06 with the road repaving. More than a 15 minute
wait each way. Towards the end it began to rain on us all, silly topless roadsters >;^) We
continued on through it all, tiptoeing our way thru the rainy roads and made it to Fortuna where
we would be staying.

The next day we got up early and headed out to the Samoa Autocross site. It was COLD and very
FOGGY. Im not much of a coastal person myself... Anyway, it sits on a runway of sorts, pretty
neat until a plane decides to taxi THROUGH an autocross! The event went without incident
though. I did my 3 runs on a fairly big 2 lap format. My runs were 2:06, 2:01 and 2:02. instruction
from Dennis and Peggy got my times down to the low 2's, but I goofed on run 3 and gained
another second. Oh well, the race was a total blast. The folks up there are such nice people. The
most laid back autocross I've ever attended! I was the lone Datsun save for a beautiful 240Z
which ran 3 seconds off of TTOD. TTOD was set by an EXCELLENT driver in a Miata... A lady
too for you lady-bluebird-listers out there! ;-)

It was a ton of fun, and if there is a 'Millie next year, we need more people to do it!!! Come on
folks, its like a second (smaller) Shasta with MUCH better weather!


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