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Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

Since V.S For


You have written a lot of books about the
business world.
      Saint-Gobain has developed hundreds of
    products in its long history.

            Use the Present Perfect Simple for past activities
     and situations in a time up to the present.
          Some famous banks has been in the
        same family for generations.

  Some wine producer have had the same
vineyards for hundreds of years.

          Use the Present Perfect Simple for a
      situation which began in the past and continues
      up to the present.
     Present perfect Simple
 (d) I have already seen that movie.
 (a) They have moved into a new apartment.

               (b) Have you seen it never,
         The adverbs ever,yet. Mexico?
              (e) Jack hasn’t ever visited

  already, yet, still, and just are
 (c) I have never He has just
(f) Alex feels bad. seen snow. heard some bad news.
           (g) Ann started a letter to her parents last week, but
  frequently used with the
                        she still hasn’t finished it.

          The adverbs ever, never, already, yet,
  Present Perfect.
          still, and just are frequently used with
          the Present Perfect.                               5
Present Perfect Simple

h) We has had 4 tests so far this semester.

          (i) I have written my wife a letter every other day
                          for the last two weeks.
  (j) I have met many people since I came here in
                (k) I have gone to Japan many times.

     The Present Perfect Simple also expresses
      the repetition of an activity before now.

         So far is usually used with the Present 6
• Saint-Gobain has been making glass 1665.
          • Barone Ricasoli has been producing
            wine for more than 850 years.
        To the Present Perfect Perfect
       Use make the Present Continuous for an
 Continuous, use in the past + been + -ing
 activity that began has/ have and continues up
 to the of the verb.
 form present.
   Past                                  Now
      The Present Perfect Continuous

• Right now I am sitting at my desk.

      (a) I have been sitting here since seven
      (b) I have been studying for 8 hours.
      (c) It has been raining all day. It is still raining
    Time words: for, since, all morning,
            all day, all week.

       The Present Perfect Continuous

(a) I have been thinking about changing my major.

  (b) All of the students have been studying hard. Final
  exams starts next week.

  (c) My back hurts, so I have been sleeping on the floor
  lately. The bed is too soft.

           When the tense is used without any
          specific mention of time, it expresses a
          general activity in progress recently,
Since V.S For

Read the examples and complete the grammar rule.

  • The Banca Monte dei Pasehi di Siena has been
    in the banking business since 1472.

 • The Beretta family has been making guns for nearly
   five hundred years.

        Use SINCE with a point of time
        Use FOR with a period of time.
Since 2003   Since last month   Since Monday

 PAST                                    NOW
                  For a long time
                  For 2 years
                  For 2 weeks
1. Write since or for with
these time expressions

1.since yesterday      6. since he left high school
2. for two week        7. for five hours
3. since 1st January   8. since last Saturday
                       9. since 1999
4. for a short time
                       10. for Decades
5. since ten o’clock

     2. Underline the correct
           verb form.

1.     Some companies are/have been family
      business for hundreds of years.
2.     How long have you had/have you been having
      your company?
3.     Some families are making/have been making
      the same product since there company was
4.     They have produced/have been producing
      50.000 bottles of wine this year.
5.     How long is the company/has the company
      been in business?
3. Choose the correct verb form
    1.   What (you, learn) have you learned since you
         (come) came here.
    2.   The telephone (ring) has been ringing for almost a
         minute. Why doesn’t someone answer it?
    3.   Its’ 10 PM. I (study) have been studying for 2
         hours and probably won’t finish until midnight.
    4.   (you, eat) Have you eaten yet?
         No. You?
         Yeah, I (eat, already) have already eaten.
    5.   I (go) went to England six years ago, but I
    6.   (not, go) haven’t gone anywhere since then.       15
4. Correct errors in the following
     • Have you ever visit China?
     • It is raining all day.
     • I lives in this house since I were born.
     • She has been one of the most famous
       businesswoman in China.
     • How long do you been here?
     • In the last fifty years, medical scientist
     had made many important discoveries.
     • Do you ever met my Chinese cousin?
     • Mr. John has been going to China for 5 times.
      5. Filling the blank with
       the appropriate verb.

is                    1. Tom watches television every day.

has already had       2. She has already had breakfast.
ever been             3. He has been working for ten hours.
watches               4. I have never seen snow before.
have never seen       5. China is one of the biggest countries.
has been raining      6. Have you ever been to China?
has been working      7. Chinese women are very beautiful.
are                   8. It has been raining for nearly 10 hours.


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