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Skilled Minute Taking PiCS


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									                                                                 Workshop 2012

Minute Taking
How to take accurate and concise minutes

This one day training program will                               Workshop presenter
                                                                 Jeanette Learmont
provide you with the opportunity to:                             Ros Harris
> Understand the functions of minutes of meetings
                                                                 Workshop date
> Know and apply the rules for taking minutes of                 Adelaide
  meetings                                                       7 September 2012
> Construct effective agendas                                    Brisbane
> Prepare a complete checklist of tasks to be carried out        16 October 2012
  before, during and after a meeting                             Sydney
> Become familiar with the particular language used              13 November 2012
  within meetings’ proceedings                                   Melbourne
                                                                 20 November 2012
> Adopt the appropriate language for
  minutes of both formal and informal         all participants
  meetings                                     will receive a
                                               certificate of
> Write minutes with clarity and             accomplishment.

Strictly Limited Numbers
Skilled Minute Taking WoRKSHoP 2012

                                             The Program

Minute taking -                              introduction and Course overview
an essential skill
                                             SeSSioN 1
accurate and concise minute taking
is essential to good organisational                      The importance of taking
operations. Minutes need to be a                         effective minutes
correct and efficient account of all                     > The role of minutes
items on the agenda, providing
                                                         > The content of minutes
a record and future reference of
discussions and decisions taken at           SeSSioN 2

                                                         your role as minute-taker
People are rarely trained to take
minutes of meetings and often                            > before, during and after the
inadequate, inaccurate or irrelevant                       meeting
information is recorded. This course         SeSSioN 3

will give the skills and impart strategies
                                                         Key skills
for recording accurate and relevant
minutes of meetings.                                     > active listening
                                                         > Critical thinking
Methodology                                              > accurate and clear writing
>   active participation by all group        SeSSioN 4

    members to enable the maximum
                                                         The logistics of creating the
    benefit of sharing mutually helpful
    hints and experiences
>   Small group discussions                              > The agenda
>   Case study work                                      > Numbering systems
>   Presentation of key strategies                       > Strategies for layout of the
    to enhance the effectiveness of                        information within minutes
    minutes and the efficiencies of          SeSSioN 5
                                                         The role of the chairperson
>   Problem solving real work issues
                                                         > how this impacts on the quality
                                                           of the minutes
                                             SeSSioN 6

                                                         Formal compared
                                                         with informal minutes
                                                         > The rules of meetings

                                             Summary and conclusions
                                                  The Presenters

Previous participants                             Ros Harris
have said...                                      ros is a highly regarded
                                                  writer, editor and trainer,
“Comprehensive, informative yet relaxed           with twenty years
and easy to listen to and understand.”            experience in running
                                                  workshops for both
“Exceeded my expectations, never boring,
                                                  government and private
lots of practical information and great           sector clients.
reference material, easy to read and
                                                  ros has a Phd in english
                                                  and has written several communication skills
“Great atmosphere, conducive to learning.         courses at both Tafe and post-graduate level.
Enhanced by use of examples which                 She is renowned for her expert knowledge and
                                                  engaging presentation style.
reinforced content.”
“Very good, clear and concise with a logical      Jeanette Learmont
flow between each section of the content.”
                                                  Jeanette learmont has a
                                                  fine record of achievement
                                                  as a consultant specialising
                                                  in written communication
program timetable
                                                  skills, with a particular focus
Registration & Coffee 8.30         -   9.00 am    on effective writing from
                                                  senior managers to new
Morning Tea             10.15      -   10.30 am   recruits.
Lunch                   12.30      -   1.30 pm    Jeanette has consulted to a wide range of
Afternoon Tea           3.30       -   3.45 pm    client groups, including national peak body
Finish                  5.00 pm                   professional associations, government and
                                                  private sector organisations.
Breaks and lunch fully provided.                  Qualifications
                                                  •	 Masters degree in adult education (honours),
in-House                                             Monash University
enquiries for conducting Skilled Minute Taking    •	 bachelor of arts degree (honours), Monash
in-house to Jill Moor at PiCS - 03 9835 8900
                                                  •	 Trained Secondary Teachers Certificate,
                                                     hawthorn Teachers College
To ensure optimum learning                        •	 Teaching english as a Second language,
value for you the workshop is                        Perth institute of Technology

limited to 20 participants
Skilled Minute Taking WoRKSHoP 2012

veNueS                             Fee: The registration fee, including GST, is $660 per attendee including lunches, refreshments
                                   and workshop papers. for groups of two or more from the same organisation the fee is $594 per
AdeLAide                           attendee.
7 September 2012
The Sebel PlayfOrd                 Registration: register online at www.pics.com.au or forward the completed registration form by
adelaide                           fax, post or email to secure your place. Payment must be made prior to the workshop
120 North Terrace                  GST: fees quoted include 10% GST. registered entities will be able to claim an input tax credit for
adelaide Sa 5000                   GST charges on taxable supplies made by PiCS. it is the responsibility of those entities to assess
                                   their eligibility for any such tax credit.
16 October 2012                    Payment: On receipt of your registration a GST invoice will be issued by PiCS. Payment may be
MerCUre briSbaNe                   made by cheque payable to PiCS, credit card, or electronic transfer.
85-87 North Quay
                                   Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend, a substitute attendee is always welcome at
brisbane Qld 4000
                                   no extra charge. alternatively, we will make full and prompt refund for cancellations received
SydNey                             fourteen days prior to commencement of the workshop less a 20% administration fee.
13 November 2012
                                   Accommodation: if accommodation is required it may be booked privately at the conference
QUay WeST SydNey
                                   hotel. ask for the conference discount rate.
98 Gloucester Street
The rocks, Sydney 2000                  adelaide                    The Sebel Playford adelaide (08) 8213 8888
Tel: (02) 9240 6000                     briSbaNe                    The Mercure brisbane        (07) 3236 3300
                                        SydNey                      Quay West                   (02) 9240 6000
MeLBouRNe                               MelbOUrNe                   The Sebel Melbourne         (03) 9211 6600
20 November 2012
The Sebel MelbOUrNe
394 Collins Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Tel: (03) 9211 6600
                                   reGIstratIon ForM
                                                                                                                           PICS ABN: 15 062 943 766
                                                                                                                                         One form per person.
iN-HouSe                           Skilled Minute Taking                                                                               Photocopy if necessary.

enquiries for conducting Skilled   Please complete and return with your payment to PiCS as soon as possible.
Minute Taking in-house to          registration fees are payable in advance.
Jill Moor at PiCS
on (03) 9835 8900 or               Surname                  _________________________________________________________________________
                                   first Name (for badge)   _________________________________________________________________________

                                   Position                 _________________________________________________________________________

Registration and enquiries,
                                   Company Name             _________________________________________________________________________
please contact:
Jill Moor - P.i.C.S.               address                  _________________________________________________________________________
Po Box 1040
Hawthorn, vic 3122                 City                     __________________________________          Postcode        __________________________
Tel: 03 9835 8900
Fax: 03 9835 8999                                           Tel (     ) __________________________      fax (     ) ___________________________
registrations@pics.com.au                                   email ___________________________________________________________________

Register online:                   i wish to attend:                AdeLAide          BRiSBANe                 SydNey                     MeLBouRNe
www.pics.com.au                    Group discount:

                                                            CheQUeS Payable TO P.i.C.S. Or CharGe TO:

                                                                    viSA       MASTeRCARd            AMex              diNeRS

                                   account Number

                                   Name (Please Print)      _________________________________________    expiry date _________|________| __________

                                   authorised Signature     _________________________________________    authorised amount ____________________
                                                                                                                in the event of unforeseen circumstances, PiCS
                                   PICS is 100% Australian owned and managed                                    reserves the right to substitute other speakers or
                                                                                                                otherwise amend the program as necessary.

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