Nike Clinic pgs Fundamentals First Basketball Coaching by alicejenny


									                                                    Purdue Drills:

                                             Post Players: Line jumps 20x's, tap the backboard 2x - outlet it to
coach, flash to opposite block, quick post move- sprint to half court and back.

                                                Finisher Drill: A) toss it off the board, go and get it and finish
while coach hits you with a pad. B) Next toss it off the backboard- like the superman drill. C)Toss it off the
board, and outlet it and the outlet dribbles to half-court.
                                             Finisher Drill: D) Outlet is denied, rebounder has to dribble out.

                                             12 Second Drill: Offensive players dribble for 12 seconds, trying
to avoid a 5 second count, using the pull-back dribble. The defenders are trying to keep the offensive players
out of the paint.
                                              Perfection: 6 mins
1) Dribble lay-ups if you miss your lay-up you must get the rebound and go back and touch half-court, and take
another lay-up. Take the ball out of the net, with two hands. On the other end, take the ball out and outlet it, to
the other players.

                                            Yo-Yo: Players pass back and forth, and take a lay-up on the other
end. When they reach half-court on the way back, the 2nd group goes, the first group, must go wider than the
2nd group.
                                                60 point Drill: End of the game situation
Lay-up = 5 pt
Each pass = 1 pt
Each foul = 1 pt
TO = -2
Player with the ball, tries to beat his defender, after the 1st pass, there is no dribble. Rule: Can't pass back to the
player who just passes you the ball, unless it for a lay-up (give or go)

Purdue Drill: for defense
1) Close-out                                                   5) Jump to the ball
2) Deny                                                        6) Take the charge
3) Guard the back door, swivel the head                        7) Get the loose ball
4) Contain the dribble
Flare Shooting      Screen and pop

Screen, re-screen     Down Screen
Post Feed
Top of Key

Big Slip     Back Screen
Screen- re-screen                                  Slip

                                              Dayton Defense

Sprint to the ball: Head swivel to see both         Sprint to the ball: Stun and recover (fake help)
3 on 3 closeout: sprint to help, not your man.      3 Spot Post Defense: Defender make first contact with a
                                                    offensive player (your chest into his shoulder)

Ball Screen: 3 ways:
1) jam the roller, 1 under
2) trap- hard show
3) Red – switch
                                                 Dayton Offense
Offensive Moves: Double away   Play with double away (can be either staggered or double)

Offensive Moves: I Action        I Action Play: Dribble hand-off to 3, then to 2
I Action Play: Dribble hand-off to 3, then to 2    Roll and replace

Roll and replace (A)                              Roll and replace (B)
Dribble Hand-off                   Dribble Hand-off: Princeton (A)

Dribble Hand-off: Princeton (B)   Screen the Screener (A)
Screen the Screener (B)

                                            Michigan State Match-up

4, 5 are post buddies, and work together.            High Post Entry
Point to wing dribble                               Drill: Skip pass: Offensive players skip the ball around and
                                                    the defenders must jump to the ball, and try to stop the
                                                    dribble penetration. If two players arrive at the same time,

Fire: any time a offensive player turns his back,      vs Overload- Fire in corner
trap the dribbler.
Guard Breakdown: 3 on 3, start with no cutters         Post Breakdown- post players are tandem, and work
and build up.                                          together on close-outs and fronting.

Weak-side cut, bump and find the replacement player.

                                          Georgia Tech Point Zone
Point Zone: Basic Set-up                                      1st pass, bump like normal 2-3 zone
2, 3, 1,4, are buddies, if one is on the ball the
 other is in the hole. 5 is between the ball and basket.

                                                       Pass to corner, front the post-looks like a 2-3 zone.
Dribble Penetration stay with       Dribble penetration corner, can bump or stay with.

High post touch, 5 has him 1 on 1       Cutters, player must bump to weak-side
Off ball screens must get over the screen.   On the ball screen: bump to next defender

Transition Defense drill
                                           Florida Transition Offense:

Florida Fast Break: working your offense                    2) curl to step back from big
into fast break drills
1) 3 Man Weave into a curl to wing

3) Fade to seal                                          4) High flash to back door
5) Pop out to reverse           5) Pop out to reverse, dribble at with down screen

6) Screen to slip (follows 5)          7) Post player screen and roll.
8) High flash, back door, to hand-off   Florida Fast Break: 4 on 0 (A)

Florida Fast Break: 4 on 0 (B)           Florida Fast Break: 4 on 0 (C)
Florida Fast Break: 4 on 0 (D)                 4 on 0: Option: 2 can either use 5's screen or use 4's screen
                                              (just like the 3 man weave).

Florida Fast Break: 4 on 0: Hand off option   5 on 0: 3 reads 2, if 2 is using 4's screen, 3 cuts across the
Fast Break Drill: 4 toss the ball off the board,
5 rebounds it and outlets it to 1, 2 cuts to middle, 1 passes to 2. 2 passes back to 5 and start over.

                                               North Carolina Offense

Secondary Break: Dive                                        Dive
Through    Through: 3 dribbles over, if no back door from 1, then 1
           posts up.

Dribble:     Dribble (B)
Regular       Regular

Kick Back:   Sweep: 5 reverses it to 3, then set a ball screen, while 2
             back screens for 4.
Secondary Break: B3                                Secondary Break: Back door or post up for 3

Secondary Break: Skip pass if 4 is being fronted    Secondary Break: vs 2-3 zone
Spin Dribble, kick back for a 3     Secondary Break: Iso kick for 3


Fist Up (19 up)                     Power
Power                                               Double Away:

Quick post Up, 1 quick skips it to 2 instead        Lob
of using the screen and 5, steps back for a seal.
Wing Action   Wing Action

Fist Out      A
B   A

B   2 uses 5’s ball screen and skips it to 4 for a post for 5
Wing pick into 12 action. (A)   Wing pick into 12 action. (B)

                                Wave, double away: for a 4 shooter
Wave, double away: if 4 is a shooter.(B)

                                           Zipper with guard in corner
Hawk Series
Iso for 4          2 picks for 4 (for a 3)

screen-re-screen   Hawk Series: 4 dribble hand- off to 3.
Post Plays

             Double Screen
Double Screens: 5 sets a rip back screen for 4

                                                 Post up for 3
 Flex Entries

Flex Diagonal (A)
Flex Diagonal (B)     Flare into flex (A)

Flare into Flex (B)
                                                Williams Motion

1 screens away for 3, then gets a flare screen from 4.

                                                Georgetown Zone

4 min shooting                                           Driving Line
Driving line, if backdoor is denied      4 out 1 in

4 out 1 in, to 1-3-1                  vs Match-up: Keep the ball on one side to force the defense
                                      to match-up.
Screen a zone in. 4 must be a great passer to                Passing Drill
make the reads between 3 on the seal, 2 cut or 1's on slip


2 ball, 3 lines                                         Partner Passing
4 Lane interchange   Box Drill: Offensive players must keep at least 1 ft in the
                     paint. Defense tries to get a steal, and deflections. 1 point
                     for each pass

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