Laws Broken in Public - Response by AliAzooz


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									                                                                                     Ali Azooz
                                                                                    Mr. Breen
                                                                                Sept. 16, 2012
                             Laws Affecting Society
1. Laws reflect the values and beliefs of people. Society can be judged a certain way based
   on which laws they break. Everyone thinks differently, while some people believe a law
   should be respected and followed, others might think differently. Laws are created by
   the government in an effort to keep and sustain a safe and happy living environment for
   everybody, and those few that break such laws may be a threat to our society.

2. Society sometimes accepts the breaking of some laws, while supporting others. A few
   examples that take place in our neighborhood are:
   -underage children smoking
   -riding bikes without wearing helmets
   -“J” walking through streets
   -parking their car taking multiple spots

   Those are just a few to list, but as you can see there is some sort of trend relating
   between all these examples. Most laws being broken around our area are not affecting
   the rest of society in a direct way. It is mostly a problem to the one committing these
   acts, which is why I believe society doesn’t necessarily care about them vs. other laws
   that could be broken. I assume it’s a bad thing as everyone is selfish in their own way,
   not caring about the greater good of their community. In another perspective, I would
   agree that I am okay with this as long as I’m not affected by their acts. Speaking for
   myself and the society, I think most people would leave it to the authorities to deal with
   those people, and wouldn’t get involved as it doesn’t affect us directly.

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