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What is a Constitution?


This paragraph gives a brief description of what a constitution is, and how it affects society today.

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									                                                                                           Ali Azooz
                                                                                          Mr. Breen
                                                                                      Sept. 23, 2012
                                 What is a Constitution?

        Many well developed countries have a set of fundamental principles and rules as to how
the country should be run. This is also known as a constitution. These guidelines are set out to
the members of society to follow, for the greater good of everyone. It helps maintain the safety
of everyone living there. If people started to change their values and priorities, it will very much
affect a constitution. There is a possibility of a change happening within it, but the chances of
that happening are slim. Everyone is different, and along with that each person has a different
perspective as to what they believe is right or wrong. The problem with that is that not
everyone will agree with parts of a constitution. There may be certain levels of violence that
would occur, or even separation between community members. To begin with, there are some
people that don’t agree with certain laws and essentially go to the point where they break
them, because they don’t believe they should be in place to begin with. An example of this is
drunk driving. Everyday hundreds of people drink alcohol and still drive, when the law
specifically mentions it isn’t to be done. The law was put in place for the safety of everyone,
and to prevent accidents from happening. To this day we hear multiple cases daily of how
drunk driving cost the lives of people, when it could’ve been prevented. When people rebel and
act against such rules, they put themselves and everyone around them in danger. Also, strikes
can be started from a variety of different causes. From job issues to school fees, the reasoning
behind a strike goes on. A perfect example of this is when garbage men went on strike back in
2009, because of disputes about their contracts. Not only does this affect the worker’s salary,
but the entire city of Toronto had to stop garbage pickup because there was no one to collect it.
This may seem like not a big deal, but when violence gets involved it could get scary. Some
strikes eventually turn into riots where people damage public property in an effort to get
noticed and have rules changed. The greatest issue with constitution issues is when someone
sees another person breaking a law, they think to themselves “If they can do it, why can’t I?”
and the problem grows. Overall, the values and beliefs of society can greatly affect or possibly
change a constitution.

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