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					     DATE PUBLISHED:                                                               Volume I
     March 28, 1750 BC                                                              Issue IV

      The HAMMURABI Times

                                                                 The Code of Hammurabi carved into
Replica Stele for the
Code of Hammurabi

     Pig Thief; Caught and Executed
     Within the past few days, multiple pigs have
     gone missing throughout the city of Babylon.
     This may seem perfectly normal, but things
     have changed ever since there was a law
     recently created explaining the consequences
     to such actions. On the date of March 23, 1750
     BC, a farm owner had been fed up with this nonsense, so he set up a trap near
     the gate entrance in an effort to catch the burglar. Last Tuesday night, Mr. Jack,
     the farm owner, heard a loud noise. As he got up to check, he noticed there was
     a man trapped in the nets he had set up. He quickly called authorities and
     confronted the thief. The man was identified as 24 year old, John Bennett.
     According to the Code of Hammurabi, the only way for him to be set free was if
     he payed the farm owner ten times what the pigs were worth. A hearing took
     place on Wednesday and King Hammurabi said he would give John 24 hours to

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DATE PUBLISHED:                                                                Volume I
March 28, 1750 BC                                                               Issue IV

pay, or he will be put to death. Unfortunately, the crook did not have such large
amounts of money. In this case, John Bennett was put to death because he
couldn’t pay for what he stole. He was killed today about 3 hours ago. As for
now, these new laws are restricting what people could do. Since the laws are
codified onto a stone and placed in the middle of the city, it is teaching citizens
that their negative actions do have consequences.

Good Intentions Can Lead to Bad Consequences
Sometimes we do good things, but make mistakes. Unfortunately some mistakes
could be so big that they cost the life of another man. On March 24th 1750 BC, a
man named Jason Samons went to the local hospital where Dr. Neel would
undergo kidney transplant. Jason’s kidney had a disease and was recommended
going through a procedure in order for him to live. We have been told that in the
middle of the operation, the doctor made one mistake that cost the patient his
                               life. The doctor had accidentally cut an artery
                               connecting directly to the heart, causing the man’s
                               blood flow to stop and the body to collapse. One
                               mistake took a man’s life away, and due to the Code
                               of Hammurabi, it states that if a doctor operates a
                               patient and the patient dies, the doctor’s hand will be
                               cut off. In this series of unfortunate events the
                               doctor’s hand will be cut off due to his mistake. The
                               doctor tried justifying himself claiming it wasn’t his
                               fault and that it was just an accident, but that was no
good. Almost instantly hearing about the patient’s death, they chopped the
doctors’ hand off in return. Heard exclusively from the scene it all took place was
the wife of the victim that died, and she yelled “He’s a murderer! He deserves to
die too!” It is confirmed that they will definitely not take it to that extreme.

A Slap in Exchange for Your Hands
A family incident took place in the home of Mr. Benjamin last Friday March 25th,

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DATE PUBLISHED:                                                              Volume I
March 28, 1750 BC                                                             Issue IV

1750 BC. Their son, Mathew, had stayed out at night past his curfew. He
returned at about midnight, when an argument broke out between the father and
son. Supposedly the father was a little drunk, causing the situation to escalate
quicker. Mathew was having a bad day, and
coming home to this built his anger even
more. From the wife’s perspective, Mrs.
Benjamin, she exclusively told us the type of
conversation that was going on between
them. She declared that the father was
sending threats of grounding Mathew, while
he replied with “Shut up before I slap you!”
Roughly ten minutes later, the son went up to his father and slapped him as hard
as he can across the face. Since Mr. Benjamin was enraged, he allowed the
Code of Hammurabi return the punishment. As mentioned in the code; if a man
struck his father, his hand shall be cut off. It’s very disappointing that it had to
come this far, but rules are rules. Both the hands of this 18 year old man had
been cut off yesterday. This sure will remind him to never strike his elders ever

Cheating Wife Strangled
                      According to recent rumors, there has been a sneaky
                      woman being with multiple men at a time. Mrs. Johnson
                      has been ‘happily’ married to her husband, Mr. Messi, for
                      two years now. Just last Saturday on March 26th, 1750
                      BC she has been seen kissing another man in a local
                      restaurant. She took this opportunity because her
                      husband works day shifts, so she went out without him
                      knowing. When he heard about the news, he didn’t
                      believe it so he wanted to set himself up during the day
                      to catch her. Little did he know the rumors were true, and
he had seen her having an affair with another man. Outraged and embarrassed,
her husband wanted to take some sort of action. Luckily for him, King
Hammurabi has him covered with the current laws. An excuse the wife said was,

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DATE PUBLISHED:                                                                Volume I
March 28, 1750 BC                                                               Issue IV

“I was just having a little more fun in my relationship.” That doesn’t cut it, so she
is going to have to suffer the consequences. On the codified stone in the city of
Babylon, it states “If a man's wife be caught lying with another, they shall be
strangled and cast into the water.” Such a disrespectful act shall lead to her
death, and tossed into the river. Mrs. Johnson is planned to be put to death two
days from today. Ladies and gentlemen, take this as a lesson learned to never
cheat on your partner, as no good things come out of it.

Kidnapper Caught, Faces Death
Within the last week alone, two children have been kidnapped; one boy and one
girl. The boy was only four years old, while the girl was six years old. They have
been reported missing five days ago on March 22, 1750 BC, where
the authorities have been on the lookout for any suspicious
behavior in the city. They do have hints and leads, and claim to be
close to figuring the case out. Just yesterday, the authorities have
chosen who is guilty, and followed him to his house while staying
undercover. Just as suspected, the two children kidnapped were inside
34 year old, Martin Sanchez’s home. Such a cruel act has worried
parents’ sick, but they are very glad to know they have been found.
“I’m just so delighted to see my babies again,” said the mother. “Justice shall be
served!” yelled the father while walking away. He is right about that, Babylon has
a codified law claiming “If a man has stolen a child, he shall be put to death.” This
is a confirmation of what is going to be taking place tomorrow afternoon, where
Martin Sanchez will be killed for his actions.

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