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You will have a chance to do some extra credit if you did not do well on the Titanic Test, Homework, or Building the Titanic project. You may do three extra credit for each of your assignments. There will be three choices to choose from. 1. Extra credit for Building The Titanic: Write a review of the story ‘Titanic’. Tell as many details as you possibly can. You may also draw a picture of the Titanic instead of building it. Minimum of 2 pages, and maximum of 5 pages. 5 points – 7 points.

2. Extra credit for homework: For the homework assignment students will need to read the story Titanic and at the end of the story, students will do the Comprehension Questions, Literacy Analysis, Extension and Challenge, and Vocabulary in Context. Make sure to write in complete sentences. 5 points – 7 points.

3. Extra credit for the titanic test: Students will make their own story like the titanic. Make sure you give as many details. Maybe it could be published. Or you will have time to study and you can take it again. Study really hard and don’t give up. I will pass out a study sheet. Do not cheat because I am going to mix the answer choices around. 5-7 points (not including test).

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