Taking Care of Your Knees

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					Taking Care of Your Knees
Knee problems are the bane of runners’ existence. No matter whom you are, what your workout
regimen, or the length of time you have been running, you are likely going to be experiencing some kind
of problem that will send you to the knee doctor in Salt Lake.

For some reason, even your most careful running strategies still put you in the doctor’s office. What else
can you do to stop this endless cycle of injury?

The answer might surprise you because it has a lot to do with other aspects of your life. Running right
will not fix your problem.

Eliminating your Knee Problems
Take a look at your Body Weight Index. If you are overweight, then this is probably the number one
thing you need to work on.

Simply put, the more weight that exists on your body, the greater the strain on your joints, muscles and
bones. According to some sources, every pound you put on adds an extra five pounds of pressure to
your knees—whether you are running or walking.

The less weight you have, the easier you will be on your joints as you run and the less often you will
have to go see the knee doctor in Salt Lake. Eat better than you have been eating.

                                       Make sure that you are eating a balanced meal. Your knee doctor
                                       in Salt Lake will tell you the same thing.

                                       If you aren’t eating right, then your body has no chance at fully
                                       recovering from problems. Nor can it help you strengthen the
                                       muscles, tendons and connections your body must upkeep for
                                       decades on end.

Eat right and your body will have all the strength it needs to do what you ask of it. Eating a balanced diet
will also help you watch your weight.

Your body will return to its most healthy body weight and strengthen your muscles to handle whatever
that weight might be. Take a short break and heal yourself if you have an injury.

Yes, this can even mean visiting your knee doctor in Salt Lake if needs be. Simply resting alone will not
help your knee in the long run.

Nothing will change while you let it heal. The muscles will simply grow weaker instead of fixing the
larger issue—i.e. running style or unevenly built muscles.
Cross Training
Cross train on your rest days. Your chances of injury increase the stronger your running muscles get.

You are creating a major imbalance of structural support around your joints when you decide to only
run. Find other activities that will work out the muscles not used to run.

Hiking is a very good exercise to work these other muscles out. Biking
and swimming are excellent options as well.

Find a way that fits your lifestyle to work out those other muscles. If you
work on each of these four items, you will find a stronger knee that
won’t need a knee doctor in Salt Lake for a while to come.

Balance your life out. Your running should become a smooth and easy process, limited only by the
power of your muscles and the strength of your will.

Description: As an athlete you know how important it is to take care of your knees but do you know the best ways to keep the strain off them.