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									Word Sr.no. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Chastise(verb) Expound(v) Eviction Fusillade(N) Felicitation(n) Hoard(V) Hoarder(n) Halcyon

Meaning Punish or scold somebody Describe or explain something 1. Blast of gunfire 2. or verbal attack An act of congratulating To collect and store


Synonym Rebuke,reprimand,criticize,castigate ,censure,lambaste,excoriate,berate Delineate Removal,Throwing out,Ejection Barrage Compliments,best wishes,salutations



9. 10.

Poignant(adj) Consortium(n)

11. 12. 13. 14.

Fait accompli(n) Mascot Faction(n) Noblesse oblige(n) Denouement Bourse Relent

Adj.-tranquil,serene Noun.-a greek mythological bird Try to equal somebody Compete successfully with somebody Causing pity or sadness,pity or regret Combination of organization for common purpose Right to marital company and affection Something that is already done # consider Kosovo fait and seems unalterable accompli Symbol of good luck #sonia Gandhi decade as a congress mascot Split within group The idea that the people born in royalty has responsibility for poor and needy. Final stage or climax of serial or any other thing Stock exchange Become less rigid or strict or become less intense Ceaseless intense and hostile 1.circular arrangement of flowers usually put on the grave 2.a circular shape formed by smoke Somebody who chooses to live alone Making something or somebody weak Rid somebodys mind of thought or an Not in a mood to relent,he insisted on his demands

Agonizing and nostalgic Conglomerate(check),cartel,syndicat e

talisman, amulet, periapt


15. 16. 17.


18. 19.

Relentless Wreath

Persistent,ruthless Garland,circlet

20. 21. 22.

Hermit Debilitate Dispel(v)






idea,especially an erroneous one 1.chaos or wild uproar 2.a noisy place or chaotic one Horrified –overcome with shock and dismay Diverse and too many to count 1.somebody behaving in a silly way,especially to amuse other person 2.clowning-a silly behaviour Lawyers trying to prove somebodys guilt representing people or any person Protection and shelter provided to a person who fled from his own country Very knowledgeable through study Not erring Incapable of doing mistake People or vehicles encircling area,especially by police officials Trainee Novice or amateur Period of rule or influence (slightly difference b\w rein and reign) 1. strap used for controlling a horse 2. usually referred to as exercise of power or influence(like as a distance) Cunning and


25. 26.

Myriad Buffoon Buffoonery

The incident also Stunned,amazed,shocked,astounded,horrified. left delhi ministers aghast A myriad of stars Uncountable ,innumberable 1.clown or joker, jester 2.fooling around, tomfoolery ,frivolity





Refuge haven shelter

29. 30.

Erudite(adj) Infallible(adj) Infallibility(n) Cordon

STUDIOUS Flawless,



32. 33.

Apprentice Reign




The rein of mughal empire could be felt Into the people of far away territories also.




36. 37. 38.


40. 41.

42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

50. 51.


unscrupulous Odious(adj) Inspiring hatred,loathsome Repugnant(adj) disgusting Chasten(v) 1. to make somebody less self assertive 2. to make somebody more disciplined Posterity 1. future generations 2. descendants of someone Lance Spear-weapon carried by cavalary Gratify(v) 1. to make somebody feel pleased 2. to fulfill a desire Uncouth(adj) Ill mannered awkward Valiant(adj) Courageous Deliberately(adverb) Doing intentionally Presumptuous(adj) Rude arrogant overconfident Spurious(adj) Not genuine illegitimate Vagabond(n) Homeless wanderer Apparel(n) Clothing Condominium(n) 1. apartment owned by an individual 2. a state or a country ruled by two or more countries with joint responsibility Leisure(n) Free time Overhaul(v) Check or service something for mechanical faults Ignominy(n) Disgrace or dishonour Embarrassment Comeuppance(n) Something unpleasant, like punishment for


When he was put into the jail,he became more chastened.

Successors Heirs(heirloom is what heir got),children


Gypsy, nomad, vagrant, beggar Attire garb knit


Opprobrium, embarrassment, dishonour



Convoy(n) (v)

55. 56. 57.

Annal(N) Perjury(n) Chastity(n)

58. 59. 60.

Jester(n) Excoriate(v) Vernacular(n)



62. 63. 64.

Phantom(n) Vittles(n)(plural) Uncanny(adj)



66. 67. 68.

Contentious(adj) Avow(verb) impunity







somebody Group of vehicles or ship traveling together,often as an escort or for protection 1. annual records 2. recorded history Telling lie under oath 1. sexual abstinence 2. purity or simplicity of life Somebody who entertain by joking Denounce Ordinary language spoken by the people or a group of people Annoyed at the unfairness or unreasonableness of something Unreal being,ghost,illusion Food or other provisions 1. weird,strange 2. to be very precise and accurate Considering all beliefs Taking into consideration all the factors while treating illness 1.creating disagreement 2. argumentative Affirm: to state that something is true Freedom from something unpleasant or recrimination. 1. done with conviction or with force or with great enthusiasm Subject to undergo #her brain was fermentation continuously To develop,evolve,s fermenting new ideas. To break promise

Cavalcade caravan procession

Archives or chronicles


Clown joker comedian

Dialect, langua franca, colloquial speech





Break word

72. 73. 74. 75.

Tiding(n) Vilification(n) Solitary(n)(adj) Pastor(n)

News or information

#i bring u fresh tidings Disparagement,abasement,defamation,slander, Denigration,rebuke,criticism Solitary confinement, solitary boat Clergyman,priest,vicar,cleric

Alone, secluded 1. Somebody acts as a chief of Christian clergy. 2. Spiritual adviser 1. Having good sense 2. Considering all consequences in mind while judgement and political matters Ban especially used In the context of trade bans or restrictions Mutual agreement and support Renunciation of preciously held beliefs or allegiance Destroy of large amount of something or bodies Somebody who takes pleasure in watching misery or some wrong thing( sex inxlusive) To put somebody in jail Imprison somebody Expression with contradictory statements Mystery: something that can’t be explained easily Temporary mental disturbance Great excitement Quality of being appropriate or wise Set of beliefs held by the group or a person, who consider it as an absolute truth Horse, especially a spirited or lively one Noun: arrow case



Synonym:wise,pragmatic,farsighted,practical Antonym:Imprudent




78. 79.

Solidarity(n) Apostasy Apostate(n) Decimate(v) Decimation(n) Voyeur(n)

Unanimity,cohesion,harmony,camaraderie Renegade,apostate In context of ::: Treachery,betrayal, Annihilate,devastate,slaughter

80. 81.

82. 83. 84. 85.

Incarcerate(v) Oxymoron(N) Enigma(n) Delirium(n)

#wise fool #legal murder

paradox Puzzle, conundrum, perplexity Hallucination, frenzy Ecstasy, euphoria Politeness, decency

86. 87.

Propriety(n) Gospel(n)

88. 89.

Steed(n) Quiver(n)(v)











95. 96. 97.

Nefarious(adj) Insurmountable(adj) Epitaph(n)

Verb: to tremble or a trembling movement Dominating harshly To hot or humid to make people tired or irritable Wide gap in earth Or difference in ideas,beliefs Resulting from carelessness or due to unthinking or unintentionally 1. Gymnastic entertainer 2. Facile changer of own opinions Bright red colour,especially the red uniforms of british army Utterly evil or immoral Impossible to overcome or deal with successfully Inscription on tomb,especially about person who has buried there Lively and unpredictable Somebody who is despised or avoided 1. Card game 2. A single gemstone placed in the ring 3. Singing bird A badly and small built house To talk to negotiate with an enemy A cessation in fighting that both sides agreed to hold to An agreement to stop fighting Not actively growing Temporarily inactive Trouble or disturb

#oppressive regime

Tyrannical,despotic Crushing,distressing Gulf,abyss,gap,crater

#inadvertent talks


#nefarious talks or glance Impossible,invincible,unbeatable Epigraph

98. 99. 100. 101.

Mercurial(adj) Pariah Paria(n) Procurement(n) Solitaire(n)

Impulsive,brilliant Exile,untouchable,recluse Obtaining,buying,ordering,gaining

102. 103. 104.

Hovel(n) Parley(n) Truce(n)

Slum, dump

Both parties agreed to call a truce

Peace, ceasefire

105. 106.

Dormant(adj) Perturb(verb)

Quiescent, sleeping



108. 109.

Subjugate(verb) Recalcitrant(n)(adj)



somebody To put something into disorder Strict rigid uncompromising Grim austere restricting To force somebody into submission Stubborn to resist somebody authority or yoke Somebody difficult to handle 1. Abstruse 2. secret v: to collide with something N: written or oral attack #the car was broadsided with the train #the newspaper launched broadside against politicians #they looked each other askance

Vanquish, conquer, overpower, overcome Stubborn

Arcane, cryptic, obscure



Diatribe, attack, assault, volley

112. 113. 114.

Askance(ADVERB) Abbot(n) Nepotism(n)

With doubt and suspicion









Head of the monastery Favor shown to friends and relatives in a position of power, especially politics by appointment or otherwise 1. To support a wall from #the hard facts below by popping it up that underpin 2. to something these assumptions System of imposing duties on imports so as to save domestic industries Magnificent display, especially in flavor of history or tradition An aerial attack Charge on passer 1. burden 2. blame The onus is on him to make move #he will always

Dubiously, doubtfully, suspiciously, skeptically Archbishop, cleric, cardinal Cronyism, prejudice

Buttress, fortify

Trade barriers, protection

Spectacle, ceremony, pomp, ritual

119. Onus(n)

Obligation, duty, burden, responsibility

120. Eponymous(adj)

Having the name that is used as the title or name of something else, especially the name or title of book or movie Highly noticeable Annoying Liking or tendency Rich and showy Use of wit,especially mockery,irony and sarcasm to criticize somebody Noun:amount paid as a insurance return Extra amount paid in addition to interest Adj:unusually high Act to prevent something Dead animals body Living persons body(humorous) Using words in a cleverly way and in a humorous way amusing way Noun: dog or any disgusting animal Verb:to search somebody in a relentless manner. Force somebody to do something Crossing through a shallow water 1. So neat and clear look as new 2. unspoiled 3. in original state Large or excessive

bear the onus of causing accident SEARCHING

121. Obtrusive(adj) 122. Penchant(n) 123. Ostentatious(adj) 124. Satire(n)

Conspicuous, prominent, flagrant Proclivity,fondness Flamboyant Sarcasm,mockery,irony,burlesque,caricature

125. Premium(n)(adj)

#premium gasoline prices Deter,prevent Cadaver,corpse,

126. Preempt(verb) 127. Carcass(n)

128. Witty(adj)

129. Hound(n)(verb)

130. Ford(n) 131. Pristine(adj)

#the house is in pristine condition #pristine forest

Flawless, IMMACULATE, virgin, unspoiled

132. Plethora(n)

133. Insolent(adj) 134. Futility(n) 135. Bristle(n)(verb)

amount or number Disrespectful Lack of importance Pointlessness Noun:stiff hair on animal body Hair on brush Verb: growth of hair Adj:remarkable or visually impressive Noun:extravaganza 1.Pointed tip 2. Hurtful comment 3. Medieval dress covering chin and throat 1. Dangerous situation 2. high cliff or steep vertical face of rock Scattering of language or people that were concentrated in one place earlier To help somebody who is in unpleasant situation Somebody considered as stingy and miser Ideas prevalent in period and place,especially in literature art. 1. Spread of disease by physical contact. 2. Spread of feelings An excessive fire causing destruction 1. Something done to placate somebody 2. Prescription done without physical contact Imaginative or causing illusion Internal organs of the

Imprudent, audaciousness, brazen, IMPERTINENT FRIVOLITY Stubble,spike,quill,spine,hackle

136. Spectacular(n)(adj)

137. Barb(n)

138. Precipice(n)

Cliff,abyss,crag,rock face

139. Diaspora(n)

140. Succor(n)(verb)


141. Niggard(n) 142. Zeitgeist(n)

Miser,penny pincher

143. Contagion(n)


144. Conflagration(n) 145. Placebo(n)


146. Illusory(adj) 147. Viscera(n)

Deceptive,sham,illusion Bowels

148. Legion(n) 149. Vambrace (n) 150. Imbroglio(n)

151. Eschew(verb) 152. Ratify(verb) 153. Egalitarian(adj) 154. Covert(adj)(n)

155. Jettison(verb) 156. Mound(n) 157. Liaison(n)

158. Pernicious(adj) 159. Scour(verb)

160. Impede(verb)

161. Savvy(n)(adj)(verb)

162. Glitz(n) 163. Gusto(n) 164. Dearth(n) 165. Denizen(n)

body especially intestines Multitude Ex-army officials Armor to protect fore arm Complicated situation, Mainly, consisting of disagreement or intrigues Abstain from Formally approve something Believing in equality Noun:under cover Shelter Adj: secret not intended to be known Reject something Plans to be jettisoned A small hill A pile of something Coordination Coordinator Unmarried love affair Causing serious harm Malicious 1. Clean something by rubbing #he scoured the 2. search something countryside for carefully him but to no avail Hinder:to interfere in somebody’s development Shrewdness and practicality Verb:to understand something Glamour and rich showy of something Lively enjoyment and enthusiasm Lack or scarcity #a dearth of new ideas Native of a country Denizens of cyber

Avoid, abjure, shun Sanction Classless,equality,democratic Clandestine,surreptitious,FURTIVE,hidden,v eiled

Abandon,get rid off

Relationship,connection Malignant………….. #rub,clean


Ostentation,showiness,glamour,stylishness Delight,pleasure,ZEST


166. Joneses(n) 167. Delineate(verb)

168. Ensnare(verb)

169. Ramification(n)

170. Remorse(n) 171. Invigorate(verb) 172. Disseminate(verb)

173. Drudgery(n) 174. Marginalize(verb)

175. Cordial(n)(adj)

176. Precarious(adj) 177. Pilfer(verb)

178. Dearth(n) 179. Jeer(verb)

Habitual visitor Foreigner with rights of residence Neighbors,especially next to door Describe,portray or define something Or demarcate bounds of something To trap animal Trap in an unpleasant situation:to lure somebody in a situation from which it is difficult to escape 1.branching 2.complicating result: Unusual result which makes situation more difficult A feeling of guilt or shame To fill with energy To distribute or spread something,especially knowledge Exhausting,boring and unpleasant work To keep or prevent somebody or something from center of attention. Noun: beverage Adj: friendly amicable 3. sincere deeply felt 4. stimulating and invigorating Dangerously unstable To steal things of little value, especially habitually Lack:scarcity of something To express DERISION vocally



Revitalize,rejuvenate,refresh,energise Publisize

#has a cordial dislike for dogs

Perilous,hazardous,insecure kleptomania

#dearth of new ideas CATCALL:to shout in field or playground expressing disagreement or dislike

180. Derision(n)

181. Plausible(adj)

182. Twilight(n)

183. Instigate(verb)

184. Satiate(verb)

185. Obscene(adj) 186. Recuperate(verb)

187. Mandate(n)

188. Bogeyman(n)

189. Guillotine(n)

Mocking scorn:contempt and mockery 1. Believable or credible usually in the absence of proof 2. persuasive ,often combined with essence of deception 1. Final period:the time when something is declining or approaching its end 2. time after sunset or before dawn when sun is below horizon Start the process: to cause the process to start 1. to satisfy hunger or appetite completely 2. glut somebody Disgusting lewd Indescent offensive Regain health: to recover from illness or injury 1. authoritative order 2. support from electorate 3. region ruled by the outside power 1. Fear inducing person which causes fear,especially in the case of children 2. somebody believed to be evil Machine for beheading people:a blade is made to fall from height on persons head(archaic)

Mockery: words or demeanor intended to look somebody silly or ridiculous Believable,reasonable,acceptable

#the twilight of her career

DUSK, evening

Antonym:INSATIABLE:always needing more and can never be satisfied

190. Disabuse(verb)

Persuade that something is untrue

# i was quickly disabused of my notions of the campaign

Disillusion, enlighten ,correct



192. Perspicacious(adj)

193. Subliminal(adj) 194. Compunction(n)

To destroy something such that nothing remains Perceptive: penetratingly discerning Without awareness



#subliminal messages

Concealed,unconscious,subconcious QUALM:feeling unease

195. Purist(n) 196. Puritan(n)

197. Decry(verb)

198. Indispensable(adj)

199. Solicitous(adj)

200. Ennui(n)

201. Impasse(n)

202. Amputate(verb)

Feelings of shame or guilt of done something wrong Who believe in traditional standards Somebody who lives by strict moral code or one who is suspicious of pleasure of life Criticize somebody or #critics decrying something latest education standards in India 1. Necessary:extremely desirable 2. inevitable,unavoidable 1. expressing concern and consideration 2. full of eagerness to do something Boredom or dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest 1. Block to progress or #talks have reached agreement: the point at an impasse which no further improvements are possible 2. a road without exit To cut off body part or limb of the body, especially in surgery

Conservative,conformist Ascetic,abstainer


Considerate and attentive

Stalemate, bottleneck

203. Lionize(verb) 204. Vanguard(n)

205. Sanguine(adj)

206. Troupe(n)

207. Sine qua non(n)

Make celebrity of somebody 1. A leading people or group 2. the military divisions of an army that lead the advance into an army 1. cheerfully confident 2. blood red color 3. blood thirsty: eager to split blood A group of traveling actors , performers, especially one that travels Essential condition

Forerunner, frontline, advance guard

Confident, cheerfull


#8 cgpa is sine qua non for fetching good placement Release, untie, unchain

208. Untether(verb) 209. Prosthesis(n) 210. Surrogate(adj)(n)

211. Ebullient(adj) 212. Scion(n)

213. Veracity(n) 214. Monotonous(adj) 215. Lobby(verb)(n)

Untie something or any animal An artificial body part 1.Acting as a substitute for something or somebody 2. Somebody as a substitute Lively and enthusiastic Boiling 1. Younger member of family, especially a rich and famous one 2. part of plant for grafting Truthfulness Dull or weary as a result of being repetitive Verb:to persuade a political representative to oppose or favor a particular idea A belief that all authority is corrupt and need to be destroyed for

Heir, son, descendant

#they questioned the veracity of our claims

Genuineness, authenticity, accuracy Tedious and uninteresting

216. Nihilism(n)

Pessimism, skepticism

217. Mendacious(adj) 218. Mosaic(n)

219. Truculent(adj)

220. Presbyter(n) 221. Accentuate(verb)

222. Deluge(n) (verb)

223. Obstinate(adj) 224. Knuckle(n)

225. Sullen(adj)

226. Pugnacious(adj) 227. Precocious(adj)

228. Discern(verb)

improvement Telling a lie Deliberately untrue Picture made with small colored pieces of material Aggressively defiant refusing to accept something A member of clergy of a church 1. draw attention to something 2. to emphasize a syllable,word or phrase while saying it Noun: sudden heavy downpour 2. vast quantity Verb: overwhelm somebody with large quantity of something Stubborn Difficult to control Finger joint Round projection when a fist is made 1. Hostilely silent:showing bad temper by refusing to talk. 2. slow moving 3. dull and cloudy Intending to fight or be aggressive 1. Developed or matured at an unusually early stage 2. blossoming or ripening early 1.See or notice something unclear 2. understand something 3. distinguish


Obstreperous, sullen

Clergy Stress, drawing attention to


Adamant, tenacious

#a sullen stream Contentious,argumentative,belligerent,TR UCULENT Advanced,developed,intelligent,articulate


229. Forlorn(adj) 230. Vacuous(adj)

231. Alto(n)

232. Paragon(n)

233. Superfluous(adj) “overflow” 234. Ardor(n) 235. Conscription(n)

236. Hearsay(n) 237. Glitch(n)

Lonely and miserable Deserted and abandoned 1. lacking ideas or intelligence 2. lacking content 1. highest singing man’s voice 2. a singer with an alto 1. Example of excellence 2. large perfect diamond 1. more than necessary 2. inessential Enthusiasm, passion or alacrity The obligatory(compulsory) enrollment of citizens In armed forces An information obtained from other people A minor hitch or technical problem

Dejected and FORSAKEN #vacuous remark INANE

#the audience was mesmerized by the alto of amitabh bachan


#a lot of superfluous job #attempts to dampen their religious ardor

Shining example, exemplar, stereotype, epitome, paradigm QUINTESSENCE Extra, unnecessary, surplus, unessential

FERVOR, zeal Call-up #happened during world wars

Rumor, word of mouth #glitches in software #Also Hitch: Means of connecting two things ANOMALY Friction Penchant ,PROCLIVITY, inclination

238. Strife(n) 239.


241. 242.


A bitter or sometimes violent rivalry Propensity(n) A tendency to demonstrate a particular behavior Cognitive Contradictory mental dissonance(n) state resulting from simultaneously held beliefs or attitudes Subterfuge(n) A plan or action designed to deceive Portent(n) Omen: an indication that something unpleasant is going to happen 2. marvel: a wonderful or marvelous thing Tandem(n)(adj)(adver Noun: horse drawn b) carriage with one horse behind other

Ploy, artifice, stratagem Augury, herald

In tandem: 1. in partnership or cooperation 2. one behind the other

244. Remand(n)(verb)

245. Armistice(n) 246. Ghettoize(verb)



248. Deliverance(n)

249. Gild(verb)

250. Repudiate(verb)

251. Sliver(n)

252. Inexorable(adj)

253. Insidious(adj) 254. Conviction(n) 255. Lucid(adj)

Adj: of two together Adv: one behind the other Noun: returning somebody untried to prison Verb: return prisoner back to custody To break in war to discuss peace terms To segregate minority group to an specific area or isolate somebody An act of freeing or being freed 1. Rescue from something 2. An announcement of a decision or judgement Cover something with gold or make something look better 1. Deny or reject something or claim 2. to disapprove of something formally or renounce any connection with it Noun: 1. a small piece of something or splinter 2.loose fiber Verb: broken into splinters 1. unstoppable 2. adamant and pitiless: not moved by plead or persuasion A gradual and subtly harmful 1. firmly held belief 2. firmness of belief Easily understood Shining light Rational: mental clear state

Tandem Parachute jumping We will ride tandem

Truce, ceasefire, peace agreement Separate, isolate

Liberation, freedom #he sought deliverance from imprisonment Freedom, liberation, rescue

Embellish, decorate

Reject, disclaim, disown

Inevitable Relentless

An insidious evil #its my conviction that they are lying

Sinister, treacherous, deceptive Opinion, belief, faith

256. Arrears(plural noun)

257. Arrearage(singular)

258. Trench(noun)

259. Trenchant(adj)

260. Tortuous(adj)

261. Proximate(adj)

Debt unpaid, especially debt accumulating as a result of debtor’s failure of making regular payments remaining debt: debt remained after part of the debt is paid 2. in arrears 1. deep pit with steep sides often used as a defense in medieval times 2. valley on ocean floor 1. incisive: direct, incisive or deliberatively hurtful 2. relevant and effective in the pursuit of achieving goal 1. with many bends or turns 2. intricate and complex 3. deceitful and devious 1.Proximity: Very near or very close 2. Probable or likely About to happen Retaliation in war : a violent action like killing of civilians taken in order to take revenge of enemy’s actions 1.Insurance or protection against loss or damage 2.A compensation paid for loss or damage 3.Legal Exemption from penalties Slightly Annoying

Context: in or into arrears

Amount overdue, sum unpaid

Ditch, trough, moat

#trenchant criticism

Acerbic Incisive: quick to understand caustic

#trenchant opinions

# circuitous, CONVOLUTED, round-about #perplex, Byzantine, labyrinthine #artful, deceitful Direct, close, near #The proximate cause of damage is established Vengeance, revenge, retaliation

262. Reprisal(noun)



REPARATION, Reimbursement

264. Irksome(adj)

IRK: verb: irritate somebody

because of being tedious 265. Masquerade(noun)(ve Noun: 1. party with rb) masks 3. costume for disguising verb: to pretend to be somebody else. 266. Revoke(verb) 1.Formally cancel something 2. summon somebody back, especially from exile 267. Palpable(adj) Intense: so intense to be felt physically Obvious: or easily seen 268. Peevish(adj) 269. Eternity(noun) Bad tempered irritable and tending to complain Singular: 1. timelessness: time without beginning or end 3. timelessness experienced after death 4. very long time: infinite time plural(eternities): truths said to be eternal :: truths or ideas about life that are conceived to be timeless 1. possession of firm or moral principles 2. completeness: a state of being complete or undivided 3. wholeness: “ “ sound and undamaged Submissive: excessively eager to please or obey Ready to agree to do something or carry out orders


Subterfuge, concealment, cover up

Annul, cancel, invalidate

#the palpable tension in the room #a palpable need for change


#lost for all eternities

#it will take eternity to complete the job

270. Integrity(noun)

# a territorial integrity of a nation.

# public confidence in the integrity of the voting process. Sycophantic, flattering Little milder than obsequious Complaisant, amenable, acquiescent

271. Obsequious(adj) 272. Compliant(adj)

273. Denude(verb)

274. Facsimile(noun)(v)

275. Hooligan(noun)

276. Rabid(adj)

Confirming to requirements 1. Remove somebody or something’s outer body 2. Strip land’s outer cover mainly by soil erosion Make exact copy of something may be document coin or anything A young vandal or criminal: a young person who is violent or prone to committing crimes Fanatical: very enthusiastic about an idea or belief Intense: feeling or showing an emotion 1.Right to vote or process of vote 2. a short prayer for somebody especially recited by Christians Excessive sweet or sugar like Strong: powerful or mighty 1. Use of force or threats to make somebody do something 2. Illegal coercion 1.ordinary : not unusual and often boring 2. relating to this world 1.Doing or thinking as others: behavior or thinking that is socially acceptable 2.following the standards 3.agreement or similarity in structure Restrain from taking action: to discourage

#compliant with general statutes

Criminal, lawbreaker

Fanatical, radical, extreme, uncompromising # a rabid lust of power Ardent, fervent, zealous

277. Suffrage(noun)


278. Saccharine(adj) 279. Puissant(adj) 280. Duress(noun)

# a saccharine smile

Coercion, intimidation, pressure

281. Mundane(adj)

Dreary, dull, boring

282. Conformity(noun)

# remember the picture of penguins

Agreement,submissive,compliance # the steepness of the mountain deterred us Daunt,dissuade,prevent,discourage

283. Deter(verb)

284. Foyer(noun)

285. Fiat(noun)

286. Alabaster(noun)

287. Connivance(noun)

288. Contrivance(noun)

289. Punitive(adj)

290. Tryst(noun)(verb)

291. Flak(noun)

292. Conjurer(noun)

293. Remunerative(adj)

somebody to take action or threaten or persuade not to take action Entrance hall Public hall : lobby of any public place like hotel or any public building Official sanction: a formal or official authorization of something Type of gypsum Type of calcite : a semi translucent type of calcite 1.A secret plotting or joint conspiracy 2. tacit encouragement of wrong doing 1.devoius plan: a plan intending to deceive 2. creative plan to accomplish something 3.a creatively made machine or device to fulfill a need 1.Relating to or imposed as a punishment 2.creating burden Noun: to arrange a meeting especially between LOVERS Verb: to arrange a “ “ 1.Ground based antiaircraft fire 2. severe adverse criticism 1.An entertainer who performs tricks: the illusion of magic 2. a magician who summons super natural forces Paying somebody or reward somebody with money

from climbing

Lobby, public hall, VESTIBULE


Ploy, artifice

# a contrivance to fool the army #a contrivance to keep u straight #punitive air strikes # punitive taxation Rendezvous, assignation Punishing, corrective


A magician, illusionist, entertainer

Context: gainful, lucrative, profitable, beneficial, rewarding

294. Morsel(noun)

295. Awash(adj)

1.a small piece of something, especially food 2.a small amount 3.somebody or something pleasing or appealing 1.covered in water or any other liquid 2. over supplied:

Scrap, crumb

#an office awash with letters of complaint Cliché, bromide, inanity

296. Platitude(noun)

297. Contingency(noun)

298. Vitiate(verb)

299. Scythe(noun)(verb)

300. Lukewarm(adj) Lukewarmness(noun)

Banal statement: a pointless, unoriginal or empty comment 1.an event that may happen in near future 2. something set aside for unforeseen emergency 1.To destroy or drastically reduce the effectiveness of something 2. to degrade something morally 1. An implement to cut Used in tu everyday grass with long handle and one sided blade 1.Just slightly warm, especially when expected to be hot 2. showing little enthusiasm or interest 1.story that teaches lesson 2. false account of something A group sex party or wild party in which people over indulge in sex and drinking Something that is the object of short lived fascination or object of fad 2 strong passion or

Emergency, possibility, eventuality

Spoil, tarnish, damage

Sickle, cutter

Unenthusiastic, apathetic, uninterested

301. Fable(noun)(verb)

Story, myth, legend

302. Orgy(noun)

Carousel, fiesta, debauch, saturnalia

303. Rage(noun)

# these toys are all the rage for kids for moment

304. Ensconce(verb)

305. Redemption (noun)

306. Hubris(noun)

307. Brag(verb)(noun)

308. Smug(adj) 309. Invidious(adj)

310. Quixotic(adj)

311. Ration(noun)(verb)

312. Haves(p noun)

enthusiasm 3 extreme anger To settle in comfortably: to make yourself comfortably so as to stay for longer 1.Improving of something 2.redeemed state 3. ending of financial obligation 1.Excessive pride 2. Or ambition that lead to the downfall of classical hero in myths Verb: talk with too much pride about an achievement or possession Noun: a boastful remark A “” person Conceited and self satisfied Unpleasant: because producing or intending to produce hatred or resentment in other people 1.Excessively romantic 2.impractical: motivated by idealism that overlooked practicality 3. acting on impulse Noun: 1.fixed adequate amount allocated to somebody 2.amount of food allocated officially, especially In case of military Verb: restrict available amount of something People who are rich and privileged, especially compared with those who are not

#were ensconced on sofa

#the whole house was in wreck and garden was beyond redemption

Refurbishment, restoration

Blow your own trumpet

Arrogant, complacent, conceited # put into the invidious position to criticize somebody unenviable, undesirable, awkward

Romantic, idealistic, dreamy, zealot

Share, portion, allowance

#gasoline was rationed so long trips are out of question

313. Repercussion(noun)

314. Pogrom(noun)

315. Rampart(noun)

316. Antic(noun)(adj)


317. Extradite(verb)

318. Apostle(noun)

319. Moat(noun)(verb)

320. Patronage(noun)

321. Moxie(noun) 322. Scalawag(noun) 323. Parlay(verb)(noun)

1.Result of an action, especially an unseen problem 2.rebound: a force ,light or sound reflected back Organized killing of minority, especially sanctioned by government A fortified embankment often topped by low protected wall Verb: to protect or fortify something Noun: an actor playing a role requiring ludicrously eccentric behavior P noun: silly pranks or amusing pranks To return somebody accused of crime by different authority to other for trial or punishment 1. a promoter of idea : somebody who tries to persuade others to share an idea 2. Christian missionary 1.Ditch dug around castle for protection often filled with water 2. ditch acting as a barrier in zoo for preventing animals 1. Support of patron 2. power to make appointments Courage combined with inventiveness Mischievous person: a rascal or scamp Verb: 1.to stake an original bet or winnings on subsequent bet.

Ramification, aftermath, consequence

Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, massacre, persecution

Fortification, embankment, bastion, PARAPET, bulwark

Deport, repatriate, send back,

#an apostle of free trade

Trench, ditch

…..under his patronage

Backing , support, sponsorship, aid

324. Phlegmatic(adj)

325. Conurbation(noun)

326. Holograph(noun)

327. Scavenger(noun)

328. Beguile(verb)

329. Farce(noun)

2.use advantage to obtain success Noun: a bet in which winnings from previous Bets are gambled Unemotional, unexcitable and difficult to arouse A large urban area created when two neighboring towns merge into each other Original manuscript: a document entirely written by its author, especially manuscript or unwitnessed will 1.an animal or bird that feeds on dead and rotten flesh or food scraps 2.somebody who looks for something usable in scraps or deserted items 1.Charm somebody or attract 2.cheat or deceive somebody An absurd situation in which everything goes wrong or becomes a sham A wooden pole used to row a boat. Or a person used to row a boat 1.Vote by all citizens to decide on certain questions 2. expression of public will 1.Agreed period of delay: during which planned activity is postponed 2. allowed delay in

#He parlayed his family connections into a prestigious job in finance industry Stoic, apathetic, calm

Urban area, metropolis

Vulture, rummager

Captivate, attract, mesmerize

# it was a complete farce-the bride changed her mind and two families fell into altercation

330. Oar(noun)(verb)

331. Plebiscite(noun)

Referendum, opinion, poll

332. Moratorium(noun)

Suspension, cessation, pause, standstill

333. Plenary(adj)

334. Sundry(adj)

meeting obligation: 1. attended by everyone 2. full or unlimited in every aspect Various: assorted but considered as a single category just for the sake of convenience Small miscellaneous things of too little value to be mentioned individually. Verb: 1.to lie downward or bend in way of worship or submission 2.to lay something or somebody flat on ground 3.to make somebody weak or helpless Showing or feeling or expressing contempt for someone or something or utter lack of respect A noisy quarrel or fight 1.A type of car 2. enclosed chair carried by porters 1.An elegantly sitting room in the house where guests are entertained 2.social gathering of intellectuals 3.place for hair dressers or beauty treatments 4. expensive clothing shop or gallery 1. Drinking place 2. lounge bar 3. sedan 4. part of ship or train 1. Obsolescent 2. dying : nearly dead Water valve: operated by

# a plenary session # a plenary meeting

Full, unlimited, entire

#and other sundry items # all and sundry:: everything without exception

Various, miscellaneous

335. Sundries(p: noun)

336. Prostrate(verb)(adj)

# he prostrated himself in front of emperor #was prostrated by the blow on the head #was prostrated by the illness

Face down, prone

337. Contemptuous(adj)

Disdain, scorn,

338. Fracas(noun) 339. Sedan(noun)

MELEE, argument, fight

340. Salon(noun)

Rendezvous, get-together, SOIREE

Beauty salon

341. Saloon(noun)

342. Moribund(adj) 343. Faucet(noun)

On deaths bed, dying Nozzle, valve

344. Pejorative(adj)(noun) 345. Reprobation (noun)

346. Mortuary(noun)

347. Pertinent(adj) 348. Chauffeur(noun)(verb)

349. Habeas corpus(noun)

350. Entice(verb) Enticement(noun)

351. Surfeit(noun)(verb)

352. Perfidy(noun) 353. Colonnade(noun)

354. Harangue(verb)

355. Manger(noun)

handle Expressing disapproval: Or criticism 1. Strong disapproval: intense condemnation 2. condemnation to eternal damnation A place where dead bodies are kept until they are cremated or buried Relevant to the matter being considered Noun: hired driver: somebody hired to drive a car for somebody Verb: to drive somebody from place to place in a car A writ ordering detained person into court, especially for a decision whether detention is lawful To tempt person or animal do something by offering something attractive 1.An excessive number of something so much that people become bored by it. 2.overindulgence, especially in drinking or eating Deliberate treachery or deceit 1.A row of columns usually supporting a roof or an arch 2. a row of evenly spaced trees To question somebody or criticize or persuade somebody in an angry way or by clamoring. A trough from which

Disparaging, belittling, derogatory

Morgue, funeral parlor

Relevant, appropriate

Lure, attract, cajole, seduce, bribe

Plethora, excess, over indulgence, surplus

Betrayal, disloyal, dishonesty ARCADE, porch, walkway

TIRADE, diatribe, criticism

Trough, feeding box

356. Supplant(verb)

357. Dispensation(noun)

livestock(animals) eat 1.To take the place of somebody by force or intrigue 2.” “ something especially outmoded or inferior 1.Exemption or release from an obligation especially a religious one # dispensation of emergency supplies

Oust, supersede, replace

2.distribution of things 1.Cede something: to renounce or surrender something 2.to give up or abandon something 359. Requisition(noun)(verb) 1.To demand something which is required 2.a demand by one govt. to other to return a fugitive from law 360. Impersonate(verb) 1.Mimic or imitate 2.to pretend to be somebody else ,especially illegally to deceive 361. Brothel(noun) House of prostitution: a place where people pay to have sexual intercourse with prostitutes 362. Germane(adj) Relevant: suitably related to something 363. Borough(noun) 1.a district of a city: an administrative division of a big city which looks after housing or education 2.self-governing town: in a state a self governing town managing its own affairs independently 364. Nascent(adj) Just beginning to develop: in the process of developing or start or 358. Relinquish(verb)

Renounce, abandon, resign

Demand, request, summons

Relevant, appropriate, to the pint of discussion District, municipality, division

Burgeoning, growing, embryonic

365. Burp(noun)(verb) 366. Idyll(noun) Idyllic(adj)

367. Rebut(verb)

368. Heed(verb)(noun)

369. Petrify(verb)

370. Synagogue(noun) 371. Throe(noun) Throes(p. noun)

372. Laurel(noun)(verb)

373. Incinerate(verb)

374. Inviable(adj)

growing A noise made through mouth(Dakar) 1.experience of serene happiness, carefree happiness, usually in beautiful surroundings 2.tranquil charming peace, literary piece about charming rural life Refute: to deny the truth of something ,especially by disproving it To pay attention to advice or warning and take into account while acting 1.immobilize somebody with fear 2.make or become deadened 3.(organically)turn somebody into stone Place of worship for jew congregation Noun. Pang: a spasm of pain p. noun.=> The effects of pangs =>the effects of upheaval or struggle Noun: wreath of leaves, tree or bush resembling bay p.noun: honors for achievement verb: give somebody award or crown somebody Burn thoroughly to ashes or destroy completely by burning usually in incinerator Unable to survive especially biologically or financially

HICCUP Nirvana, utopia, honeymoon

Invalidate, contradict

Attention, attentiveness

In context of temple, church, gurdwara, mosque In the throes of something: in the process of doing something, usually something difficult 1.Look to your laurels 2. rest on your laurels SOUVENIR, award, accolade, honor

Cremate, reduce to ashes

375. Cassandra(noun)

376. Sheen(noun) 377. Incantation(noun)

378. Delinquent(noun)(adj)

379. Dire straits

380. Veer(verb)

381. Plutocracy(noun)

382. Oligarchy(noun)

383. Trite (adj)

384. Hieroglyphics(noun)(p noun)

Ignored prophet of doom: somebody whose warnings of disaster are ignored Glossy appearance Fine clothing Use of supposedly magic words: ritual chanting of magic words or spells Noun: somebody, especially a young person who has acted antisocially or unlawfully Adj: antisocial, or unlawful A disastrous predicament: a situation of emergency or desire need 1 change direction suddenly 2 change from one opinion to another 3 move in clockwise direction =>rule of a society by its wealthiest people =>wealthiest people or society who greatly influence the governance of the country =>small governing group =>country or nation governed by a small group of people Often overused or lacking in interest or originality Noun: a writing system that uses symbols or pictures to denote objects, concepts or sounds, especially used in the language of Egypt

Pessimist, doomsayer,

Luster, shine, Spell, summons, chant

FELON(noun), felonious(adj), criminal

Swing , deviate

Hackneyed, clichéd, banal, worn, stale

385. Elusive(adj)

386. Swerve(verb)

387. Quondam(adj)

p. Noun: something hard to decipher Difficult to find , understand, identify, to memorize Abrupt change in direction often to avoid collision Former: of an earlier time

Obscure, vague, intangible

# had to swerve the car to save pedestrian # now torn and rent by their quondam allies

Veer , veer off

388. Nitty-gritty(noun)(adj)

389. Panacea(noun) Panacean (adj) 390. Decrepit(adj)

Noun: the basic and most important details of something Adj: useful and direct in # a nitty-gritty a practical down to earth approach to teaching way A supposed cure for all In old and in poor condition as a result of being overused Charitable donations:- in former times money or assistance given to needy as charity =>solid waste: often used for slurry =>a layer of broken ice or half formed ice on the surface of water, especially the sea =>Somebody’s job, work or profession =>urge to follow specific career: a strong feeling of being called or summon to undertake a specific task, in context of religion To call a formal meeting A terse saying an ultimate truth. Seeing what is not normally seen: the ability to perceive things

Cure all, remedy, solution, answer, Feeble, weak, decaying

391. Alms(p noun)

Charity, donation, money, assistance,

392. Sludge(noun)

Mud, slush, slurry

393. Vocation(noun)

394. Convoke(verb) 395. Apothegm(noun) 396. Clairvoyance(noun)

Assemble, summon Adage, maxim, aphorism, dictum, tenet Soothsaying, augury, prophecy, palm reading

397. Discourse(noun)(verb)

398. Regent(noun)(adj)

399. Brow(noun) 400. Forbearance(noun)

that are beyond human senses Noun: =>serious speech, or a piece of writing =>language =>conversation Verb: =>converse =>seriously writing Noun: =>substitute for monarch because of his illness or age =>university official Adj: acting as a regent Forehead Top of the hill =>Patience, self-control, tolerance =>refraining from taking action

# sermon, address , speech #political discourse # the author discourses on ethics Substitute #conversation, communication

# the prince regent Summit, head, crest Patience, restraint

Noun: =>relief from emotional distress =>somebody or something that provides comfort in the time of grief, distress Verb: provide somebody with comfort 402. Sublime(adj)(verb)(noun) Adj: beautiful Morally or spiritually worthy Excellent Verb: convert solid directly into gas Noun: something sublime 403. Ruckus(noun) A noisy or unpleasant disturbance 404. Surmise(noun)(verb) Guesswork : to conclude something based on limited evidence or intuitive feeling 405. Apprehensible(adj) Understandable: capable or being

401. Solace(noun)(verb)

Succor, relief, consolation, support, effort



# going from sublime to ridiculous Turmoil, uproar, disturbance Conjecture, deduction, inference

406. Remittance(noun)

407. Connote(verb)

408. Attic(noun)

409. Exorcism(noun) Exorcise(verb)

410. Conundrum(noun) 411. Laggard(noun)(adj)

412. Thrift(noun)

413. Gaiety(noun)

414. Mortify(verb)

415. Injunction(noun)

416. Cloister(noun)(verb)

understood =>An act of paying for merchandise or services =>money send “” Having additional The word family implied meaning denotes group of people but connotes feeling of love between members Area immediately Put boxes in the attic under roof: a room or the area under roof =>An act of driving out evil spirits from place or from body =>clearing mind from oppressive feelings or memories Something that is puzzling or confusing Noun: somebody or something that does not keep up with others or lags behind Adj: slow or reluctant to do something Prudent use and management of money or goods FRUGALITY: avoidance of waste =>Joyfulness: lively feeling =>Spirited activity =>bright appearance: In case of clothing 1. to shame somebody or humiliate somebody 2.impose hardship on self: self-inflicted pain 1.Court order 2.Command or order from somebody in a position of authority Noun: =>covered

Paying, transfer

Purport, denote

Get rid of , expel out

Mystery, enigma, puzzle, challenge

Frugality, prudence, parsimony,

Liveliness, vivacity, vivaciousness, cheerfulness

Abase, embarrass, abash,

Ban, embargo, sanction, restriction

#gallery, arcade, colonnade, walkway

417. Forte(noun)(adverb)

418. Imbecile(noun)

419. Sorcerer(noun)

420. Nemesis(noun)

421. Critique(noun)(verb)

422. Idiosyncrasy(noun)

423. Obdurate(adj)

walkway around courtyard =>monastery or convent =>life of religious seclusion or a place of seclusion Verb: to find a private place where a person can stay undisturbed Noun:=> strong point: the point at which person is good at =>area of sword between hilt and middle Adverb: to be played loudly(in the context of music) plural noun: loud notes =>An offensive term that deliberately insults somebody’s intellect Somebody who is believed to have magical powers =>unbeatable opponent =>source of harm =>deserved punishment =>avenger: a person or force that inflicts punishment or revenge Nemesis: a goddess of retribution =>Give review of somebody’s work =>same as criticism(in the context of media) A way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is peculiar to individual or a group, especially an odd or unusual one Stubborn: not easily

#monastery, convent, nunnery

#cooking is not really Talent, strong point my forte

Wizard, magician

#dust is my real nemesis

Analysis, assessment, review Criticism Peculiarity, eccentricity, FOIBLE, QUIRK


424. Canonize(verb)

425. Travail(noun)(verb) 426. Paraplegia(noun) Paraplegic(adj) 427. Procrastinate(verb) 428. Prevaricate(verb)

429. Hegira(noun) 430. Albatross(noun)

influenced or persuaded Hard-hearted: not easily moved by emotions Declare somebody as saint or make something holy Hard work Inability to lower part of the body To postpone doing something To avoid telling truth: to do away from giving direct answer or telling truth Withdrawal, especially from danger =>A large seabird =>an oppressive burden or hindrance

# callous, pitiless, ruthless, unsympathetic Consecrate, sanctify, idolize,

Toil, effort, labor

Defer, dawdle, delay # don’t prevaricatejust give me the direct answer Exodus, mass departure, evacuation # an albatross around somebody’s neck: a burden from somebody cant escape Impediment, hindrance

431. Ecclesiastical(adj) 432. Crotchety(adj) 433. Elixir(noun)

434. Convalesce(verb)

435. Usury(noun) Usurer(noun) 436. Vagary(noun)

437. Piquant(adj)

Belonging to church or involving church Irritable and difficult to please Cure-all: panacea or magical cure Archaic; a substance once believed to provide a prolonged life To spend time to recuperate, especially by resting =>Lending at exorbitant interest =>Exorbitant interest An unpredictable change or eccentric change =>Having salty or spicy flavor =>sharply stimulating

Grumpy, cantankerous

Recuperate, improve, recover, rest

Money lending

# the vagaries of the weather

Caprice, whim, quirk

438. Derelict(noun)(adj)

439. Dilapidate(verb)

440. Retrograde(adj)(verb)

or provocative =>bitter or hurtful in tone Adj: deserted: no longer lived in =>neglected: in poor condition because of neglect Noun: homeless person =>abandoned property To become or make something ruined or decayed, especially through neglect =>moving backward in space or time =>getting worse or deteriorating =>inverse, in writing or in syntactical order

Ruined, neglected, deserted

Derelict, decrepit

Worsening , deteriorating , declining

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