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									        P2 Programs and WTS
Your WMS Software & Hardware Solution

                                        WTS Overview - 1
The WTS package from P2 Programs offers
  many of the features of more expensive
       packages for a lower price.




          Pick List Creation


            and Shipping

                                           WTS Overview - 2

            Enter the required
            (employee, customer,
            model/part, quantity
            and location) in
Receiving   addition to the
            optional fields to
            receive an item into

            Labels are also
            printed at receipt to
            be applied to the
            items before

                         WTS Overview - 3

Use this window to
move an item from
one location to
another. Enter the
current and new
locations and who’s
inventory is to be
moved. Indicate the
quantity to be moved
in the grid and click
on the Move Chk’d
Items button.

            WTS Overview - 4

Use the Audit window
to adjust the item
quantities in stock.
Just enter the
location and the
customer number of
the inventory you
wish to adjust.
Change the
quantities in the grid
and then click on the
Adjust Chk’d Items
A record of this
transaction is placed
in the history file.

            WTS Overview - 5
Pick List

Use the Pick List
window to create a
list of itemson the
If you click that
should be picked for
Pick List Items tab,
shipment. Indicate
you will see all the
the item’s customer
items on the pick list.
Or you and
numbercan print an
quantities tocopy of
actual hard be
picked in the grid and
the pick list and
then click on the
preview it before
Move Chk’d button to
add the selected
items to the pending
pick list.

             WTS Overview - 6

Use the Picking
window to remove
the selected items
from inventory.
Indicate the item’s
quantities to be
picked in the grid and
then click on the Pick
Chk’d Items button to
Ship the selected

            WTS Overview - 7

Use the Shipping
window to remove
selected items from
inventory without a
The Pending
pick list.
Shipment tab
Indicate the item’s
contains a list of all
quantitiesthat you are
the items to be
moved to the
about to ship.
Pending Shipment
When the list is
table and then click
complete, just click
on the Ship Chk’d
on the MoveItems
button.on the
Shipment Info tab.

            WTS Overview - 8
       Part Master

If the Part Master module has
been installed and enabled, you
can identify all your part (item)
numbers with this window.
Once this has been
accomplished, only valid item
numbers can be entered into the
system through either the PC or
bar code scanners.

                      WTS Overview - 9
     Report Writer

One of the strongest aspects of
the WareHouse32 package is its
reporting capabilities.

Shown to the left is the Request
After you have designed your
Editor window. This is the heart
report, it is saved in the Request
of the report writer for designing
Manager window so that you
or modifying an existing report.
can run the report again by
simply highlighting the required
report and clicking on the Run or
You can specify the data items
Preview buttons.
that are to appear, set a filter,
sort order and the output
destination (printed report or a
data file like Excel) of the report.

                      WTS Overview - 10
                                               Scanners and Bar Coding

The WareHouse32 application sets itself apart from other software solutions by using bar
codes and Batch and Radio Frequency (RF) scanners to perform the Receiving, Moving,
                     Auditing, Picking and Shipping operations.

                                                                                    WTS Overview - 11
                           Scanners and Bar Coding
RF Receiving                              RF Moving
                   RF Main Menu

     RF Stocking                     RF Picking

                                                  WTS Overview - 12
       P2 Programs and WTS
Your WMS Software & Hardware Solution

    Contact P2 Programs for more information
     at 1.800.563.6737 or visit our web site at

                                                  WTS Overview - 13

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