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					SLES Status             Name/Organization        Contact Information

Has SLES                Paul Whalen, Ph.D.      Phone: (603) 646-0062
Contacted 3/13/09       Contact: M. Justin Kim Email:
                        Contact: Caroline Davis Email:
                        Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
                        Dartmouth College       6207 Moore Hall
                        Hanover, NH             Hanover, NH 03755

Has SLES                Chih-Shen Hseih          Email:
Contacted 4/21/09       Contact: Dr. Emily Tung-Hseuh Liu
                        Department of Clinical Psychology
                        College of Medicine
                        Fu-Jen University

Has SLES                Katharine Zeiders        Email:
Contacted 4/10/09       Prevention Research Center
                        Arizona State University
                        Tempe, AZ

Requested SLES          Matthew Shum             Email:
    2/19/2009           Blackdog Institute

Requested SLES          Margaret Wyche        Phone: (401) 455-6537
     7/6/2006                                 Email:
                        Mood Disorders Research Program
                        Butler Hospital       Email:
                        Providence, RI        Address:
                                              345 Blackstone Boulevard
                                              Providence, RI 02906

Has SLES from 2006        Michael Dawes, MD       Phone: (336) 713-3812
Contacted 03/28/07        Contact: Trisha Frazier Email:
                          Neurobehavioral ResearchAddress:
Wondering if there is an updated version of the SLESand Laboratory Clinic
                                                   and Behavioral Research
                          Department of PyshicatryNeurobehavioralMedicine and Laboratory Clinic
                                                  Department of
                          Wake Forest University Health SciencesPyshicatry and Behavioral Medicine
                          Winston-Salem, NC       Wake Forest University Health Sciences
                                                  Medical Center Boulevard
                                                  Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1087

Has SLES                Keri Pinna, MA         Phone: (330) 672-5322
Contacted 05/06/07                             E
                        Department of Psychology mail:
                        Kent State University   Address:
                        Kent, OH                Department of Psychology
                                                Kent State University
                                                P.O. Box 5190
                                                Kent, OH 44242-0001

Requested SLES        Kristin Long             Phone: (412) 624-4524
     4/2/2007                                  Email:
                      Graduate Student in Clinical/Health Psychology
                                               Ph.D., RN (academic advisor)
Wanted SLES by 4/5/07 Contact: Anna Marsland, Email:
                      University of Pittsburgh
                      Pittsburgh, PA

Has SLES                Shannon Dorsey           Phone: (206) 685-6398
Contacted 3/7/07                                 and (206) 685-2085
                        Department of PsychiatryFax: Behavioral Sciences
Contacted 7/27/09                                School of Medicine
                        University of Washington Email:
                        Seattle, SLES
Sent Child and resent Adolescent WA              Address:
                                                 146 N. Canal Street, Suite 100
                                                 Seattle, WA 98013

                       Suman Baddam
Questions about measuring stressful events    Phone: (339) 532-8877
Contacted 08/10/07                            Email:
                       Brigham and Women's Hospital
                       Harvard Medical School
                       Boston, MA

Requested SLES                                  Phone: (336) 716-8643
                        Erin Shannon Hatzis, Ph.D.
   10/11/2007           Postdoctoral Fellow     Email:
                        Wake Forest University School of Medicine
                        Winston-Salem, NC

Has SLES               Avi Sadeh                Email:
Contacted 01/06/08     Tel Aviv University
                       Tel Aviv, Israel
Wanted information about Global Score and objective threat guidelines

Questions about SLES    Karen Seymour            Phone: (301) 405-4606
      7/1/2008                                   Email:
                        Doctoral Student in Clnical Psychology
                        University of Maryland
                        Department of Psychology
                        Maryland ADHD Program
                        College Park, MD

Requested SLES          Daniel N. Klein        Phone: (631) 632-7859
    9/18/2008           Professor              Fax: (631) 632-7915
                        Department of Psychology mail:
                        Stony Brook University Address:
                        Stony Brook, NY        Department of Psychology
                                               Stony Brook University
                                               Stony Brook, NY 11794-2500

Has SLES               Sheila C. Caetano        Email:
Contacted 11/5/08      Post-Doctoral Clinical Research Fellow
                       Department of Psychiatry
Wanted information about scores
                       Medical School
                       University of Sao Paulo
                       Sal Paulo City, Brazil

Has SLES              Joyce P. Yi-Frazier, Ph.D.Phone: (206) 884-1456
     7/14/2009                                  Fax: (206)
                      Seattle Children's Research Institute884-1047
                      University of Washington/Department of Pediatrics
                                                1900 Ninth Ave, M/S C9S-6
                                                Seattle, WA 98101
            SLES Version                     SLES Application

            Adult SLES                       College Students

            Adult SLES
            Adolescent SLES

            Adolescent SLES (Spanish Version) Mexican American youth

                                             SLES online

            Adolescent SLES
            Child SLES

                                             Study examining the dual outcomes of substance abuse and suicidality for inpatients disc

aboratory Clinic
havioral Medicine

            Adolescent SLES                  Study examining the cumulative impact of chronic and acute stress on childhood depress
            Child SLES                       Study involves children and adolescents aged 8-18 and their parent/guardian
Adult SLES        Paricipants are involved in the local Children Who Witness Violence program
Parent SLES

Adolescent SLES   Study examining the psychosocial adjustment of the siblings of pediatric cancer patients
Child SLES

Adolescent SLES   Study involves youth in Foster Care and foster parents
Child SLES        R34 Resubmission for NIMH (focused on TF-CBT with youth in foster care, an emphasis
Parent SLES

                  Study examining the interplay of genes and environment in causing mental illness in the s

Adolescent SLES   Study involving adolescents at risk for substance abuse

Adolescent SLES   Adolescents ages 15-17
Child SLES
Portuguese SLES   Examining bipolar offspring

Adolescent SLES   Adolescents with diabetes
and suicidality for inpatients discharged from their outpatient unit

ute stress on childhood depression and HPA activity
heir parent/guardian
ss Violence program

ngs of pediatric cancer patients

outh in foster care, an emphasis on foster parent engagement in treatment)

in causing mental illness in the second generation

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