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									Policosanol and Thinning Blood
           Does policosanol thin blood?

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Policosanol is an alternative medicine that can for sure thin blood. Ok so you
might be wondering what is so good about thin blood.

You probably have heard of something called heart disease which is the number 1
killer in the United States alone. One of the main causes of heart disease is due to
there being blockage in an artery. Blood than doesn’t reach the heart and a heart
attack occurs usually resulting in death.

When someone has thin blood there is less likelihood of blockage to occur. Well,
blockage can take place but the blood can maneuver around it easier and a heart
attack is less likely.

Another good thing about thin blood is that more blood and nutrients can reach
organs. For example more blood to the brain can reduce the chance of a stroke
and Alzheimer’s. It just might make someone smarter and also help guys with
their lovemaking ability.

There is one disadvantage to thin blood and do you know what it is? Thin blood
makes it easier for someone to bleed. It’s also more difficult for the body to stop
the bleeding process.

For example vitamin K is known for helping the body with blood clotting so that if
someone gets a cut they don’t bleed to death. This blood clotting ability is also
beneficial because it helps to stop harmful invaders from entering the body.

There are pros and cons to thin blood but since heart disease is such a big
problem I would say the benefits outweighs the cons.

So how does someone get thinner blood? Believe it or not some foods help
someone with their cardiovascular health. For instance omega 3 from fish, nuts
and olive oil can be of help. Did you know that garlic can help as well?

Interesting enough when the Spanish first brought garlic over to the New World
Native Americans thought it was a potent aphrodisiac because it helps with blood
Alcohol also helps with thinning someone’s blood and of course I have to mention
policosanol. You might be wondering what the heck is policosanol.

This substance usually comes from sugar cane but can also originate from
beeswax and yam. The Cuban government really pioneered this alternative health
strategy but it was discovered in Japan.

This substance can provide a few really cool health benefits like improving
cholesterol levels and thinning blood. For instance in a study by the American
Heart Journal it was found that it lowered bad cholesterol by 21 to 29 percent and
actually raised good cholesterol by 8 to 15 percent.

Bad cholesterol called LDL contributes to blockage while good cholesterol called
HDL actually removes blockage.

One of the best things about policosanol is that the side effects are incredibly mild
compared to prescription drugs.

The best way to get this alternative medicine is from a herbal supplement. This
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and they all claim to be the absolute best.

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