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									Starting a New Career in Technology
Advances in technology are driving the change in today’s market. Everywhere you look, some new
gadget is doing the work that you used to have to do manually.

For instance, nearly every task on a farm has been turned into a machine driven operation, saving
famers days of work to plow, plant or harvest. Farmers from the past 6,000 years would die of
excitement if they could see what technology can do today.

Recent Technological Evolutions
More recently, technology cannot only make it so you can talk to your mother 3,000 miles away on a
nifty brick the size of your hand you call a cell phone, but now you can face time with her on the newest
smart phones. Now mother can see you in real time
while she talks to you on the phone.

Technology has taken some amazing steps forward
to increase comfort and convenience. The public is
latched to technology.

They have hoped on the bandwagon, locked the
door, and buckled themselves in for the ride. Every
time something new comes out to improve their
lives, they sink a little bit more into that chair.

For that reason, there is always going to be a need for technology in the marketplace. You can find a lot
of job security pursuing a career in it.

There are multiple levels of the field that you can get involved with. The field is so specialized that there
are a few people who just think up new ideas.

Using Your Knowledge
They use their knowledge of science and mechanics to come up with a concept and a blueprint. They
model what the technology will look like on the screen, and then ship it off to someone else to do.

The next level is being the person who manufactures the technology the other guy sends. You can
                                                          specialize in instrument creation and spend a
                                                          career making things for other people.

                                                             This field is especially nice for people that are
                                                             amazed by what technology can do, but do
                                                             not consider themselves creative enough to
                                                             come up with some of these ideas on their
own. These guys should be careful of how good the field becomes.

Pretty soon they might find a machine doing all of their work for them. Other people spend time
working at the inspection and patent level.

The patent office uses lawyers and mechanical engineers to determine the usability and unique qualities
of a product that make it worthy of a product. These men and women inspect the equipment, looking
over every part.

If the product comes out too similar to another item, the patent is denied. Employees must have the
knowhow to manipulate and recognize the equipment to recognize key similarities and differences.

The field is growing faster than ever before. Find your niche in the world and get started on obtaining
the right education to make a career out of it.

You will be surprised by how much it can help your future career goals, and you are never too old to
start a new career. If you have a passion for it, you can do it.

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