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									Dealing with Knee Pain
Knee problems are a common ailment of today’s society. Even those that are careful throughout their
lives often complain of pains.

Some say it is genetic, others say you are running or exercising with bad form. Whatever the source, you
are in pain now and you want to get rid of it.

Knee Braces
Dr. Hofmann can help out, but if you do not have the money to afford his time, here are a few things
you can do. Dull pain and push off seeing Dr. Hofmann until you are sure that you need him.

If this is not your first bout with knee pain, then there is probably a more permanent issue going on that
you are not aware of. Try buying a brace to help relieve the tension and pressure on your knee.

                                    Sometimes all you need is a tight band to compress the muscles
                                    around the knee together. Keep them together, and they will not be
                                    jostled around quite as much.

                                    Other braces are specially designed to put more pressure on the
                                    outside of the knee—for IT band issues for instance. Regardless of
                                    what brace you need, you can be assured of two things.

First, the knee brace will dull the pain, making it more bearable or hardly noticeable. You can go on with
your favorite hobbies when the pain is deadened.

Second, the brace can also help you begin healing. Putting all the right pieces in the right places again
will help your body stitch everything back together.

Talk to a Knee Doctor
Some pain medications should also help you deal with immediate pain. This is where you should consult
with Dr. Hofmann.

He can help you pinpoint the source of the pain and give you a diagnosis.
With the right diagnosis, you can learn which medications will have the most
powerful effect on your level of pain.

You can always work daily on strengthening your knees by strengthening
your body. A lot of that strengthening means that you have to reevaluate
the way you eat.

Your body functions best when it is receiving all of the right nutrients. This
means iron, all of your vitamins, calcium, etc.

Eating these only occasionally will do nothing for your long-term health. You fortify your body every day.
Get into good eating habits and consult with Dr. Hofmann to see what you can do to better improve
your diet. Start stretching your legs and working them out.

Ironically enough, the more you stretch, the more you open your legs up for healing. Stretching can help
keep your knees from locking up.

Working out will help you even out the muscles in your legs. Many injuries happen from an imbalance in
muscle strength.

Your legs are made up of more than just hamstrings and claves. There are several other muscles that are
not used in certain activities.

To ensure maximum strength, you need to balance your work outs so that all of your muscles grow
together. The more you stretch and work out all of your muscles, the better opportunity your knees will
have at healing and coming back stronger than ever before.

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