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G+T Maths Week
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Background, Summary & Overview
Planning was in progress for a maths week at Brinsworth Comprehensive School for October 2007. The G+T / Aim
Higher network group asked if activities for the G & T students at the network schools could also be organised.

Arrangements were made for:-

Y10 students to go to Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes – to look at Codes and Ciphers – Brinsworth, Wingfield and Aston

KS4 students to watch a presentation by Colin Wright on ‘The Theory and Practice of Juggling’ – Aston, Brinsworth
and Wingfield

The Happy Puzzle Company to work with a variety of students throughout the day - Aston, Brinsworth, Winterhill and
Wingfield. Year 6 G+T pupils from various feeder schools would also be included.

TRC asked to organise their own activities

All visits and presentations took place during the week beginning 22.10.07 and were extremely successful.
Questionnaires were given to students and staff for their feedback on the events and activities. Feedback was very
positive; all felt the events went well.

Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the project were:
    to allow the Gifted and Talented students to further develop their knowledge and understanding of
    to do this through a fun and learning environment
    to develop the students’ understanding of how Maths can be applied to many situations in life.

Action Taken

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The following events and activities were organised for 4 schools:-
Wingfield, Aston and Brinsworth Comprehensive Schools watched the presentation by Colin Wright. Colin explained
in a fun way the concept of the maths behind juggling. Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 were invited to the presentation.

Brinsworth, Aston and Wingfield Yr 10 students took part in a visit to Bletchley Park at Milton Keynes. The students
listened to talks on codes and ciphers and were given an account and explanation of how these were used to help win
the war during WWII. There was an opportunity for the students to look around the museum and look at the computer

The Happy Puzzle Company was invited to Aston, Brinsworth, Wingfield and Winterhill schools over a 4 day period –
one day was spent in each school. There were 3 sessions during each day. Yr 7, 8 and 9 students took part at
Winterhill and Wingfield Schools; Aston invited Y6 students from the feeder schools and also held sessions for Years
7 and 8 students; Brinsworth invited Y6 students from the Feeder schools to work alongside Year 7 students, and held
further sessions for Year 8 and 9 students. The students and staff really enjoyed the days. The Year 6 and 7 students
from Brinsworth particularly enjoyed working together and the staff from the feeder school thought the experience was
extremely beneficial.

Resources & Costs
Bletchley Park – coaches x 3        £1140.00
               - admission          £ 840.00
               - Happy Puzzle Co.   £1960.00
               - Accommodation      £ 205.95
               - Colin Wright       £ 550.00
               - Insurance          £ 6.45
               - Transport          £ 70.00

Impact & Outcomes
Questionnaires were given to the students to complete for all the activities. The students were asked if they had
enjoyed the event; if they had learned new things because of the event; if they understood more about the subject;
and if they would like to experience more events of this nature.

Overall the evaluations were extremely good.

Evaluations were received from Brinsworth and Aston Comprehensive Schools.

Based on the evaluation form (where ‘1’ to ‘3’ was ‘strongly agree’ to ‘agree’ the figures show:

       86% enjoyed the events

       84% felt they had learned new things because of the event

       86% would like to experience similar events

Lessons Learnt
Brinsworth Comprehensive School found that the interaction between the Year 6 and Year 7 students was extremely
beneficial at the Happy Puzzle company event. The students worked really well together and enjoyed the activities; it
was an ideal opportunity for the students to get to know each other and work in teams. Staff from the feeder schools
attended and gave very positive feedback.

If another visit was arranged to Bletchley Park, perhaps the timetable could be changed to suit the students better. It
would be useful if the students were given more detailed information about Bletchley before the visit. There would
then be more time for the interactive activities.

The juggling presentation was very good, but the students need to be primed well before the juggler completes his
presentation so that they can understand what he is trying to make them see.

Areas for further improvement

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Future sustainability & embedding of good practice
The project was a success but was expensive. It was agreed that the schools would be allocated some of the residual
funding to buy materials for the Maths departments e.g. Happy Puzzle company resources. These can then be used
in schools in the future to continue the development of Mathematical skills through interesting and enjoyable activities,
e.g. at an after school Maths club or as a planned activity.

Quotations from participants, students & teachers
Happy Puzzle Company quotes from Teachers
“Excellent event really showed the children that maths can be fun. A good way of integrating the children from
different schools.”
“The pupils worked well as a team even though they did not all know each other which was great for them.”
“The puzzles were a great way of building teams and problem solving strategies, making maths fun.”
“The students I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed themselves – a very good event”

From students
“Getting interested in maths puzzles makes maths fun, it helps to improve your maths skills”
“It was Fun”
“Got to meet new people in other years; learned new skills; teamwork was involved”
“Had to use your brain more”

Bletchley Park quotes from teachers
“Students were very good – afternoon talk was a bit too long”

From students
“We learned about deciphering codes; about earlier computers and Morse code”
“I enjoyed the day and I learned more about different communication systems and the history of computers”
“It would have been better if there had been more time to do the activities”

Colin Wright – Theory and Practice behind Juggling quotes from teachers
“A very entertaining talk, could definitely recommend other students being given the opportunity to see/hear it”

From Students
“Through the use of maths you can invent new juggling tricks”
“I like the way he made it fun by adding jokes even though we were learning at the same time”
“Maths can be applied to most/all things, patterns are not hard to see”
“Make sure he is at the right level so people can understand”
“Juggling has patterns; it includes a lot of maths; it includes geometry”
“Maths is useful in non-useful stuff, maths is in everything”

Key Contact:    S. A. Richardson                     Designation:     G+T Co-ordinator
Service:                                             Address:         Brinsworth Comprehensive School
Telephone:      01709 828383                         Email:           BCS. Richardson.susan@rgfl

Date Completed: 14.12.08

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Do you hold written consent for the above?
The parents of students from Brinsworth have been asked recently to write in if they object to their children’s
photographs being published.
The parents of primary schools were all asked for permission by the Primary Schools who will have kept
evidence of this.

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