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                                                             NC Theta Chapter,
                                                         Davidson College—Fall 2004
                                      Lions Roar Alumni Newsletter
  Volume 1, Issue 4                                                                       Fall 2004

                            Chapter House Renovated
                                                   Davidson College
                                                   spent over
                                                   $250,000 renovat-
                                                   ing the fraternity
                                                   house on Patterson
                                                   Court over the
                                                   summer. The
                                                   changes include
                                                   eliminating the old
                                                   apartment and
                                                   providing a new
                                                   kitchen. There is a
                                                   chapter room and
                                                   storage also.

                    Homecoming September 25, 2004
       A Homecoming social will be held at the House on Patterson Court im-
       mediately after the Davidson/Butler football game. Dedication of the
       renovated house is included. Several alumni will be recognized, includ-
       ing the donors that helped furnish the chapter room for the renovations.
       The chapter room is named in honor of late brothers Collier Lilly, ’89
       and Kirk Orwell, ’88 (see below). In addition, the donor plaque will be
       named after Brother John Hayes Crichton, ‘42, of San Antonio, Texas.

Inside this issue:
                                 In Memory of:
Donors to NC Theta           2
                                 •   Collier Cobb Lilly, 1967-1987
Spotlight—Dawson             2
                                 •   Kirk Raymond Orrell, 1966-2001
Spotlight—Rittman            2
                                 “United in Fraternity, separated from us in death. They were heroes of men who
Alumni Notes                 3   loved life, loved Davidson and loved being North Carolina Theta SAEs. We think
Spotlight—Covington          3   of them often and will never forget the contribution they made to our chapter, our
                                 college and our community. “
Chapter Eternal-Codington    4
Calendar/Officers            4   Mark Weir, Class of 1989
 PAGE 2                                                         NC T HE TA C H AP TER , D AV I DS ON C OLLEGE — FALL 2004      V OLU ME 1 , I SSUE 4

                                                Donors to NC Theta Chapter
    Our thanks to the following alumni for their contributions to the Chapter of $100 or more. Your names will be placed on
    the donor plaque in the new chapter room. If anyone was left off, please notify John Stringfellow at

    1.    Robert L Avinger III, ‘90                                                               36. Lewis G. Norman III, ‘65
                                                  19. E Blair James Easton III, ‘01
    2.    William Parks Bray, ‘89                                                                 37. Otis Borders Northington, ‘88
                                                  20. Eric B. Farmer, ‘91
    3.    David B Burns Jr, ‘54                                                                   38. Herbert S Norton ‘56
                                                  21. Charles L. Fonville Jr., ‘89
    4.    Frederick C. Butler III, ‘84                                                            39. J Fleming Norvell, ‘53
                                                  22. D. Nicholson Guy Jr., ‘77
    5.    Robert B. Cameron, ‘67                                                                  40. Douglas L Odom, ‘88
                                                  23. Dr. Jefferson D. Hanks Jr., ‘65
    6.    Charles Morton Chitty III, ‘89                                                          41. George Hampton Oliver, ‘86
                                                  24. David Kemp Hall, ‘91
    7.    James Reece Combs, ‘90                                                                  42. Bryan M. Overcash, ‘89
                                                  25. DeWitt F. Helm, Jr. ‘56
    8.    William S. Cowan Jr, ‘97                                                                43. Carl N. Patterson Jr., ‘73
                                                  26. Albert Lynn Himes, ‘70
    9.    John Hayes Crichton, ‘42                                                                44. Thomas L. Powell Jr., ‘47
                                                  27. Dunn D Hollingsworth, ‘88
    10. Oliver Roane Cross Jr., ‘69                                                               45. Morgan W Savage, ‘94
                                                  28. James Wimberly Kellett, ‘64
    11. Patrick Wade Currie, ‘90                                                                  46. Frank S Shaw Jr, ‘54
                                                  29. Frank M Lacy Jr. ‘69
    12. Bruce V Darden, II, ‘78                                                                   47. James D. Simpson III, ‘63
                                                  30. Dr. Caleb Loring IV, ‘93
    13. Robert Gage Davidson Jr, ‘89                                                              48. Lana H. Sims Jr., ‘79
                                                  31. Dr. John W. Mann III, ‘83
    14. Buzz M L C Donald, ‘88                                                                    49. Perry Austin Sloan Jr., ‘39
                                                  32. William Nelson Mathis, ‘88
    15. Edwin L. Douglass III, ‘87                                                                50. Edwin M Thomas, ‘94
                                                  33. Donald F I Meng, ‘76
    16. James Kye Dorsett III, ‘74                                                                51. James Burton Vance, ‘81
                                                  34. Dr. Mark Donald Monson, ‘74
    17. Stuart B. Dorsett, ‘82                                                                    52. James A. Walker, ‘77
                                                  35. Charles Bradley Morris III, ‘94
     18. Charles O. DuBose Jr., ‘90                                                               53. Mark D Weir, ‘89

                                            Robert L Dawson, Class of 1973
Robert L Dawson, Class of 1973, is one of the founders of Empow-            then choose a health plan from a menu of options. Empowered Benefits
ered Benefits in Charlotte. Dawson was a former president and chief         is one of only a handful of companies nationally to offer this type of
executive of Advica Health Resources Inc. and an executive with Aetna       health insurance plan. Called a consumer-driven health plan, it gives
U.S. HealthCare. Founded by a group of industry veterans and funded         employees a greater say in who provides their healthcare and how
by an undisclosed amount of private investment, Empowered Benefits          much they're willing to spend on everything from prescriptions to sur-
hopes to capitalize on a trend in health insurance called defined contri-   gery. Robert can be reached at 704-369-0200. The company site is
bution. Under a defined contribution plan, employers pay a set amount
of money to employees to cover health insurance premiums. Employees

                                           Bruce V. Darden, II, Class of 1978
                              A lifetime resident of North Carolina, Bruce earned his undergraduate degree from Davidson College and
                              his M. D. from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He served his internship and residency
                              in orthopedic surgery at Carolinas Medical Center, and was awarded a fellowship in spine surgery at Texas
                              Medical Center in Houston. He joined the practice in 1988, and in 1990 became an integral part of Char-
                              lotte Orthopedic Specialists. Bruce, a member of the Cervical Spine Research Society, the North American
                              Spine Society, and a candidate member of the Scoliosis Research Society, has distinguished himself in spine
                              surgery, including the cervical spine and scoliosis, and has served on the teaching staff at Baylor College of
                              Medicine and at Carolinas Medial Center. He is active in the Charlotte Rotary Club and has worked with
                              Charlotte 3 on 3, Inc., a basketball tournament benefiting Habitat for Humanity. In his spare time, Bruce
                              enjoys rooting for the Charlotte Hornets and the Davidson Wildcats. He also enjoys tennis, skiing, and run-
                              ning. He is married to Debbie (Davidson '78), and they have 3 children: Susanne, Thad, and Steven. Bruce
                              was social chairman while in the chapter. He can be reached at or phone 704-364-
    V OLU ME 1 , I SSUE 4                            NC T HE TA C H AP TER , D AV I DS ON C OLLEGE — FALL 2004 PAGE 3

                                               Alumni Notes
Frank S Shaw, Jr., Class of 1954, is      Joseph W Moss, Jr., Class of 1988,           they have one child: Isabelle Grace.
chairman of Shaw Securities in Tal-       has joined the Bishop, Capitano &            Will    can    be    reached      at
lahassee, Florida. Married to Sara,       Abner, P.A. law firm in Charlotte,  or 860-687-9845
they have two children: Frank III         NC. He can be reached at jmoss@bca-
and Sally S Hyde. Frank attended or phone 704-716-1200. Joe           David B Burns, Jr., Class of 1954, is
Davidson 1950-51, then transferred        obtained his JD Degree from Wake             president of Manufacturers Hanover
to Florida State (Florida Beta) 1952-     Forest University, cum laude, in             Corp in Knoxville, Tenn. David was
54, served as eminent archon, then        1993. He then served as Law Clerk to         Eminent Archon of the chapter, and
was there for grad school 1955-57.        the Honorable N. Carlton Tilley, Jr.,        was originally initiated at Tenn Kappa
He can be reached at 850-668-3335         U.S. District Judge, Middle District         Chapter. He can be reached at case-
                                          of North Carolina, 1993-1994. He was or phone 865-523-
Thomas L Powell, Jr, Class of             also with the Kennedy Covington law          7714.
1947, is retired and also self-           firm in Charlotte. Joe's speciality is
employed, in bonds and insurance,         Commercial Litigation, Construction          Donald Lee Moore, Class of 2001,
                                          Law, and Civil Litigation.                   writes: " I wanted to let everyone know
residing in San Antonio, Texas. Mar-
                                                                                       that Ihave recently accepted a new job
ried to Jane, they have 2 children                                                     with Bank of America in New York.
                                          James R Combs, Class of 1990, is in
and 1 grandchild. Tom was an emi-                                                      The transition will be a great opportu-
                                          loan syndications with Wachovia
nent recorder at NC Theta. He can                                                      nity for me and a nice step in my ca-
                                          Bank in Charlotte. Married to Lisa,
be reached at 210-826-3305.                                                            reer. As my wife (Stephanie) is from
                                          they have 3 children: Davis, Will &          Connecticut, she is thrilled about mov-
                                          Katie. At Davidson, James was Emi-           ing home. New York is a win-win for
Eric "Flea" B Farmer, Class of            nent Archon and Service Chairman.            both of us, and we are very excited. I
1991, is vice president of the Triad      James can be reached at lisa-                am truly sad to leave so many great
Region for Atlantic Corporation in or phone 704-896-          friends in the South; however, this
Winston-Salem, NC. Married to             5862 in Davidson.                            world is surprisingly small and I am
Betsy, they have two children - Sara                                                   positive that our paths will cross again.
Carter and Marh Banks. Flea can be                                                     Thank you for making the last 7 years
                                          John Marvin Butler, Class of 1981,           in North Carolina such a great experi-
reached at or                                                    ence. Stephanie and I promise to return
                                          is Senior Pastor at First Baptist
phone 336-721-0831.                                                                    as much as possible. My first day in
                                          Church in Matthews, NC. He can be
                                                                                       New York is June 21st. I hope that I
                                          r e a c h e d   a t   p a s t o r -
Jeff Storms, Class of 2002, writes:                                                    have the opportunity to see most of you
                                 or phone 704-           prior to my departure. Thank you again
"I am currently a first year student at   849-7005.                                    for everything." Lee can be reached at
the University of St. Thomas School                                           or
of Law in Minneapolis. Everything is                                                   phone 704-387-2401.
                                          O. Roane Cross Jr., Class of 1969,
going very, very well here. I am cur-
                                          is a financial advisor with Forsythe
rently ranked 9th in the class, and                                                    Edwin M. Thomas, Class of 1994, is
                                          Management Company in Winston-
was just offered and accepted a sum-                                                   in commercial real estate with RJS
                                          Salem, NC. He can be reached at for-
mer research position with the chair                                                   Properties in Charlotte. A former Emi-
                                 or phone 336-
of the legal writing department. I                                                     nent Archon, he can be reached at
                                          748-1200 and 336-725-6017.
hope all is well in North Carolina,                                           or 704-661-
and hopefully I will speak with you                                                    3353.
                                          Will S Cowan, Jr., Class of 1997, is
soon." He can be reached at
                                          a Sales & Business Development Ex-                    ecutive with SS&C Technologies Inc
                                          in Windsor, CT. Married to Georgina,

       Alumni Spotlight: Howard “Champ” W Covington, Jr, Class of 1966
Howard "Champ" W. Covington Jr., Class of 1966, is president of the Windsor/Aughtry Company in Greenville, SC.
The company has proven its expertise in commercial development through the acquisition, construction, and expansion
of shopping centers in North and South Carolina since 1987. In addition, the company has proven its excellence in resi-
dential development and marketing by completing and selling over 2000 single family homes in 35 subdivisions in
South and North Carolina since 1987. Champ has been recognized many times over. He has been named Greenville's
Most Influential Person of the Year and has received the Greenville Urban League's prestigious Whitney M. Young Hu-
manitarian Award. He created the Thornblade Classic, turning his lifelong love of golf into a way to bring resources
and attention to public education and charities in the Greenville area. Davidson College awarded Champ the John W.
Kuykendall Award for Community Service, on the occasion of the Class of 1966's 35th Reunion, April 21, 2001. He
has received South Carolina's Order of the Palmetto twice. Champ can be reached at 864-271-9855 or 864-255-5695.
John Stringfellow
NC Theta Chapter
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
4929 White Oak Rd
Charlotte, NC 28210-2324

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                                                                    Chapter Eternal
              Calendar 2004-2005
•    Aug 23: Classes begin                         Dr Herbert A Codington, Jr., Class of 1941, of Asheville, NC,
                                                   born Oct 7, 1920, passed away Saturday, July 19, 2003 at Deerfield
•    Sept 10: First Night Down (Fall Rush Be-      Episcopal Retirement Center. He then retired to an Episcopal re-
     gins)                                         tirement home. Herbert's father was an SAE at Mercer in Macon,
                                                   GA. He was born in Wilmington, NC on October 7, 1920. Herbert
•    Sept 25: Homecoming Reunion
                                                   was the husband of 53 years of the late Mary Littlepage Lancaster
•    Oct 9-12: Fall Break                          Codington. He was preceded in death by a daughter Julie, and a
                                                   son, Philip. Following their marriage on April 8, 1949, they sailed
•    Nov 23—28: Thanksgiving Break                 for Korea to begin a medical ministry which would span 25 years in
                                                   Korea and 25 years in Bangladesh. He is survived by a daughter,
•    Dec 16: Fall semester ends
                                                   Mary Page Surratt, of Shelby, Herbert E. Codington, a Presbyterian
•    Jan 10: Spring semester begins                pastor in South Carolina; David Codington, a Captain in the US
                                                   Army serving as a Chaplain in Iraq; Lewis Codington, who works
                                                   with Christian Literature Crusade International in Sheffield, Eng-
Chapter Officers:                                  land; a sister Mrs. Helen Macdonald of Columbia, SC; twenty-four
Nick Jones, EA,               grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Funeral service was
Dallas Kaplan, ET,           held at 3:00 PM, Sunday, July 20, at Black Mountain Presbyterian
Chris Parkes, Past EA,       Church with the Reverend Dr. Robert Ratchford officiating. A pri-
Matt Monson, EDA,            vate burial preceded the funeral service. In lieu of flowers memorial
Alex Phillips, Rush Chm,   contributions may be made to The Presbyterian Church (USA), for
Matt Wagner, PE*,            world missions or to, CLC International, for the development of
Jackson Herlong, Social,    their Outreach Bookstore in Moscow. Please sent to: Lewis Coding-
Wilson McBee, Scholarship,
                                                   ton, 17 Hartington Road, Sheffield, S7 2LE England. Funeral ar-
Mary Vasquez, Advisor,
*Pledge Educator
                                                   rangements were entrusted to Brigman's Funeral Service in Black

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