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COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS–IDEAS AT WORK                   The major also prepares students for graduate         Comparative Politics
The 2,500 undergraduates in the College of              studies in politics, international relations, urban   POSC 337 Comparative Government of Foreign
Liberal Arts select their program of study from         planning, public administration, and many other                 Powers (3)
more than 40 majors and acquire the skills and          fields. Many political science students continue      POSC 339 Comparative Political Systems (3)
flexibility that ensure lifelong success in a variety   their education in law school as well.                POSC 340 Comparative Public Policy (3)
of careers. Political science is one of these                                                                 POSC 351 Government and Politics of Latin
programs. The College of Liberal Arts is distin-        CURRICULUM AND COURSE OFFERINGS                                 America (3)
guished by its emphasis on civic responsibility,
graduating students with a deep commitment to           Political Science Major                               International Relations
the vitality of American democracy, volunteerism        In addition to the General Education require-         POSC 303 Theory of International Relations (3)
and community.                                          ments, political science majors must complete 36      POSC 307 Contemporary International
                                                        units in political science with a grade of 2.00 or               Politics (3)
WHY MAJOR IN POLITICAL SCIENCE?                         higher for the Bachelor of Science degree. The        POSC 355 Latin American Policy of the U.S. (3)
Politics touches all aspects of our lives. Political    Bachelor of Arts degree may be earned by              POSC 432 U.S.-Russian Relations (3)
science provides a framework for understanding          completing the intermediate courses (or their         POSC 434 Comparative Foreign Policy (3)
how politics affects all aspects of our lives. The      equivalent) of a modern foreign language.             POSC 437 Castro and the Cuban Revolution (3)
political science major is well prepared to work                                                              POSC 441 Contemporary U.S.-European
in government, nonprofit enterprises and busi-          Introductory Courses                                             Relations (3)
ness. Political science also provides the founda-       Students must complete 9 units (3 courses) of         POSC 455 Use of Force in International Law (3)
tion for becoming an active participant in our          introductory courses of which no more than 3          POSC 465 Journal of International Affairs (3)
civic democracy.                                        units may be at the 200 level.
                                                                                                              Law and Political Theory
The Towson University political science major is        POSC 100     Understanding Political Systems (3)      POSC 418 Constitutional Law and Politics (3)
intentionally broad, encouraging students to            POSC 101     Introduction to Political Science (3)    POSC 419 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (3)
explore the many aspects of political life while        POSC 102     Honors Introduction to Political         POSC 420 Constitutional Protections (3)
providing an opportunity for the student to                          Science (3)                              POSC 422 The Supreme Court (3)
develop a specialty. More than 60 courses are           POSC 103     American National Government (3)         POSC 424 Law On Line (3)
offered in the areas of American politics and           POSC 105     Governments of the World (3)             POSC 425 Legal Theory (3)
public administration, comparative politics, inter-     POSC 107     Introduction to International            POSC 427 Political Theory I (3)
national relations, and law and political theory.                    Relations (3)                            POSC 428 Political Theory II (3)
                                                        POSC 108     Honors International Relations (3)
The Department of Political Science has excellent       POSC 207     State and Local Government (3)           Seminar Courses
faculty who bring both scholarly and practical          POSC 209     Introduction to Law (3)                  All students are required to complete a 3-unit
experience to the classroom. Towson University's        POSC 212     Honors in Political Science (3)          seminar in political science during one of their
location places it close to centers of state,                                                                 last two terms of study. Seminar courses are
national and international government. The              Political Research                                    offered in a variety of topical areas. These
department uses this proximity to expose                All students must take POSC 301 Political             courses are limited to approximately 15 students.
students to policy makers and to internship and         Research I (3).                                       They involve intense examination of the topic
practicum opportunities.                                                                                      through seminar discussion and readings.
                                                        Electives                                             Students complete a substantial original
CAREERS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE                            All students must take 21 units (7 courses) of        research project and paper.
The mid-Atlantic region offers many opportuni-          upper-division political science elective courses.
ties for jobs in political science. Students find       At least one course must be taken in three of the     Political Science Minor
work in national, state and local governments;          following four topical areas: American Politics and   The minor in political science is earned by
nonprofit organizations, political organizations,       Public Administration, Comparative Politics, Inter-   completing 21 units in political science. Students
and private enterprise. Some of the positions           national Relations, and Law and Political Theory.     must complete 6 units (2 courses) of introduc-
held by recent graduates of the program include:                                                              tory courses and 15 units (5 courses) of upper-
                                                        American Government and Public                        division political science electives.
• Research Associate, Center for Strategic and          Administration
  International Affairs                                 POSC 305 Urban Government (3)                         Combined Majors
• Intelligence Analyst, Central Intelligence            POSC 375 Public Administration (3)                    Combined majors permit students to earn majors
  Agency                                                POSC 381 The Presidency (3)                           in two related disciplines by allowing some
• Project Manager, Lutheran World Services              POSC 383 Congress (3)                                 courses competed in one major to count toward
• Professor, University of Tennessee                    POSC 384 The Judicial System (3)                      the requirements in the other major. The Depart-
• Legislative Aide, Maryland House of Delegates         POSC 401 Political Research II (3)                    ment of Political Science offers combined majors
• City Planner, Baltimore City Government               POSC 417 American Political Parties (3)               with communications studies, economics, geog-
                                                        POSC 421 Politics and Environmental Policy (3)        raphy and mass communications. See the
                                                        POSC 450 Interest Groups and Public Policy (3)        Towson University Undergraduate Catalog for
                                                        POSC 459 Simulation and Games in Political            more details.
                                                                   Science (3)
CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND INTERNSHIPS                       FACULTY                                               Joseph Rudolph Jr.
The Department of Political Science encourages                                                               Professor
students to learn in the community. It offers          James Roberts                                         Ph.D., University of Virginia
many programs in voter education and commu-            Professor and Chairperson                             Ethnic politics, comparative politics, energy politics
nity engagement. Each spring, students from the        Ph.D., American University
department conduct a Model United Nations              Research methods, international political economy     Donn Worgs
simulation for 10th graders in the Baltimore                                                                 Assistant Professor
County Public Schools. Students are encouraged         Eric Belgrad                                          Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
to complete an internship as part of their             Professor                                             State and local government, African American
studies. The department participates in the            Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University                       politics
programs of The Washington Center that provide         Political theory, international relations
students with internships and seminars in                                                                    FOR MORE INFORMATION
Washington, D.C. with the United States                Linda Bishai                                          Please contact:
government and other organizations.                    Assistant Professor
                                                       J.D., Georgetown University Law Center                Dr. James C. Roberts, Chairperson
SPECIAL PROGRAMS                                       LL.M., University of Stockholm                        Department of Political Science
                                                       Ph.D., London School of Economics                     Linthicum Hall, Room 118
Pre-Law Advising                                       and Political Science                                 Towson University
Towson University does not offer a prelaw major.       International law, international relations            Towson, MD 21252-0001
The Department of Political Science does offer a                                                             t. 410-704-2958
pre-law advising program. Students work closely        Cindy Cates                                           f. 410-704-2960
with an adviser to plan a curriculum that will         Professor                                             e-mail:
prepare them to pursue their interests in law. The     Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
program also offers admissions counseling and          Law, the judiciary and courts, American               Office of Admissions
students can participate in the Pre-Law Society,       government                                            Towson University
a student group that explores aspects of the                                                                 8000 York Road
legal profession and law school. Please contact        Jack Fruchtman Jr.                                    Towson, MD 21252-0001
Dr. Jack Fruchtman at 410-704-3350 if you are          Professor                                             t. 410-704-2113
interested in the Pre-law Advising Program.            Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University                       toll-free 1-888-4TOWSON
                                                       Constitutional law, political theory        
Advanced Studies
The Department of Political Science offers two         Jack Isaacs
special programs for advanced studies.                 Lecturer
                                                       J.D., University of Maryland School of Law
Towson University-University of Baltimore              Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park
Dual Degree in Political Science and Law               Law, American government, public administration
This program permits students to study for three
years at Towson University and then, upon              Michael Korzi
acceptance to the University of Baltimore School       Associate Professor
of Law, complete their senior year as they pursue      Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany
their first year of law school. This allows students   Democratic theory and American national
to compete their bachelor’s degree from Towson         government
University and their law degree from the Univer-
sity of Baltimore in six years instead of the          Martha Kumar
normal seven years.                                    Professor
                                                       Ph.D., Columbia University
Towson University-University of Exeter                 Presidential politics and the politics of the media
3+2 Program
The University of Exeter 3+2 program permits           Toni Marzotto
students to complete three years of their bach-        Professor
elor’s degree at Towson University and then            Ph.D., University of Connecticut
spend their senior year studying at the University     Public administration, American politics
of Exeter in Great Britain. After obtaining their
bachelor’s degree students complete one more           Alison McCartney
year of study at Exeter to earn the master’s degree.   Assistant Professor
                                                       Ph.D., University of Virginia
RESOURCES                                              Foreign policy, international relations
The Department of Political Science uses two
computer laboratories specifically designed for        Dennis Muniak
social science research. In addition to the            Associate Professor
academic resources of Towson University’s              Ph.D., The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
library, students have borrowing privileges at any     State and local government, regional planning
                                                                                                             Towson University’s policies, programs and activities comply with
library within the University System of Maryland.      and politics                                          federal and state laws and University System of Maryland regu-
Students also have access to many online data-                                                               lations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, reli-
bases for journal-based research.                                                                            gion, age, national origin, sex, disability and sexual orientation.

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