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									Why Would a Business Want a Captioned Phone?
Captioned phones are an amazing breakthrough in technology. They have taken phone calls to the next
level, making the available to the hearing impaired.

They can act completely independently over the phone with this modern technology. They are not at
the mercy of a friend or family member who would need to talk on the phone and interpret.

The Joy of Voice Recognition
They are offered a bit more freedom with the brilliance of voice recognition. The world seems to have
                                                         caught on to this idea as well.

                                                           Cell phone companies everywhere have
                                                           developed and are mastering voice recognition
                                                           software. They are putting a lot of effort into
                                                           perfecting a computer system that will listen to
                                                           what you say, process it and write it into digital

                                                         It started getting its push from companies such
                                                         as Google. Google longed to create a way to
transcribe voicemails into readable text messages that could be sent to the phone the instant a
voicemail was left.

Several companies found a viable way to do this, and then expanded their minds. They began seeing
that dictating things to your phone could do more than just record voicemails.

The Technology in Cell Phones
It could also be used to create real texts, or emails, or internet searches. The next big thing to hit the
market was Siri from Apple.

This program could listen to what you had to say, and use your phone for you accordingly. For example,
if you would like to know the weather you could ask her to report the weather to you.

After she looked it up, she would tell you over the speaker what to expect. The technology took a major
leap forward in this way.

Not only could you lazily ask Siri to do anything for you, but you could take that to a practical level too.
Drivers that need important information from the web but cannot look at their phone can use her to
update them.

Android followed up this amazing feature with their new Jelly Bean software that not only responds to
your voice commands, but it also will remind you of things, making the voice recognition software—that
stemmed from captioned phones—an integral part of the most up-to-date phones around. It will be
interesting to see what technology companies do next with this captioned phone technology.

As soon as they perfect the art of voice recognition, they will need another application for it to make it
expand. Businesses could be the next great place for this technology.

Businesses are all about leaving paper trails. It is the only true way to cover your butt in legal situations.

A paper trail is a line of evidence that can be used to prove an understanding come to in a business deal.
It can also clarify a misunderstanding with a client or partnered business to ensure safe execution of all
the company’s actions.

They are absolutely necessary for corporate liability purposes. The technology from captioned phones
could print out a written document to be saved for record keeping.

This could be very useful in proving any case for the company. Why not move in that direction and sell
the services?

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