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									Communicating Better with a Captioned Phone

Captioned phones provide a great service to those who have hearing disabilities. These units facilitate
better communication between those with disabilities and those who do not.

There have been may technological advances which have made things easier for those with disabilities.
That being said, speaking on the phone has traditionally been a big source of frustration for those with
disabilities, whether they are speaking to a fully hearing person or not.

The Need
Those who have hearing disabilities rely heavily on sight in order to communicate normally. Along with
being able to lip read, these people often rely on body language and expression to clue them in to the
way that a conversation is going.

When speaking on the phone, these people are stripped of the normal clues that they would utilize,
making for a more frustrating experience overall. As such, caption calling is a great asset that is able to
bridge the conversational gap between people.

These units rely on voice recognition technology to transcribe what has been said on the mounted
screen on the unit. The process is fairly simple for this technology.

The Function
One person speaks into the phone recover on their end. As they talk, their voice is captured by voice
recognition technology, which then transcribes the words to text.

This transcription is then sent instantaneously to the person on the other end, where they can read the
worlds on the screen. The end result functions as if someone had combined voice recognition
                                                                                 technology with instant

                                                                                   Such a function allows
                                                                                   for easier
                                                                                   communication. Both
                                                                                   parties will enjoy better
                                                                                   clarity of speech, as well
                                                                                   as being fully abler to
                                                                                   understand what is
                                                                                   being said without the
                                                                                   need to perpetually
                                                                                   repeat the conversation.

                                                                               Communication is
                                                                               essential to maintaining
out human relationships. It is how we are able to express and connect and function with other people,
so being able to enhance communication wherever possible is a welcome asset to have.
These units have become available due to the progression of technology, as well as our ability to
integrate it into our lives. Up until recently, this specific technology was certainly in the works, but failed
to function as intended.

Voice recognition initially failed because it could not pick up anything but clear enunciated speech, as
well as not being able to pick up accent or nuance within speech patterns. Therefore, the idea has been
floating around for a while, but has been limited to the technological innovation of its time.

Therefore, being able to combine functionality with working voice recognition provides powerful
benefits for those who are using such a thing. As such, one can easily look at caption calling as an
investment that will make a world of difference for those who are using it.

Such an investment is one which is very practical, and will continue to work as a functioning phone for
those who do not have any hearing problems. Therefore, it is recommended that those who have
disabled people in their lives consider the benefits of having one of these units accessible.

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