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									Continued Learning for Your Profession
Continuing Education is a facet of most business models. The nature of things is that they are constantly

Whether or not they are changing for the better or the worse is always up in the air, but the change is
dependent on the active participation of those in the community. Science would have long ago thought
that curing diseases like Polio and Rabies was impossible if it stopped researching new medicines and

The Future is Now
Computer companies would have left the idea for touch screen computers for the fantastical world of
Star Trek if it hadn’t been for persistence in developing the technology. With modern inventions such as
the satellite, telephone, internet and cloud storage, information can be transferred or viewed around
the world in a matter of moments.

With such easy access to the latest information in any field of study, new ideas can spawn at any time by
anyone in any place. Within moments the idea could flood the internet and be developed into a viable
idea or technology within just a few short weeks.

The spread of ideas and new technologies is so fast that innovations happen on a daily basis. With so
many professionals doing so many different things, it is important for workers in any field to stay up to
scratch in their line of work.

Staying on the Cutting Edge
For this reason, businesses send their representatives to conferences around the world that present on
topics relating to their products or services. Dentists can be seen gathering in Las Vegas for annual

                                                  Book publishers are found at World Con presenting
                                                  their own products and carefully scrutinizing what
                                                  everyone else is doing. On top of that, award
                                                  ceremonies are held to honor the best work of
                                                  innovators of certain fields.

                                                 Winners of these awards have done something so
                                                 extraordinary, that they have changed the face of that
                                                 field forever. They are remembered for their genius
and gain exposure to influence the rest of the community.

This same amount of continuing education for the betterment of the field applies to government jobs as
well. Federal acquisition training can help those in the Acquisition world to get ahead on the newest
ideas and techniques for hiring contractors.
These people are called upon to manage the government’s finances in large or small ways and therefore
need good federal acquisitions training to ensure they do it well. Not only that, but the employees are
often very open to new ideas.

They want to know what others are doing to help out. If they can improve the processes, than they can
ensure themselves a place in the business forever.

Job security is precious to many at this time. Employees appreciate opportunities to become more
valuable to their company.

Federal acquisition training provides them these opportunities. It also gives them a good refresher on
the basics.

When you work in such a small environment for so long—small meaning cut off from the rest of the
profession—it is easy to slip into habits. These habits do not always reflect the best interests of
government spending, but they make your job easier.

Without realizing, some of the most fundamental principles can be lost. Federal acquisition training can
help solve those problems.

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