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Volume 8, Number 6                                                                                                                       March 2012

                       S tat e w i d e N e t w o r k N e w S
                          North Dakota
                     Teacher Center Network
               S e r v i n g            Te a c h e r s              a n d   S c h o o l s           S i n c e         1 9 7 7

   Master of Education
   Concentrations in:

   ♦   Teaching & Technology
   ♦   Teaching English Language Learners (ELL)
   ♦   Library & Information Technologies
   ♦   Technology Education

   Ask about our certificates in ELL
   and Library!



           North Dakota Teacher Center Network
                                                                        1. Deliver professional development based on research and best practices.
                                                                        2. Facilitate joint projects and exchange of services between K-12 schools,
                                                                           state and federal agencies and institutions of higher education for
                                                                           professional development of practicing teachers, education students and
                                                                           other educational personnel.
             Mission                                                    3. Communicate via print and/or electronic mediums to all constituents.
                                                                        4. Provide practicing teachers, education students and other educational
                     The mission of the North Dakota Teacher               personnel with access to instructional resources and educational
                     Center Network is to assist practicing teachers,      equipment.
                     education students and other educational
                     personnel in professional knowledge and
                     skill development to improve the learning of
                     students.                                              Contact NDTCN                         Newsletter Advertising
                                                                                Clearwater Communications
                                                                              (701) 355-4458

NDTCN News                                                              1                                                                 March 2012
  2012 Professional Development Workshops for K-12 Educators

                                              Community: A Sense of Place
                                              Minot State University Campus
                                              June 27-29, 2012
                                              This course explores how current events and cultural
                                              and physical changes impact and change our sense of place and
                                              community. Through a range of disciplines; history, geography,
                                              forestry, technology, photography, and bookmaking, participants
                                              will explore and translate this topic into practical teaching
                                              and learning activities.

 Geographically FIT (Forestry Institute for Teachers)
 August 4-8, 2012
 Join us on a four-day learning experience on wheels.
 Step-on guides and experts will lead tours to many                                                            Pending Approval
 amazing sites that put ND on the map while learning about                                                  2 Credits Each Workshop
 the geography, geology and forestry of the region.

                               Contact or (701) 228-5446.

   MSUM Summer Session for Teachers
   ▸ Earn professional development credit
   ▸ Meet licensure renewal requirements
   ▸ Advance your graduate program
   ▸ 270+ classes in 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8-week sessions
   ▸ Most classes online

       Sample courses
   >   Emerging Technologies
   >   Sign Language and Deaf Culture
   >   Design of Online Instruction
   >   Literature for Youth and Adolescents
   >   Literacy Instruction and Assessment
   >   Survey of Autism Spectrum Disorders

   Schedule available online.
   Registration starts March 5.                       Minnesota State University Moorhead is an equal opportunity educator and employer
                                                      and is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.

NDTCN News                                                         2                                                                      March 2012
                                                                                                                                       Scan m
                                                                                                                                       more e for

                        CHECK OUT OUR
                        ONLINE CLASSES
  IN SPECIAL                                     NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY

   EDUCATION                                     & CONTINUING EDUCATION

                                                                                                                                H OME
         Culture & Special Education                        Growing Up with Autism
         (1-3 CREDITS)                                      (1-3 CREDITS)
                                                                                             | 1-800-726-1724


 Sharpen your skills and advance your career.
 For morE iNFormatioN                          NDSU’s School of Education delivers
                                               the best in graduate education in the
                                               most convenient ways.
 coNtact School oF EDUcatioN                    • Flexible degree programs to meet your individual goals.
   701.231.7202                                 • Programs that build on your classroom experience.
   E-mail:                    • Distance technologies for convenient delivery.
                                                • Graduate assistantships and tuition waivers may be available.
 The NDSU School of Education’s graduate
 programs are aligned with the National
 Board of Professional Teaching standards
 and accredited by the National Council for
 Accreditation of Teacher Education.

 The Counseling Program is accredited by the
 Council for the Accreditation of Counseling
 and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

NDTCN News                                                                       3                                                       March 2012
Music Educators: Are you ready to re-energize
your programs?
The NEwly REvISED features of our Masters of Music Education include:
n   Degree completion possible in four semesters (summer and school year).
n   “Hands On” conducting and pedagogical experience with Minot State ensembles.
n   Increased teaching capacity through
    • Expanding knowledge-base in contemporary research
    • Engaging in new techniques to enhance student learning.                                                   MSU Graduate Degree Offerings:
                                                                                                                Education Specialist in School Psychology
Pursue a program of study that allows for your individual interests. Complete the core coursework over two      Master of Arts in Teaching: Mathematics
summers and be well on your way to completing the degree. Take the capstone project right into your own         Master of Arts in Teaching: Science
program and conclude with a Research Paper or Lecture/Demonstration.
                                                                                                                Master of Education
Conveniently apply online at                                                      Master of Music Education
                                                                                                                Master of Science in Communication Disorders
For More Information:                                                                                           Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Dr. Kenneth Bowles, Chair, Division of Music/Program Director                                                   Master of Science in Management                                                                                  Master of Science in Information Systems
701 858-3185 or 1- 800 – 777-0750 ext.3185
                                                                 Be seen. Be heard.                             Master of Science in Special Education

              EDUCATION SERVICES                                                                    COMING JULY 15-­20, 2012. . .
                                                                                                    James and Sheyenne Watersheds Institute

                                           Enrich. Engage. Empower.

                                                   Inspire. Excel.                                Focus is on contemporary James and Sheyenne watershed management
                                                                                                  and water resource issues and concerns including social, economic and
                                                                                                  environmental. Participants will receive and experience many hands-
                                                                                                  on activities from the new Project WET Curriculum and Activity
                                                                                                  Generation 2 Guide and several other Project WET curriculum guides,
                                                                                                  receive many James and Sheyenne and other water resource educational materials and
                                                                                                  maps, tours to major James and Sheyenne water resource sites, and hear presentations and
                                                                                                  discussions by expert professionals and scientists. Examples include: Sheyenne River

                                                                                                  Lake outlets to Sheyenne River, Sheyenne River diversions and connections to Red

                                                                                                  supply and resource issues, recreation and scenic byway, water quality, best management
                                                                                                  practices). Environmental investigations will include chemical, biological and physical
                                                                                                  determinations on several water resource sites.
                                                                                                                        FOUR GRADUATE CREDITS PENDING
     The Prairie Public website is your destination for easy, instant                                                       For further information contact:
     access to thousands of preK-12 classroom-ready, digital resources
     including videos, interactives, hands-on activities, articles, and
     even lesson plans.

                                    (701) 239-7574

NDTCN News                                                                               4                                                                                     March 2012
 Looking for a convenient                          way to earn your master’s?

                                                       NEW! Online MS in
                                                 Elementary Education
                                                   l   Follows a constructivist approach that emphasizes
                                                       inquiry, reflection, and collaboration
                                                   l   Requires no on-campus visits
                                                   l   Available on a part-time basis
                                                   l   Designed to complete 32 credits in 6 semesters

        Learn More Today!                        Apply by May 1 to begin Summer 2012.

                                                 “The thing that I enjoyed the most about taking classes at a
       ONLINE & DISTANCE EDUCATION               distance was that I didn’t have to be away from my family . . .
                                                 The faculty at UND were very helpful during the entire program.”                           —Janelle Hanson, Bennett Elementary School, Fargo, ND

 Educators, Learn Online!
  Earn professional development
  credits with UND online courses:
   •   Content Area Strategies
   •   Classroom Management & Discipline
   •   Inclusive Classroom Instruction
   •   21st Century Skills & Critical Thinking
   •   Digital Learning & Technology

        Watch for our brochure with                                 1.800.CALL.UND
           summer learning events
           coming to you this April.
                                                                 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EDUCATORS

NDTCN News                                             5                                                  March 2012

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