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					CTRL-A General Meeting 1, Winter 2010
January 4, 2010

Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by Kyle at 5:10pm.

Nominations and Elections

Nominations and elections were held! Here are your new execs and officers!

President: James
Vice-President: Josh
Secretary: Peter
Treasurer: Karl
External Relations: Asher

Publicity: Officially Paul, but David and Rex will also help out.
Electronic Communications: Tory
Activities Coordinator: David
Web Maintainer: Jonathan
Concessions Manager: Andrew

Clubs Days

Thursday, Jan. 14th Volunteers
8:00am: Jonathan, Asher
10:30am: Sam
11:00am: Paul
Others: Josh, Riel

Friday, Jan. 15th Volunteers
8:00am: Jonathan, Tory, Paul
All Day: Kyle
Others: Josh, Riel

General Information About Shows This Term

Continuing Series (Brackets Indicate Who Own the DVDs Currently):

Hajime no Ippo (Karl)
Toward the Terra (Mo, left them in the club office.)
Trigun (Bryan, but he is likely not here this term, so an alternate source will be needed.)
Suggestions for New Series/Samplers (Brackets Indicate Who Own the DVDs

Baccano! (James will buy it if it is selected.)
D.Gray-Man (Sam)
Hellsing OVA (Sam has discs 3 and 4, maybe 2.)
Kiddy Grade (Andrew)
Kodocha (Karl)
Koi Kaze (Josh)
Onegai Teacher (Yuki)
Paprika (Suggested by Lyle.)
Code Geass Season 1
Comic Party Revolution
Darker Than Black
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (David may buy it if it is selected; Lyle owns it but may not be
able to get it before the first show.)
Koharu Bioyori (Indian Summer)
Last Exile
Makai Senki Disgaea
Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Mobile Suit Gundam F91
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (By Show 4 maybe?)
Night Wizard
School Days
Strike Witches
Texhnolyze (Asher, maybe Karl?)
The Place Promised in Our Early Days (James and Jonathan may split the cost.)
True Tears
Yukikaze (Jonathan may buy it.)

Go to the CTRL-A Forums to make more suggestions!

Room Locations for Saturday Shows This Term:

Show 1 (Jan. 16th): AL 116
Show 2 (Feb. 6th): MC 2065
Show 3 (Feb 27th): AL 116
Show 4 (March 13th): AL 116

Friday Show 1 (Jan. 15th)

- Asher, Tory, Kyle, and Sam volunteered to help set up.

Saturday Show 1 (Jan. 16th)
- Josh should be able to assist with set up, but Peter will be there to help.

Emiko’s Mini Convention (EMC)

- Set to be held from Thursday, January 21st to Sunday, January 24th.
- An Anime/gaming convention organized by various groups from the University of
  Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.
- Volunteers are needed. Join the Facebook group and invite people!
- James will be holding another “Best of Show” at EMC. Basically it is a compilation of
  some of the best episodes from various Anime series.

Activity Suggestions for the Term

- Caption Contest (Happening probably on Friday Show 1.)
- Bandai “Just for Kids” Commercial: Summarize an Anime in the most vague and lame
  way possible. A series of judges will pick the winner. (Happening probably on Friday
  Show 2.)
- Anime Jeopardy (Happening probably on Friday Show 3.)
- Anime Trivia (Happening probably on Friday Show 4.)
- Anime Karaoke
- Anime Name That Tune
- Continuation of Gaming Nights
- Gundam Model Building + Contest (Preferably in the morning before Saturday Show 3,
  Contest held later that night.)
- Gundam Role-play
- Higurashi Survival Game
- Hot Pot
- Phoenix Wright Game
- Play Touhou 12.3 during a Show’s Dinner Break/Touhou 12.3 Tournament
- Sushi Lunches (First one will be the weekend after EMC.)
- “Unofficial” CTRL-A Drinking Game Event
- You Laugh You Lose Contest: A series of funny images will be shown and people who
  laugh will get eliminated. Last person standing wins.

Anime Express (Club Magazine)

- If you have articles or stuff to send in for Anime Express, give them to Mo!

Finance Updates

- Should the club lower its membership fee based on how well the concession stand
  was doing last term? This discussion has been tabled to next term, in the hopes that
  monetary information will be tracked and recorded this term to make a more informed

- Memberships for the Winter 2010 term will be available by Friday Show 1 at the latest.

New Equipment

- Karl will get new speaker stands for the club.

Office Hours

- Kyle will continue to head this until there is interest for other people to take care of it.

For Next Meeting (Monday, Jan. 11th)

- Josh will be working on modifying the CTRL-A introductory PowerPoint.

Approval of Previous’ Meetings Minutes

Fall 2009 General Meeting 1 Minutes: Tabled to next meeting.
Fall 2009 General Meeting 4 Minutes: Tabled to next meeting.


The motion made to adjourn was approved at 6:25pm.

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