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Media strategy

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					News media requirements of statistical

                                            Dr. Peter Pukli
            President of Hungarian Central Statistical Office
                                   26-27 May, Copenhagen
               Some general remarks

• The media are becoming one of the more important
  users of statistics.

• There is a fast development of our dissemination tools.

• The relationship between statisticians and media has
  developed toward good direction.

• Behind this achievement we find hard work on both
          What we, statisticians have done:

• Help users to understand the figures.
  „To communicate clear messages about what are official
  statistics, and how they are formulated”.

• Make our service transparent.
  „The value chain helps in emphasising the coherence of
  statistics, in demonstrating openness and transparency.”

• Internet creates environment of equal opportunity for all
  users of data.
                      Challenges (1):
                      - Media strategy -

• Bring media strategies of NSIs in line with end-users’

• General need for clear, easily understandable
  interpretation of high quality statistical data

• Place statistical data in social context when
  communicating statistics to average users
                     Challenges (2):
                     - Media strategy -

• Demand for pre-packaged content from the media on
  „hot” topics
• Diversified end-user groups must have access to official
  statistics (role of the media?).

• Working under continuous spotlight
                     Challenges (3):
• To satisfy the demands of different media segments

   –   News agency reporters
   –   National newspapers economic journalists
   –   Economic commentators
   –   Regional press
   –   Broadcast journalists
   –   Political reporters
   –   News reporters
                    Challenges (4):
• To manage critical issues
  „Situations that become critical should be actively
  „Speed of response is also important”
  „Identify the problem fast, ensure that you know all
  „Raise the possibility of problems to highest necessary
  level for their resolution”
  „Involve at least one who must understand all aspects of
  an incident”
  „No penalty on individuals”
  „The National Statistician always takes external
  responsibility for all forms of failure.”
                     Challenges (5):
Statistics used to assess government performance.
(linkage vs. independency)
• Our professional independence lies on the transparency of
    our production process
• How can we preserve this important characteristics of
     – To avoid to be involved in politicially sensitive
       procedures (for example EDP).
       „Statistical offices have no role other than impartially
       producing statistics.”
     – To hold balance between being civil servants and being
       professional statisticians.
     – Our best PR tool should be the high quality of our
 Summing up the expectations of the media from
          the previous presentations

• To avoid unwanted leaks

• Release calendar

• Embargo-time for preparing value added information

  „A lockup would be better than transmission without
                  21st Century Statistics

More qualitative indicators for

•   Research and development
•   University education
•   Innovation
•   ITC

To highlight productivity statistics
               New thematic subsites

for the Lisbon Agenda,
for the Stability and Growth Pact,
for EU and globalisation, and
for EU and the knowledge economy.
                   Points of discussion

• Role of media in NSI’s media strategy

• Politicially sensitive situations

• Critical incidents

• Embargo-time

• Statistics in social context
Thank you for your attention!

                          DGINS Conference
                      26-27 May, Copenhagen

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