Managing Stress Leading The Sales Life by buditanjung47


									Managing Stress Leading The Sales Life

Having a sales job can be stressful. Between worrying about how much money you are going to
make from week to week to dealing with rude people and upset customers, sales can start to take a
toll. It is important to recognize the times when your job is becoming stressful and to take steps to
reduce that stress, so you won’t get burned out in the long run. Salespeople can take steps when on
the job and off the job to stay optimistic and continue to have a great sales performance.

1. Take Time to Recover

If you get yelled at or botch a sale or just seem to be having rotten luck, take the time you need to
recoup. People can tell when you are depressed or unconfident about what you are doing, so if you
are having a rough day, stop and take a break. Go get something to eat, call a friend or just go sit
somewhere and breath. After recovering your energy, use that newfound confidence to go break the
dry spell.

2. Separate Yourself From Your Work

This doesn’t mean to not devout time and energy to your job, but don’t rely on how people treat
you in your salesman role to decide how people see you as a person. Recognize that people are
rejecting a client or a product, not you, so tell yourself that after every rejection you get. If someone
is outright rude, walk away and shake it off as someone who is having a bad day. There’s no reason
to let one person’s bad day influence the rest of your day.

3. Separate Your Work Life From Your Personal Life

When you get home from work, think about anything but work. Do something you enjoy to de-stress
and recover from the day. Generally, a hobby or a social activity will be more helpful in alleviating
stress than watching TV, so find something you will be excited to go home and do. It can help to talk
with someone about something from work that you can’t get off your mind, but talk about it with
the purpose of letting it go.

4. Try Something New

The same sales pitch can get boring and rote, so try switching your tactics up a bit. You may find
something that’s really helpful to your work. Talk with the people you work with to learn from their
experiences and to learn more about the art of salesmanship.

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