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                           | pdf edition | Friday October 26 2012                                                         Sport
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Chelsea would back rule to sack racist
players, says Roberto Di Matteo
Roberto Di Matteo today vowed Chelsea would adhere to any rule
change that would see players sacked for racist abuse Page 2

Stan Kroenke defends Arsenal ambition
following heated AGM
Stan Kroenke defended his running of Arsenal in the face of heated
opposition by fans at the club’s AGM Page 3

Mo Farah considering 10,000m and
marathon double at Rio Olympics
Mo Farah will consider running both the 10,000m and the
marathon at the Rio Olympics, according to his coach Alberto
Salazar Page 4

Sebastian Vettel                             Cyclist Marcel Six                           Bernie Ecclestone               Rudy Gay: ‘I get
dominates F1 practice                        banned for 18 months                         backs Lewis Hamilton            spooked a lot by
ahead of Indian                              after refusing drug                          to be an F1 success at          strange stuff’ Page 8
Grand Prix Page 4                            test in May Page 6                           Mercedes Page 7
                                                                                                                          Premiership clubs
Mako Vunipola’s                             Red Bull claim that                          San Francisco Giants            ponder pulling
special talent sees                          Sebastian Vettel will                        beat Detroit Tigers 2-          out of talks to save
him fast-tracked into                        not join Ferrari in                          0 to lead World Series          Heineken Cup Page 9
England squad Page 5                         2014 Page 6                                 2-0 Page 7

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Page  G24 Sport                                                                      Friday October 26 2012             14:17 GMT

                                                                          The last few days appear to have heralded the first signs
                                                                      of peace breaking out between the Ferdinand brothers and
Chelsea would back rule to sack racist                                Chelsea pair Terry and Ashley Cole.
players, says Roberto Di Matteo                                           Cole, who gave evidence in support of Terry at his criminal
                                                                      trial, was branded a “choc ice” by United’s Ferdinand in a
• Chelsea came under fire for punishment                              retweeted tweet in the wake of the not guilty verdict in those
of John Terry                                                         proceedings. There were fears the pair would not shake hands
                                                                      before Sunday’s game but both appear prepared to do so.
• Club will wear Kick It Out T-shirts this
                                                                          Di Matteo said: “I’ve always said that from our point of view,
weekend                                                               we’ll play our part. I don’t foresee any problems in that sense. I
Press Association                                                     hope that all the players will shake hands.”
                                                                          There have also been suggestions Ferdinand was prepared
                                                                      to offer his hand to his former England defensive partner Terry
                                                                      at Stamford Bridge, even though the latter is still serving his
                                                                      racism ban.
                                                                          Confirming Terry would be at the game, Di Matteo said he
                                                                      would endorse such a gesture, saying: “I’m always for that,
                                                                          However, that may not prevent Chelsea fans abusing
                                                                      Ferdinand, as they did during last season’s 3-3 draw with
                                                                      United, which took place during the height of the feud between
                                                                      him and Terry.
                                                                          Di Matteo said: “Our fans have been very good, generally,
                                                                      very supportive of our team and respectful. I cannot comment
                                                                      on how every individual supporter in the stadium will react.
Roberto Di Matteo says Chelsea would adhere to any rule
                                                                      But I’m sure they’ll support our team and push them to a win.”
change that would see players sacked for racist abuse.
Photograph: Alex Morton/Action Images
Roberto Di Matteo has vowed Chelsea would adhere to any rule
change that would see players sacked for racist abuse, despite
their refusal to force John Terry out of the club.
    The Chelsea manager Di Matteo was coy about whether he
fully endorsed the Professional Footballers’ Association’s six-
point plan to combat racism, which has been drawn up in the
wake of the Terry scandal. But he insisted Chelsea would follow
it to the letter if it had the backing of the majority of clubs.
    He said: “It’s a difficult one. If the majority believe that we
need a law like that then, as I said, we will obey it and support

    He added: “If it will become a rule, we will play by the rules,
as we have always done. As a club, we are against any kind of
discrimination and, if it does go through then we will support
    Chelsea came under heavy fire for merely fining Terry after
he was found guilty by the Football Association of racially
abusing Anton Ferdinand just over a year ago. The various
punishments meted out to the Chelsea captain prompted a
                                                                        From Beirut to Big Brother,
backlash among some black players towards both the club and             Murdoch to Millionaire,
the anti-racism movement.
    “Everybody has an opinion and we must respect that,” Di
                                                                        discuss the hot topics in the
Matteo added. “We behave the way we think is right for our club         media on not one, but two blogs
and that’s how we’re going to go forward.”
    Some players took direct action by refusing to wear T-shirts
                                                                        Organ Grinder and Greenslade
endorsing the ‘Kick It Out’ campaign during last week’s fixtures,       blogs.guardian.co.uk/
including Anton and Rio Ferdinand. It is the turn of Chelsea’s
squad to sport them during the warm-up before Sunday’s
Premier League game against Manchester United.                          blogs.guardian.co.uk/
    Di Matteo said: “We are supporting the Kick It Out campaign.        greenslade/
It’s going to be an individual choice for our players. We’re not
going to force anybody to, or not to, wear it.
    “But my personal opinion is that we should wear it and we
should raise awareness about it and show the support for it.”
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                     Friday October 26 2012            14:17 GMT

                                                                     Alisher Usmanov’s millions are resisted on principle, and
                                                                     an explanation sought for the bonus paid to Gazidis. One
Stan Kroenke defends Arsenal ambition                                shareholder complained that the approach of the board was
following heated AGM                                                 “putting profit before performance”, which prompted Gazidis
                                                                     to argue that Arsenal’s business model will succeed once they
• Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood heckled                             come through what he calls a challenging time.
by shareholders                                                         Gazidis predicts that in two years, prospects will look
                                                                     considerably different from Arsenal’s perspective, with the
• Arsène Wenger says he can understand
                                                                     effects of financial fair play and the upcoming commercial deals
fans’ fears                                                          which will be renewed in 2014 putting the club on a much more
Amy Lawrence                                                         favourable footing.
                                                                        “The landscape of football is moving in our direction,”
                                                                     he says. “We are at the forefront of clubs across England and
                                                                     Europe striving to bring the pointless spending race of recent
                                                                     times to an end. Financial fair play principles are gaining
                                                                     ground not only at European level but also within the Premier
                                                                     League itself.
                                                                        “As a result, I am able to state with confidence that as a
                                                                     consequence of this ambitious transformation in the next two
                                                                     years Arsenal will have the financial resources to be able to sit
                                                                     and compete among the leading clubs in the world.”
                                                                        The message was not received with overwhelming
                                                                     enthusiasm. The supporters gave the impression they want to
                                                                     see Arsenal walk the walk instead of talking the talk. “There
                                                                     seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction. I can understand,” said
Stan Kroenke told Arsenal fans that ‘winning is what it’s all
                                                                     Wenger, who also admitted that he ranked Champions League
about’ after a tense AGM. Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg
                                                                     qualification higher than winning the FA Cup.
via Getty Images
                                                                        “It’s sometimes emotional. I think as well, it’s a lot guided
Stan Kroenke has defended his running of Arsenal in the              by fear. Our fans fear that we will not be capable to compete
face of heated opposition by fans at Thursday’s AGM, where           financially to keep our best players and you know that subject
questions were raised about whether the club was being run           would turn up. It is still important that we keep our strength
more for profit than sporting gains. The majority owner, the         and stay united for the good of Arsenal. Sometimes you can
chief executive Ivan Gazidis and the chairman Peter Hill-Wood        forget that.”
were all heckled at the meeting as they justified Arsenal’s             The dilemma between financial and footballing rewards
financial strategy and long-term vision despite the failure to       remains sensitive. Gazidis felt “optimistic scepticism” that the
win silverware since 2005.                                           effects of Uefa’s financial fair play regulations will help.
    Arsène Wenger used his address to calm what was becoming            “What gives me optimism is it is not being driven by Michel
an increasingly tense debate in which one shareholder even           Platini as a means dreamed up in his bath to punish English
accused the board of “ruining the club”. Kroenke was also            football clubs. I’ve seen this grow from the kernel of an idea
asked whether he intended to take dividends out of Arsenal and       to something that today is just about unanimously supported
responded by saying that it was a decision for the board.            by football clubs. This is coming from clubs across Europe
    Later he clarified his ambitions via the club’s website. “I am   who are crying out from a more sustainable model. There will
ambitious for the Club and we all share the same goal,” he said.     be tremendous pressure for Uefa to run this transparently
“The reason I am involved in sport is to win. It’s what it’s all     and robustly. There is a strong movement developing and I’m
about. Everything else is a footnote. I can assure you no one is     convinced we will see regulation that will benefit the game.
more ambitious than me. Arsenal is a tremendous club with a          Even if Uefa’s enforcement falls short of what we’d like it to be
track record of consistent performance at the top level. That is     there will be a second layer, with focus on break even, in the
very rare but we have managed it. I know that will continue as       Premier League we can turn to.”
we move forwards. We have an exciting future and our goal is to
win trophies.”
    That is the first time since the American sports mogul began

to invest in the club in 2007 that he has publicly given any
indication of his priorities for Arsenal. Kroenke, who owns
almost 67% of the club, pointed out he had a record of investing
in his sports clubs and defended his involvement with Arsenal.
“I have never put debt on the club, I have never said in any
                                                                       Compare and buy
meeting that money wasn’t available,” Kroenke said. “My one
regret with Arsenal was that I didn’t get involved earlier,” he
                                                                       Use our free independent comparison
added.                                                                 services to switch suppliers and save
    The meeting was tetchy enough for Wenger to call for               money on all your household bills.
unity. Topics from the floor included the suggestion that              guardian.co.uk/money/compareandbuy
Robin van Persie was sold for profit, a question about whether
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Page 4 G24 Sport                                                                     Friday October 26 2012              14:17 GMT

                                                                        “He’s got the world championships coming up next year.
                                                                     We know he can be very good at marathon, but we don’t know
Mo Farah considering 10,000m and                                     he can be the best in the world – it’s a different event. So why
marathon double at Rio Olympics                                      would you go from where you are the best in the world to
                                                                     something completely unknown?
• Farah’s coach confirms he may take on                                 “What if he goes to marathon too soon? It messes up your
marathon                                                             track training. For one thing, you’ve got to train differently for
                                                                     six months, so you lose that normal track training you need.
• Only one runner has won gold in
                                                                     Then it’s going to take you three or four months to recover.
10,000m and marathon                                                    “It’s crazy. Why would you risk all that? The only time it
Tom Bryant                                                           makes sense is that he could run the worlds in Moscow next
                                                                     summer and then do London in April 2014. There is no worlds
                                                                     or Olympics in 2014, so he could run London and then still
                                                                     perhaps run a late track season in August.”

                                                                     Sebastian Vettel dominates F1 practice
                                                                     ahead of Indian Grand Prix

                                                                     • Red Bull driver is fastest in opening two
                                                                     • Lewis Hamilton records inconsistent
Mo Farah celebrates after winning the men’s 5,000 metres            Paul Weaver at the Buddh International Circuit
final. Photograph: Tom Jenkins
Mo Farah will consider running both the 10,000m and the
marathon at the Rio Olympics, according to his coach, Alberto
   Farah won gold at the 5,000m gu.com/p/39knm and the
10,000m gu.com/p/39gcc in London but he is unlikely to defend
both titles in 2016 and may take on the marathon instead.
   “By Rio, Mo will be 33,” Salazar told the BBC. “He’ll run the
10,000m either way. It will be better than his 5,000m by then,
because he maybe will have lost a little speed. My guess is that
he will do a 10/marathon double.
   “At Rio, that would be a good shot. We will have to look at
the schedule, but if the 10 is first, he would go 10,000m and
marathon.”                                                           Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull was fastest in the opening two
   Were Farah to take on both distances and win, he would be         practice sessions of the Delhi Grand Prix. Photograph: Mark
only the second athlete to take gold in both events at the same      Thompson/Getty Images
Games. Emile Zatopek is the sole runner to have achieved the
                                                                     Sebastian Vettel dominated both practice sessions at the Buddh
feat after he won the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon in 1952.
                                                                     International Circuit on Friday as Red Bull maintained the
   “It would be so much tougher now,” Salazar admitted.
                                                                     momentum of their recent form in Singapore, Japan and South
“There were a hundredth of the runners then that we have
                                                                        In the afternoon, the Formula One world champion shaved
   In London there were eight days between the 10,000m final
                                                                     more than half a second off his morning time to finish ahead
and the marathon, while in Beijing there was a week between
                                                                     of his team-mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, Nico
the races. Should the schedule in Rio follow that template,
                                                                     Rosberg, Kimi Raikkonen and the British pair of Lewis Hamilton
Salazar believes Farah would have enough time to recuperate
                                                                     and Jenson Button.
between runs.
                                                                        Hamilton’s inconsistent times in the second phase suggested
   “He would have a week,” Salazar said. “That is more than
                                                                     he was experimenting with high fuel loads and at one point his
enough to recover from one race. [In London], he runs a great
                                                                     McLaren team told him that he was “the fast guy on high fuel”.
10,000m, does the 5,000m heats and then beats everyone
                                                                        There was some consolation for Alonso, who has seen his
fresh in the five final. If he has a week between the 10 and the
                                                                     championship lead whittled down and finally obliterated by
marathon, he’ll be completely recovered.”
                                                                     Vettel. He finished third behind the Red Bull pair and at one
   Farah will not attempt a marathon until at least 2014, despite
                                                                     stage was the fastest car on hard tyres.
reports of a big money offer to run in London next year, and will
                                                                        It was a less happy outing for his Ferrari team-mate Felipe
instead concentrate on the track for now.
                                                                     Massa, who had a spin, as did the accident-prone Romain
   Salazar said: “The way we look at it is pretty simple: he’s the
                                                                     Grosjean. Massa complained about the “very strange balance”
best long-distance runner on the track in the world right now.
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                        guardian.co.uk
Page  G24 Sport                                                                     Friday October 26 2012             14:17 GMT

of his car and damaged his tyres.                                    Test level enlarged to 23, England can now pick two reserve
    Webber made a belated appearance on the track and when           props on the bench and, as a result, it is all but certain Vunipola
he did, he immediately went top. But it was not long before the      will win his first cap against Fiji on 10 November, less than 18
remorseless Vettel chased him down.                                  months since joining Saracens from Bristol. “I’ve no doubt
    Paul di Resta was 11th, finishing ahead of Sergio Pérez and      he’ll make his mark on this autumn series,” forecast Rowntree,
Michael Schumacher.                                                  sounding like a man who has glimpsed the future and relishes
    In the first practice in the morning, Vettel finished on top,    what he sees. “I’m confident he’ll do a fantastic job whether he
ahead of Button, Alonso and Hamilton, followed by Webber and         comes on in the 52nd minute or the second minute.”
Rosberg. The German put in his best time a few minutes from              England are lucky to have their young giant, not least as he
the end and finished 0.3sec faster than anyone else.                 was also eligible for three other countries. His father, Fe’ao,
    Early in the session, Hamilton and Button both put in good       represented Tonga at two World Cups but came over to Wales
times and looked in the mood to dominate, before falling away        in 1998 to play for Pontypool and brought the family with him.
as the track became faster. But Friday’s third practice outing       Mako, who was born in Wellington and grew up in Newport,
will be the most meaningful ahead of Saturday’s qualifying.          was subsequently schooled across the Severn Bridge and has
                                                                     already represented England at U16 and U18 level. Given his 19-
                                                                     year-old brother Billy is already impressing in the Wasps back
Mako Vunipola’s special talent sees him                              row, the England senior side could have a South Sea influence
fast-tracked into England squad                                      for years to come.
                                                                         It also gives England increasing strength in depth in the
                                                                     loosehead department, with Harlequins’s Joe Marler set to start
• Saracens prop selected after just 14                               the autumn Tests and London Irish’s Alex Corbisiero due back
Premiership games                                                    from injury in December. Both the aforementioned players will
• James Haskell, Ugo Monye and Tom                                   have noted Rowntree’s obvious enthusiasm, as will the Saxons
Youngs also included                                                 pair of Worcester’s Matt Mullan and Bath’s Nathan Catt, both
                                                                     of whom have been leapfrogged. “I feel for them as they’re not
Robert Kitson
                                                                     doing anything wrong,” admitted Rowntree. “But Mako’s just
                                                                     doing a bit more. We can’t ignore that sort of form.”
                                                                         Along with Vunipola, England have also found it impossible
                                                                     to resist the claims of James Haskell, Ugo Monye and Tom
                                                                     Youngs, who have respectively stepped up for the injured
                                                                     Tom Croft, Ben Foden and Rob Webber. All three made a good
                                                                     impression on the summer tour to South Africa and Monye,
                                                                     who has not played a Test for England since 2010, could yet
                                                                     make the starting XV against Fiji when it is unveiled by the head
                                                                     coach Stuart Lancaster. Haskell is rewarded for his 28 tackles
                                                                     in the third Test draw against the Springboks in June, while
                                                                     Youngs was regarded as a remarkable physical specimen by
                                                                     Rowntree even when he was still a centre at Leicester. “I was
                                                                     aware he was the size of a brick outhouse, but I didn’t expect
Mako Vunipola joins the England squad with coach Graham              him to transfer to hooker,” admitted the former Tigers and
Rowntree describing the Saracens prop’s game as ‘faultless’.       England prop.
Photograph: Patrick Bolger/Getty Images                                  Lancaster was not present for the squad announcement
                                                                     because of a family funeral but, in his absence, the
There are few rarer beasts than a 21-year-old prop forward
                                                                     management’s collective selectorial preferences are hardening
regarded as cherry ripe for Test rugby after a mere 14
                                                                     as England seek the necessary results to ensure the top four
Premiership games. Even rarer is the England coach who
                                                                     world ranking which will, in turn, improve their chances of
publicly predicts such a naive rookie will have a major impact
                                                                     a favourable draw when the Rugby World Cup 2015 pools are
within weeks rather than years. If Mako Vunipola turns out to
                                                                     determined in early December.
be half as good a player as Graham Rowntree thinks he is, he
                                                                         In midfield, for example, it sounds as if England’s skills
is going to make the legendary Jason Leonard look positively
                                                                     coach Mike Catt is keen to persevere with the centre pairing
                                                                     of Manu Tuilagi and Jonathan Joseph, which would improve
    For a young man who is relatively little-known at senior level
                                                                     the chances of Alex Goode starting at full-back and acting
outside Saracens’s dressing room, Vunipola certainly enjoyed a
                                                                     as a second playmaker in attack. Brad Barritt has also been
spectacular drum roll from Rowntree following his promotion
                                                                     impressing for Saracens but Toby Flood’s fine game against
to the national squad for this autumn’s QBE international series.
                                                                     Ospreys on Sunday may steer Lancaster towards retaining
“I’m looking for a fault in his game and I can’t find one at the
                                                                     Tuilagi at 12, rather than picking another Saracen, Owen Farrell,
moment,” purred Rowntree. “He’s a dynamic ball carrier but he
                                                                     at 10 alongside his club-mate. Catt wants his men to be more
loves a scrum and you know that turns me on.” In prop-speak,
                                                                     like New Zealand – “If they get one opportunity they score it”
that translates as: ‘This bloke is something special.’
                                                                     – and develop a more ruthless edge against all-comers.
    Rowntree also made clear he had no qualms about pitching
                                                                         If there is a caveat it is that England, for now, have ignored
Vunipola in against the All Blacks, the Springboks or anyone
                                                                     Gloucester’s increasingly assured fly-half Freddie Burns,
else bound for London next month. With matchday squads at
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                       guardian.co.uk
Page  G24 Sport                                                                      Friday October 26 2012              14:17 GMT

his fast-developing colleague Billy Twelvetrees and another              The panel did reduce the usual two-year ban by six months
Kingsholm favourite James Simpson-Daniel, all of who would            after deciding Six was able to demonstrate “no significant fault
have added something different to the mix. Given the physical         or negligence”.
challenges ahead, though, there are bound to be additional call-
ups at some point even if the chosen players make it unscathed
to Burton upon Trent on Sunday night for their training camp          Red Bull claim that Sebastian Vettel will
at St George’s Park, the Football Association’s gleaming new          not join Ferrari in 2014
national centre.
    For that reason Rowntree was at pains to make clear the door
has not been slammed on Nick Easter, Steve Borthwick or the
                                                                      • Red Bull say Vettel will stay, ‘No doubt
French-based players who, for now, have been deemed surplus           about it’
to requirements. Vunipola’s selection, nevertheless, suggests         • Ferrari make protest in support of Italian
this management’s thirst for new blood is far from sated.             sailors
                                                                      Associated Press

Cyclist Marcel Six banned for 18 months
after refusing drug test in May

• Six said he wanted to get home to see ill
• Anti-doping panel: ‘He had to make time
for test’
Press Association

                                                                      Red Bull have insisted that Sebastian Vettel will not join
                                                                      Ferrari in 2014. Photograph: Manish Swarup/AP
                                                                      Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner insists Sebastian
                                                                      Vettel will stay with the team through the 2014 season amid
                                                                      fresh reports of a move to Ferrari.
                                                                          Horner told Sky Sports: “Absolutely, he will be here in 2014,
                                                                      no doubt about it.”
                                                                          Ferrari’s re-signing of Felipe Massa to a single-year deal for
                                                                      2013 sparked speculation that the Italian team were lining up
                                                                      a move for a big name in 2014, and there was speculation that
Cyclist Marcel Six has been banned after failing to take a drugs      Vettel’s contract had outs that would permit a move in 2014.
test at a Canary Wharf cycle event in May. Photograph: MWP /              Red Bull’s Mark Webber is also on a one-year deal for 2013.
Alamy/Alamy                                                               Meanwhile Ferrari have gone ahead with a contentious
A cyclist has been banned for 18 months for refusing to take a        decision to carry the Italian navy flag on its cars during practice
drugs test because he said he wanted to get home to his sick          for the Indian Grand Prix, in solidarity with two Italian navy
children.                                                             personnel who are being held in the country over the shooting
    The British-licensed Belgian rider Marcel Six, competing for      of two Indian fishermen.
the Metaltek Scott team in an event at Canary Wharf in May,               The Italian pair are accused of killing the fishermen off
told the tester that his wife was anxious about his children and      southern India in February, mistaking them for pirates. The
this was backed up by the evidence of text messages and phone         Italian navy was protecting an Italian cargo ship in the Indian
calls.                                                                Ocean. The pair have been granted bail but must remain in
    An independent national anti-doping panel ruled, however,         India. Italy have insisted they should be able to return home as
that the 26-year-old Six was still guilty of refusing to provide a    the incident took place in international waters.
urine sample for doping control and banned him for 18 months.             Ferrari’s decision is controversial because the sport’s
    The panel said: “Honourable though the athlete’s motives          rules prohibit racial, political or religious gestures. A Ferrari
may have been, we have no hesitation in finding that his refusal      spokesman was quoted in the Indian Express newspaper to say:
was not based on any compelling justification.                        “We have utmost respect for the Indian authorities. We just
    “To be blunt, even if he agreed to race only at the last minute   hope that a solution can be found as soon as possible.”
and under pressure, the fact of the matter is that if he had time         Ferrari’s decision was hailed by the Italian foreign minister
to compete in a cycle race, he had to make time to take the test.     Guilio Terzi, who tweeted: “Congratulations to Ferrari for
If, as was later the case, he wished to put his family first, then    displaying the navy’s symbol at the India GP. It will show the
the time to do that was before he agreed to race rather than          sailors the whole country is behind them.”
when he came to be tested.”                                               The Indian and Italian government officials held meetings
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                         guardian.co.uk
Page 7 G24 Sport                                                                      Friday October 26 2012          14:17 GMT

in February but no agreement could be reached. The naval                 As for a mooted Formula One return to Mexico, that would
guards – Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone – spent four      appear to be some way off, especially as the suggested venue is
months in confinement as Indian police opened murder charges         the old Hermanos Rodríguez circuit that last staged a grand prix
against them. They were given bail in June but have to make          in 1992.
regular court appearances.                                               “They are trying to get us to do a race there,” said
                                                                     Ecclestone, who has confirmed it will not be replacing the grand
                                                                     prix in New Jersey that was scheduled for next year, but has
Bernie Ecclestone backs Lewis                                        been put back to 2014. “Next year is too soon. They haven’t got
Hamilton to be an F1 success at                                      a circuit that’s ready.”
                                                                         Asked about the Hermanos Rodríguez track, Ecclestone
Mercedes                                                             added: “That’s the problem. It’s the old one. It just needs
                                                                     sorting out a bit.”
• Ecclestone believes Hamilton will inspire
• F1 head rules out Mexican Grand Prix                               San Francisco Giants beat Detroit Tigers
Press Association
                                                                     2-0 to lead World Series 2-0

                                                                     Madison Bumgarner pitched seven
                                                                     scoreless innings as the San Francisco
                                                                     Giants battled to a 2-0 World Series Game
                                                                     Two victory
                                                                     Steve Busfield

Bernie Ecclestone arrives at the paddock prior to Formula
One’s Indian Grand Prix, where he has backed Lewis
Hamilton’s Mercedes move. Photograph: Prakash Singh/AFP/
Getty Images
Speaking ahead of the Indian Grand Prix, Bernie Ecclestone
feels Lewis Hamilton will serve as an inspiration to Mercedes
when he joins the German team next year.
                                                                     San Francisco Giants’ Angel Pagan steals second base on
    Hamilton caused a sensation when he announced last month
                                                                     Detroit Tigers second baseman Omar Infante in the eighth
he would be quitting McLaren gu.com/p/3amyf at the end of this
                                                                     inning during Game 2 of the MLB World Series baseball
season after 14 years with the team and replacing the seven-
                                                                     championship in San Francisco, October 25, 2012. Photograph:
time champion Michael Schumacher at Mercedes. The 27-year-
                                                                     Danny Moloshok/Reuters
old has signed a three-year, £15m-per-season deal with a team
that have won only one race since returning to Formula One at        After Pablo Sandoval’s slugfest in World Series Game One
the start of 2010.                                                   gu.com/p/3bcgh , the second installment was a much tighter
    Hamilton has claimed he wants a new challenge, while             affair with runs at a premium until the San Francisco Giants
Mercedes hope they have finally found the final piece of their       manufactured enough runs to beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 and
jigsaw in their bid to become a title-challenging team.              claim a 2-0 series lead.
    Asked for his thoughts on Hamilton’s move, the Formula               Where Tigers pitching ace Justin Verlander had failed to
One supremo Ecclestone said: “I think it’s good for Mercedes.        silence the Giants’ bats in Game One, Doug Fister kept the San
If they are really going to get their act together they need         Francisco offense quiet for six innings. Fister was matched
someone like Lewis who is going to do a bit of inspiring for         pitch-for-pitch by Giants starter Madison Bumgarner.
people that want to go and work there.                                   But in the seventh inning San Francisco finally managed to
    “Nobody wants to work for a team that doesn’t look as if it is   break the stalemate. Hunter Pence singled to end Fister’s shift
doing well, but now maybe they will. I think Lewis’s name is a       and bring Drew Smyly to the mound. Smyly walked Brandon
stamp of good housekeeping, which is what everyone expected          Belt and then Lady Luck smiled on the Giants as Gregor Blanco
of Michael.”                                                         bunted and the ball trickled down the line, being urged foul by
    Ecclestone, meanwhile, believes McLaren were also right to       third baseman Miguel Cabrera, but staying fair. With the bases
bring in the 22-year-old Mexican Sergio Pérez gu.com/p/3amcy         loaded Brandon Crawford ground out into a double play but
from Sauber to replace Hamilton.                                     Pence scored to give the Giants a 1-0 lead.
    “I probably would have done what they [McLaren] have                 It was enough to win Game Two, although an insurance run
done,” said Ecclestone, who turns 82 on Sunday.                      came in the eighth. Pence played a key part in San Francisco’s
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second run too, a sacrifice fly being enough to allow Angel
Pagan to score.
   After being held scoreless only twice in the regular season
                                                                      Rudy Gay: ‘I get spooked a lot by strange
— the lowest in MLB — the Tigers failed to get on the scoreboard      stuff’
for the second time in the postseason. Detroit managed just two
hits all night.                                                       The Memphis Grizzlies forward offers
   It might have been different had the Tigers managed to             his views on Elvis, The Wire and the
convert a second inning opportunity. With Prince Fielder
                                                                      forthcoming US presidential election
on first base and no-one out, Delmon Young doubled into
the leftfield corner and third-base coach Gene Lamont                 Tom Lutz
optimistically called Fielder, who was running as fast as he
could around third as Blanco collected the ball, to go for the
run. It took a catch-and-swipe by catcher Buster Posey to stop
Fielder from making it to home plate. A close call and perhaps
Fielder could have tried to get out of Posey’s reach as the
catcher failed to stand in his way. It was the closest the Tigers
came all evening.
   Fister deserved better support from his bats, hurling 114
pitches for just four hits and taking a blow to the head when
Blanco smashed a line drive back at him.
   But Bumgarner perhaps pitched just a fraction better,
striking out eight and giving up just two hits in seven innings.
   The last eight teams to take a 2-0 World Series lead have gone
on to win it. The 1996 Yankees were the last to overcome that
                                                                      Rudy Gay, right: likes a raptor’s chances against a grizzly bear;
kind of deficit, winning four straight after dropping the first two
                                                                      hates horror films. Photograph: Nikki Boertman/AP
games to the Atlanta Braves.
   Game Three will be at Comerica Park, Detroit, on Saturday.         Good morning, Rudy. How’s it going. What’s an NBA superstar
Ryan Vogelsong is expetected to pitch for the Giants and Anibal       doing over here when you could be slamming some dunks? I’m
Sanchez for the Tigers.                                               here for the NBA 3X and to promote the league around Europe.
   Box score tinyurl.com/d387wqs Giants 2, Tigers 0 — As it               Have you managed to get any sightseeing in between the
happened gu.com/p/3bcbk                                               promotion – the Tower of London, Stonehenge, the sun rise
                                                                      over Leicester? Well, I’ve been busy with the promotion but
                                                                      from what I have seen I like it.
                                                                          Ah! So you have been the sun rise over Leicester then? I
                                                                      want to see more though. I did come here when I was younger
                                                                      but I didn’t have the time or means to see what I wanted to but
                                                                      now I do. My girlfriend likes British fashion, that means I have
                                                                      to go around and look at shops.
                                                                          Does that involve you buying said British fashion. Yes, it
                                                                      does [laughs].
                                                                          Some of your NBA colleagues won gold for USA at this
                                                                      summer’s Olympics. How did they compare to the Dream
                                                                      Team? They were a different team. Both of them won the gold
                                                                      but how can you say who is better, there’s no way they can go

                                                                      back and play each other [reflects] mainly because the Dream
                                                                      Team are pretty old now [laughs].
                                                                          What else were you watching? Please say synchronised
                                                                      swimming. I watched a lot of Michael Phelps [bah!], we’re from
                                                                      the same area [Baltimore]. And it was hard not to get drawn into
                                                                      the track and volleyball – it was very interesting.
  The Guardian digital edition                                            You’re from Baltimore. As a Guardian employee, Small Talk
                                                                      has to watch The Wire on 24-hour rotation. Have you indulged
  Read the Guardian on the web                                        yourself? [Surprised] It’s popular here? I haven’t watched too
  exactly the way it was printed.                                     much of The Wire, I haven’t watched too much of it at all. But I

  With award-winning Guardian                                         know different places where it was filmed. It’s a good show and
                                                                      it depicts some of the stuff that goes on but it’s not all like that.
  photography accessible from                                             Who’s the best player you’ve ever gone up against? [Long

  anywhere in the world.                                              hard think] I played against Michael Jordan when I was younger
                                                                      because I went to one of his camps when I was 16 or 17. He was
  guardian.co.uk/digitaledition                                       37 then but even at that age he was still a great, great player. His
                                                                      will to win was so strong, it’s something you see in Kobe Bryant
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    Small Talk chatted to NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler
gu.com/p/363fy a few months ago and he said he’s never been
on a rollercoaster because he’s too tall. Has your height [Rudy
                                                                      Premiership clubs ponder pulling out of
is 6ft 8in] stopped you from experiencing life’s essentials?         talks to save Heineken Cup
[Laughs] I’ve been on rollercoasters. [Mournfully] Although
shopping can be difficult. I’m not always able to get the clothes     • Clubs to meet on Friday to discuss next
I want to because I’m too tall. The pants come up too short, or       move
the shirts don’t fit.
                                                                      • Heineken Cup organisers left them out of
    Time to get topical, Rudy. Who’s going to win the election?
The US one, not the Scottish referendum. Although feel
                                                                      secret meeting
free to comment on that too. [Ignoring the case for Scottish          Paul Rees
independence] I’m not sure, it’s a lot tighter than it was. I
think it’ll come down to the wire. A lot more younger people
are involved in politics so more than any other year, they will
have a say. It’s tougher for Obama now though after he’s been in
power for four years. It’s tougher [once you’ve been in office].
    You play for the Memphis Grizzlies. Small Talk is fairly sure
you don’t get grizzly bears that far south, have you complained
to the relevant authorities? Well, I’ve never seen a grizzly
round Memphis, I can tell you that. The team was originally
from Vancouver but I’m not even sure you get grizzlies there
either. We should really change our name.
    How about the Memphis Gracelands? I like that one. I went
there once, I was amazed how ahead of his time Elvis was.
[With awe] He had a cell phone back in the 70s.
                                                                      Rob Andrew, of the RFU, attended the secret meeting in
    Talking of Elvis, would you rather be the greatest musician
                                                                      Paris this week but the Premiership clubs were not invited.
or the greatest NBA player of all time? I’ll stick to the NBA. And
                                                                      Photograph: Andy Hooper / Daily Mail / Rex
I think being the greatest musician would take a lot more time
and work, plus you wouldn’t have your team-mates to help you          The Premiership clubs meet on Friday to discuss whether
out [laughs]. I like all kinds of music though so I’d do a little     to pull out of talks next week on how to save the Heineken
bit of everything [pauses for thought] … maybe I could be the         Cup after they were not invited to a secret meeting by the
greatest musician of all time.                                        tournament organisers this week.
    A big question now. Various NBA animals get into a                    The English and French clubs served notice last summer
disagreement. Who wins the fight – raptor, grizzly, timberwolf        that they would be pulling out of the Heineken Cup when the
or, erm, hornet? [After long deliberation] We know the hornet’s       present agreement runs out at the end of next season unless
not going to win … we know that. I’d say a raptor, if you lived       changes were made, but some on the tournament’s organising
for thousands of years without becoming extinct then it would         body, European Rugby Cup Ltd, feel that the French are not as
probably beat a grizzly bear.                                         revolutionary as their Premiership counterparts.
    Good answer, Rudy, we’ve all seen Jurassic Park. What was            The Top 14 clubs were invited to the meeting in Paris
your favourite childhood toy? I’d have to say my Sega Genesis.        that was arranged by ERC. All the six unions involved in the
I got it when the PlayStation 1 came out so I had one a little late   Heineken Cup were there, including the Rugby Football Union,
but I played on it like it was the latest model. It came with Sonic   and concessions were offered to the French, including a
the Hedgehog … [sadly] that was my only game for a long time.         requested earlier date in the season for the final.
    Have you ever seen a ghost? No! That’s a weird question. I            “It was a flawed attempt to divide and rule and it failed,”
wouldn’t want to either. I get spooked a lot by strange stuff. I’ll   said Mark McCafferty, the chief executive of Premiership Rugby.
always do double takes when I’m alone in my house thinking            “In the short term, the meeting was not helpful in finding a
I’ve seen something. I hate horror films, hate them.                  solution that meets most of the needs of all those involved in
    What is your favourite then? Carlito’s Way, it shows that         the two European tournaments.
once you’ve done wrong you always live with that shadow. I like           “It may be that a period of reflection is needed and that,
Al Pacino too, he’s one of my favourite actors.                       with the autumn internationals coming up, it may be a good
    And finally, who’s going to win the NBA this season? Small       idea to postpone the next meeting of the shareholders, which
Talk realises you’re contractually obliged to say the Grizzlies      is planned for next Tuesday in Dublin. It is something I will be
so we’ll put them to one side for now. The Lakers have a lot of      discussing with our clubs on Friday and I know from the calls
great players and Miami too. But the NBA’s at an all-time high        I have received that they are very angry at what happened this
right now.                                                            week.”
    Right. Small Talk is off to put money on every team to win.           The unions proposed to the French clubs that the Heineken
Thanks for talking to us Rudy. No problem, Small Talk. Bye.           Cup be turned into a 32-team tournament involving the top 10
• The 2012/13 NBA season tips-off on 30 October. NBA League           teams from the Premiership and Pro12 and the leading 12 in the
Pass offers every game live or on demand. For more information        Top 14. The Amlin Challenge Cup would cease to exist, leaving
visit www.nba.com/leaguepass tinyurl.com/ca7f8q7                      six teams without any fixtures on eight weekends of the season.
                                                                          The proposal of the French and English clubs, which had
                                                                      been discussed at two shareholder meetings this season, was
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                      guardian.co.uk
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for a 20-team Heineken Cup, made up of the top six in the            along and everything seems normal.”
three leagues together with the tournament winners and the               Asked whether he had a contract for next year, he looked
Challenge Cup holders, to be supplemented by a 20-strong             doubtful and said: “It’s the team’s policy not to discuss
Challenge Cup.                                                       contracts.”
   Both tournaments would be made up of five groups of                   It has been a difficult few weeks for Di Resta, Britain’s third
four teams with the winners and the best three runners-up            Formula One driver, who has been tipped as one of the drivers
going into the quarter-finals. By shedding four sides from the       of the future but has missed out on a big-money move to one of
Heineken Cup, the aim would be to strengthen the Challenge           the top teams.
Cup, which at the group stage is a series of mismatches.                 He was linked with Ferrari but the Italian team have opted to
   “The French clubs rejected the plan,” McCafferty said. “In        keep weary faith with Felipe Massa as Fernando Alonso’s team-
one sense, Wednesday’s meeting might prove beneficial in that        mate.
those who thought that the clubs in England and France were              A move to McLaren, to replace Lewis Hamilton, stalled
not united have been put right. That is why I think it would         when they signed Sergio Pérez. Di Resta’s team-mate, Nico
be a good idea to have some thinking time, but that will be          Hülkenberg, whom he has often bettered this season, is moving
something for the clubs to decide.”                                  to the faster Sauber car next year.
   The RFU was represented in Paris by the chief executive Ian           “It’s always a disappointment,” Di Resta said. “I’ve always
Ritchie and the professional rugby director, Rob Andrew. “We         said I want to be in a car that’s winning races and winning
have no argument with the RFU,” McCafferty said.”They are            championships.
not taking sides in this but trying to get an agreement.”                “The team would not have held me back. For whatever
                                                                     reasons it’s not happened. But this team is still growing and
                                                                     hopefully we will be successful. I am definitely ready [for a
Paul di Resta fends off questions over                               move to a big team]. I feel the consistency is there. But I’ve still
Force India’s F1 future                                              got time. I’m 26.”
                                                                         Force India’s deputy team principal, Bob Fernley, did his best
                                                                     to separate the speculation about the team from problems faced
• Team principal Vijay Mallya’s airline                              by Mallya. “You have to have huge sympathy for the employees
business hits turbulence                                             of Kingfisher Airlines – huge sympathy,” he said.
• Driver disappointed he is unable to move                               “But it’s a public company. Vijay is one of the shareholders.
F1 teams in 2013                                                     Obviously he’s the face of Kingfisher and the chairman, so it
                                                                     stops with him. But in terms of where they’ve got to go it’s a
Paul Weaver in Delhi
                                                                     shareholder process. It’s not just one person dictating it.
                                                                         “Kingfisher and Force India are two separate entities. Vijay
                                                                     is head of a number of successful companies. We’ve had doom
                                                                     and gloom for five years but we’re still here and we’re still
                                                                     competing and each year we improve.
                                                                         “It’s business as usual. Our focus is delivering a good result
                                                                     for the fans of India this weekend. We’ve got a sport that we
                                                                     want to grow in India.”
                                                                         The larger-than-life Mallya learned on Thursday that he was
                                                                     a billionaire no more – his fortune was valued at $1.1bn (£680m)
                                                                     last year but is now valued at $800m.

Paul di Resta says he is definitely ready for a move to a
bigger team and Force India ‘would not have held me back’.

Photograph: Vivek Prakash/Reuters
Paul di Resta had to fend off questions about the survival of his
Force India employers before the Indian Grand Prix after the
team principal, Vijay Mallya, lost his billionaire status.
   Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines business is reportedly £1.5bn          Fantasy League Classic
in debt and has had its licence suspended. Staff have not been         Manage a squad of 16 players and
paid for seven months – although on Thursday the management            a budget of £75 million. £75,000
agreed to pay four months’ salary by the end of December and
the remainder by March – and there are rumours that protests
                                                                       worth of prizes to be won in weekly,
will take place at the Buddh International Circuit on Sunday.          monthly and overall competitions.
   When Di Resta was asked whether he was worried about the            Beat your nearest and dearest in a
future of Force India, the Briton said: “It’s none of my business.
                                                                       friends league.
As far as I’m concerned there’s a Formula One division which is
totally separate. I’m employed to race a car. I’m a racing driver.     guardian.co.uk/fantasyleague
This is something I have no control over. The team is going
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