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									 Running the Youtube In Pakistan
      If you are a inhabitant in PAKISTAN then you may be facing the same
problem to play and download youtube videos even you can not browse this site
eg. and you will see the page as this.

    It is very easy to play youtube in Pakistan and in the other countries where
youtube is blocked due to political affairs. To play youtube on your PC or Laptop
follow the steps under.
    1 Open your browser.( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or google chrome
    2 Go to any one of the following addresses.
    1 and then select youtube from the provided menu bar. After a few seconds
        youtube main broadcast page will open.
    2 Type the desired keywords to search the appropriate video and play .
                                                                   Enjoy this
If You like to play youtube with better results because the videos in youtube
according to the above methods a bit slower than the actual speed the follow this
    1 Be sure your DSL in active
    2 Download the following file.
    3 Click here to Download the file [Download]
    4 The file will open in WinR archive.
    5 Extract the file on your desktop.
    6 Minimize the pop up window.
    7 You will see a Lock in the right bottom side.
    8 Open your browser of your wish.
    9 Open the url:
    10 Enjoy youtube.
For any inconvenience contact me via email. “”

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