Parent Handbook - Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District by zhouwenjuan


									P    High School
    Laptop Project
E    2012-2013

                          Table of Contents

Purpose of the High School Laptop Project.....................4
Terms of the Laptop Loan............................................5-6
Insurance Fee ................................................................. 7
Table of Es mated Repair Pricing ................................... 7
Use of Computers and Laptops on the Network ............ 8
General Laptop Rules ..................................................... 9
CFISD Network/Acceptable Use Policy .................... 10-18
Student Code of Conduct
  – Viola ons & Disciplinary Op ons ..................... 18-23
Texas Penal Code §33.0............................................23-24
            Purpose of the Laptop One to One Project                     Terms of the Laptop Loan
            The High School Laptop Project (HSLP) is intended to           In exchange for the right to use the property (laptop) away from
            prepare our graduates for post-high school experiences         school, you must pay a nonrefundable insurance fee of $35 on or be-
            by providing one year of technology intensive course-          fore taking possession of the property. Once possession of the laptop
            work, building technology competency so that students          has been taken, refunds are not allowed. There is a $50 deduc ble for
            are prepared for the next phase of their lives. Funding        any insurance claim.
            for the HSLP was included in the 2007 bond referen-
                                                                           You will comply at all me with the Cypress-Fairbanks School District’s
            dum .
                                                                           Parent and Student Laptop Handbooks and Acceptable Use Policy
                                                                           (AUP), incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all
            Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD)
                                                                           purposes. Any failure to comply may terminate your rights of posses-
            students who are enrolled in the United Stated History
                                                                           sion effec ve immediately and the District may repossess the prop-
            course will be issued a laptop computer to use in the
            course. For a modest insurance fee, the student may
            use the laptop away from school.                             Title:
                                                                           Legal tle to the property is in the District and shall at all mes remain
            Students taking US History will experience a blended           in the District. Your right of possession and use is limited to and condi-
            delivery of media-rich content, using Moodle, a virtual          oned upon your full and complete compliance with this Agreement
            learning environment designed to facilitate collabora-         and the Parent and Student Laptop Handbooks.
              on and crea vity. Much of the content will come from
            lessons on the computer enriched by a wide variety of        Loss or Damage:
            primary source material. Students will use the primary         If the property is damaged, lost or stolen, the insurance coverage will
            source material to cri cally analyze historical events.        cover the loss a er the $50 deduc ble unless the damage resulted
            Technology will play a vital role as US History is brought     from abuse or vandalism by the student user in which case you are re-
            to life through mul media such as FDR’s famous “Day            sponsible for the reasonable cost of repair or a replacement fee. Loss
            of Infamy” speech before Congress. Discussion boards           or the of the property must be reported to the District by the next
            and online surveys will afford students the opportunity         school day a er the occurrence and must have a police report filed.
            to collaborate with their peers and share their insights       Insurance WILL NOT pay for any “mysterious disappearance” loss.
            online through tools such as Google Docs. In addi on,
                                                                           A table of es mated pricing for a variety of repairs is included in the
            One Note 2007 will be provided as a technology tool for
                                                                           Parent and Student Laptop Handbooks to which reference is hereby
            students to take class notes and learn important study
                                                                           made. Seniors must clear all records and pay all fees before par cipat-
            and organiza on skills. The 24/7 collabora ve web
                                                                           ing in gradua on ceremonies.
            environment provides access outside the scheduled
            class period to facilitate each student’s learning. The      Repossession:
            High School Laptop Project, while not yet a total virtual      If you do not mely and fully comply with all terms of this Agreement
            school, is a good first step towards the vision that the        and the Parent and Student Laptop Handbooks, including the mely
            District has of offering virtual courses for students.          return of the property, the District shall be en tled to declare you in
                                                                           default and come to your place of residence, or other loca on of the
                                                                           property, to take possession of the property.

CFISD - 4                                                                                                                             CFISD - 5
            Term of Agreement:                                     Insurance Fee
             Your right to use and possession of the property      Students will pay a non-refundable insurance fee of $35.
             terminates no later than the last day of the school        Students will pay fee on or before taking possession of the laptop.
             year unless earlier terminated by the District or
             upon withdrawal from the District.                         In case of the , vandalism, and other criminal acts, a police
                                                                          report MUST be filed by the student or parent by the next school
                                                                          day following the occurrence. Incidents happening off- campus
                                                                          must be reported to the police by the parent and a copy of the
            Appropria on:                                                 report must be brought to the school.
             Your failure to mely return the property and the
             con nued use of it for non-school purposes without         If the laptop is stolen and the student reports the the (by the
             the District’s consent may be considered unlawful            next school day) and police filed a report, then the student will
             appropria on of the District’s property.                     be charged only the $50 deduc ble provided the loss is not a
                                                                          “mysterious disappearance” in which case the student and parent
                                                                          must pay the replacement fee of $860.
                                                                        Student will be charged the replacement fee of the laptop if lost,
                                                                          deliberately damaged or vandalized.
                                                                        Students/Parents are responsible for reasonable cost of repair for
                                                                          deliberately damaged laptops (see Repair Pricing chart – Page 3).

                                                                   Table of Es mated Repair Pricing
                                                                                                                       Loss, Deliberate
                                                                                                                      Damage, or Neglect
                                                                   Broken Screen (LCD)                                        $ 265
                                                                   Keyboard                                                    $ 22
                                                                   Power Adapter + Cord                                        $ 21
                                                                   Ba ery                                                     $ 44
                                                                   Bezel                                                       $10
                                                                   Re-image of Hard Drive due to viola on of Ac-               $ 15
                                                                   ceptable Use Policy
                                                                   Abandonment Fee (if eventually found)                      $ 15
                                                                   Approved Backpack or Laptop Case                            $5

                                                                   The costs of any other parts needed for repairs will be based on manufac-
                                                                   turer’s current price list.

CFISD - 6                                                                                                                     CFISD - 7
            Use of Computers and Laptops on the                          General Laptop Rules
            CFISD Network
            CFISD is commi ed to the importance of students being          Inappropriate Content
            able to con nue with their work when the laptop is                 Inappropriate content will not be allowed on laptops.
            experiencing problems. To assist with this problem the             Instruc ons for crea ng weapons, pornographic materials,
            District is providing the following:                                 inappropriate language, alcohol, drug, gang related symbols
                                                                                 or pictures will result in disciplinary ac on.
               Network Student Drives                                          There is a $15 reimaging charge remove of any of the above-
               The students will have a network drive setup from                 content.
               their login account. Students can save important
               items on this network drive, keeping a backup that          Sound
               they can access from anywhere on the network.                   Students will use the earbuds at all mes unless permission
                                                                                 is obtained from the teacher for instruc onal purposes.
               Classroom Computers
               The District has desktop and laptop computers in            Dele ng Files
               the classroom. These computers can be used by                   Students may not delete any folders or files that they did
               students if they do not have their laptop. They will              not create or that they do not recognize. Dele on of certain
               be able to access their saved work on their network               files will result in a computer failure and will interfere with
               drive.                                                            students’ ability to complete class work and may affect their
               No Loaning or Borrowing Laptops                                 There is a $15 reimaging charge to correct system files.
                    Do NOT loan laptops or other equipment to
                      other students.                                      Music, Games, or Programs
                    Do NOT borrow a laptop from another                      Music and games may not be downloaded or streamed over
                      student.                                                   the Internet. This may be a viola on of copyright laws.
                    Do NOT share passwords or usernames                      All so ware loaded on the system must be District ap-
                      with others.                                               proved.
                                                                               There is a $15 reimaging charge to delete any unapproved
                                                                                 so ware or files.
               Internet Access
               There are many sites on the Internet that poten-
                 ally can be dangerous to minors. These sites are
               blocked while students are logged on to the District
               network and while at home through a filtering
               system provided by the District. Students access-
               ing inappropriate sites will be in viola on of District

CFISD - 8                                                                                                                        CFISD - 9
             CFISD Network/Internet Responsible Use                       that may not be of educa onal value in the school se ng.
             Guidelines 2012-2013
                                                                          Monitored Use:
                                                                          Electronic mail transmissions and other use of the electronic communi-
             Network/Internet access is available to students,
                                                                          ca ons system by students and employees shall not be considered con-
             teachers and staff in the Cypress-Fairbanks Indepen-
                                                                          fiden al and may be monitored at any me by designated district staff
             dent School District (“the District”). The Internet is a
                                                                          to ensure appropriate use for educa onal or administra ve purposes.
             network connec ng millions of computer users all over
                                                                          This monitoring may include ac vity logging, virus scanning, and content
             the world. The Internet enables worldwide connec-
               ons to electronic mail, discussion groups, databases,
             so ware, and other informa on sources, such as
                                                                          E-mail cannot be accepted in the following situa ons that would nor-
             libraries and museums. The District provides Network/
                                                                          mally require a parent signature, such as: absence from school excuses,
             Internet access to promote educa onal excellence in
                                                                          medica on administra on permission, permission to stay for a er
             the District by facilita ng resource sharing, innova on,
                                                                          school tutorials, early release from school, or field trip permission slips.
             and communica on. The District firmly believes that
             the valuable informa on and interac on available on
                                                                          Suspected viola ons of responsible use by employees should be report-
             the Network/Internet far outweighs the possibility that
                                                                          ed to the Associate Superintendent for Human Resources. Suspected
             users may procure material that is not consistent with
                                                                          viola ons of responsible use by students should be reported first to the
             the educa onal goals of the District.
                                                                          campus principal and, if necessary, by the campus principal to the As-
                                                                          sistant Superintendent for Student Services.
             Network/Internet - Terms and Condi ons
             Training:                                                    Generally, the district does not provide student electronic mail accounts.
             The District will provide training in the proper use of      If necessary, access to electronic mail accounts for instruc onal purpos-
             the system and will provide all users with copies of         es must have campus and district prior approval. The district may allow
             acceptable use guidelines. All training in the use of the    secure, web-based, student accounts to support instruc on. Students
             District’s system will emphasize legal, ethical, and safe    are prohibited from accessing unauthorized e-mail services while using
             use of this resource. The school district will educate all   district equipment.
             students about appropriate online behavior, including
             interac ng with other individuals on social networking       Students and teachers may par cipate in district approved chat rooms in
             websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying aware-          which teachers monitor all student interac ons. Par cipa on in comput-
             ness and response.                                           er-mediated conversa on/discussion forums for instruc onal purposes
                                                                          must be approved by curriculum and campus administra on. Par cipa-
             Risk:                                                          on in non-district approved social networking sites, such as Facebook,
             Sites accessible via the Network/Internet may con-           Myspace, etc. or the use of any anonymizing technologies (e.g. vtunnel)
             tain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or     is prohibited. The use of cell phones and other portable compu ng de-
             controversial. Although the District will a empt to limit    vices, such as iPods, can be used for instruc onal purposes only during
             access to objec onable material by using filtering so -       the school day. Students using cell phones or other portable compu ng
             ware, controlling all materials on the Network/Internet      devices without teacher permission will be held accountable to the cell
             is impossible. With global access to computers and           phone rule use set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.
             people, a risk exists that students may access material

CFISD - 10                                                                                                                              CFISD - 11
             The district has provided students with access to “Digi-     This includes “free search/surf” of the Internet which is defined as
             tal Lockers,” a network storage loca on for files. The        unsupervised searching of the Internet without an approved educa onal
             “digital locker” provides an area where certain school-      purpose.
             related student products can be stored from year to
                                                                          5. A user must not knowingly a empt to access educa onally inappro-
             year, thus crea ng the student digital por olio.
                                                                          priate material. If a user accidentally reaches such material, the user
                                                                          must immediately back out of the area on the Internet containing edu-
             To enforce the Student Responsible Use Guidelines and
                                                                          ca onally inappropriate material. The user must then no fy the teacher
             to maintain the integrity of the network, digital lockers,
                                                                          or campus/building administrator of the site address that should be
             shared network space, and any district storage space
                                                                          added to the filtering so ware, so that it can be removed.
             will be monitored by district staff and files such as
             games, inappropriate images and files will be deleted.
             External electronic storage devices are subject to moni-
                                                                          Publishing on the Internet
             toring if used with district resources. Student disciplin-
             ary ac on may follow.                                        Recogni on:
                                                                          First and last names and grade level may be used on the Internet to
                                                                          recognize personal achievements.
             User Responsibili es:
             Network/Internet users, (students and District employ-
                                                                          Permission for the following items is granted or denied through the ini-
             ees), like tradi onal library users or those par cipa ng
                                                                           al Emergency Informa on and Medical/Parent Authoriza on F-form
             in field trips, are responsible for their ac ons in access-
                                                                          given to each student at the beginning of the school year.
             ing available resources. The following standards will
             apply to all users (students and District employees) of
             the Network/Internet:                                        Student Work:
                                                                          Student work will be published on a web page or Project Share
             1. The user in whose name a system account is issued         only with parental permission. Examples of published work could in-
             will be responsible at all mes for its proper use. Users     clude short stories, poems, slide shows, and/or artwork. First and/or last
             may not access another person’s account without writ-        names may be included with the student work.
             ten permission from a campus administrator or District
             level administrator.                                         Photographs:
             2. The system may not be used for illegal purposes,          Student photographs will be published on a web page or Proj-
             in support of illegal ac vi es, or for any other ac vity     ect Share only with parental permission. If a photograph of the student
             prohibited by District policy.                               is included with the pos ng of the recogni on and/or student work, only
                                                                          the first or last name may be included with the photograph.
             3. Users may not redistribute copyrighted programs or
             data without the wri en permission of the copyright          Excep ons to the above:
             holder or designee. Such permission must be specified         Any excep ons to the items above will be secured through the Commu-
             in the document or must be obtained directly from the        nica on Office. Individual campuses may elect not to publish student
             copyright holder or designee in accordance with appli-       work and/or photographs on the campus website even though the par-
             cable copyright laws, District policy, and administra ve     ent has given permission to do so.
             regula ons.
             4. Students are not permi ed to use District technology
             to search the Internet for non-educa onal purposes.

CFISD - 12                                                                                                                               CFISD - 13
             Web Authoring:                                             Commercial Use:
             The District, the campuses and the faculty have an         Use for commercial purposes, income-genera ng or “for-profit”
             authorized web site. Students, District employees, and
             au                                                         ac vi es, product adver sement, or poli cal lobbying is prohibited.
             community members are prohibited from authoring a
             co                                                         Sending unsolicited junk mail, or chain le ers, is prohibited.
             private web site which represents itself as the official
             site for the District. For example, this would include,
             sit                                                        Vandalism/Mischief:
             but not be limited to, campus, club, and department
             bu                                                         Vandalism and mischief are prohibited. Vandalism is defined as any
             sit                                                        malicious a empt to harm or destroy data of another user, hardware,
                                                                        peripherals, the District network and Internet, or any networks that are
             Network E que e:                                           connected to the District network and Internet. This includes, but is not
             System users of e-mail or other communica on mes-
             Sy                                                         limited to, the crea on or propaga on of computer viruses. Any interfer-
             saging systems are expected to observe the network
             sa                                                         ence with the work of other users, with or without malicious intent, is
             e que e listed below.                                      construed as mischief and is strictly prohibited.
               • Be polite; messages typed in capital le ers are the
                 computer equivalent of shou ng and are consid-         Playing Games and Downloading Music or Video Files or Game
                 ered rude.                                             Files
               • Use appropriate language; swearing, vulgarity,         These ac vi es are prohibited unless approved for educa onal pur-
                 ethnic or racial slurs, and any other inflammatory      poses.
                 language are prohibited.
               • Pretending to be someone else when sending/re-         Electronic Mail Viola ons:
                 ceiving messages is considered inappropriate.          Forgery of electronic mail messages is prohibited.
               • Transmi ng obscene messages or pictures is pro-        Reading, dele ng, copying, or modifying the electronic mail of other us-
                 hibited.                                               ers, without their permission, is prohibited.
               • Revealing personal addresses or phone numbers of
                 the user or others is prohibited.                      File/Data Viola ons:
               • Be considerate when sending a achments with e-         Dele ng, examining, copying, or modifying files and/or data belonging
                 mail by considering whether a file may be too large     to or created by other users, without their permission, is prohibited.
                 to be accommodated by the recipient’s system or
                 may be in a format unreadable by the recipient.
                                                                        System Interference/Altera on:
               • Using the network in such a way that would disrupt
                                                                        Deliberate a empts to exceed, evade or change resource quotas are
                 the use of the network by other users is prohibited.
                                                                        prohibited. The deliberate causing of network conges on through mass
                                                                        consump on of system resources is prohibited.
             Inappropriate Use:
             Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, those
                                                                        Unauthorized Disclosure:
             uses that violate the law, that are specifically named as
                                                                        Unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemina on of personal informa on
             viola ons below, that violate the rules of network e -
                                                                        regarding students and employees are prohibited.
             qu e, or that hamper the integrity or security of this
             or any networks connected to the Network/Internet.
                                                                        Repor ng Security Problems:
             Please refer to the “Consequences of Viola on” sec on
                                                                        If a user iden fies or has knowledge of a security problem on the
             of this document.
                                                                        Network/Internet, such as filtering so ware not working, the user

CFISD - 14                                                                                                                         CFISD - 15
             should immediately no fy a teacher, administrator, or        Computer So ware Policy
             the System Administrator. The security problem should        In accordance with Board Policy EFE (local) and Administra ve Regu-
             not be shared with others.                                   la on EFE-R, it is the prac ce of the District to respect all computer
                                                                          so ware copyrights and to adhere to the terms of all so ware licenses
             Impersona on:                                                to which the District is a party. Technology Services is charged with the
             A empts to log on to the Network/Internet imper-             responsibility of enforcing these guidelines. All computer so ware
             sona ng a system administrator District employee will        installed on District equipment must be purchased, reported to, and
             result in revoca on of the user’s access to Network/         installed by Technology Services or its designee. So ware acquisi on
             Internet.                                                    is restricted to ensure that the school District has a complete record
                                                                          of all so ware that has been purchased for District computers and can
             Other Security Risks:                                        register, support, and upgrade such so ware accordingly. So ware on
             Any user iden fied as having had access privileges            District computers used for instruc onal and/or administra ve purposes
             revoked or denied on another computer system may be          must be approved by a District curriculum coordinator and Technology
             denied access to the District’s Network/Internet.            Services. Students, District employees, and volunteers may not duplicate
                                                                          any licensed so ware or related documenta on for use either on the
             Viola ons of Law:                                            District’s premises or elsewhere unless Technology Services is expressly
             Transmission of any material in viola on of any US or        authorized to do so by agreement with the licenser. Unauthorized dupli-
             state law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited   ca on of so ware may subject the employee and/or the school District
             to: copyrighted material, threatening, harassing, or ob-     to both civil and criminal penal es under the United States Copyright
             scene material; or material protected by trade secret.       Act. Students, District employees, and volunteers may not give so ware
             Any a empt to break the law through the use of a Dis-        to any third party including rela ves, clients, contractors, etc. District
             trict Network/Internet account may result in li ga on        employees, students, and volunteers may use District-approved so -
             against the offender by the proper authori es. If such        ware on local area networks or on mul ple machines only in accordance
             an event should occur, the District will fully comply with   with applicable license agreements.
             the authori es to provide any informa on necessary
             for the li ga on process.                                    For further informa on regarding the purchase and installa on of
                                                                          computer so ware, please call the District’s HELP Desk at 281.897.HELP
             Consequences of Viola ons:                                   (4357).
             Any a empt to violate the provisions of these guide-
             lines may result in revoca on of the user’s access to        DISCLAIMER:
             the Network/Internet, regardless of the success or           These guidelines apply to stand-alone computers as well as computers
             failure of the a empt. In addi on, disciplinary ac on        connected to the Network/Internet. The District makes no warran es of
             consistent with the District discipline policy and/or ap-    any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the services it is providing
             propriate legal ac on, which may include res tu on,          and is not responsible for any damages suffered by users. This includes
             may be taken. District administrators will make the final     loss of data resul ng from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or ser-
             determina on as to what cons tutes inappropriate             vice interrup ons caused by its negligence or user errors or omissions.
             use. With just cause, the System Administrator or other      The District is not responsible for phone/credit card bills or any other
             administrator may deny, revoke, or suspend Network/          charges incurred by users. Use of any informa on obtained via the Net-
             Internet access as required, pending the outcome of an       work/Internet is at the user’s own risk. The District specifically denies
             inves ga on.                                                 any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of informa on obtained

CFISD - 16                                                                                                                            CFISD - 17
             through its services. Opinions, advice, services, and all
             other informa on expressed by system users, informa-            •      running and/or making excessive noise in the halls, building,
               o providers, service providers, or other third party
               on                                                                   and/or classroom
             individuals in the system are those of the providers            •      any other act that impedes the orderly classroom procedure or
             and not the District. The District will cooperate fully
             an                                                                     interrupts the orderly opera on of the classroom
             with local, state, or federal officials in any inves ga-
               o concerning or rela ng to misuse of the District’s       Level I    - Disciplinary op ons of which one or more may be used:
             electronic communica ons system.                               •        administrator/student conference
                                                                            •        behavior contract
                                                                            •        confisca on of a prohibited nuisance item
                                                                            •        counselor/student conference
             Student Code of Conduct – Viola ons &                          •        deten on hall
                                                                            •        environmental change
             Disciplinary Op ons
             D                                                              •        in-class disciplinary ac on (verbal correc on, me-out, etc.)
                                                                            •        parent contact: note, call or conference
             (The following is an excerpt from the Student Code of
             (T                                                             •        removal from school bus
             Co                                                             •        removal from the regular classroom in the form of a rou ne
             LEVEL I VIOLATIONS                                              •       supervised campus service assignment
                                                                             •       teacher/student conference
             Level I viola ons include infrac ons that are generally         •       withdrawal of various student privileges
             viola ons of classroom, school bus, or campus rules.
             vi                                                              •       other appropriate disciplinary op ons
             These are typically viola ons that can be corrected by
             th classroom teacher. Teachers and other staff mem-          L         II V
             be may keep a wri en record of the viola on.
                                                                         Level II viola ons include those infrac ons that are more serious in na-
             Le I viola ons include such behaviors as, but not           ture and/or a con nua on of Level I. These infrac ons will result in a re-
             limited to:
             lim                                                         ferral to an administrator. The infrac ons may occur on school property
                •     being tardy to class                               (including school bus) or during any school-sponsored or school-related
                •     ea ng or drinking in an undesignated area          ac vity. Certain Level II viola ons may be elevated to Level III viola ons
                •     failure to deliver and/or return wri en com        based on the severity or context of the misconduct.
                      munica on between home and school
                •     not bringing required classroom materials
                      and/or assigned work to class, (including,         Level II Viola ons include such behaviors as, but not limited to:
                      but not limited to, network login ID and/or           •     any repeated viola on cited in the previous levels or chronic or
                      password, computer resources), possessing                   repeated instances of misbehavior altering or dele ng
                      and/or using nuisance items                                 digital files
                •     refusing to follow classroom rules (par cipat         •     altering school records, or signing another person’s name on
                      ing in classroom ac vity, comple ng assigned                school documents
                      work, etc.)                                           •     chea ng and/or copying (plagiarism) the work of others from
                                                                                  any source (Internet, library resources, other students, etc.)
                                                                            •     cu ng class or other scheduled ac vi es
                                                                            •     engaging in an inappropriate public display of affec on
CFISD - 18                                                                                                                             CFISD - 19
               •    exhibi ng any unacceptable physical contact            •   teacher removal of student from class
                    which could result in injury                           •   withdrawal of various student privileges
               •   leaving or returning to the classroom, building,        •   other appropriate disciplinary ac ons as listed on CC p. 6-7
                   or school grounds without permission
               •   loitering                                           L       III V
               •   lunchroom or restroom misconduct
               •   purchasing, selling or solici ng for sale any       Level III viola ons include those infrac ons in which the effect or poten-
                   merchandise on the school campus without the          al effect of the misconduct is disrup ve and more serious in nature than
                   authoriza on of the building principal (includ-     Level I or II. Infrac ons may occur on school property, or within 300 feet
                   ing the use of Internet resources and/or digital    of school property (including school bus), or while a ending a school-
                   devices)                                            sponsored or school-related ac vity on or off school property. A viola on
               •   throwing objects that can cause bodily injury or    of this magnitude may result in a student being suspended and/or placed
                   damage to property                                  in a disciplinary alterna ve educa onal program. The principal or desig-
               •   truancy                                             nee will determine the disciplinary consequence used (see page cc-6 for
               •   unauthorized altera on or dele on of digital files   factors that will be considered).
               •   unwanted touching of others
               •   verbally or physically taun ng other students       Level III Viola ons include such behaviors as, but not limited to:
               •   viola ng the District or campus dress and              • any repeated viola ons cited in the previous levels or chronic or
                   grooming guidelines                                         repeated instances of misbehavior
               •   viola ng the District electronic devices policy        • acts of disobedience or disorderly behavior that are detrimental to
                   (FNCE[Local])                                               the school, harmful to health and safety, or inhibit the rights of oth-
               •   any other acts which interfere with the orderly             ers such as, but not limited to:
                   educa onal process of the classroom and/or                            cyber bullying,
                   school                                                                crea ng or possessing a hit list,
             Le II - Disciplinary op ons of which one or more may
             Level                                                                       online harassment,
             be used:                                                                    other behaviors iden fied as disorderly
                                                                                         and detrimental to the school
                • administrator/counselor/teacher/student/parent
                                                                          • assault that is not a mandatory removal to a DAEP
                                                                          • being disrespec ul toward school personnel or school visitors
                • assignment to peer media on or conflict resolu-
                      on classes                                          • criminal solicita on
                • campus or community service assignment                  • engaging in a criminal offense that is not addressed in Level IV or V
                • deten on a er school, during school, or Satur-          • exhibi ng any unacceptable physical contact that results in injury
                   day                                                    • failure to report immediately to a teacher or administrator the
                                                                               knowledge of an event, device, object, or substance that could
                • exclusion from extracurricular ac vi es
                                                                               cause harm to self or others
                • grade penalty for copying and/or chea ng
                                                                          • failure to comply with assigned disciplinary consequences
                • in-school suspension – Discipline Management
                                                                          • figh ng, which is defined as a physical conflict between two or
                   Class (DMC)                                                 more individuals. Student under a ack should detach himself/
                • involvement of Cy-Fair ISD Police Department                 herself from the situa on and get an adult to help. A fight occurs
                • removal from school bus                                      when the student strikes back and ac vely engages in the alterca-
                • restora on and/or res tu on, as applicable                     on.

CFISD - 20
                                                                                                                                      CFISD - 21
             • gang-related behavior, ac vity, or membership (Texas                 prior consent of an individual or others
               Educa on Code Sec on 37.121)                                    •    vandalism and/or defacing district or personal property
             • giving false or misleading statements to an adminis-            •    verbally, physically, or via online resources, harassing other students
               trator during a school inves ga on                              •    viola ng the district medica on policy
             • hazing(Texas Educa on Code Sec on 37.151)                       •    viola ng the district tobacco/smoking policy including smoking, using
             • interfering with school authori es or school opera-                  or possession of tobacco, matches or lighters (including oral or writ
                 ons, programs, or instruc on through boyco s,                      ten admission of the viola on)
               sit-ins, or trespassing (Texas Educa on Code Sec on             •    any other act that seriously disrupts the orderly process of the school
             • misuse of district technology, including, but not lim-
               ited to, the Internet, the district network, or district-    Level III - Disciplinary op ons of which one or more may be used:
               owned equipment or so ware                                      •     confisca on of items such as, but not limited to, lighters, matches,
             • misuse of over the counter medica on                                  laser pens, and communica on devices
             • par cipa on in an illegal organiza on such as a                 •     exclusion from extracurricular ac vi es and/or school-sponsored or
               fraternity, sorority, secret society, gang, cult, or other            school-related events
               criminal combina on prohibited by law (Texas Educa-             •     in-school suspension/DMC
                 on Code Sec on 37.121)                                        •     involvement of Cy-Fair ISD Police Department/cita ons
             • possessing a device, object, or substance that could            •     res tu on and/or restora on, as applicable
               cause harm to property or persons, such as, but not             •     removal from school bus removal to a Disciplinary Alterna ve Educa
               limited to, laser pens, pocket knives, firecrackers,                     on Program (Transporta on is not provided.)
               razors, chains, tasers, stun gun, and mace                      •     school or community service assignment
             • possessing obscene or pornographic material                     •     suspension for up to three (3) days per occurrence of misconduct
             • possession of drug paraphernalia                                      (suspensions at home)
             • possession of any device that has the appearance of a           •     other appropriate disciplinary op ons as listed on cc 6-7.
               prohibited firearm, knife, club or weapon
             • possession, use, under the influence, or distribu on
               of items not suitable for human consump on that are          Texas Penal Code
               used to simulate illegal drug use                            §33.02. Breach of Computer Security
             • possession, use, under the influence, or distribu on
               of any substance represented to be a drug or alcohol
               (including wri en or oral admission of the viola on)           (a)   A person commits an offense if the person knowingly accesses a com-
             • pos ng or distribu ng unauthorized communica ve                      puter, computer network, or computer system without the effec ve
               materials on the school grounds                                      consent of the owner.
             • refusing to comply with reasonable requests of school          (b)   An offense under this sec on is a Class B misdemeanor unless in com-
               personnel                                                            mi ng the offense the actor knowingly obtains a benefit, defrauds
             • stealing, burglary, robbery, extor on, gambling, or                  or harms another, or alters, damages, or deletes property, in which
               possession of stolen property                                        event the offense is:
             • threats (oral or wri en) to do harm to another or to                 (1) a Class A misdemeanor if the aggregate amount involved is less
               the property of another                                                    that $1,500
             • using profane, obscene, indecent remarks, or racially                (2) a state jail felony if
               or ethnically offensive language and/or gestures di-
               rected toward others                                                       (A) the aggregate amount involved is $1,500 or more but less
             • using any device that permits recording the voice or                             than $20,000; or
               image of another in any way that invades the privacy                       (B) the aggregate amount involved is less than $1,500 and
               of an individual or others, or is made without the                               the defendant has been previously convicted two or

CFISD - 22
                                                                                                                                           CFISD - 23
                                more mes of an offense under this
                    (3)   a felony of the third degree if the aggre-
                          gate amount involved is $20,000 or more
                          but less that $100,000
                    (4)   a felony of the second degree if the ag-
                          gregate amount involved is $100,00 or
                          more but less than $200,000; or
                    (5)   a felony of the first degree if the ag-
                          gregate amount involved is $200,000 or

             A person who is subject to prosecu on under this sec-
              on and any other sec on of this code may be pros-
             ecuted under either or both sec ons.

CFISD - 24

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