Operations Management by zhouwenjuan



Operations Management                                                                                                                                         I
Degree Offered
Bachelor of Science in Operations Manage-
                                                 Bachelor of Science
ment                                             in Operations
Objectives                                       Management                                                                                                   III
The Operations Management program                Curriculum
prepares students for leadership positions       Required courses and recommended terms
                                                 during which they should be taken:
in the production and service industries.                                                                                                                     IV
Students should develop mastery of concepts,
tools, and skills in management sciences and     Freshman Year                                 Fall   Junior Year                                      Fall
specialties. Particular emphasis is directed     BUS 215 Principles of Management                3    ACC 325 Finance                                    4
                                                 PSY 201 Psychology                              3    BUS 457 Business Research Methods II               3    V
toward developing the ability to contribute
                                                 WRI 121 English Composition                     3    MGT 321 Operations Management I                    3
significantly to the improvement of produc-                Humanities elective                   3    MGT 461 Lean/Six Sigma Management I                3
tivity in a quality oriented environment and               Elective                              3                Math/Science/Social Science elective   3
to manage effectively in a team based work          Total                                       15
                                                                                                         Total                                          16
environment. Students will also be prepared
for graduate level education, such as the        Freshman Year                           Winter       Junior Year                                   Winter
Master’s in Business Administration degree.      MATH 111 College Algebra                     4       MGT 322 Operations Management II                   3    VII
The BS in Operations Management is offered       MIS 102 Spreadsheet Software Laboratory      1       MGT 462 Lean/Six Sigma Management II               3
in Klamath Falls, Portland and online.           SPE 111 Fundamentals of Speech               3       WRI 327 Advanced Technical Writing                 3
                                                 WRI 122 English Composition                  3                   Math/Science/Social Science elective   3
                                                           Elective                           3                   Elective                               3
Career Opportunities                                Total                                   14           Total                                         15
Recruiters from industry and government
agencies regularly visit the campus in search    Freshman Year                              Spring    Junior Year                           Spring            VIV
of bachelor’s degree candidates in operations    BUS 223 Marketing I                             3    MGT 323 Operations Management III          3
management. Initial job titles include: pro-     ECO 201 Principles of Economics,                     MGT 445 Project Management                 3
duction planner, inventory control analyst,                   Microeconomics                     3    MGT 463 Lean/Six Sigma Management III      3
                                                 MIS 206 Introduction to Management                   MIS 375 Decision Support Systems           3
industrial engineer, production supervisor,
                                                            Information Systems                  3                Elective                       3
and quality control manager. Typical depart-     WRI 227 Technical Report Writing                3       Total                                  15
ments in which graduates find themselves                   Humanities elective                   3
working are manufacturing, manufacturing            Total                                       15    Senior Year                                      Fall
engineering, industrial engineering, produc-                                                          BUS 467 Service Management                         3
tion control, finance, and quality assurance.    Sophomore Year                                Fall   BUS 420 Applied Management Internship
                                                 ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I              4      or
Students selecting the Operations Manage-        MATH 361 Statistical Methods I                  4    BUS 496 Senior Project                             3
ment degree will equip themselves to be          MIS 275 Introduction to Relational Databases 3                   Laboratory Science elective            4
                                                          Math/Science/Social Science elective   3                Elective                               3
managers in the challenging environment
                                                          Elective                               3                Elective                               3
of modern manufacturing and service                Total                                        17      Total                                           16
industries. Upon graduation they should be
prepared to address critical issues related to   Sophomore Year                             Winter    Senior Year                                  Winter
productivity management in a global com-         BUS 226 Business Law                            3    ANTH 452 Globalization
petitive economy and play leadership roles       ECO 202 Principles of Economics,                       or
in the design and implementation of quality                  Macroeconomics                      3    PSCI 326 World Politics in Transition              3
control and management programs. They will       MATH 371 Finite Mathematics and Calculus I      4    BUS 497 Senior Project                             3
have mastered a wide array of microcomputer               Math/Science/Social Science elective   3    PHIL 331 Ethics in the Professions                 3
                                                          Elective                               3    PSY 347 Organizational Behavior                    3
technology and software applications, giving
                                                   Total                                       16                 Elective                               3
them a competitive edge in the job market.
                                                                                                        Total                                           15
                                                 Sophomore Year                            Spring
Graduation Requirements                          ACC 203 Principles of Managerial Accounting    4     Senior Year                                   Spring
As prescribed by the Management Depart-          BUS 356 Business Presentations                 4     BUS 478 Cases in Strategy and Policy               3
ment, graduation requirements for the            BUS 456 Business Research Methods              3                 Math/Science/Social Science elective   3
Bachelor of Science degree in Operations         SPE 321 Small Group and Team                                     Elective                               3
                                                            Communication                       3                 Elective                               3
Management include 180 credit hours.               Total                                       14       Total                                           12

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