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					                                                                            McGILL TECH FAIR - SEPT 29 & 30
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Will you be
               Organization                                                                                                             Targeted             Degree Levels                       resumes at the
Days Attending Name                   Website                       Overview                                                            Disciplines          Recruited            Position Types career fair?
Day 1 - Sept 29   Advantech AMT   Advantech AMT Inc. is a world leading designer and                  Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Inc.                                              manufacturer of satellite and wireless telecommunications           Engineering,Mechani ndergraduate          Time
                                                                    products. With Facilities in the USA, Europe and Canada, as         cal
                                                                    well as local representatives worldwide, Advantech has become       Engineering,Electrica
                                                                    a global one-stop shop for most communication needs.                l
                                                                    Advantech designs and manufactures Solid State Power                Engineering,Comput
                                                                    Amplifiers (10 Watts to 4000 Watts), Block-up Converters,           er Engineering
                                                                    Transceivers, Booster Amplifiers, Converters, Modems, Data
                                                                    Broadcast Receivers, Satellite Terminals and Antenna Control
                                                                    systems. For Wireless applications in L and S-Bands,
                                                                    Advantech AMT provides Base Station products including
                                                                    Converters, Amplifiers, Repeaters and LNA's for indoor or tower
                                                                    mounted outdoor use.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Analog Devices,         Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI) defines innovation and             Physics,Electrical   Doctorate,Masters,U OCR Full-time      yes
                  Inc.                                              excellence in signal processing. ADI's analog, mixed-signal, and    Engineering          ndergraduate        (On-Campus
                                                                    digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (IC) play a                                              Recruitment for
                                                                    fundamental role in converting, conditioning, and processing                                                 graduating
                                                                    real-world phenomena such as light, sound, temperature,                                                      students)
                                                                    motion, and pressure into electrical signals to be used in a wide
                                                                    array of electronic equipment.
                                                                    At ADI, we believe that our employees are not only our greatest
                                                                    asset, but also a great asset for our customers. Founded in
                                                                    1965, ADI has over four decades of experience in the industry
                                                                    and we currently employ approximately 8,500 people worldwide.

Day 1 - Sept 29   BHP Billition   At BHP Billiton EKATI Diamond Mine we’re looking for people         Mining Engineering   Undergraduate        Immediate Full-   yes
                  Canada                                            who want to grow with us around the globe, take chances and                                                   Time,Part-
                                                                    stand out from the crowd. We need people who embrace                                                          time,McGill
                                                                    tomorrow, have vision, love stretching their minds and going far                                              Engineering
                                                                    beyond what they thought was achievable.                                                                      Internship
Day 1 - Sept 29   Blinds to Go / Le     At Blinds To Go, Inc., we have redefined the window decorating      Mechanical           Undergraduate        Immediate Full-   yes
                  Marché du Store                                   industry with our direct-to-consumer business model and our         Engineering                               Time
                                                                    legendary “red-carpet” customer service. We are both the
                                                                    manufacturer and retailer. We are a rapidly growing company
                                                                    with over 110 showrooms and 10-15 new openings a year, and
                                                                    two state-of-art manufacturing facilities. For those who enjoy
                                                                    working with people and want to start their career with an
                                                                    entrepreneurial company and have an interest in developing
                                                                    management skills, we offer challenging and rewarding career
Day 1 - Sept 29   Bombardier   A legacy of exceptional achievement. A team of innovative       Software              Undergraduate    Immediate Full-   no
                  Aerospace                                  people. A continuous dedication to excellence.                  Engineering,Comput                     Time,Part-time
                                                                                                                             er Science,Metals
                                                             The world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer, we are a and Material
                                                             leader in the design and manufacture of innovative aviation     Engineering,Mechani
                                                             products and services for the business, regional and amphibious cal
                                                             aircraft markets.                                               Engineering,Electrica
                                                             Headquartered in Montréal, Canada, we employ more than          l
                                                             28,000 people worldwide. Bombardier Aerospace’s revenues        Engineering,Comput
                                                             amounted to $10 billion for the year ended January 31, 2009.    er
                                                             Our backlog reached $23.5 billion as at January 31, 2009.       Engineering,Chemica
                                                             During fiscal year 2009, Aerospace received 367 net orders and l Engineering
                                                             delivered 349 aircraft.

                                                             Innovation drives continued success

                                                             Over the years, we have enjoyed considerable business
                                                             success. Our industry-leading Learjet, Challenger and Global
                                                             business jet families cover 95 per cent of the business aircraft
                                                             market. In the 20- to 149-seat category, our commercial aircraft
                                                             lead the industry with a 30 per cent cumulative net order market
                                                             share for aircraft currently in production. And with more than
                                                             1,525 CRJ Series regional jets delivered, the CRJ Series is the
                                                             most successful regional aircraft program in history.

                                                             Our production sites are situated in Canada, the U.S., the United
Day 1 - Sept 29   Bouygues       https://www.bouygues-       Bouygues Travaux Publics specialises in underground works,        All of Engineering   Undergraduate   OCR Full-time     yes
                  Construction            complex civil engineering projects and engineering structures                                          (On-Campus
                                                             both in France and worldwide, as well as road, port and public                                         Recruitment for
                                                             transport infrastructures.                                                                             graduating
                                                             It has expertise in finance, largescale project management and
                                                             cutting-edge techniques and has focused its development on
                                                             highly technical operations with high added value.
                                                             With a solid presence outside France, Bouygues Travaux
                                                             Publics is strongly supported by a number of regional
                                                             subsidiaries established worldwide and multinational teams
                                                             capable of reacting rapidly.
Day 1 - Sept 29   BV! Media   BV! MEDIA is a leading Canadian Internet advertising network          Software           Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-    yes
                                                      representing exclusively over 400 top-tier publishers with a          Engineering,Comput ate                Time
                                                      combined reach of over 16 million unique visitors per month in        er Science
                                                      Canada, and publisher of the BRANCHEZ-VOUS! portal.

                                                      BV! Media is the only Behavioral Targeting network fully bilingual
                                                      in Canada. With its proprietary technology, combined with 4
                                                      years of BT experience and profiles on over 16 Million unique
                                                      visitors, BV! Media is now able to exclusively offer national
                                                      advertiser a truly scalable behavioral targeting solution; one that
                                                      is fully bilingual, with unseen reach and on a fully-open, trusted

                                                      BV! MEDIA is listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the
                                                      symbol BVM

Day 1 - Sept 29   CAE Inc.      CAE is a world leader in providing simulation and modelling           Software              Undergraduate    Immediate Full-   yes
                                                      technologies and integrated training solutions for the civil          Engineering,Comput                     Time,McGill
                                                      aviation industry and defence forces around the globe. With           er                                     Engineering
                                                      annual revenues exceeding C$1.6 billion, CAE employs more             Science,Mechanical                     Internship
                                                      than 7,000 people at more than 90 sites and training locations in     Engineering,Electrica                  Program,McGill
                                                      20 countries. We have the largest installed base of civil and         l                                      Science
                                                      military full-flight simulators and training devices. Through our     Engineering,Comput                     Internship
                                                      global network of 29 civil aviation and military training centres,    er Engineering                         Program
                                                      we train more than 75,000 crewmembers yearly. We also offer
                                                      modelling and simulation software to various market segments
                                                      and, through CAE's professional services division, we assist
                                                      customers with a wide range of simulation-based needs.

                                                      Aviation and healthcare are both highly challenging and
                                                      demanding environments where highly qualified professionals
                                                      need to be trained to use complex technologies within a team
                                                      environment. A key measure of success is based on the
                                                      reduction of risk to ensure patient safety. For years, CAE has
                                                      been a world leader in simulation-based pilot and crew training.
                                                      Today, CAE Healthcare is applying its simulation and modelling
                                                      know-how to improve the safety and efficiency in healthcare.

                                                      CAE is also supporting public safety and security professionals
                                                      in the private and public sectors to plan, test, train, and deploy
                                                      for response operations. From strategic consulting, planning and
Day 1 - Sept 29   Canarail           Railway engineering consulting firm. CANARAIL is a Canadian         Mechanical           Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   yes
                  Consultants                                         consulting firm whose primary focus is rail and urban               Engineering,Civil    ate                Time
                                                                      transportation and which actively pursues both domestic and         Engineering
                                                                      international projects. Since 1990, its team has worked in more
                                                                      than 40 countries and has carried out over 600 projects in North
                                                                      America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America.
                                                                      CANARAIL offers an extensive range of services and expertise
                                                                      in urban and railway transportation, including feasibility studies,
                                                                      economic and financial analysis and modelling, traffic and
                                                                      revenue forecasting, conceptual and preliminary design for track
                                                                      and infrastructure, detailed engineering, construction
                                                                      supervision, tendering services, rolling stock design and
                                                                      specifications, workshop design, transportation planning,
                                                                      simulation, capacity analysis.

Day 1 - Sept 29   Caterpillar               For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making            All of Engineering   Undergraduate      Immediate Full-   no
                                                                      progress possible and driving positive and sustainable change                                               Time
                                                                      on every continent. With 2009 sales and revenues of $35.396
                                                                      billion, Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of
                                                                      construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas
                                                                      engines and industrial gas turbines. The company also is a
                                                                      leading services provider through Caterpillar Financial Services,
                                                                      Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services, Caterpillar Logistics
                                                                      Services and Progress Rail Services.

Day 1 - Sept 29   Centre de La Fonction publique québécoise : des carrières pleines de défis! All of Engineering       Undergraduate      McGill            no
                  services partagés                                                                                                                                               Engineering
                  du Québec                                         Les grands enjeux sociaux, économiques et culturels du                                                        Internship
                                                                    Québec vous interpellent? Vous désirez vous réaliser tout en                                                  Program
                                                                    vous sentant utile à la société? Vous recherchez un milieu de
                                                                    travail stimulant qui offre des conditions avantageuses et de
                                                                    multiples possibilités? Ça tombe bien, puisque derrière la qualité
                                                                    de vie des Québécoises et des Québécois, il y a des carrières
                                                                    pleines de défis! On veut ton talent!
Day 1 - Sept 29   Communications   The Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is Software                Undergraduate   Immediate Full-   yes
                  Security                                  Canada's national cryptologic agency.                           Engineering,Comput                 Time,McGill
                  Establishment                                                                                             er Science,Math &                  Engineering
                  Canada (CSE) /                            Our vision:                                                     Stats,Electrical                   Internship
                  Centre de la                                                                                              Engineering,Comput                 Program,McGill
                  Sécurité des                              Safeguarding Canada's security through information superiority. er Engineering                     Science
                  télécommunicatio                                                                                                                             Internship
                  ns Canada (CST)                           Our mission:                                                                                       Program

                                                            To provide and protect information of national interest through
                                                            leading-edge technology, in synergy with our partners

                                                            Our Role:

                                                            Unique within Canada's security and intelligence community,
                                                            CSEC employs code-makers and code-breakers to provide the
                                                            Government of Canada with information technology security (IT
                                                            Security) and foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) services.
                                                            CSEC also provides technical and operational assistance to
                                                            federal law enforcement and security agencies.

                                                            Our IT Security products and services enable our clients (other
                                                            federal government departments and agencies) to effectively
                                                            secure their electronic information systems and networks. CSEC
                                                            also conducts research and development on behalf of the
                                                            Government of Canada in fields related to communications

                                                            Our SIGINT products and services support government decision-
                                                            making in the fields of national security, national defence and
                                                            foreign policy. CSEC's SIGINT activities relate exclusively to
                                                            foreign intelligence and are directed by the Government of
                                                            Canada's intelligence priorities.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Conseillers en   Chez CGI, nous sommes une équipe de bâtisseurs. Chacun de Computer                      Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-     yes
                  gestion et                                      nos membres (ou employés) concourt à bâtir sa propre            Science,Computer        ate                Time,OCR Full-
                  informatique CGI                                entreprise – une firme qui regroupe des professionnels répartis Engineering                                time (On-Campus
                  Inc                                             dans plus de 100 bureaux dans le monde. Fondée en 1976, CGI                                                Recruitment for
                                                                  est un chef de file des services en TI et en gestion des                                                   graduating
                                                                  processus d’affaires qui contribue à la croissance et au succès                                            students),OCR
                                                                  de ses clients. Nos clients – tout comme nos membres –                                                     Summer (On-
                                                                  peuvent compter sur nos ressources mondiales, sur notre savoir-                                            Campus
                                                                  faire, sur notre stabilité et sur nos professionnels chevronnés                                            Recruitment for
                                                                  pour obtenir les résultats escomptés. Joignez-vous à nous. Pour                                            returning students)
                                                                  en savoir davantage :

                                                                  At CGI, we’re a team of builders. We call our employees
                                                                  members because all who join CGI are building their own
                                                                  company – one that has grown to professionals located in 100+
                                                                  offices worldwide. Founded in 1976, CGI is a leading IT and
                                                                  business process services firm committed to helping clients win
                                                                  and grow. We have the global resources, expertise, stability and
                                                                  dedicated professionals needed to achieve results for our clients
                                                                  – and for our members. Come grow with us. Learn more at
Day 1 - Sept 29   Construction         Kiewit Corporation is one of North America's largest and most       Mining                Undergraduate     OCR Full-time      yes
                  Kiewit Cie.                                     respected construction and engineering organizations and is the     Engineering,Mechani                     (On-Campus
                                                                  successor to a construction business founded in 1884.               cal Engineering,Civil                   Recruitment for
                                                                  Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, the employee-owned                Engineering                             graduating
                                                                  company operates through a network of subsidiaries in the U. S.                                             students),McGill
                                                                  and Canada. Kiewit offers services in a variety of markets                                                  Engineering
                                                                  including transportation, buildings, water resources, power,                                                Internship
                                                                  underground, oil and gas, electrical, mining and marine. Kiewit's                                           Program
                                                                  workforce includes approximately 5,600 salaried and hourly staff
                                                                  along with more than 11,000 craft workers. Kiewit hires people
                                                                  who take on new challenges, explore new ideas, and excel at
                                                                  their work.
Day 1 - Sept 29   David Schaeffer           David Schaeffer Engineering Ltd. has been offering engineering      Civil Engineering   Undergraduate       Immediate Full-    yes
                  Engineering Ltd.                                services to the land development industry since 1994. DSEL                                                  Time
                                                                  specialize exclusively in the design and administration of new
                                                                  residential subdivisions. Our clients include some of Canada’s
                                                                  largest and most reputable home builders. We have earned our
                                                                  reputation by producing leading-edge subdivision designs
                                                                  through innovation.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Dessau   Headquartered in Canada, Dessau is an engineering consulting          Earth & Planetary     Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   no
                                                   firm, which has been well established as a national and               Sciences              ndergraduate        Time,McGill
                                                   international leader in its field for decades.                        (Geology),Mechanica                       Engineering
                                                                                                                         l                                         Internship
                                                   Established in 1957, Dessau is now one of the largest                 Engineering,Electrica                     Program
                                                   engineering-construction firms in Canada, operating throughout        l Engineering,Civil
                                                   the country and around the world. The company has                     Engineering
                                                   experienced sustained growth in recent years while developing
                                                   leading-edge expertise in several complementary fields of
                                                   activity. With a one-stop-shop approach to business, we are
                                                   proud to offer our clients a complete range of professional

                                                   Dessau is also an exciting place to work. We employ nearly
                                                   5,000 talented individuals
                                                   for small, medium and large-scale projects worldwide. Their
                                                   integrity, team spirit and ability to innovate are key to our

                                                   With permanent offices in 45 Canadian cities and six countries,
                                                   Dessau is one of the world’s top 100 engineering-construction


                                                   Fondée au Canada en 1957, Dessau est l’une des plus
                                                   importantes sociétés d’ingénierie-construction au pays et œuvre
                                                   tant au niveau national que sur la scène internationale. La firme,
                                                   qui a connu une croissance fulgurante, a développé une
                                                   expertise de pointe dans de nombreux domaines d’activités afin
                                                   d’offrir un guichet unique de services professionnels à ses
Day 1 - Sept 29   Dillon Consulting       Dillon is a well established, employee-owned professional               Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Limited                                        consulting firm providing services to our clients from offices          Engineering,Atmosph ndergraduate          Time,Part-time
                                                                 located across Canada. These have been chosen for two                   eric & Oceanic
                                                                 reasons: proximity to our key clients and proximity to the              Sciences,Chemistry/
                                                                 talented professionals that we want in our organization. We’re          Biochemistry,Earth &
                                                                 proud of our firm – how we operate, the work we do, our sense           Planetary Sciences
                                                                 of purpose, our history and our culture.                                (Geology),Geography
                                                                                                                                         ,Math & Stats,Mining
                                                                 We focus our energies on five client groups – four of them in           Engineering,Physics,
                                                                 specific North American business sectors: government, industry,         All of
                                                                 resources, real estate. As well, we serve clients in select             Sciences,Metals and
                                                                 locations overseas, through our international operations.               Material
                                                                 As with many things at Dillon, our organization structure breaks        cal
                                                                 with the traditional model of the technical consulting industry. It’s   Engineering,Electrica
                                                                 designed to specifically serve our clients well, through a blend of     l
                                                                 a keen understanding of their organization and people, and deep         Engineering,Comput
                                                                 knowledge of the markets they operate in.                               er Engineering,Civil
                                                                 TYPES OF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/POSITIONS                                 l Engineering,All of
                                                                 AVAILABLE                                                               Engineering
                                                                 We are a technically diverse organization … in experience level,
                                                                 discipline, gender and geographic presence. This has clearly
                                                                 benefited our clients. And it can clearly benefit those who
                                                                 choose to join our 600 person team – through mentoring, on-the-
                                                                 job experience, variety and challenge.

                                                                 The types of career opportunities available include (Recruiting to
                                                                 fill in).
Day 1 - Sept 29   ExcelaCom, Inc.   ExcelaCom is an IT and business consulting company based in             Software           Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-       yes
                                                                 the Northern Virginia area rapidly growing with great opportunity       Engineering,Comput ate                Time
                                                                 for professional growth and accomplishment. Founded in                  er Science,Math &
                                                                 September 2000, ExcelaCom focuses on end-to-end solutions               Stats,Mechanical
                                                                 for the digital economy. Utilizing the latest and greatest              Engineering,Comput
                                                                 technology, we provide the leadership and ability to help               er Engineering
                                                                 organizations reach their ultimate potential through our work with
                                                                 Fortune 500 Companies. Besides our headquarter office in
                                                                 Reston, VA – we also have locations and clients in the following
                                                                 cities: Dallas, TX- Philadelphia, PA – Atlanta, GA – New York,
                                                                 NY – Los Angeles, CA – Las Vegas, NV – and San Juan, PR.
Day 1 - Sept 29   General Cable   General Cable (NYSE:BGC), a Fortune 500 company                        All of Sciences   Undergraduate   Immediate Full-   yes
                                                                headquartered in Highland Heights, Kentucky U.S.A., is a leader                                          Time
                                                                in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and
                                                                distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable
                                                                products for the energy, industrial, specialty and
                                                                communications markets. The Company offers competitive
                                                                strengths in such areas as breadth of product line, brand
                                                                recognition, distribution and logistics, sales and service and
                                                                operating efficiency. Energy cables include low-, medium- and
                                                                high-voltage power distribution and power transmission
                                                                products. The Industrial and Specialty segment is comprised of
                                                                application-specific cables for uses such as electrical power
                                                                generation (traditional fuels, alternative and renewable sources,
                                                                and distributed generation), the oil, gas and petrochemical
                                                                industries, mining, industrial automation, marine, military and
                                                                aerospace applications, power applications in the
                                                                telecommunications industry, and other key industrial segments.
                                                                Communications wire and cable products transmit low-voltage
                                                                signals for voice, data, video and control applications.
Day 1 - Sept 29   GIRO inc.            GIRO, chef de file international dans le développement de         Software           Undergraduate       Immediate Full-   yes
                                                                logiciels d’optimisation visant à accroître la productivité dans les
                                                                                                                                  Engineering,Comput                     Time
                                                                secteurs du transport public et de la distribution postale.       er
                                                                Située à Montréal, GIRO emploie plus de 200 professionnels de Engineering
                                                                l’informatique et de la recherche opérationnelle au service d’une
                                                                clientèle de plus de 250 sociétés de transport urbain et sociétés
                                                                postales réparties dans le monde (New York, Los Angeles,
                                                                Bruxelles, Sydney, Singapour, etc.).

                                                                Les employés de GIRO évoluent dans une ambiance conviviale
                                                                où le travail d’équipe est primordial et où l’amélioration des
                                                                méthodes et des processus est une préoccupation constante.

                                                                Les produits de GIRO sont développés selon des pratiques
                                                                reconnues du génie logiciel, et à l’aide de techniques et de
                                                                méthodes telles que la conception par objets, les systèmes
                                                                distribués, les interfaces graphiques (GUI) et Web et les bases
                                                                de données relationnelles.

                                                                GIRO offre plusieurs défis stimulants dans un environnement
                                                                technologique de pointe, ainsi que de nombreuses opportunités
                                                                professionnelles axées sur les intérêts et les compétences de

                                                                En plus des salaires compétitifs, de nombreux avantages
                                                                sociaux sont offerts : régime de participation aux bénéfices,
                                                                horaires flexibles, allocations de transport, politiques favorisant
                                                                l’équilibre travail/famille/loisirs, possibilité de voyager (équipes
                                                                de projets), congé durant toute la période des Fêtes, etc.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Groupe Aecon   http://www.aeconinfrastructure.c Aecon Group Inc. is Canada’s largest, publicly traded                  Civil Engineering   Undergraduate     Immediate Full-   yes
                  Québec ltée    om                               construction and infrastructure development company. Aecon                                                   Time,McGill
                                                                  and its subsidiaries provide services to private and public sector                                           Engineering
                                                                  clients throughout Canada and on a selected basis                                                            Internship
                                                                  internationally.                                                                                             Program

                                                                   Aecon Group Inc. has been named one of the 50 Best
                                                                   Employers in Canada for 2010 in an annual study managed by
                                                                   Hewitt Associates, and published in the Globe and Mail’s Report
                                                                   on Business Magazine.

                                                                   This is Aecon’s third consecutive year on the 50 Best Employers
                                                                   list, considered the premier recognition for Canada’s top
                                                                   employers. The list is a direct result of employee responses to a
                                                                   confidential opinion survey conducted by Hewitt.

                                                                   We are looking for the best talent in the civil engineering sector.
                                                                   Come visit us at our booth.

                                                                   Groupe Aecon Inc. est la plus grande société ouverte au
                                                                   Canada dans le domaine de la construction et de
                                                                   l’aménagement d’infrastructures. Aecon et ses filiales offrent
                                                                   des services à des clients des secteurs privé et public partout au
                                                                   Canada et dans certains pays du monde.

                                                                   Groupe Aecon Inc. a été nommé au palmarès des 50
                                                                   Employeurs de choix au Canada en 2010 au terme d’une étude
                                                                   menée annuellement par Hewitt Associates et dont les résultats
                                                                   ont été publiés dans le magazine Report on Business Magazine
                                                                   du Globe and Mail.

Day 1 - Sept 29   Hatch               Hatch supplies process and business consulting, information           Mining                Undergraduate   Immediate Full-   yes
                                                                   technology, engineering, and project and construction                 Engineering,Metals                    Time,Part-time
                                                                   management to the mining, metallurgical, manufacturing, energy        and Material
                                                                   and infrastructure industries                                         Engineering,Mechani
                                                                                                                                         l Engineering,Civil
                                                                                                                                         l Engineering
Day 1 - Sept 29   Hydro Québec   Hydro-Québec est toujours à la recherche de candidats           All of Sciences     Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full- no
                                   mplois                         hautement qualifiés pour renouveler son effectif, dynamiser ses                     ndergraduate        Time,OCR Full-
                                                                  équipes et propulser son développement. En fait, l’entreprise                                           time (On-Campus
                                                                  prévoit embaucher plusieurs milliers de personnes d’ici 2014.                                           Recruitment for
                                                                  Plus que jamais, Hydro-Québec fonde ses projets d’avenir sur la                                         graduating
                                                                  relève.                                                                                                 students)

                                                                   Chef de file mondial dans le secteur de l’énergie, Hydro-Québec
                                                                   offre une rémunération globale très concurrentielle. Reconnue
                                                                   pour ses percées technologiques, ses hauts standards
                                                                   d’excellence et sa performance financière, elle favorise des
                                                                   cheminements de carrière diversifiés en misant sur la formation
                                                                   et le développement des compétences.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Imperial See the potential                                                 Earth & Planetary     Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-  no
                  Oil/ExxonMobil   s                                                                                                 Sciences              ate                Time,OCR Full-
                  Companies of                                     Imperial Oil has been a leading member of Canada's petroleum (Geology),Mining                              time (On-Campus
                  Canada                                           industry for more than 125 years. We are the country's largest    Engineering,Metals                       Recruitment for
                                                                   petroleum refiner and one of the largest producers of crude oil   and Material                             graduating
                                                                   and natural gas, and have a leading market share in petroleum Engineering,Mechani                          students),OCR
                                                                   products, sold primarily under the Esso and Mobil brands.         cal                                      Summer (On-
                                                                                                                                     Engineering,Electrica                    Campus
                                                                   Imperial recruits graduates from engineering, business            l Engineering,Civil                      Recruitment for
                                                                   administration, and the sciences, and offers tremendous career Engineering,Chemica                         returning
                                                                   opportunities, excellent training and mentoring and exciting      l Engineering                            students),McGill
                                                                   projects. To see the potential in your future, visit our Web site                                          Engineering
                                                                   for positions for recent graduates, student opportunities and an                                           Internship
                                                                   overview of Imperial's operations.                                                                         Program,McGill
Day 1 - Sept 29   Intelerad Medical       Intelerad is an emerging leader in the rapidly growing medical      Software           Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Systems Inc.                                       software industry. Hospitals and radiology imaging centers use      Engineering,Comput ndergraduate        Time,McGill
                                                                     our products to visualize, interpret, archive and distribute        er                                     Engineering
                                                                     medical images across local and wide area networks. Since our       Science,Computer                       Internship
                                                                     founding in 1999, we have earned a reputation for exceeding         Engineering                            Program
                                                                     client expectations with innovative, high quality software and
                                                                     exceptional service. We strive to combine the best of being a
                                                                     dynamic entrepreneurial company with the discipline required to
                                                                     provide world class engineering and service excellence to our
                                                                     ever expanding customer base. We also have a great track
                                                                     record of financial growth and profitability, even in these tough

                                                                     Intelerad’s success is due to the quality of our people and their
                                                                     commitment to make a difference to the medical professionals
                                                                     and patients served by our products. In return, our clients
                                                                     become convincing advocates for our products and rate us first
                                                                     in independent surveys of industry end-users. We make sure
                                                                     our work environment provides the right atmosphere,
                                                                     relationships, and tools for our people to learn, grow, and
Day 1 - Sept 29   Jemspartners   Société de conseil spécialisée en finances de marchés, JEMS         Software Engineering Masters           Immediate Full-   yes
                                                                     PARTNERS innove depuis 2002 en associant des interventions                                                 Time,Part-time
                                                                     pointues au développement professionnel de ses consultants.

                                                                     Notre maîtrise des métiers titres, des produits de taux et change
                                                                     et autres produits dérivés nous permet d’intervenir tant au
                                                                     niveau du conseil que de la maîtrise d’ouvrage auprès des
                                                                     grands acteurs de l’industrie financière.

                                                                     JEMS Partners compte parmi ses clients BNP PARIBAS,
                                                                     SOCIETE GENERALE, CALYON, NATIXIS, HSBC, EXANE,

                                                                     Notre activité se concentre sur 3 axes :
                                                                     - Fonctionnel : support fonctionnel, assistance à maitrise
                                                                     d’ouvrage, homologateur…
                                                                     - Etudes et développements: ingénieur d’étude, chef de projet,
                                                                     architecte applicatif…
                                                                     - Infrastructure : Ingénieur systèmes, réseaux, expert sécurité,
                                                                     architecte technique…
Day 1 - Sept 29   McGill - Faculty of Ranked 18th in the World’s Best Colleges in Engineering and IT All of Engineering   Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-    no
                  Engineering         /                                by U.S. News & World Report, the Faculty of Engineering at                          ate                Time
                                                                       McGill University is on the cutting edge of research and
                                                                       innovation. Helping to maintain this standard of excellence, the
                                                                       Faculty offers graduate and undergraduate students the
                                                                       opportunity to work with world-calibre researchers and
                                                                       exceptionally-talented students in the Departments of Chemical
                                                                       Engineering, Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Electrical
                                                                       and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining and
                                                                       Materials Engineering, and the Schools of Architecture and
                                                                       Urban Planning. Students have access to advanced research
                                                                       facilities and the opportunity to be a part of innovative,
                                                                       interdisciplinary research teams in areas such as Aerospace
                                                                       Engineering, Bioengineering, Broadband Communications,
                                                                       Energy and Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering,
                                                                       Infrastructure Engineering, Nanotechnology and New Materials,
                                                                       and much more. Comprehensive scholarship programs provide
                                                                       financial support to many graduate students, and international
                                                                       PhD students receive a supplemental tuition fee waiver.

Day 1 - Sept 29   MDA Corporation For more than two decades, human space flight has been                 Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-  yes
                                                                supported by advanced robotics developed by the Space                  Engineering,Mechani ndergraduate          Time,Part-
                                                                Missions unit of MDA. We have combined complex robotics with           cal                                       time,OCR Full-
                                                                control software to develop the Space Shuttle's Canadarm and           Engineering,Electrica                     time (On-Campus
                                                                the Mobile Servicing System for the International Space Station.       l                                         Recruitment for
                                                                Continuous support, upgrades and improvements ensure these             Engineering,Comput                        graduating
                                                                mission-critical systems meet on-orbit requirements. MDA's             er Engineering                            students),OCR
                                                                reputation for innovative solutions has been further enhanced                                                    Summer (On-
                                                                with the development of an extension to the Canadarm for on-                                                     Campus
                                                                orbit inspection of the Shuttle. This new arm will play a vital role                                             Recruitment for
                                                                in NASA's Return to Flight and all future shuttle missions.                                                      returning
                                                                      MDA's satellite solutions provide responsive and reliable access                                           Engineering
                                                                      to space. Our new generation of innovative, small satellite                                                Internship
                                                                      missions offer turn-key systems for earth observation,                                                     Program,McGill
                                                                      surveillance of space, information delivery and space science.                                             Science
                                                                      MDA is also a leading supplier of commercial satellite payloads,                                           Internship
                                                                      systems and subsystems including antennas, digital, microwave                                              Program
                                                                      and power equipment for communications and remote sensing

                                                                      From large-scale projects for earth observation like RADARSAT-
                                                                      2, to our fast-growing small satellite capability, MDA provides
                                                                      satellite solutions for private sector and government clients
                                                                      around the world. Leveraging our expertise in robotic technology
                                                                      and space-borne sensing systems, MDA is developing
                                                                      sophisticated systems for on-orbit servicing and planetary
Day 1 - Sept 29   Microsoft Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and           Software               Doctorate,Masters,U OCR Full-time       yes
                  Corporation      e                               solutions that help people and businesses realize their full          Engineering,Comput ndergraduate            (On-Campus
                                                                   potential. We're motivated and inspired by how our customers          er Science,Math &                          Recruitment for
                                                                   and partners use our software to find creative solutions to           Stats,Physics,Electric                     graduating
                                                                   business problems, develop breakthrough ideas and stay                al                                         students),OCR
                                                                   connected to what's important to them.                                Engineering,Comput                         Summer (On-
                                                                                                                                         er Engineering                             Campus
                                                                   We run our company in much the same way. Our employees                                                           Recruitment for
                                                                   come as they are and do what they love. We’re a global                                                           returning students)
                                                                   company, located in over 100 countries, but we often act like a
                                                                   startup. We do software — but we also do hardware, services,
                                                                   research, and community outreach. We work hard, but we value
                                                                   work/life balance, and each of us defines what that means to us.
                                                                   So why not explore what we do, where we do it, and what life is
                                                                   really like at Microsoft? You just might be surprised.

Day 1 - Sept 29   Morgan Stanley    Morgan Stanley has earned a worldwide reputation for the              Software              Doctorate,Masters,U OCR Full-time       yes
                                                                   excellence of its advice and execution in financial markets. With     Engineering,Comput ndergraduate           (On-Campus
                                                                   more than 1,300 offices in 42 countries, the firm is truly            er Science,Electrical                     Recruitment for
                                                                   global—and a market leader in the U.S., Europe and Asia, as           Engineering,Comput                        graduating
                                                                   well as in emerging markets. Morgan Stanley’s success rests on        er Engineering                            students)
                                                                   the talents and passion of its people, who share a common set
                                                                   of values and bring excellence and integrity to everything they do.

                                                                   The Technology & Data Analyst Program is designed to develop
                                                                   highly skilled and motivated technologists who partner with our
                                                                   businesses to solve complex problems through the use of
                                                                   technology. Candidates are recruited throughout Canada for
                                                                   placement within our Montreal office. Upon successful
                                                                   completion of the interview process, each candidate will be
                                                                   extended an offer with the group that best matches their skill
                                                                   sets and interests.

                                                                   Learn more and apply online at
                                                                   (Choose Americas, Analyst Program, Technology Analyst
                                                                   Program- Montreal)
Day 1 - Sept 29   National        National Instruments, a technology pioneer and industry leader      Software              Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-  yes
                  Instruments (NI)                                   in virtual instrumentation since 1976, delivers LabVIEW             Engineering,Comput ate                   Time,OCR Full-
                                                                     graphical software and open, modular instrumentation hardware       er                                       time (On-Campus
                                                                     for design, simulation, control, test, and manufacturing.           Science,Physics,Mec                      Recruitment for
                                                                     Engineers and scientists in hundreds of industries use flexible,    hanical                                  graduating
                                                                     high-performance NI products to create reliable user-defined        Engineering,Electrica                    students),McGill
                                                                     systems throughout the product design cycle to reduce time to       l                                        Engineering
                                                                     market and lower development costs. Headquartered in Austin,        Engineering,Comput                       Internship
                                                                     Texas, NI has more than 5,000 employees worldwide and direct        er                                       Program
                                                                     operations in more than 40 countries. NI is frequently recognized   Engineering,Chemica
                                                                     for its friendly and inspiring work environment by such             l Engineering
                                                                     publications as FORTUNE, BusinessWeek, and Electronic
Day 1 - Sept 29   Otis Canada Inc.             Otis Canada, Inc., (part of Otis Elevator Company) is the world's   Mechanical            Undergraduate      Immediate Full- yes
                                                                     largest manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving            Engineering,Electrica                    Time,OCR Full-
                                                                     walkways. Otis is a wholly owned subsidiary of United               l Engineering                            time (On-Campus
                                                                     Technologies Corporation (UTC), a Fortune 500 company and                                                    Recruitment for
                                                                     world leader in the building systems and aerospace industries.                                               graduating
                                                                     Otis employees more than 60,000 people, offers products and                                                  students)
                                                                     services in more than 200 countries and territories and
                                                                     maintains more than 1.8 million elevators and 115,000
                                                                     escalators in operation worldwide. Otis' North and South
                                                                     America Area, headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut,
                                                                     include branch offices in every major city in the United States,
                                                                     Canada, and Mexico.

                                                                     Just imagine where we can take you!
Day 1 - Sept 29   PCO Innovation   PCO Innovation est un groupe international de conseil et de         Software              Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   yes
                  Canada                                             services spécialisé dans l’optimisation des processus               Engineering,Comput ate                   Time
                                                                     d’innovation et la mise en œuvre de la démarche PLM dans            er
                                                                     l’entreprise (Product Lifecycle Management).                        Science,Mechanical
                                                                     Nos 500 consultants et experts technologiques interviennent à       l
                                                                     travers le monde, aussi bien en détachement de personnel que        Engineering,Comput
                                                                     sur des projets structurés. Le groupe compte parmi ses clients      er Engineering
                                                                     de nombreux acteurs majeurs des domaines Aéronautique &
                                                                     Défense, Automobile & Transport, Industrie manufacturière,
                                                                     Electricité & Electronique, Ingénierie & Process, Pharmacie et
Day 1 - Sept 29   Research in   Research In Motion (RIM) is a leading designer, manufacturer            Software              Undergraduate     OCR Summer         no
                  Motion                                     and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide         Engineering,Comput                      (On-Campus
                                                             mobile communications market. Through the development of                er Science,Electrical                   Recruitment for
                                                             integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple        Engineering,Comput                      returning
                                                             wireless network standards, RIM provides platforms and                  er Engineering                          students),McGill
                                                             solutions for seamless access to timesensitive information                                                      Engineering
                                                             including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-                                                   Internship
                                                             based applications. RIM technology also enables a broad array                                                   Program,McGill
                                                             of third party developers and manufacturers to enhance their                                                    Science
                                                             products and                                                                                                    Internship
                                                             services with wireless connectivity.                                                                            Program

                                                             RIM's portfolio of award-winning products, services and
                                                             embedded technologies are used by thousands of organizations
                                                             around the world and include the BlackBerry™ wireless
                                                             platform, the RIM Wireless Handheld™ product line, software
                                                             development tools, radio-modems and software/hardware
                                                             licensing agreements.

                                                             Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM operates
                                                             offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. RIM is listed
                                                             on the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq: RIMM) and the Toronto
                                                             Stock Exchange (TSX: RIM).
Day 1 - Sept 29   Rio Tinto      Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group headquartered         Earth & Planetary     Masters,Undergradu McGill            no
                                                             in the UK, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London and NYSE listed            Sciences              ate                Engineering
                                                             company, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian       (Geology),Mining                         Internship
                                                             Securities Exchange.                                                    Engineering,Metals                       Program,McGill
                                                             Rio Tinto's business is finding, mining, and processing mineral         and Material                             Science
                                                             resources. Major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds,              Engineering,Mechani                      Internship
                                                             energy (coal and uranium), gold, industrial minerals (borax,            cal                                      Program
                                                             titanium dioxide, salt, talc) and iron ore. Activities span the world   Engineering,Electrica
                                                             but are strongly represented in Australia and North America with        l Engineering,Civil
                                                             significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and               Engineering,Chemica
                                                             southern Africa.                                                        l Engineering
Day 1 - Sept 29   SAP Labs Canada               SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software. Today,     Software              Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   yes
                                                                   more than 38,000 customers in more than 120 countries run            Engineering,Comput ate                   Time,McGill
                                                                   SAP® applications—from distinct solutions addressing the             er Science,Electrical                    Engineering
                                                                   needs of small and midsize enterprises to suite offerings for        Engineering,Comput                       Internship
                                                                   global organizations. Powered by the SAP NetWeaver® platform         er Engineering                           Program
                                                                   to drive innovation and enable business change, SAP software
                                                                   helps enterprises of all sizes around the world improve customer
                                                                   relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create
                                                                   efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations.
                                                                   SAP solution portfolios support the unique business processes
                                                                   of more than 25 industries, including high tech, retail, financial
                                                                   services, healthcare and the public sector. With subsidiaries in
                                                                   more than 50 countries, the company is listed on several
                                                                   exchanges, including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE
                                                                   under the symbol “SAP.”

Day 1 - Sept 29   Schlumberger   Schlumberger Oilfield Services is the leading supplier of            Mechanical            Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full- no
                  Oilfield Services                                services and technology to the international petroleum industry      Engineering,Electrica ate                Time,OCR Full-
                                                                   providing virtually every type of service to the upstream            l Engineering,Civil                      time (On-Campus
                                                                   exploration and production industry. With presence in more than      Engineering,Chemica                      Recruitment for
                                                                   80 countries around the world, Schlumberger Oilfield Services        l Engineering                            graduating
                                                                   works with clients to resolve their challenging problems by                                                   students)
                                                                   investing in state-of-the-art technology and extensive research
                                                                   and development.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Smart & Biggar   Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh is Canada's largest firm           Software              Undergraduate   McGill        yes
                  (Montréal)                                                                                                      Engineering,Comput
                                                                practising exclusively in intellectual property and technology law.                                     Engineering
                                                                Since our inception over a century ago, we have been dedicated    er                                    Internship
                                                                to one purpose -- providing the highest quality advice and        Science,Mechanical                    Program
                                                                service in the areas of intellectual property and technology law to
                                                                leaders in industry and research.                                 l
                                                                You’re a motivated individual seeking challenge and balance in er Engineering,Civil
                                                                a welcoming community. Why should you settle for putting in       Engineering,Chemica
                                                                uninspiring, anonymous hours? Our firm is sophisticated enough l Engineering
                                                                to provide a well-rounded learning experience, but friendly
                                                                enough that people know each other on a first name basis. To
                                                                make your integration and learning as smooth as possible, you
                                                                will be paired with a mentor whose technical background is
                                                                similar to your own. At Smart & Biggar, your experience will also
                                                                include social events and reasonable hours in comparison to
                                                                other top firms.

                                                                For each of our offices, we hire a few driven, ambitious and
                                                                team-oriented students with a clear interest in intellectual
                                                                property law and a stellar academic record. We’re particularly
                                                                interested in students with technical backgrounds in engineering
                                                                or the physical or natural sciences. We also look for strong
                                                                written and interpersonal skills to uphold our standards of
                                                                excellence in client service.

                                                                We’re motivated, highly skilled professionals who take pride in
                                                                being a part of Canada’s leading IP firm — and we’re seeking
Day 1 - Sept 29   Teck          Teck is Canada’s largest diversified mining, mineral processing     Geography,All of    Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-  yes
                                                             and metallurgical company. Headquartered in Vancouver,              Engineering         ndergraduate        Time,OCR Full-
                                                             Canada, we are a world leader in the production of copper,                                                  time (On-Campus
                                                             metallurgical coal and zinc, a significant producer of gold,                                                Recruitment for
                                                             molybdenum and specialty metals, with interests in several oil                                              graduating
                                                             sands development assets.                                                                                   students),OCR
                                                                                                                                                                         Summer (On-
                                                             The Company owns, or has interests in, 15 mines in Canada,                                                  Campus
                                                             the USA, Chile and Peru, as well as one metallurgical complex                                               Recruitment for
                                                             in Canada. We have expertise across the full range of activities                                            returning
                                                             related to mining, including exploration, development, smelting,                                            students),McGill
                                                             refining, safety, environmental protection, product stewardship,                                            Engineering
                                                             recycling and research. The Company is actively exploring in                                                Internship
                                                             countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and                                                 Program

                                                             Teck is committed to creating value for its shareholders while
                                                             continually improving its performance as a responsible corporate
                                                             citizen and a leader in its industry. We pursue development of
                                                             new technologies that make mining more economically and
                                                             environmentally sustainable and strive to be a Partner of Choice
                                                             wherever we operate and with whomever we are associated.

                                                             Teck's Core Values of integrity, excellence, discipline,
                                                             commitment, teamwork, innovation, promotion of a culture of
Day 1 - Sept 29   The Canadian   Whether you use salt to season your food, de-ice your driveway,     Mining                Undergraduate    OCR Full-time       no
                  Salt Company                               or disinfect your pool water, there's a good chance it was mined,   Engineering,Mechani                    (On-Campus
                  Limited                                    manufactured and delivered by The Canadian Salt Company             cal                                    Recruitment for
                                                             Limited.                                                            Engineering,Electrica                  graduating
                                                                                                                                 l Engineering                          students),OCR
                                                             The Canadian Salt Company is Canada's largest salt producer                                                Summer (On-
                                                             with operations across Canada, from Alberta to Nova Scotia. In                                             Campus
                                                             conjunction with our parent companies, Morton Salt in the United                                           Recruitment for
                                                             States and K+S in Europe, we provide a wide range of                                                       returning students)
                                                             OPPORTUNITY. In North America alone, The Canadian Salt
                                                             Company Limited operates 6 Mines, 11 Evaporation Facilities
                                                             and 7 Solar Facilities.

                                                             Our focal point is to attract and retain the best people in the
                                                             industry with a specific focus on developing people for future
                                                             leadership throughout the organization. To support the
                                                             increased need for top performers, Canadian Salt has a
                                                             leadership development program, which throughout training,
                                                             experience and mentoring, is designed to grow talented, high-
                                                             potential candidates to support our successful team.
Day 1 - Sept 29   Wolverine   Founded in 1994, Wolverine is a diversified financial institution   Computer Science     Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   yes
                  Trading, LLC                           specializing in proprietary trading, asset management, order                             ate                Time
                                                         execution services, and technology solutions. We are
                                                         recognized as a market leader in derivatives valuation, trading,
                                                         and value-added order execution across global equity, options,
                                                         and futures markets. With a focus on innovation, achievement,
                                                         and integrity, we take pride in serving the interests of both our
                                                         clients and colleagues. Wolverine is headquartered in Chicago
                                                         with offices in New York and San Francisco and a proprietary
                                                         trading affiliate office located in London.

Day 2 - Sept 30   AMEC Americas    To come soon.                                                       Atmospheric &        Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-  yes
                  Limited                                                                                                    Oceanic              ate                Time,OCR Full-
                                                                                                                             Sciences,Earth &                        time (On-Campus
                                                                                                                             Planetary Sciences                      Recruitment for
                                                                                                                             (Geology),Mining                        graduating
                                                                                                                             Engineering,Metals                      students),McGill
                                                                                                                             and Material                            Engineering
                                                                                                                             Engineering,Civil                       Internship
                                                                                                                             Engineering                             Program,McGill
Day 2 - Sept 30   Aviya      Aviya Technologies is a leader in engineering services and         Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Technologies Inc.                            solutions for mission-critical aerospace and defence systems.      Engineering,Comput ndergraduate           Time
                                                               We provide expertise in systems, software, mechanical and          er
                                                               hardware engineering, along with program management to             Science,Mechanical
                                                               many top-tier aerospace and defence contractors. With              Engineering,Electrica
                                                               engineering facilities in Ontario and Quebec, our team of          l
                                                               engineers has the expertise and experience to cover all aspects    Engineering,Comput
                                                               of system development, including;                                  er Engineering,Civil
                                                               System specification
                                                               Controls analysis and modelling
                                                               Mechanical system design
                                                               Hardware development
                                                               Realtime embedded software
                                                               Our certification expertise covers FAA, Transport Canada, and
                                                               EASA, from DO-254 to DO-178B Level A safety-critical systems.

                                                               Software Engineering:
                                                               With a capable team of software engineers and a key focus on
                                                               embedded applications, we have the know-how to implement
                                                               software level requirements in C and Ada. Our expertise in DO-
                                                               178B, SEI CMM capabilities, and AS9100 enables us to design,
                                                               test and certify high-quality software that results in ease of
                                                               maintenance and verification.

                                                               Systems Engineering:
                                                               We specialize in both the design and testing of mission-critical
                                                               control systems. Our team of system engineers can ensure that
                                                               all customer application needs are captured, analyzed and
                                                               simulated for an optimum system solution. The result is a
                                                               concise specification of technical requirements for hardware and
                                                               software development.
Day 2 - Sept 30   BBA Inc.        A privately-owned consulting engineering firm, BBA provides          All of Engineering   Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-     yes
                                                            high-end engineering services mainly in the energy, mining and                            ndergraduate        Time,Part-
                                                            metals sectors. BBA sets itself apart in the engineering industry                                             time,OCR Full-
                                                            by providing a unique combination of integrated services which                                                time (On-Campus
                                                            include expert advice to principals and executives, technical                                                 Recruitment for
                                                            operation expertise, and commissioning.                                                                       graduating
                                                            BBA provides a wide range of services, from a project’s initial                                               Summer (On-
                                                            definition to its full implementation: consulting, traditional and                                            Campus
                                                            multidisciplinary services, studies, design, commissioning, and                                               Recruitment for
                                                            project delivery in EPCM mode (Engineering, Procurement, and                                                  returning students)
                                                            Construction Management).

                                                            To provide these services, BBA’s team includes experts in
                                                            several engineering disciplines – electrical, civil, mechanical,
                                                            mining, metallurgical process engineering – and also in related
                                                            fields such as industrial IT, automation, project management,
                                                            and construction management. With this state-of-the-art
                                                            expertise, the firm can take on any multidisciplinary project from
                                                            A to Z. The invaluable work of our partners in seeing projects
                                                            through to their final delivery and commissioning ensures an
                                                            exceptional service to our clients.

                                                            BBA’s know-how is continually advanced by the work and
                                                            successes of its high-level specialists working within versatile
                                                            multidisciplinary teams. Stimulated by the development of
                                                            innovative and sustainable solutions, they ensure an increased
                                                            cost-effectiveness through the entire cycle of the projects they
Day 2 - Sept 30   Cenovus Energy   Cenovus Energy is a leading integrated oil company                All of Engineering      Undergraduate       OCR Summer         no
                  Inc.                                      headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Our operations include our                                                 (On-Campus
                                                            growing enhanced oil projects and established natural gas and                                                 Recruitment for
                                                            crude oil production in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We also have                                                returning
                                                            ownership interest in two high-quality refineries in Illinois and                                             students),McGill
                                                            Texas.                                                                                                        Engineering
                                                            The future looks pretty exciting, and as a student or new grad                                                Program
                                                            we hope you think so, too. We're always on the lookout for
                                                            enthusiastic high achievers who want jobs with accountability,
                                                            who can bring fresh ideas to the table, and who are willing to
                                                            learn from some of the industry's most innovative and talented

                                                            Our students and new grads receive real-world experience and
                                                            mentorship, while also benefiting from a variety of development
                                                            opportunities — ranging from networking events to enhanced
                                                            training courses.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Ciena           Ciena Corporation, the network specialist, offers leading network   Software              Undergraduate     Immediate Full-   yes
                                                            infrastructure solutions, intelligent software and a                Engineering,Comput                      Time,McGill
                                                            comprehensive services practice. Our portfolio of software-         er                                      Engineering
                                                            centric optical and Ethernet platforms combines network             Science,Mechanical                      Internship
                                                            element programmability, operating system commonality and           Engineering,Electrica                   Program
                                                            management unification, and Carrier Ethernet-based                  l
                                                            transformation to enable our customers to change the way they       Engineering,Comput
                                                            compete. Our solutions form the foundation of many of the           er Engineering
                                                            largest, most reliable and sophisticated service provider,
                                                            enterprise, government, and research and education networks
                                                            across the globe.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Eaton   Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company         Mechanical            Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-  yes
                                                            with 2009 sales of $11.9 billion. Eaton is a global technology      Engineering,Electrica ate                Time,OCR Full-
                                                            leader in electrical components and systems for power quality,      l Engineering                            time (On-Campus
                                                            distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and                                                 Recruitment for
                                                            services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel,                                                graduating
                                                            hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military                                                 students),OCR
                                                            use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain                                                      Summer (On-
                                                            systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has                                                  Campus
                                                            approximately 70,000 employees and sells products to                                                         Recruitment for
                                                            customers in more than 150 countries. For more information,                                                  returning
                                                            visit                                                                                         students),McGill

Day 2 - Sept 30   EBC Inc.        EBC inc. is a private company founded in 1968 by Mr. Fernand Civil Engineering          Undergraduate       Immediate Full- yes
                                                            Houle and his brother, Mr. Germain Houle, under the name of                                                 Time,OCR Full-
                                                            "Entreprises Bon Conseil Ltée". EBC offers complete and                                                     time (On-Campus
                                                            diversified services related to the construction sector et has                                              Recruitment for
                                                            become, over the years, one of the most important general                                                   graduating
                                                            contractor in Quebec. Firstly active in the building sector of                                              students)
                                                            institutional, commercial, industrial and multi-residential, EBC
                                                            then diversified its activities and is now present in the major
                                                            works in civil engineering works, earthworks and underwater
                                                            works. Great builder, EBC now has an undeniable reputation on
                                                            the market and is recognized as an industry leader in the activity
                                                            sectors of buildings, civil works and earthworks.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Electronic Arts   Electronic Arts acquired JAMDAT Mobile in February 2006. With      Software              Masters,Undergradu OCR Full-time     yes
                                                              this acquisition and the 4 years of growth, investment and         Engineering,Comput ate                   (On-Campus
                                                              success since then, EA Mobile has become the world's leading       er Science,Electrical                    Recruitment for
                                                              publisher of interactive Mobile entertainment software for cell    Engineering,Comput                       graduating
                                                              phones, smart phones, and advanced handheld devices. With          er Engineering                           students)
                                                              the worldwide market exceeding 1 billion new handsets per year,
                                                              we are committed to staying in the lead and driving the reach of
                                                              interactive entertainment. EA Mobile is the largest member of
                                                              the Interactive portfolio and a high-growth area for EA overall.
                                                              Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, EA Mobile has offices
                                                              cities around globe including London, Bucharest, Hyderabad,
                                                              Sao Paolo and Singapore.

                                                              The Montreal office represents EA Mobile’s largest development
                                                              organization and sets the organization’s standard for quality
                                                              games across a wide range of devices. The studio has around
                                                              250 passionate mobile game experts spread among the
                                                              different specialization areas.

Day 2 - Sept 30   Ericsson Canada   Ericsson Canada Inc. serves Canadian operators, enterprises    Computer                 Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-    yes
                  Inc.                                        and media companies by providing complete communication        Science,Electrical       ate                Time,Part-time
                                                              solutions including mobile and fixed network infrastructure,   Engineering
                                                              professional services, software, broadband and multimedia
                                                              solutions. As one of Canada’s largest R&D investors, Ericsson
                                                              Canada also fulfills worldwide mandates in the development,
                                                              testing and support of wireless networks and advanced end-user
                                                              multimedia services:

                                                              A subsidiary of LM Ericsson, Sweden, Ericsson has operated in
                                                              Canada since 1953.
                                                              In 2009, Ericsson invested more than $197 million in Research
                                                              and Development (R&D) in Canada, and ranks as one of the top
                                                              R&D investors in the country.
                                                              Ericsson has more than 2700 employees in Canada

                                                              Ericsson’s industry-leading network solutions include radio
                                                              access network infrastructure, (radio base stations for GSM,
                                                              WCDMA, HSPA, LTE) core network solutions (like softswitch, IP
                                                              infrastructure, IMS, media gateways), transport solutions (like
                                                              microwave radio and optical fiber solutions) and fixed access
                                                              solutions for copper and fiber.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Evolving Web     Evolving Web is a Montreal-based web design and development All of Sciences,All of Undergraduate               Immediate Full-   yes
                                                           company specializing in multilingual Drupal-powered websites.    Engineering                                   Time,McGill
                                                           We provide a wide range of services including web strategy, site                                               Engineering
                                                           development, and custom theming.                                                                               Internship
Day 2 - Sept 30   FM Global   With roots tracing back to 1835, FM Global is the world’s largest Mining                   Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                                                           insurance company dedicated solely to property protection.           Engineering,Metals    ndergraduate        Time
                                                                                                                                and Material
                                                           With 61 offices worldwide serving clients in more than 130           Engineering,Mechani
                                                           countries, FM Global is a recognized leader in risk transfer,        cal
                                                           property loss prevention, loss control engineering, research and Engineering,Electrica
                                                           training.                                                            l Engineering,Civil
                                                           FM Global’s engineers assist policyholders in physically             l Engineering
                                                           protecting their large industrial and commercial properties
                                                           against fire, explosion, earthquake, collapse, windstorm,
                                                           mechanical and electrical breakdown and many other hazards
                                                           by linking cost-effective insurance with customized engineering
                                                           solutions to reduce the overall cost of risk. Our understanding of
                                                           property loss prevention is unmatched. FM Global scientists and
                                                           engineers work to advance loss prevention practices and
                                                           establish new industry standards through state-of-the-art
                                                           research and testing at our world-class Research Campus, a
                                                           complex specifically built for studying all aspects of property loss

                                                           FM Global is a “Fortune 1000” company with over 5,000
                                                           employees, including 1 700 loss prevention engineers.

                                                           FM Global offers its employees a dynamic and challenging work
                                                           environment that is personally and professionally rewarding. FM
                                                           Global provides a competitive total compensation package,
                                                           which includes a wide range of attractive benefits.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Genetec inc.   About Genetec                                                     Software              Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   no
                                                                                                                        Engineering,Comput ate                   Time,McGill
                                                      Genetec Inc., incorporated in 1997, is a pioneer in IP video      er Science,Electrical                    Engineering
                                                      surveillance solutions and a leader within the physical security  Engineering,Comput                       Internship
                                                      industry. Based in Montreal, Genetec is an international          er Engineering                           Program,McGill
                                                      organization with a presence in various cities worldwide                                                   Science
                                                      including Paris and Dubai. This global network enables Genetec                                             Internship
                                                      to effectively serve the North American, European and Middle                                               Program
                                                      Eastern markets. Genetec’s success is built on its dynamic team
                                                      of highly skilled individuals dedicated to the development
                                                      tomorrow’s cutting edge security technologies. Genetec is
                                                      recognized as an innovator in IP security products and related
                                                      services through its creation of revolutionary solutions that are
                                                      both reliable and user-friendly. As one of its core values,
                                                      Genetec demonstrates a commitment to customer care
                                                      unmatched within the industry. Hundreds of organizations
                                                      worldwide trust Genetec’s solutions to safeguard their assets
                                                      and personnel.

                                                      About Our Team

                                                      Innovation and Genetec are synonymous. The work culture at
                                                      Genetec is open, interactive and promotes creative thinking. We
                                                      are results-oriented and foster an environment where
                                                      employees can and do make a difference.

                                                      We work on a flexible work schedule and offer the latest
                                                      productivity tools.
                                                      Our office is located in Technoparc Saint-Laurent. Free parking
                                                      is provided.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Global Prior Art,   Global Prior Art is an established and growing intellectual           Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Inc.                                                 property consulting firm dealing primarily with patents. Our highly   Engineering,Comput ndergraduate           Time,Part-time
                                                                       skilled associates and analysts come largely from engineering         er
                                                                       and life science backgrounds. About half of them hold an              Science,Atmospheric
                                                                       advanced degree in their field.                                         & Oceanic
                                                                       We assist clients in matters such as patent infringement              Biochemistry,Earth &
                                                                       defense formulation, patent invalidation, freedom-to-operate          Planetary Sciences
                                                                       analysis, portfolio analysis and identification of patent-free        (Geology),Geography
                                                                       growth opportunities.                                                 ,Math & Stats,Mining
                                                                                                                                             All of
                                                                                                                                             Sciences,Metals and
                                                                                                                                             er Engineering,Civil
                                                                                                                                             l Engineering,All of

Day 2 - Sept 30   Halsall              Halsall Associates is a national building engineering firm with       Mechanical           Masters,Undergradu OCR Full-time       no
                  Associates Ltd.                                      more than 325 employees. For the fourth consecutive year, The         Engineering,Civil    ate                (On-Campus
                                                                       Globe and Mail has ranked Halsall in the top 25 of Canada’s           Engineering                             Recruitment for
                                                                       Best Workplaces.                                                                                              graduating
                                                                       Halsall has opportunities available in its four practice areas:
                                                                       Green Building Planning and Design, Restoration Engineering,
                                                                       Structural Design, and Capital Planning.
Day 2 - Sept 30   IAESTE Canada     IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students All of Sciences,All of Masters,Undergradu McGill                   no
                                                                       for Technical Experience). International exchange program to    Engineering           ate                Engineering
                                                                       provide students with overseas, career-related work experience.                                          Internship
Day 2 - Sept 30   Inspec-Sol   Inspec-Sol is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm specialized in   Civil Engineering   Undergraduate   OCR Full-time      yes
                                                          Geotechnical engineering, Materials engineering, Building                                                (On-Campus
                                                          science, Environment and Metallurgy. Over 600 skilled                                                    Recruitment for
                                                          employees are working within 28 offices location in Quebec,                                              graduating
                                                          Ontario, Maritimes and United States.                                                                    students),McGill
                                                          Inspec-Sol's success is based on the skills and knowledge of its                                         Internship
                                                          employees and its team of professionals who exercise                                                     Program
                                                          leadership, strong technical skills and a solid work ethic. This
                                                          assures that Inspec-Sol is well-equipped for continued growth
                                                          and success within our areas of multi-disciplinary engineering

                                                          Inspec-Sol is committed to providing its customers with
                                                          innovative solutions for projects in the sectors of construction,
                                                          infrastructure, energy, due-diligence, mining and public-private

                                                          Inspec-Sol est une firme d’ingénierie pluridisciplinaire
                                                          spécialisée en géotechnique, en ingénierie des matériaux, en
                                                          science du bâtiment, en environnement et en métallurgie. Plus
                                                          de 600 employés qualifiés, répartis entre 28 bureaux situés au
                                                          Québec, en Ontario, dans les Maritimes et aux États-Unis,
                                                          œuvrent au sein de la firme.

                                                          La réussite d'Inspec-Sol repose sur le savoir et la compétence
                                                          de son personnel ; l'équipe de professionnels d'Inspec-Sol
Day 2 - Sept 30   L'Oréal Canada           I WANT MORE.                                                     Chemistry/          Undergraduate   OCR Summer         yes
                                                                   MORE BUSINESS, MORE AMBITION, MORE GLOBAL, MORE Biochemistry,Mechan                                  (On-Campus
                                                                   PASSION...                                                       ical                                Recruitment for
                                                                                                                                    Engineering,Chemica                 returning
                                                                   You’re not like everybody else! Of course, you want to integrate l Engineering                       students),McGill
                                                                   a company like no other, who will highlight your skills!                                             Engineering
                                                                   In 2008 only, L'ORÉAL has reached 17.5 billion euros (25.3                                           Program
                                                                   billion $ CDN) of annual sales. L'Oreal has filed 628 patents,
                                                                   developed more than 3000 new formulas, has sold more than
                                                                   137 products at the second. Present in 130 countries and with a
                                                                   team of more than
                                                                   67 500 employees from more than 112 nationalities, L'Oreal is a
                                                                   great human adventure!

                                                                   L'OREAL CANADA:
                                                                   With 1240 employees across the country, a consolidated sales
                                                                   of 822.4 million dollars and a growing twice as fast as that of its
                                                                   industry, L'Oreal Canada is a leader and is the 7th largest
                                                                   subsidiary Group L'ORÉAL.

                                                                   The key to such success; quality, passion and enthusiasm of its
                                                                   teams, extreme attention to consumers and innovative products
                                                                   of high-tech, and a commitment in research.

                                                                   L'Oreal offers the prospect of rapid development, international
                                                                   opportunities, integration program and customized training in an
                                                                   environment that allows everyone to express his personality and
                                                                   where teamwork, diversity and the professional development are

Day 2 - Sept 30   Lockheed Martin   Lockheed Martin is a highly diversified global enterprise         Software           Undergraduate   Immediate Full-    yes
                  Canada                                           principally engaged in research, design, manufacture,             Engineering,Comput                 Time,Part-
                                                                   integration and life cycle support of advanced technology         er Engineering                     time,McGill
                                                                   products. As Canada's premier supplier of electronic defense                                         Engineering
                                                                   surveillance systems, we develop and deliver innovative                                              Internship
                                                                   systems for civil, naval, airborne and land operations both in                                       Program
                                                                   Canada and around the world. Building on the strength and
                                                                   vision of our heritage companies, we are committed to ongoing
                                                                   strategic change, growth, and the advancement of our position
                                                                   as a major presence on the Canadian high-technology scene.
                                                                   Lockheed Martin Canada’s work force is highly skilled,
                                                                   consisting of approximately 500 professionals with qualifications
                                                                   in a variety of high-technology and engineering disciplines.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Longbow          http://www.longbowadvantage.c Longbow is a supply chain management software consulting               Software              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-  yes
                  Advantage inc.   om                            firm. Founded in 2002. we specialize in the implementation,            Engineering,Comput ndergraduate           Time,OCR Full-
                                                                 integration, and custom modification of complex Warehouse              er Science,Electrical                     time (On-Campus
                                                                 Management Systems (WMS). Our major partner is RedPrairie,             Engineering,Comput                        Recruitment for
                                                                 a global leader in supply chain solutions that has systems in          er Engineering                            graduating
                                                                 use in over 32,000 sites around the world. Check us out at                                                       students),McGill
                                                                  At Longbow, no two projects are the same and each provides a                                                    Program
                                                                  new learning challenge.

                                                                  We do interfaces, GUI screens, database manipulation, library
                                                                  creation, modifications and much more.

                                                                  Our consultants/engineers participate in design, development,
                                                                  and on-site implementation. They
                                                                  interact with the customer, travel on-site (Canada, U.S.) to assist
                                                                  with the implementation and get to see their code in action.

                                                                  Our customers operate in many industries. We have worked on
                                                                  implementation projects with Subaru, Dell, Creative Labs,
                                                                  Bolthouse Farms, Lowes, Cummins, Gildan Activewear,
                                                                  Schering-Plough, Crayola, Kraft, Tyco, Bank of Canada, AT&T,
                                                                  Technicolor and others.

                                                                  GET NOTICED IN YOUR JOB
                                                                  Longbow encourages a hard-working and fun environment
                                                                  where you and your good ideas get recognized. If you seek
Day 2 - Sept 30   Michelin North   For over 100 years Michelin has been a name associated with          Mechanical            Undergraduate   Immediate Full- yes
                  America                                   quality, progress and innovation.                                    Engineering,Electrica                 Time,OCR Full-
                  (Canada) Inc.                                                                                                  l                                     time (On-Campus
                                                            Michelin operates more than 80 plants in Europe, North               Engineering,Chemica                   Recruitment for
                                                            America, South America, Asia, Africa, China, Eastern Europe          l Engineering                         graduating
                                                            and here in North America, Michelin North America develops,                                                students)
                                                            manufactures, markets and sells Michelin, Uniroyal, BF
                                                            Goodrich, private and associate brand tires for the North
                                                            American market.

                                                            In Canada, there are three Michelin manufacturing facilities:
                                                            Pictou County, Bridgewater and the Annapolis Valley, NS.
                                                            Production includes passenger, light-truck, heavy-truck,
                                                            earthmover, and agricultural tires as well as rubber, metallic and
                                                            textile components. A primary mission is the constant
                                                            improvement of quality and reliability while reducing costs.
                                                            That's where our engineering groups come in; they are
                                                            challenged with designing, building, optimizing and maintaining
                                                            our manufacturing equipment.

                                                            Michelin Engineers must have strong technical abilities to
                                                            succeed in our sophisticated environment. They are not office
                                                            engineers. They are in our plants, guiding changes and leading
                                                            productivity improvement efforts. Interpersonal skills are as
                                                            important as technical competence, because people, not
                                                            machines, make new ideas work. Our engineers must be
                                                            effective in dealing with everyone in our organization. They must
                                                            be comfortable soliciting new ideas from our talented workforce
Day 2 - Sept 30   Miranda    Miranda develops and markets high-performance hardware and          Software              Undergraduate   Immediate Full-   yes
                  Technologies Inc.                          software products that help television broadcasters, cable,         Engineering,Comput                    Time
                                                             satellite and IPTV operators to competitively deliver more          er Science,Electrical
                                                             content with greater quality.                                       Engineering,Comput
                                                                                                                                 er Engineering
                                                             Established in 1990, Miranda employs approximately 560 people
                                                             at its Montreal headquarters and in its US, Europe, Asia and
                                                             Middle-East Asia divisions. In constant growth since its
                                                             foundation, Miranda has the creativity, expertise and reputation
                                                             to deliver the technology, products and services for the changing
                                                             world of television, now and in the future, worldwide.

                                                             With over 400 products catering to both ends of the spectrum,
                                                             Miranda is one of the most valued employers in the television
                                                             equipment industry.

                                                             We are currently looking for enthusiast and autonomous
                                                             individuals who are ready for actively participating in dynamic
                                                             and innovative teams.

                                                             If you are interested to join the Miranda team, please send us
                                                             your resume at:
Day 2 - Sept 30   Mosaic on behalf   http://www.ab-            Labatt is Canada’s leading brewer, with seven breweries across      Metals and Material Undergraduate      OCR Full-time     no
                  of AB InBev   the nation and over 3,200 employees. Being a proud member of        Engineering,Mechani                    (On-Campus
                                                               AB InBev, the world’s biggest brewer by volume, Labatt is           cal                                    Recruitment for
                                                               offering an opportunity to graduating Business, Economics and       Engineering,Electrica                  graduating
                                                               Engineering students. The Labatt Global Management Trainee          l                                      students)
                                                               Program (LGMT) is one which focuses on long-term future             Engineering,Chemica
                                                               potential of our business and our people.                           l Engineering

                                                               The LGMT Program:
                                                               We are looking for recent graduates or graduating students who
                                                               are driven and motivated. We are looking for emerging leaders
                                                               who are interested in learning the fundamental elements of our
                                                               business from the ground up.

                                                               An intensive, hands-on training program designed to develop the
                                                               best leaders for the future of our organization.

                                                               A 10 month training period begins in August 2011, followed by a
                                                               key junior management role with opportunities to advance within
                                                               our business.

                                                               A global induction takes you to Belgium for two weeks before
                                                               you expand your knowledge in a 10 month training period across
                                                               North America, gaining experience both within our breweries
                                                               and sales markets.

                                                               We believe that big challenges help people grow, and the pace
Day 2 - Sept 30   Nakisa        About Nakisa                                                        Software           Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-    yes
                                                               Nakisa enables the world's largest organizations to "Visualize      Engineering,Comput ate                Time
                                                               What Matters Most™". The company develops organization and          er
                                                               talent visualization software to help customers gain clarity into   Science,Computer
                                                               human capital data, easily manage key talent information and        Engineering
                                                               optimize workforce sustainability. Nakisa serves companies
                                                               across all sectors and regions, including Airbus, Alstom, BBC,
                                                               Carrefour, Merck, Michelin, Nissan, RBC Financial Group, Sony
                                                               and Statoil. Strategic partners include SAP, Oracle, and
                                                               Microsoft. SAP directly sells and supports Nakisa technology
                                                               around the world.

                                                               If you want to work in a collaborative environment where your
                                                               ideas and efforts have a direct impact in a fast-growing
                                                               company, Nakisa is the place for you! Find out more about
                                                               Nakisa at
Day 2 - Sept 30   National Energy   The National Energy Board (NEB or Board) is an independent            Computer             Undergraduate    McGill           yes
                  Board (NEB) /                                 federal agency established in 1959 by the Parliament of Canada        Science,Mechanical                    Engineering
                  Office national de                            to regulate international and interprovincial aspects of the oil,     Engineering,Civil                     Internship
                  l'energie (ONE)                               gas and electric utility industries. The purpose of the NEB is to     Engineering                           Program
                                                                promote safety, environmental protection and economic
                                                                efficiency in the Canadian public interest within the mandate set
                                                                by Parliament in the regulation of pipelines, energy development
                                                                and trade. These principles guide NEB staff to carry out and
                                                                interpret the organization regulatory responsibilities. The NEB is
                                                                accountable to Parliament through the Minister of Natural
                                                                Resources Canada.

Day 2 - Sept 30   Novelis Global      Novelis is the world leader in aluminum rolling and aluminum          Metals and Material Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full- yes
                  Technology                                    can recycling. With industry-leading assets and advanced              Engineering,Mechani ate                Time,OCR Full-
                  Centre                                        manufacturing technology, we produce the highest-quality              cal Engineering                        time (On-Campus
                                                                aluminum sheet and foil products for customers in high-value                                                 Recruitment for
                                                                market applications including automotive, transportation,                                                    graduating
                                                                packaging, construction and printing.                                                                        students)

                                                                Novelis is globally positioned, operating in 11 countries with
                                                                approximately 12,300 employees.

                                                                The Novelis Global Technology Centre (NGTC) at Kingston,
                                                                Ontario, is a world-class facility housing pilot lines and mini-
                                                                scale productions lines for ingot casting, hot mills, coating lines
                                                                and continuous casters. It has state-of-the-art equipment for
                                                                materials characterization, testing and modeling. In close co-
                                                                operation with our business units, a world-class team of
                                                                researchers provide technology support, deliver customer-
                                                                driven solutions and develop innovative new products and

                                                                Kingston, on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario, is a thriving
                                                                business community balanced with lifestyle amenities including
                                                                recreation activities, culture, entertainment and excellent post-
                                                                secondary institutions and medical facilities.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Nuance       Nuance is the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions Computer Science            Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Communications,                         for businesses and consumers around the world. Our                                         ndergraduate        Time,McGill
                  Inc.                                    technologies, applications and services make the user                                                          Engineering
                                                          experience more compelling by transforming the way people                                                      Internship
                                                          interact with information and how they create, share and use                                                   Program,McGill
                                                          documents. Every day, millions of users and thousands of                                                       Science
                                                          businesses, experience Nuance by calling directory assistance,                                                 Internship
                                                          getting account information, dictating patient records, telling a                                              Program
                                                          navigation system their destination, or digitally reproducing
                                                          documents that can be shared and searched. Making each of
                                                          those experiences productive and compelling is what Nuance is
                                                          all about.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Ordre des   The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) is the organization      All of Engineering       Doctorate,Masters,U McGill            no
                  ingénieurs du                           that governs the engineering profession in Québec.                                         ndergraduate        Engineering
                  Québec                                  "STRENG.TH", the Student Section of the OIQ has opening its                                                    Internship
                                                          doors to engineering students who have accumulated 30 credits                                                  Program
                                                          (or more) in their engineering program.

                                                          "STRENG.TH" offers a way to better understand your future
                                                          professional order and enjoy various services at no charge. The
                                                          Student Section is also open to full-time graduate students
                                                          finishing a degree in engineering (certain conditions apply).

                                                          The mission of the OIQ is to ensure the protection of the public
                                                          by supervising the practice of the profession within the
                                                          framework of its constituent legislation and ensuring that the
                                                          profession serves the public interest.

                                                          Contact : Ms. Marilyn Gauthier, Communications Officer
                                                          	 Tel.: 514 845-6141 • 1-800-461-6141, ext. 3109

Day 2 - Sept 30   ORSYP     ORSYP is a leading International Software Company with a               Software Engineering Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-   yes
                                                          unique expertise in ITIL consulting activity, in IT organization, in                        ate                Time,McGill
                                                          IT automation software. We provide our knowledge via a range                                                   Engineering
                                                          of software products dedicated to IT automation in                                                             Internship
                                                          heterogeneous, centralized and distributed environments. We                                                    Program
                                                          publish Dollar Universe, the leading adaptive job scheduler on
                                                          the market.
                                                          With more than 35 000 licences sold, our cutting-edge
                                                          technology is being used by more than 800 major international
                                                          corporations world-wide and our revenue has increased 23%
                                                          annually over the last 4 years.
                                                          ORSYP distributes Dollar Universe Solutions worldwide through
                                                          its own offices : France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands,
                                                          Belgium, U.K, South Africa , Switzerland, Canada and U.S.A,
                                                          and through international distributors and integrators.
Day 2 - Sept 30   OSIsoft Canada          OSIsoft is a world-class supplier of real-time data acquisition        Mechanical              Masters,Undergradu Immediate Full-    yes
                  ULC                                                and management technology used in numerous market                      Engineering,Electrica   ate                Time
                                                                     segments and industries. The head office of OSI is located in          l
                                                                     San Leandro (CA). The wide area network links offices in               Engineering,Comput
                                                                     various locations in the world (Germany, New Zealand,                  er
                                                                     Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil and Montreal) and in        Engineering,Chemica
                                                                     the continental USA                                                    l Engineering
Day 2 - Sept 30   PMC-Sierra        PMC-Sierra™ is a leading provider of broadband                         Electrical              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-  yes
                                                                     communications and storage semiconductors for metro, access,           Engineering             ndergraduate        Time,OCR Full-
                                                                     fiber to the home, wireless infrastructure, storage, laser printers,                                               time (On-Campus
                                                                     and fiber access gateway equipment. PMC-Sierra offers                                                              Recruitment for
                                                                     worldwide technical and sales support, including a network of                                                      graduating
                                                                     offices throughout North America, Europe, Israel and Asia. The                                                     students),OCR
                                                                     company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Market under                                                        Summer (On-
                                                                     the PMCS symbol. For more information, visit www.pmc-                                                              Campus
                                                                                                                                                                   Recruitment for

Day 2 - Sept 30   Quadra      Our national marketing structure, industry-focused business       Chemical                     Undergraduate      Immediate Full- yes
                  Chemicals Ltd.       m                             groups and seamless supplier relationships make Quadra an         Engineering                                     Time,OCR Full-
                                                                     informed market leader of chemical and ingredient distribution                                                    time (On-Campus
                                                                     services in Canada. We have been in business for more than 30                                                     Recruitment for
                                                                     years thanks to our loyal customers, supplier partners and                                                        graduating
                                                                     dedicated employees.                                                                                              students)
                                                                     Quadra is very proud to now be amongst the Best Small &
                                                                     Medium Employers in Canada.
                                                                     Quadra is very proud to now be amongst the Select Platinum
                                                                     Club of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies.
Day 2 - Sept 30   S.M. Group            Actif depuis plus de 35 ans, présent au Canada et dans plus de Civil Engineering               Undergraduate      OCR Full-time      yes
                  International Inc. /                               30 pays, LE GROUPE S.M. INTERNATIONAL inc. est la plus                                                            (On-Campus
                  Groupe S.M.                                        importante société d’applications scientifiques au Canada. Chef                                                   Recruitment for
                  International inc.                                 de file en ingénierie ainsi qu’en intégration scientifique et                                                     graduating
                                                                     technologique, Le Groupe S.M. International offre des solutions                                                   students),McGill
                                                                     intégrées durables et sécuritaires afin d’assurer aux générations                                                 Engineering
                                                                     futures une meilleure qualité de vie.                                                                             Internship
                                                                     SMi doit son excellente réputation à sa capacité de fidéliser des
                                                                     professionnels compétents, dévoués et créatifs en ingénierie,
                                                                     conception, construction, de même qu’en intégration,
                                                                     applications technologiques et scientifiques.
Day 2 - Sept 30   Simard-Beaudry       Simard-Beaudry Construction is involved in numerous large        Civil Engineering        Undergraduate       Immediate Full- yes
                  Construction                                 scale civil engineering projects (bridges, overpasses, highways,                                              Time,OCR Full-
                                                               tunnels, subway stations, damns and hydro-electric power                                                      time (On-Campus
                                                               plants, water treatment plants, sound barrier walls, water                                                    Recruitment for
                                                               intakes, asphalt, etc.) in any region from the greater Montreal                                               graduating
                                                               area, to the province of Québec (James-Bay, Sept-Îles), to the                                                students)
                                                               vast country of Canada (New-Brunswick, Ontario) or to overseas
                                                               (Algeria, Lybia and Domincan Republic.

                                                               Simard-Beaudry Construction est impliquée dans plusieurs
                                                               projets majeurs de génie civil (ponts, viaducs, autoroutes,
                                                               tunnels, stations de métro, barrages & centrales hydro-
                                                               électrique, usines d'eau potable, murs anti-bruit, prises d'eau,
                                                               pavage, etc...) aussi bien de la région de Montréal, de la
                                                               province (Eastmain-Rupert), du pays (Nouveau-Brunswick)
                                                               qu’international (Algérie, Libye & République Dominicaine).

Day 2 - Sept 30   Snamprogetti    ACHIEVEMENTS BUILT ON A WORLD OF EXPERIENCE                          All of Engineering   Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full-   yes
                  Canada                                                                                                                                 ndergraduate        Time
                                                               Based in Calgary, Alberta, Snamprogetti Canada is a leading
                                                               engineering, procurement and construction contractor for a
                                                               large-scale refinery, gas, chemical, fertilizer and other plants,
                                                               pipeline systems and more. A subsidiary of Eni and Saipem,
                                                               S.p.A., Snamprogetti has major projects in over 100 countries,
                                                               an excellent reputation for quality, and challenging opportunities
                                                               for professionals.
Day 2 - Sept 30   SNC-Lavalin   SNC-Lavalin is one of the world’s leading engineering and            Civil Engineering    Undergraduate       Immediate Full-  yes
                                                               construction groups, and a major player in infrastructure                                                     Time,OCR Full-
                                                               ownership and in the provision of operations and maintenance                                                  time (On-Campus
                                                               services. The SNC-Lavalin companies have offices across                                                       Recruitment for
                                                               Canada and in 35 other countries around the world, and are                                                    graduating
                                                               currently working in some 100 countries. (                                                 students),OCR
                                                                                                                                                                             Summer (On-
                                                               For students who are currently enrolled towards an Engineering                                                Campus
                                                               degree or recently obtained their diploma, there are interesting                                              Recruitment for
                                                               internships and career opportunities awaiting you at SNC-                                                     returning
                                                               Lavalin! You can work in fields varying from Energy, Building                                                 students),McGill
                                                               and Road Infrastructure, Construction, Environment, Industrial                                                Engineering
                                                               Engineering, Mining, Oil and Gas or Operations and                                                            Internship
                                                               Maintenance. The project oriented environment in each of these                                                Program
                                                               fields offers a stimulating framework where students can learn
                                                               and develop themselves quickly. SNC-Lavalin also offers career
                                                               opportunities within its administrative services divisions
                                                               (Communications, Information Technologies, Legal, Human
                                                               Resources, Finance & Accounting). Visit our website to see
                                                               some of the projects on which we are currently working and
                                                               apply directly online!
Day 2 - Sept 30   Société Générale    SGS is the world’s largest independent inspection, verification,     Mining              Doctorate,Masters,U Immediate Full- yes
                  de Surveillance                                     testing and certification company. Recognized as the global          Engineering,Metals ndergraduate         Time,OCR Full-
                  Canada (SGS                                         benchmark for quality and integrity, SGS has been active in          and Material                            time (On-Campus
                  Canada)                                             Canada for over 65 years and services the oil and gas, minerals,     Engineering,Chemica                     Recruitment for
                                                                      environmental, industrial, life science, agricultural, consumer      l Engineering                           graduating
                                                                      testing and systems/services certification sectors.                                                          students)

Day 2 - Sept 30   Suncor Energy            Suncor Energy is a unique and sustainable Canadian integrated Earth & Planetary     Undergraduate          OCR Full-time       no
                                                                      energy company - Suncor combines a leading position in oil    Sciences                                     (On-Campus
                                                                      sands, with complementary operations in refining and marketing,                                            Recruitment for
                                                                      North American natural gas production and conventional oil    Engineering,Mechani                          graduating
                                                                      production internationally and offshore East Coast Canada.    cal                                          students),OCR
                                                                                                                                    Engineering,Electrica                        Summer (On-
                                                                      We operate our businesses reliably and efficiently and by     l                                            Campus
                                                                      strategically developing energy resources to meet growing     Engineering,Chemica                          Recruitment for
                                                                      consumer demands. Suncor is also committed to contributing to l Engineering                                returning students)
                                                                      the well-being of the communities where we operate.

                                                                      As an employer, Suncor is one of the best companies in Canada
                                                                      providing tremendous future potential where talented people

Day 2 - Sept 30   Texas Instruments We’re not just about calculators. TI’s real-time signal              Software              Undergraduate   OCR Full-time      yes
                                    middlecontent.tsp?sectionId=15 processing technology permeates daily life in many ways from            Engineering,Electrica                 (On-Campus
                                    3&tabId=1603                      digital communications and entertainment, to medical services,       l                                     Recruitment for
                                                                      automotive systems and wide-ranging applications in between.         Engineering,Comput                    graduating
                                                                      You’ll work with industry experts on exciting, challenge-filled      er Engineering                        students)
                                                                      projects that make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener
                                                                      and more fun.

                                                                      Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TI has manufacturing, design
                                                                      and sales operations located in Europe, Asia, Japan, and the
                                                                      Americas, enabling us to provide products & services to
                                                                      customers wherever they do business.

                                                                      We’re committed to creating new technologies that improve the
                                                                      way we live. So what about you?

                                                                      Bring us your energy, creativity and innovation. At TI you’ll have
                                                                      the opportunity to impact lives through technology.

                                                                      Company web site:

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