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  Art Education MAE                                    Fine Arts MFA (Artisanry, Fine Arts, Visual Design)     Psychology MA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  Cathy Smilan 508.910.6594                            Heather Bentz 508.910.6635                              Barry Haimson 508.999.8381                                                     

  Biology/Marine Biology MS                            Law JD                                                  Psychology MA (Clinical)
  Whitney Hable 508.999.8206                           Nancy Hebert 508.985.1113                               Paul Donnelly 508.999.8334                                                      

  Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology PhD           Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory PhD                Psychology MA (Research)
  Sankha Bhowmick (Engineering) 508.999.8619           Victor Mendes 508.999.8338                              Judy Sims-Knight 508.999.8382                                                   
  Erin Bromage (Arts & Sciences) 508.999. 8218                                  Marine Science & Technology MS PhD                      Teaching MAT
                                                       Marine Science & Technology MS-PSM: COAST option        Traci Almeida 508 999 8098
  Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology: MS-PSM       Louis Goodman 508.910.6375                    
  Medical Laboratory Science option          
  James Griffith 508.999. 8328                                                                                 Textile Technology/Textile Chemistry MS                                 Mathematics Education PhD                               Qinguo Fan 508.999.9147
                                                       Chandra Orrill 774-929-3052                   
  Business Administration MBA                
  Toby Stapleton 508.999.8543                                Mechanical Engineering MS
                                                       John Rice 508.999.8498
  Chemistry MS                               
  Yuegang Zuo 508.999. 8959                                      Nursing MS
                                                       Kerry Fater 508.999.8525
  Chemistry PhD – cooperative program with Amherst
  Bal Ram Singh 508.999.8588                                    Nursing PhD
                                                       Marilyn Asselin 508.999.8749
  Chemistry PhD – joint program with Lowell  
  Yuegang Zuo 508.999.8959                                      Nursing DNP
                                                       Mary McCurry 508.910.6092
  Civil & Environmental Engineering MS       
  Sukalyan Sengupta 508 999 8470                                 Physics MS
                                                       Gaurav Khanna 508.910.6605
  Computer Science MS                        
  Xiaoqin (Shelley) Zhang 508.999. 8294                                   Portuguese Studies MA
                                                       Victor Mendes 508.999.8338
  Educational Leadership & Policy Studies PhD EdD
  Joao Paraskeva 508.910.6697                                Professional Writing MA
                                                       Christopher Eisenhart 508.910.6468
  Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering MS PhD
  Karen Payton 508.999. 8434                                   Public Policy MPP
                                                       Michael Goodman 508.990.9660
  Engineering & Applied Science PhD          
  Gaurav Khanna 508.910-6605

Application to any program beyond the deadline date specified requires the approval of the Graduate Program Director for the particular program
(see previous page). International students note: deadlines for international applicants are 30 days prior to listed dates.

                                                    fall semester                     spring semester                    test requirement
Doctoral programs

Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology              February 15                       November 15                        GRE
Chemistry                                           February 15                       November 1                         GRE recommended
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies             March 31 (fall only)                                                 GRE or GMAT
Electrical Engineering                              February 15                       November 1                         GRE (UMD graduates in CE or EE exempt)
     Electrical Engineering option
     Computer Engineering option
Engineering & Applied Science                       February 15                       November 15                        GRE
Law                                                 June 30 (fall only)                                                  LSAT
Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory                February 1                        December 1                         GRE recommended
Marine Science & Technology                         February 15                       November 15                        GRE
Mathematics Education                               March 31                          November 15                        GRE
Nursing - PhD                                       February 15 (fall only)                                              GRE
Nursing - DNP                                       March 15 (fall only)

Master’s programs

Art Education                                       August 1                          October 15                         Portfolio
                                                                                                                         Communication/Literacy MTEL
                                                                                                                         & Visual Arts MTEL (if unlicensed)
Biology/Marine Biology                              February 15 (fall only)                                              GRE
Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology:
     Medical Laboratory Science option              February 15                       November 15
Business Administration                             March 1 (full-time)               December 1                         GMAT
                                                    October 15 (int’l students)                                          GMAT
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GMAT
Chemistry                                           March 15                          November 1                         GRE recommended
Civil & Environmental Engineering                   February 15 (full-time)           November 15                        GRE (UMD graduates in CEN exempt)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE (UMD graduates in CEN exempt)
Computer Science                                    February 15 (full-time)           November 15                        GRE (UMD graduates in CIS exempt)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE (UMD graduates in CIS exempt)
Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering         February 15 (full-time)           November 1                         GRE (UMD graduates in CE or EE exempt)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE (UMD graduates in CE or EE exempt)
Fine Arts (Artisanry, Fine Arts, Visual Design)     February 1                        October 15                         Portfolio
Marine Science & Technology                         February 15                       November 15                        GRE
      COAST (PSM option)                            February 15                       November 15                        GRE recommended
Mechanical Engineering                              February 15 (full-time)           November 15                        GRE (UMD graduates in MNE exempt)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE (UMD graduates in MNE exempt)
      Industrial & Systems Engineering (PSM option) February 15 (full-time)           November 15                        GRE (UMD graduates in MNE exempt)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE (UMD graduates in MNE exempt)
Nursing                                             March 15 (fall only)
Physics                                             March 31 (full-time)              November 15
                                                    August 1 (part-time)
Public Policy                                       March 1 (fall only)                                                  GRE or GMAT or waiver *
Portuguese Studies                                  February 1                        November 15                        GRE recommended
Professional Writing                                March 1 (full-time)               December 1                         GRE or Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE or Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis)              August 31                         December 20                        GRE
Psychology (Clinical)                               March 31 (fall only)
Psychology (Research)                               February 1 (fall only)                                               GRE
Teaching                                            August 15                         January 15                         MTEL appropriate to the teaching level
                                                                                                                         & field and latest MTEL test results
Textile Technology/Textile Chemistry                February 15 (full-time)           November 15                        GRE
                                                    August 1 (part-time)                                                 GRE

*waived with successful completion of Environmental or Educational Policy Certificate from UMass Dartmouth

Deadlines are subject to change

The deadlines indicated below for the certificate programs are fixed deadlines and applications for these programs will not be accepted after these dates.

                                                     fall semester                      spring semester                     test requirement

Accounting                                           June 1                             December 15
Applied Behavior Analysis                            August 1                           December 20
Artisanry                                            April 20                           November 15
Business Foundations                                 June 1                             December 15
Computer Networks & Distributed Systems
Computer Science                                     June 30                            November 15
Computer Systems
Computer Systems Engineering
Digital Signal Processing
Educational Policy                                   April 20                           November 15
Electrical Engineering Systems
Environmental Policy                                 April 20                           November 15
Finance                                              June 1                             December 15
Fine Arts                                            April 20                           November 15
International Business                               June 1                             December 15
Marketing                                            June 1                             December 15
Organizational Leadership                            June 1                             December 15 Principal Licensure     July 15       December 15
Professional Writing
Software Development and Design
Supply Chain Management                              June 1                             December 15
Sustainable Development

Teaching Licensure-Middle/Secondary                  August 15                          January 15                          Communication/Literacy MTEL
                                                                                                                            & Content MTEL and
                                                                                                                            latest MTEL test results
Web and Interaction Design                           August 1

Deadlines are subject to change

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                                                                                                                  do not use any old passwords.

                                                                                                                  If you are still in need of assistance after attempt-
                                                                                                                  ing this password change, please call Access
                                                                                                                  Management at 508-999-8532. You will need to be
                                                                                                                  at a computer to complete the process.

 Apply online at

Along with a $60 application fee, you will need:                                     If you are applying to:

• a Statement of Purpose (essay) of 3-4 paragraphs indicating                        • Nursing or Teaching you will need a copy of licensure;
  why you want to study on the graduate level and what this
  academic work means to you professionally and personally;                          • Teaching, you will need a copy of MTEL scores;

• to submit an updated resume;                                                       • If you are applying to Fine Arts or Art Education,
                                                                                       submit your portfolio to
• official transcripts from all post-secondary study;
                                                                                     International Students must submit the TOEFL or IELTS of-
•	 three recommendations, unless otherwise required as noted on the                  ficial scores and a copy of your passport.
  website or fact sheet for the program.

• Official Standardized Test Scores (GRE, GMAT) as noted.

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