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    <quote>EventTracker is a solid SIEM product, but when coupled with
the excellence and dedication of Prism's technical support team, the
combination is impressive indeed.</quote>
    <name>Gavin Landless</name>
    <title>Security & Support Technician</title>
    <company>Beacon Federal</company>
    <quote>EventTracker provides key information in 1 convenient console.
A task the used to take almost 6 hours to complete now only takes 20
    <name>Alex Maynard</name>
    <title>IT Security</title>
    <company>Credit Union Central of Ontario</company>
    <quote>The level of customer service you provide both in Sales and
Tech Support continues to impress me.</quote>
    <name>Andy Pilgrim</name>
    <company>Olin Corporation</company>
    <quote>Ad-Hoc reporting solves performance issues across multiple
machines and allows us to monitor specific security events on a daily and
weekly basis.</quote>
    <name>Bob Clark</name>
    <title>Technical Services Manager</title>
    <company>Family Health Partners</company>
    <quote>We use EventTracker to save hours finding the real troubles
for user and server problems - saving our clients consulting time on
    <name>Charles L. Brady</name>
    <company>TeleDIS, Inc.</company>
    <quote>Software and hardware installs are no longer a mystery,
EventTracker and WhatChanged show me EXACTLY what occurred to the
    <name>Walter P. Lamb</name>
    <title>Manager, IT Services</title>
    <quote>EventTracker is ideal for any IT staff - minimizing the
downtime of the Network (servers and workstations) to almost
    <name>Prasen Vasavada</name>
    <company>Network Specialty Group</company>
    <quote>I have received great customer service during the upgrade of
your new release - patient, knowledgeable and prompt.</quote>
    <name>Tom Karoutsos</name>
    <title>Technical Architect, Information Services</title>
    <company>British Columbia Securities Commission</company>
    <quote>EventTracker is an easy way to manage all servers in one
location with email alerts and a built knowledge base to assist in
finding solutions.</quote>
    <name>Kristi Lines</name>
    <company>First Mercury Corporation</company>
    <quote>EventTracker's ability to track and correlate events in real
time allows us to be proactive in analyzing and solving problems with our
    <name>Gerald Butler, PMP</name>
    <title>Systems and Network Security Analyst</title>
    <company>Las Vegas - Clark County Library District</company>
    <quote>EventTracker has become a valued piece of our infrastructure.
The usefulness of this product crosses the boundaries between Security,
Network Operations and Server Management, with something for
    <name>Bryan Burns</name>
    <title>I.T. Security Manager</title>
    <company>Trover Solutions Inc.</company>
    <quote>We looked at many of the Log Management solutions on the
market and were impressed by the flexibility of the EventTracker
solution, its high level of scalability and its ability to collect and
analyze data in real-time. It has an impressive list of satisfied
customers and we are glad to have it on board.</quote>
    <name>Jim Hanlon</name>
    <company>JC Hanlon Consulting, Inc.</company>
    <quote>We were impressed with EventTracker since it provided us with
far better functionality than other log management solutions at a much
more affordable price and also delivered tremendous value in terms of
increased efficiency and savings in time.</quote>
    <name>Michel Vereshchatsky</name>
    <title>Senior Application Analyst</title>
    <company>College of Humanities, University of Arizona</company>

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