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									                                                          The Giver
I.   Chapter 1
        a. Jonas is an eleven year old boy who lives in 'The Community'
        b. He is called a male eleven. The language in this community is different from ours. It is very
             proper and formal.
                  i. For example:
                           1. You are called by your age in a strange way: “elevens”, “sevens”
                           2. Your house is called a “dwelling”
                           3. Your family is called a “family unit”
        c. One day Jonas sees a plane flying overhead and is frightened because it looked different, and
             planes don't usually fly so low and so close to the community.
        d. In this community people are 'Released'.
                  i. Release is :
                           1. When you exit the community and never return; it is serious and disgraceful act
                               that can’t be reversed
                 ii. Release happens when:
                           1. A person breaks three transgressions (“rules”)
                           2. A new-child doesn’t develop appropriately
                 iii. The only time Release is honorable is when an old person who has lived a long and
                       fulfilling life is ‘Released’ and there is a ceremony to honor their life
        e. Jonas has a “family unit” consisting of a mom and a dad and one younger sister named Lily.
                  i. A family unit is one mother, father, one boy and one girl.
                 ii. Family units are prearranged: you are given a spouse.
        f.   They have an evening ritual where they discuss their feelings about their day after they eat
II.    Chapter 2
          a. In the community, there is a Ceremony in December. This ceremony in December is when new-
              children turn One
          b. Jonas’s father breaks the rule of looking at the new-children name list and looking up the name
              of the one new-child, Gabriel; he does this so he can secretly call Gabriel by name as a way of
              trying to increase his nurturing.
                   i. When Jonas realizes his father breaks a rule, he is surprised and fascinated.
          c. Family units get a newchild by applying. When a family unit feels ready for a second new-child,
              they apply for the child, then have to get approved; if approved, they get the second new-child
              at the Ceremony.
          d. At the Ceremony in December, each age group from the “Ones” to the “Twelves” has
              something special happen
                   i. At the Ceremony, the “Nines” earns the privilege of getting a bicycle for the 1st time
          e. In the Community, everyone has a job that is called their “assignment”
                   i. The assignment of “Receiver” makes that person the most important elder.

III.   Chapter 3
          a. Gabriel is the new-child that Jonas’s father takes home to nurture at night
                   i. Both Jonas and Gabriel have pale eyes
          b. A Birthmother is an assignment in which you provide one baby a year for three years. During
              those three years the Birthmother gets to eat good food, play games and amuse themselves,
              and exercise little. After three years and three new-children, the Birthmother is done having
              children and lives as a Laborer doing hard physical work for the rest of her life until she goes to
              the ‘House of the Old’ which is like a nursing home. The Birthmothers NEVER see the
              newchildren they deliver.
          c. One day when Jonas is playing catch with an apple and he takes the apple home. As a result of
              this, the ‘Speaker’ makes an announcement about “hoarding food” and the announcement was
              made directly about Jonas (even though the speaker did not use Jonas’s name)
          d. While Jonas had been playing catch with the apple, it changed somehow—but just briefly.
              After it changed, the apple went back to being the same size and shape.
                   i. After seeing the apple change, Jonas had taken it home to try and see if he could get
                      the apple to change again.
IV.   Chapter 4
         a. Jonas is an “Eleven” and is about to become a “Twelve”, which is when he will get his
                   i. ‘Assignments’ are chosen by the elders of the community
                          1. The elders base their decisions on observations they have done on the Elevens
                               while they did their volunteer hours in the community
                  ii. Jonas has split his volunteer hours up between all areas of the community; there is not
                      one specific area he likes more than another, so he is unsure of what the elders could
                      possibly pick for his assignment
         b. Jonas has two friends: Fiona and Asher
                   i. Fiona and Asher and Jonas help out at the ‘House of the Old’ by bathing the elderly
                          1. They fill the tub, wash their bodies, and help dry them off
                          2. While bathing the elderly, volunteers see the elderly naked
                                    a. The rule about nakedness is that you should never see another person
                                        naked, and if you do, you have to apologize
                                    b. When it comes to bathing the elderly, the naked rule does not apply
         c. An elderly person lives at the ‘House of the Old’ until it is time for the Ceremony of Release
                   i. At the Ceremony of Release they have a dinner, and there is a speech about the person
                      telling all the good things of their life, and then they go through a door and are never
                      seen again.
V.    Chapter 5
         a. Jonas and his family unit have a morning family ritual where everyone shares their dreams from
             the night before; Jonas usually doesn’t dream…but the day that he helped at the House of the
             Old, he had a dream that night:
                   i. In his dream, Jonas was at the House of the Old and Fiona was there; he was standing
                      by a tub, holding a sponge, and his tunic was off—he was telling Fiona to get in the tub
                      so he could bathe her, but she just kept laughing at him. The dream left him with a
                      feeling of wanting.
                  ii. Jonas’s mother says that his dream and his feelings are just something called “Stirrings”
                      and that it is normal. All children near his age get Stirrings. She says how both she and
                      Jonas’s father have had Stirrings.
                  iii. Jonas’s mother gives him the cure for Stirrings: all Jonas has to do is take ‘the pill’ in the
                      morning. This is the same pill that Jonas’s parents take, and his friend Asher.
 VI.    Chapter 6
           a. When someone gets Released, they go to “Elsewhere” which is somewhere outside the
                community (and once you’re Released, you never come back)
           b. Caleb is a new-child; he is special because he is a replacement child. The first Caleb drowned in
                the river when he was a four.
           c. If someone leaves the community unexpectedly, they perform a ‘Ceremony of Loss’:
                     i. The individual’s name is said loud and frequently, and then quieter and less frequent
                        until the name is no longer said, and the name is never mentioned again
           d. When a family unit has a child that dies and then the family is issued a new child, there is a
                ‘Murmur-of-Replacement Ceremony’ to honor the new child
                     i. In this ceremony the name is repeated…
           e. Spouses are selected by the chief elders; one must apply to receive a spouse. Once your
                application is approved, the elders take special consideration into what partner would best
                match your personality so that you and your spouse will be happy together.
           f.   Spouses have to apply for children; if approved, they will receive their new child at the
                Ceremony in December
VII.    Chapter 7
           a. The Chief Elder is the Leader of the Community
           b. An Instructor of Threes is in charge of teaching the threes the importance of proper language.
                     i. Threes are taught the ways of proper language and proper behavior by their
                        Instructor’s use of a discipline wand and smacking the threes
                            1. a quick smack on the hand for minor misbehavior
                            2. three sharp smacks on bare legs for a second offense
                    ii. Since Asher is known for frequently making errors with his language, an assignment of
                        Instructor of Threes would not have been a good match for him
           c. At the Ceremony of Twelve Asher and Fiona receive their assignments:
                     i. Asher receives Assistant Director of Recreation
                    ii. Fiona receives Caretaker of the Old
VIII.   Chapter 8
           a. At the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas does not get assigned, he gets selected to be the new
                Receiver of Memory for the Community
           b. The Receiver of the Community is selected by the Chief Elders; the possible new Receive is
                observed meticulously. It must be a unanimous decision and none of the Elders can have any
                doubts or a dream of uncertainty. The new Receiver must exhibit the following five qualities:
                    i. Intelligence
                   ii. Integrity (accepting when you commit a transgression and accept chastisement)
                   iii. Courage (he will have to endure physical pain)
                   iv. Wisdom (this is not present yet; it is acquired through training)
                   v. Capacity to See Beyond
IX.   Chapter 9
         a. After being selected as the new Receive, Jonas feels separate and different; this feeling is new
             to him because no one was made to feel that way in this Community; he’s always belonged to
             the appropriate group, just like everyone else does
         b. The previous Receiver was selected ten years prior; she was a female who just disappeared
         c. Jonas’s rules are simple: he goes to the Annex every day after school, and then must go
             immediately home after training. He must not discuss his training with any one, and he is
             prohibited from dream-telling. He is now exempted from rules and may ask anyone any
             question, and he can lie; but he is not permitted to apply for release, and he can’t apply for
             medication that is related to his training.
                    i. Jonas is stunned to realize that his rules leave little room for him to play with his
                       friends, and he is startled that he is allowed to be rude. He wasn’t bothered by the
                       dream telling rule since he rarely dreamed, but he was very bothered that he wasn’t
                       allowed medication since he was used to it. He had no reaction to the rule about
                       release, since he would never consider it; the rule about lying bothered him the most
                           1. Jonas was bothered by the rule that he was allowed to lie because he had been
                               instructed his whole life the extreme importance of telling the truth and never
                               lying—no one was allowed to lie—which made him wonder if maybe there
                               were other adults who were given permission to lie with their new assignment
                               training like him—and if he asked them a question—was their answer a lie???
X.    Chapter 10
         a. When Jonas goes for his first day of training, the attendant at the Annex stands up at his arrival,
             which is a sign of respect; this surprises Jonas for it has never happened before
         b. At the Annex there are locks on the doors; this is new to Jonas—his perfect community had no
             need for locks. He is told the only reason there are locks is to ensure the current Receiver’s
             privacy because he requires concentration
         c. The current Receiver appears to be very old; he has sagging, wrinkled skin and dark circles
             under his eyes
           d. The job of the current Receiver is to transmit all the memories (memories of the past)that he
               has within him to the Receiver-in-training (Jonas)
           e. Jonas speaks to the Receiver using proper language, offering an apology for interrupting, but
               the Receiver tells him to not bother with apologizing in his room because there is no time for it.
 XI.    Chapter 11
           a. Jonas’s assignment requires that he receives memories. This is done by lying face down on a
               bed with his shirt off; the Receiver puts his hands on Jonas’s bare back and the memory is
               received and felt by Jonas using all of his senses.
           b. Jonas’s first memory is of winter weather and what Jonas is able to perceive as a sled on snow,
               and sledding down a hill; Jonas also gets to experience the pleasant memory of sunshine, and a
               painful memory of sunburn
                     i. Once Jonas receives a memory, the memory is gone from the Receiver
           c. Now that Jonas is the new Receiver-in-training, Jonas is to be called Receiver, and the current
               Receiver, the old man, is now called the Giver
XII.    Chapter 12
           a. After his first day of training, Jonas dreams of sledding down a hill in the snow
           b. Fiona talks with Jonas about her first day of training and shares that the Old are disciplined with
               a discipline wand much like is used on small children
           c. The faces changed for Jonas at the Ceremony because Jonas was beginning to develop his
               quality of ‘Capacity to See Beyond’, which means the ability to see color
XIII.   Chapter 13
           a. Jonas thinks it is unfair that he can’t see color all the time, and that all the regular people in the
               community can never see color at all; he feels that people should be able to see color and have
               choices with color
           b. Jonas touches Asher in an attempt to give Asher a memory and transmit the color of red.
               Touching other people outside of your family unit is considered extremely rude, and it made
               Asher feel very uncomfortable and startled that Jonas touched him
           c. Jonas receives a memory of hunters/poachers killing an elephant for its ivory tusks; he is able to
               see people with different skin color, and he is able to see the color red in blood; he was able to
               feel the rage and grief as one elephant roared in the pain of the other elephant’s injury
           d. The Giver shares with Jonas that when the last Receiver failed, all the memories that she had
               been given were released back onto the community and all the people had access to the
               memories, which caused chaos and suffering for the whole community
XIV.   Chapter 14
          a. Jonas receives a new memory about sled riding, but this time he experiences physical pain; the
              snow is icy and sledding is difficult; he loses control and hits a bump; Jonas flies through the air
              and upon landing, breaks his leg; he is bleeding and can feel intense pain
                    i. The night after the painful sled memory, Jonas feels very alone; he realizes that he is
                       the only one experiencing pain, and it is something no one else understands, and it is
                       something he can’t talk to anyone about
          b. The Giver uses the expression “back and back and back” to represent how long it has been that
              the community has had its current system of rules; this expression is ominous to Jonas because
              it makes him realize that nothing can be changed
          c. Jonas’s father is preparing for a release of a twin; at the Birthing Center, twins are about to be
              born, and the rule is that only one baby is kept for the community
                    i. Meanwhile, at the House of the Old, a female Old named Larissa is released; she was
                       the one that Jonas had helped bathe back when he was volunteering
          d. Gabriel is staying at Jonas’s house in the evenings, and Jonas offers to have Gabriel sleep in his
              room; when Gabriel starts to fuss in the middle of the night, Jonas accidentally transmits a
              memory of a sailboat to Gabriel as Jonas rubs Gabriel’s back—the memory actually calms
              Gabriel into falling back to sleep
XV.    Chapter 15
          a. Jonas receives a memory from the Giver of war; it is a terrible memory where Jonas feels his
              own physical pain and sees carnage and bloodshed; he also witnesses the death of a young boy
              on the battlefield
XVI.   Chapter 16
          a. Jonas receives a memory of a birthday party, and he learns that at one time people were
              celebrated for their individuality
          b. The Giver gives Jonas his favorite memory, which is a holiday memory of Christmas
                    i. From this Christmas memory, Jonas learns about grandparents and the feeling of love
                    ii. After learning about love, Jonas asks his parents if they love him; surprisingly, they
                       laugh at Jonas for using such a broad word and improper language—they explain that
                       love is too broad of a word, and that Jonas should use more precise language, like
                       asking if they are ‘proud’ of him; his mother asks Jonas if he understands why love is an
                       inappropriate word, and Jonas says yes—which is his first lie to his parents
XVII.    Chapter 17
            a. Jonas has learned about real feelings, and now he feels that the family ritual of sharing feelings
                is somewhat silly, because the regular citizens of the community have no idea what real
                feelings are; real feelings can’t be told, they are felt
            b. Jonas comes across Asher and his other friends playing a game of ‘good guys and bad guys’,
                which is actually a game of war; this greatly upsets Asher since he has seen real war
            c. Father brings home a discipline wand, because Gabriel is still staying with them, and Gabe has
                started to walk—when a new child begins to walk is the milestone to start using a discipline
            d. Jonas questions his father about the release of the twin; his father simply explains that the
                twins are weighed and the heavier goes off to the nurturing center; then the smaller gets
                cleaned and wrapped up and made comfortable, and after he performs a small ceremony of
                release his father waves good-bye as the baby goes to Elsewhere
XVIII.   Chapter 18
            a. The previous Receiver-to-be was a female named Rosemary; she received training for five
                weeks; although the Giver never gave her physical pain, she experienced other pain in the form
                of: loneliness and loss; poverty, hunger and terror
                       i. One day, after her 5 weeks of training and receiving the pain of loneliness and anguish,
                          she left at the end of her day’s training; she kissed the Giver on the cheek and instead
                          of going right home to her dwelling, she went directly to the Chief Elder and requested
                          release, and it was granted
                      ii. Once Rosemary was released, her memories came back to the community; the painful
                          memories that overwhelmed Rosemary then overwhelmed the entire community since
                          they’d never experienced those feelings before
                      iii. If something happens to Jonas, like if he accidentally died, all of his memories would go
                          back to the community and the people would have to experience them, and there
                          would be much more terrible and stronger memories from Jonas
 XIX.    Chapter 19
            a. Jonas was able to watch the release of the twin because all private ceremonies are recorded
                and stored in the Hall of Closed Records
                       i. During the release, the twins were weighed and the heavier was sent off with a
                          Nurturer; then, Jonas’s father took the smaller and cleaned and wrapped up the baby,
                          and then he took a needle of clear liquid and injected it into the babies forehead; while
                        the baby cried and jerked and went limp, the father cleaned up; finally, the father put
                        the baby’s body into a carton and put the carton down the trash shoot
                    ii. During the whole process of the release of the twin, Jonas’s father was very detached
                        and showed no emotion
          b. The Giver shares with Jonas that Rosemary’s release was the same as the twin: she died; yet
              when Rosemary was released, she injected herself
XX.    Chapter 20
          a. The Giver and Jonas have a discussion about having to be the only people who keep the
              memories; the Giver shares that it is not memories that are bad, but it is the loneliness of not
              being able to share the memories with others that is the worst
                     i. Jonas and the Giver talk about changing the way memories are shared; the Giver thinks
                        back to when Jonas asks the Giver what would happen if Jonas had an accident, like
                        drowning in the river; the Giver finally realizes that he and Jonas can work together to
                        finally change the way memories are kept and they could be shared amongst the
                    ii. Jonas and the Giver start to talk about a plan where Jonas will leave the Community
                        permanently and his memories will come back to the people; Jonas wants the Giver to
                        come with him, but the Giver says he can’t because he needs to help the Community to
                        learn how to deal with the memories
                    iii. Jonas and the Giver create a well-thought out plan where Jonas is going to escape in
                        the night before the big December ceremony. The Giver will save up food for two
                        weeks before, and will deliver the food and clothing to Jonas. Jonas will first leave a
                        note for his parents for when they wake up, saying that he left the dwelling early for
                        training; then he will leave his bike near the river; the Community will think that Jonas
                        has drowned and they will perform the ceremony of loss for him…and then the Giver
                        will help the community to learn how to deal with the feelings
XXI.   Chapter 21
          a. Jonas and the Giver created a well-thought out plan…but when Jonas hears that Gabriel is going
              to be released the next morning, Jonas flees that very night and takes Gabriel with him
                     i. To get Gabriel to sleep soundly for the escape, Jonas transfers a memory of relaxing in
                        a hammock on a beach, with the sounds of the soft waves
                    ii. When Jonas and Gabe escape, they maintain the same routine every day: Jonas rides
                        the bicycle through the night; in the morning they break for food and water; and they
                        both sleep during the day, hiding under the brush/trees
                      iii. When the search planes fly overhead, Jonas transmits memories of snow to Gabe and
                          remembers it for himself so that they become cold—the planes have heat seeking
                          devices that can detect body heat…so with Jonas and Gabe being cold, they can stay
                          hidden from the plane
XXII.    Chapter 22
            a. Jonas and Gabriel have been on the run for days…and now, Jonas can tell he is getting closer to
                       i. The road is narrowing and becoming more bumpy
                      ii. The boys are experiencing wildlife for the first time: they see what at first looks like a
                          plane but is actually a bird; they also see deer
            b. Jonas and Gabriel have run out of food and water is more scarce; Jonas is beginning to realize
                his biggest fear is that they are at risk of starving to death
                       i. Jonas starts to think that leaving the Community was the wrong decision…that he made
                          a bad choice…he is thinking this because of how close he is to starving to death
                      ii. But as Jonas continues to think about his choice, he realized that if he had stayed in the
                          Community, he would have still starved anyhow—but in a different way: he would have
                          been starved of things like feelings, color, and love; and he also realizes that his choice
                          to leave saved Gabriel
                      iii. Gabriel and Jonas have been gone for several days, if not weeks, and for the past two
                          days it has been raining; Jonas is starving to death, he is physically exhausted, and he
                          barely has any energy to keep moving on…he has now come to the conclusion that he
                          might not make it, and he is more upset at the fact that if he dies, Gabriel can’t survive;
                          Jonas has come to realize that he doesn’t quite care any more about himself
XXIII.   Chapter 23
            a. As Jonas and Gabriel trek towards the end of their journey, they are very close to the end of
                their life; the weather changes and it starts to snow; it is freezing cold and Jonas can no longer
                peddle the bicycle; as he carries Gabe and walks uphill through the snow, Jonas gives Gabe the
                memory of sunshine to help warm Gabe up and keep him from freezing to death
            b. As Jonas is walking uphill, he is coming very close to collapsing and going unconscious; he then
                starts to obtain a feeling of joy and thinks back to happy memories of his family and friends and
                the Giver; when Jonas finally reaches the top of the hill, there is a sled waiting for him, just like
                in the first memory the Giver had given him; Jonas gets on the sled while holding on to Gabe,
                and starts to sled downhill…as he reaches the bottom he can see Christmas lights and starts to
                hear music
c. As the story concludes, the reader is left to believe whatever their heart and imagination wants
    them to: did Jonas and Gabe make it to a new society filled with holidays and shared
    memories? Or was Jonas simply hallucinating right before he and Gabriel succumbed to
    hypothermia and death…

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