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					      Clarion university ColleGe of business aDministration

     newsletter                                                                                                        February 2011

     message from                                                                            Coba mission statement
                                                                                             The College of Business Administration at

     the dean                                                                                Clarion University of Pennsylvania is committed
                                                                                             to preparing its students for success as ethical
                                                                                             business leaders and professionals in a dynamic,
                                                                                             complex global environment through high quality,
     James G. Pesek, Ph.D.
                                                                                             challenging academic and related programs, while
                                                                                             serving the academic and business communities
                                                                                             through effective teaching, scholarly contributions,
     During the 2009-2010 Academic                                                           and appropriate service to the university and the
     Year, the faculty and staff of the                                                      region.
     College of Business Administration
     (COBA) began a planning process
     that will lead to the establishment
     of several strategic initiatives we
     will pursue over the next several                                                       Coba emphasis statement
     years. After developing a key set of assumptions, as well as                            The faculty and staff of the College of Business
     soliciting input from various stakeholders on our strengths,                            Administration at Clarion University recognize
     weaknesses, threats and opportunities, we revisited and                                 that we exist, above all, to serve the students.
     revised our mission and emphasis statements. Although we                                We are dedicated to offering and delivering high
     did not make wide sweeping changes to our mission, we will                              quality undergraduate and graduate education
     place greater emphasis on preparing our students for success                            that prepares the next generation of principled
     as ethical business leaders and professionals in a dynamic,                             leaders and professionals in the areas of business,
     complex global environment as we move forward. This change                              industry, and government. Both an undergraduate
     will certainly manifest itself in what outcomes we pursue as a                          business education, with Associates and Bachelors
     college, as well as in the curriculum and opportunities that we                         degrees, and a Masters of Business Administration
     make available to our students.                                                         are administered through campuses in Clarion
                                                                                             and Oil City, with a primary service area of
                                                                                             western Pennsylvania. We strive for continuous
Online education                                                                             improvement in all of our programs and curricula.
                                                                                             This is accomplished through effective teaching
The College of Business Administration provides a couple of opportunities for students       and practical applications; technological literacy;
to engage in an online learning experience with the quality one associates with Clarion      research that is relevant to the learning mission of
University.                                                                                  the University, including intellectual contributions
                                                                                             that primarily advance practice and enhance
For those who seek to take advantage of the job growth in the field of accounting, the       disciplinary knowledge, but also improve learning
College offers the Certified Public Accountant Exam Eligibility Program (CEEP) to students   and pedagogy; professional development activities;
who already have earned a Bachelors degree. This program provides the necessary course       and service to the University and community. In
work, online, for students who wish to sit for the CPA exam.                                 addition, we exhibit leadership; develop strong
                                                                                             partnerships with regional business, industry and
                          Since January 2006, the COBA has offered an online MBA
                                                                                             government organizations; and promote a diverse
                            Program for qualified part-time students. This part-time
                                                                                             student body and faculty. We recognize that we
                              online program provides two online courses every semester
                                                                                             must foster a spirit of intellectual inquiry, equity,
                                 and over the summer. Students who have completed
                                                                                             and tolerance in the classroom and workplace, and
                                   their MBA Foundation courses (undergraduate
                                                                                             hold integrity as the cornerstone of our actions.
                                         prerequisites) are able to complete their MBA
                                              program in as little as two years while
                                                 continuing to work. Clarion University’s
                                                 College of Business Administration
                                                 is accredited by AACSB International.

Check out the program at:
    two of the Coba’s master Goals are to develop, implement and                                      •	   In fall 2009, MBA students Jonathan arlet, Grey
    improve programs that contribute to high quality teaching and                                          arrigonie, Gordon barrows, ryan Coe, ho yin leung, Julia
    learning experiences and effective student development. i am                                           madison, thomas ohmer, Jonathan opinger, elisabeth
    pleased to report that during the 2009-2010 academic year,                                             Presutti, brett shaeffer, huong tran, lindsay vevers and
    the Coba experienced many positive outcomes related to the                                             Zhendong wang worked on a “live” case consulting
    attainment of those goals. here are a few examples of those                                            project for Port Farms in Dr. Barbara Garland’s MKTG
    outcomes:                                                                                              560 course.
                                                                                                      •	   47 students travelled to New York City as part of
    enriching experiences for students                                                                     American Marketing Association trip on November
                                                                                                           19-20, 2009 to visit with business and marketing
    •	     rich eckert, a senior Honors student with a management                                          executives.
           major and a member of the Clarion University Men’s
           Swimming and Diving Team, and ashley Grimm, an                                             •	   13 student members of the Political Economy Club
           MBA student and a graduate assistant with the Clarion                                           attended the Midwest Economics Association Meeting in
           University Women’s Basketball Team, co-authored a                                               Chicago, IL on April 18-19, 2010.
           paper, entitled: “A Collaborative Recruitment Model                                        •	   18 student members of the Financial Management
           Between Honors and Athletic Programs for Student                                                Association visited New York City and NY Stock
           Engagement and Retention,” which was published in                                               Exchange on October 22-24, 2009.
           the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of the National Collegiate
                                                                                                      •	   Approximately, 200 students attended a presentation,
           Honors Society. Dr. kevin roth, Professor of Management,
                                                                                                           “Fixing America’s Economy,” by mr. David frengel,
           and Dr. hallie savage, Honors Program Director, were
                                                                                                           Director of Government Affairs for Penn United
           co-authors, as well. An earlier version of the paper was
                                                                                                           Technologies, Inc. on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 in
           presented at the National Collegiate Honors Council
                                                                                                           Carter Auditorium.
           Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. in fall 2009.
                                                                                                      •	   mr. larry allen, President of Yieldex and a Clarion BSBA
    •	     Students in Roth’s spring 2010 MGMT 323: Small
                                                                                                           graduate, spoke to more than 60 students and faculty
           Business Problems course provided descriptive business
                                                                                                           on November 19, 2009.
           audits for over 20 regional businesses.
                                                                                                      •	   mr. steve turchick, Vice President of Corporate Services,
    •	     The following organizations provided live cases for
                                                                                                           IDL Worldwide, a Division of Matthews International,
           Dr. tony Johns’ MGMT 626: Operations Management
                                                                                                           and a Clarion BSBA graduate, spoke to over 60 students
           and Information Systems and Roth’s BSAD 690:
                                                                                                           and faculty on February 16, 2010. Steve’s talk was
           Strategic Management courses during fall 2009: MLS
                                                                                                           sponsored by the Financial Management Association.
           Electrosystems (a division of Matric), Franklin/Grove City
           YMCA, UPMC Northwest Cancer Center, First Baptist                                          •	   mr. David stern, CEO of Paris Companies, in DuBois, PA
           Church, Oil City Regional Alliance, Trail King.                                                 spoke to more than 30 students in Roth’s MGMT 323:
                                                                                                           Small Business Problems course in February 2010.
    •	     Danielle Daniels and Colin mcDonough, MBA students,
           served as “consultants” on a quality project for Acme                                      •	   Clarion University’s Student Chapter of the Society for
           Machine and Welding Co. located in Punxsutawney                                                 Advancement of Management (SAM) earned third-place
           through Dr. Chad smith’s Quality Management course                                              Honors in the Intermediate Chapter Division for Chapter
           (Fall 2009).                                                                                    Performance at the 2010 SAM International Business
                                                                                                           Conference held in Arlington, Virginia, April 8-11,
                                                                                                           2010. Attending the Conference were the following
                                                                                                           Clarion business students: heather Puhalla, Garrett
                                                                                                           mincin, kenneth bonus, lauren eonta, Desiree young, Dana
                                                                                                           falk, Jennifer Cramer, Jennifer mallik, michael berlin and
                                                                                                           emma fazio.
                                                                                                      •	   For the second consecutive year, Clarion University’s
                                                                                                           Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter received the distinction
                                                                                                           of being named a Premier Chapter by the International
                                                                                                           Office. During the 2009-2010 Academic Year,
                                                                                                           the COBA inducted nine MBA students and 23
                                                                                                           undergraduate business majors into Beta Gamma
                                                                                                           Sigma, the national business program honorary society
                                                                                                           of AACSB International.
                                                                                                      •	   Omicron Delta Epislon, the honorary for economics,
                                                                                                           inducted 14 members last year.

The COBA Newsletter is published periodically by the College of Business Administration, Clarion
University of Pennsylvania, 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 16214. Articles within the publication
reflect the philosophy of COBA, and do not necessarily represent the official position of Clarion
University of Pennsylvania. Clarion University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.
WILLIam C. LoWe serVes as thIrd annUaL
reed LeCtUre serIes sPeaKer
mr. william C. lowe, former CEO of two Fortune 1000 companies, served
as the Reed Lecture Series speaker on April 20 in Carter Auditorium.
His presentation, which filled the auditorium to capacity and required a
closed circuit television connection to another classroom, was entitled
“No Nonsense Innovation and Solving the U.S. Education Depression.”

Lowe went to work for IBM in 1962 as a product test engineer. He was
promoted in 1975 to the director of development and manufacturing
operations for IBM’s General Systems Division in Atlanta, Ga. Lowe
is known as the “Father of the Personal Computer” for leading the
team that developed IBM’s PC. Lowe was instrumental in changing the
manufacturing process from one of using proprietary parts to one of
using open architecture to ensure timely delivery of computers, which
changed the manufacturing practices of the entire industry.

Lowe has worked for 30 companies throughout his successful career.
He served as an executive for Moore Corporations, NEBS, Gulfstream
Aerospace, Xerox Corporation, IBM, and others. In 1991, he and Bill
Gates received a major global award for the greatest Technology Product
Innovation in the U.S.                                                                    William lOWe anD bill Gates

roth named CoBa researCher of the Year
We are pleased to announce that Dr.                                                  County Planning Commission and
kevin J. roth (Administrative Science)                                               President of the Clarion University
has been recognized as the 2009-                                                     Federal Credit Union.
2010 COBA Researcher of the Year.
Roth’s most recent research focuses                                                  •	   Roth’s research contributions
on experiential learning using a                                                          can be found in several national
“live-case” approach in management                                                        and international peer-reviewed
education. His research has also                                                          journals including Society for
addressed the role of community                                                           Advancement of Management:
and university collaboration in rural                                                     Management in Practice, Pennsylvania
downtown revitalization efforts and                                                       Journal of Business and Economics, Journal
research centered on consumer                                                             of the National Collegiate Honors Council,
satisfaction.                                                                             American Journal of Business Education,
                                                                                          Journal of Financial Services Marketing,
Roth has recently accepted a position                                                     and Journal of the Northeastern
as Director of the Clarion University                                                     Association of Business, Economics and
Small Business Development Center.                      Dr. Kevin rOth                    Technology.
A faculty member in the Department         Commercial Appraiser and extensive        Other 2009-2010 Research Award
of Administrative Science since 1990       consulting with for-profit and not-       recipients included: Dr. Chin yang
and Department Chair since 2006,           for-profit organizations in the area      (Economics), Dr. sandra trejos
Roth holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from       of strategic planning. He currently       (Economics), Dr. kreag Danvers
the University of Pittsburgh with a        serves on the Pennsylvania State          (Accountancy), Dr. tony Johns
minor in Strategic Planning, M.B.A.        System of Higher Education Economic       (Administrative Science), Dr. Gustavo
from Clarion University, and a Bachelor    Development Council and is in his         barboza (Administrative Science), and
of Science in Business from Slippery       ninth year as the Clarion University      Dr. miguel olivas-luján (Administrative
Rock University. His professional          Faculty Representative to the National    Science).
experience includes working as a           Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
Pennsylvania State Certified Industrial/   He is the former chair of the Clarion
  CoBa stUdent
  aWards                                                                     stUdY aBroad
  outstanDinG mba stuDent
                                                                             In keeping with our goal of developing and implementing programs that
  ashley Grimm was named the Outstanding MBA                                 contribute to effective student development, we encourage our students
  Student for the 2009-2010 academic year.                                   to take advantage of study abroad and international business seminar
  Ashley is currently the Acting Assistant Athletic                          opportunities. For more than 25 years, we have partnered with tour
  Director at Shippensburg University and plans to                           organizers and other universities to offer international trips for course
  pursue a Ph.D. in Administration and Leadership                            credit. And, through the University’s Office of International Programs
  Studies in the future.                                                     students have multiple opportunities to explore, arrange and participate
                                                                             in study abroad. For example, through the International Exchange
                                                                             Program, Clarion students pay tuition at Clarion, but travel abroad and
                                                                             attend universities in Europe, South America or Asia. Clarion accepts
                                                                             students from these universities for the semester or year in exchange.
                                                                             It is not uncommon to hear students conversing in Chinese, French,
                                                                             German or Korean as you walk the halls.

                                                                             Within the last 18 months, the following COBA students participated in
                                                                             the International Student Exchange Program:
                                                                             •	   kayla baker, a double major in international business and
                                                                                  economics, studied at Daegu University (South Korea)
                                                                             •	   stephanie brick, a double major in international business and
                                                                                  economics, studied in Shanghai (China)
Dr. Brenda Ponsford, MBA Director, Ashley Grimm, Outstanding MBA
Student, Dr. Brenda Dédé, Associate Vice President for Academic and          •	   kyle Payne, an international business major, studied at Murcia
Student Affairs                                                                   (Spain)
                                                                             •	   Josyln Dechant, a double major in international business and
                                                                                  economics, studied at the Dublin Business School (Ireland)
                                 2009-2010 wall
                                                                             •	   wannisa Prakobkit, a double major in international business and
                                 street Journal                                   economics, studied at Thammasat University (Thailand)
                                 awarD winner                                •	   allison wilshire, a double major in marketing and international
                                kenneth bonus was                                 business, studied at Vrjie University-Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
                                named the COBA’s Wall                        •	   Joshua battin, a double major in international business and
                                Street Journal Award                              economics, studied at the Dublin Business School (Ireland)
                                winner for the 2009-
                                2010 academic year.                          More recently, 10 business majors participated in the International
                                Ken is working as an                         Business Seminars Program, combining learning about international
                                Audit Associate with the                     business and experiencing the cultural, social and political
      WsJ aWarD Winner          KPMG accounting firm in                      environments of some of the world’s most interesting cities, including
       Kenneth bOnus            Pittsburgh, PA.                              London, Paris, and Brussels.

   College of business administration student advisory Council members
   accounting Club                                Omicron Delta epsilon                    beta Gamma sigma                   society for the
   Corey Tingley                                  Joslyn Dechant                           Corey Tingley                      advancement of management
   Advisors: Joy Kennedy &                        Advisor: Rod Raehsler                    Advisor: Jim Pesek                 Lauren Eonta
   Kreag Danvers                                                                                                              Advisor: Gustavo Barboza
                                                  association of Graduate                  Political economy Club
   Financial management                           business students                        John Rehe                          society for human
   association                                    Justin Casey                             Advisor: Sandra Trejos             resource management
   Alex Campbell                                  Advisor: Brenda Ponsford                                                    Ashton McNany
   Advisor: Matthew Brigida                                                                rho epsilon                        Advisor: Miguel Olivas-Luján
                                                  Paralegal Club                           Theron Miles
   american marketing association                 Bobbie Haag                              Advisor: Sarah Belloit
   Zack Thomas                                    Advisor: Frank Shepard
   Advisor: Heather Kirkwood-Mazik
oLIVas-LUján                                                  CoLLege of BUsIness admInIstratIon
                                                              2010-2011 sChoLarshIP reCIPIents
aPPoInted edItor-
In-ChIef of the                                               COLLEGE-WIDE SCHOLARSHIPS              Department book scholarship
                                                                                                     Jon Catanzarita
BUsIness joUrnaL of                                           e. Wilson amsler
                                                              endowed scholarship
                                                                                                     Joanna Horner
                                                              Angela Miller
                                                                                                     ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT
hIsPanIC researCh                                             Lauren Eonta
                                                              Corey Tingley                          SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                                                                     enid Dennis scholarship
                                                              Donald & bernadette hugus              Joslyn Dechant
                                                              Crooks scholarship
Dr. miguel r. olivas-luján, professor in the administrative   Emily Dellaquila
science department, has been appointed editor-in-chief                                               Department of economics
                                                              Jesse Jayne                            scholarship
of the Business Journal of Hispanic Research (BJHR),
                                                                                                     Amber Link
a publication of the National Society of Hispanic             edward G. Kriebel Family scholarship
MBAs (NSHMBA). BJHR publishes articles relevant               Derek Craig                            Omicron Delta epsilon
to Hispanics and business decision makers of any                                                     award of honor
ethnicity serving or interested in this rapidly expanding,    Kroh Family business scholarship       Caitlin Vancas
increasingly influential segment.                             Angela Miller
                                                              Joslyn Dechant
                                                              Corey Tingley
                                                                                                     FINANCE DEPARTMENT
Having served as a member of the editorial board                                                     SCHOLARSHIPS
since the inception of BJHR in 2007, Olivas-Luján             Charles P. leach, sr. scholarship      henry G. burns Center for Finance
will be responsible for peer review and publication of        Debra Breski                           and insurance scholarship
articles that will be included in the journal. BJHR           Bethany Tromans                        Emily Hathorn
( is a peer-reviewed research                                                 Denae Heath
publication that promotes and diffuses original and           ACCOUNTANCy DEPARTMENT                 Andrew McClaine
recently discovered knowledge about and for Latinos           SCHOLARSHIPS
in all business disciplines, inside and outside the                                                  burns and burns scholarship
United States. The journal serves as a conduit between        Gary l. merz memorial scholarship      Angela Miller
academic research and practice, and is sponsored              Robert Burris
by NSHMBA (, a non-profit                                                      Paul Gray real estate scholarship
                                                              Charles J. Pineno accounting           Christopher Biedka
organization that fosters Hispanic leadership through         scholarship
graduate management education and professional                Corey Tingley                          Department of Finance alumni and
development in order to improve society.                      Brandon Cousins                        Friends scholarship
                                                                                                     Peter Baschnagel
Olivas-Luján has also been a research faculty with            harry Joseph smith memorial
Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico). His research,              scholarship
                                                              Debra Breski
                                                                                                     MARKETING DEPARTMENT
which deals with information technologies, human
resource management, gender, Hispanics in business,
business ethics and Latin America, can be found in            accountancy Department senior          bonnie silvertongue marketing
                                                              scholarship                            memorial scholarship
three languages in scientific journals, edited books,
                                                              Amber Link                             Brian Siger
conference proceedings and practitioner-oriented              Scott Stegman
                                                                                                     marketing management scholarship
                                                              William and Olive barnes scholarship   Megan Grau
Olivas-Luján’s professional influence has been                Alicia Stephens
recognized in various forums, including Cleveland’s                                                  marketing research scholarship
Kaleidoscope Magazine’s “Cuarenta-cuarenta” Club              ruth n. Pici memorial scholarship      Lauren Eonta
(Class of 2009) and Mexico’s National Researchers             Matthew Deer
System (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores). He is a                                                 retail management scholarship
lifetime member of NSHMBA. Among his professional             ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCE                 Molly Lamison
volunteer activities, he writes a monthly column              DEPARTMENT SCHOLARSHIPS
and blog for NSHMBA’s newsletter, the bottom line                                                    Paul y. Kim advertising management
                                                              Dr. leonard and sally ann              scholarship
(, and is a member of the          ackerman scholarship                   Brittany Messing
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s                Lauren Eonta
Global Expertise Panel, and faculty advisor for the           Maggie Macek                           marketing Department scholarship
Clarion Student SHRM chapter.                                                                        Dylan Walsh
                                                              Department of administrative
                                                              science scholarship
                                                              Bethany Tromans
    CoUnCIL adds                                          Coba business advisory Council
                                                          Conducts mock interviews
    neW memBer                                            In fall 2009, members
                                                          of the COBA Business
                                                          Advisory Council
                                  We are pleased          conducted mock
                                  to announce that        group interviews with
                                  mr. Jeff schmeck,       a handful of business
                                  the President and       seniors. The event
                                  CEO of Miner            proved to be quite
                                  Fleet Management        popular with both
                                  Group LLC in San        Council members
                                  Antonio, Texas, is      and students so we
                                  now a member of         repeated in spring
                                  the COBA Business       2010 and again in
                                  Advisory Council.       fall 2010, giving
                                  Jeff is a 1976          more business majors the opportunity to not only meet the members
                                  graduate of Plum        of the Council, but also gain valuable interviewing and career advice
              JeFF sChmeCK        High School, in         from them. (Above) Council member bill mcDonough, a Partner with
                                  Pittsburgh, PA and      Achieve Financial LLC and a 1980 Clarion University BSBA graduate
    a 1980 graduate of Clarion University where he        with a major in accounting, interviews students from Dr. Chad smith’s
    received his BSBA degree with a concentration in      junior-level Management Theory and Practice Class. Over 45 students
    Management and Marketing.                             participated in the interviews this past fall.
    Schmeck has been in the material handling
    industry for 30 years, and was the founding
    partner of Miner Fleet Management Group in            regional economics
    2001 (MFMG). MFMG is an internationally
                                                          In the summer of 2010, the Clarion Owens-Illinois glass plant closed
    recognized leader in providing ‘round-the clock
                                                          its doors, resulting in the loss of more than 400 jobs. To ascertain
    24- hour service, support, and solutions for
                                                          the economic impact of the plant closing on the region, the Clarion
    Fortune 100 companies. MFMG was recognized by
                                                          County Economic Development Corporation commissioned a study
    Inc. Magazine on the Inc 500 listing for the first
                                                          conducted, under the auspices of the COBA’s Bureau of Business and
    time in 2006. Inc has expanded the listing to the
                                                          Economic Research, by Drs. rod raehsler, robert balough, and william
    Inc 5000, and MFMG has made this listing 2007,
                                                          sanders, all professors of economics. Briefly, they predicted that the
    2008, 2009.
                                                          direct loss of 420 jobs due to the closing of Clarion Owens-Illinois
    Schmeck is also the Past President of The             facility would lead to a projected job loss in the area of an additional
    Nissan Forklift President’s Advisory Council, Past    230 jobs, resulting from diminished local spending and job reductions
    President of The Barrett Industrial Trucks Dealer     at companies closely linked to plant operations. They also estimated
    Council, and several other industry advisory          that local tax revenues would see a reduction of at least $240,000
    boards. He is also active in his community as         while the economy in general would see the loss of over $20 million.
    the Past President of the San Antonio Food            This economic impact study provides the Clarion County Economic
    Bank Board of Directors, and he has served as         Development Corporation with critical information for future planning.
    a member for the United Way of Bexar County
    Appropriations committee. He has written and
    published numerous articles pertaining to sales       Political economy Club hosts Global Panel
    and marketing in the material handling industry,
    as well as fleet management in the material           The Political Economy Club hosted an economics panel on global
    handling industry. Schmeck’s key role with MFMG       issues and the U.S. recession on November 11, 2010. The three
    includes oversight of the vision, communication,      panelists included Drs. rod raehsler, Gustavo barboza, and Chin
    and execution of strategic planning for the           yang. The well-attended event took place in Carter Auditorium. The
    organization.                                         panelists discussed a series of questions about the state of the global
                                                          economy and the causes and status of the United States recession.
    Although business accomplishments are important       One of the main topics was the effect of China’s growing economy
    to Schmeck, he says they pale in comparison to        on the U.S. economy. The panelists also gave recommendations on
    his 30 year marriage to his wife Kim, and their two   how the government should help America rise above the recession.
    adult children, Brittany and Jeff. This he feels is   The panelists responded with suggestions including vastly improving
    his greatest achievement thus far!                    the infrastructure, allowing more free trade, reining in CEO pay, and
                                                          focusing on education.
                                                                                               COba FaCulty
   faCULtY transItIons                                                                         aWarDeD Grants
                                                                                               In support of the research and professional
                                                                                               development activities of our faculty, the
   Promotions                                                                                  COBA awarded competitive Summer 2010
                                                                                               Research Grants to the following faculty
   tony Johns, Ph.D.                                                                           members:
   From Associate to Professor of Administrative Science

                                                                                               Gustavo barboza (administrative science)
                                                                                               Sustainability of Micro Credit Programs:
   miguel olivas-lujan, Ph.D., Professor of Administrative Science                             The Role of Social Collateral in Determining
                                                                                               Optimal Payment Behavior for Uncollateralized
   new small business Development Center Director                                              Borrowers
   kevin J. roth, Ph.D., Professor of Administrative Science
                                                                                               Jerry belloit (finance)
   new Center for applied research and                                                         Public Subsidies & Energy Sustainability
   intellectual Property Development Director                                                  Issues for Residential Properties
   robert J. huemmrich
                                                                                               ning Chen (administrative science)
                                                                                               Expecting Order in the World: Belief in a
   new Coba Department Chairs                                                                  Just World, Achievement, and Performance
   Department of Accountancy – kreag Danvers, Ph.D.                                            Evaluation
   Department of Administrative Science – tony Johns, Ph.D.
   Department of Finance – Jeffrey eicher, J.D.                                                tony r. Johns (administrative science)
                                                                                               A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of
                                faculty retirement                                             Education on Managerial Reciprocity
                                Dr. woodrow yeaney, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Finance
                                and SBDC Director, retires after 35 years of service           miguel r. olivas-luján
                                to Clarion University. Among various other roles,              (administrative science)
                                Dr. Yeaney served as Department Chairperson of                 A Half-Decade of Growth: A Qualitative,
                                Accounting and Finance (later the Department of                Longitudinal Exploration of Women-Owned
                                Finance) from 1977-1984, as the MBA Director
                                                                                               Businesses in Four Countries
                                from 1980-1982, and most notably as the Director
                                of the Small Business Development Center from
                                1980-2010. During his time as the SBDC Director,               frank shepard (finance)
                                Dr. Yeaney secured more than $12 million in grants.            The Teaching of Business Law in AACSB
     Dr. WOODrOW yeaney Jr.
                                                                                               Accredited Colleges of Business

                                                                                               Chad smith (administrative science)
                                                                                               Traditional vs. Non Traditional Students
                                                                                               Learning Styles and Perceptions

                                                                                               sandra trejos (economics)
                                                                                               Ecological Efficiency and Economic
                                                                                               Development in Latin America

                                                                                               Chin yang (economics)
                                                                                               A Generalized Markowitz Portfolio Selection
                                                                                               Model with Higher Moments

                                                                                               assessment Grant
                                                                                               miguel r. olivas-luján
                                                                                               (administrative science)
                                                                                               Leadership – Making Theory and Pedagogical
COba business alums, t.J. mCCanCe (bsba ’06, mba ’08) anD brian PerKins (bsba ’09), met With
                                                                                               Practice Meet
Current mba stuDent Dustin mCelhattan (bs ’09) anD COba Dean Jim PeseK OutsiDe hart
ChaPel PriOr tO the alF ParaDe On OCtOber 2, 2010.
                                                                          other Coba news

    we need your help!                                                    •	   Dr. Chin Yang, professor of economics, Dr. Paul Kim,
                                                                               professor of marketing, Dr. Brenda Ponsford, professor of
                                                                               marketing, and Dr. Barbara Garland, professor of marketing,
    What is your experience in the world of business? How has                  published an article, entitled: “Impact of Wal-Mart on
    technology impacted your operations? Does your organization                Market Share in a Rural Grocery Market: An Application of
    deal with specific global partners? Does your company use lean             the Markov Chain Model,” in the Journal of Food Products
    manufacturing tools and Six Sigma? How does your organization              Marketing, Vol.16: 232-245, 2010.
    address increasing sales in an economic downturn? What do you              Americans spend up to 13 percent of their income on
    wish you could have known as a college student before you entered          groceries. Smart shopping can help a family save. Scholars
    the business world?                                                        have studied the effects on market share and profits from
                                                                               changing market share using the Markov model, and also
    These are questions our students have as they go through                   studied the competitive strategies of grocery retailers under
    their various programs. Questions that our alumni help answer              these conditions. While the forecast of the steady state is
    by becoming involved with our various student clubs and                    highly useful, examining the transition periods before the
    organizations, offering student internships, making presentations          steady state is reached is also useful. In these transition
    to our students, recruiting future students and more. As a                 periods, a retailer may opt for a new strategy; therefore,
    business professional, your experiences provide invaluable insights        the transition periods may provide greater insight into the
    to the application of the theories taught in the classroom.                dynamics of the competitive response. More attention
                                                                               should be paid to the revenues for groceries in transition
    Please consider the opportunity to interact with our current               periods before a steady state is reached - especially in
    students. If you have the desire to give back, please complete the         markets dominated by retail giants, such as Wal-Mart. This
    information card below, detach and mail it back to us.                     study attempts to model that phenomenon and to explore
                                                                               appropriate competitive strategies.
    name: _____________________________________________
                                                                          •	   Dr. Jeffrey Eicher, professor of finance, and Leo N. Hitt co-
    last name at Graduation: ______________________________                    authored an article, “Taxation of Marcellus Shale Sales and
                                                                               Leases,” that appears in the May 2010 issue (Vol. 88, No.
    year of Graduation: ___________________________________                    5) of Taxes: The Tax Magazine. In the paper they examine the
                                                                               proper tax treatment of Marcellus Shale sales and leases, as
    home address: ______________________________________                       well as the related tax consequences to the original interest
    ___________________________________________________                        owner.
                                                                          •	   David Hartley, assistant dean of the COBA, presented “The
    home telephone no:__________________________________                       Assessment of Courage Intentions in the Adult Self-Directed
                                                                               Leader” at the 2010 Autonomous Learning World Caucus
    e-mail: _____________________________________________
                                                                               (ALWC) held at Linton Lodge and Exeter College at Oxford
    Job title: ___________________________________________                     University, Oxford England in March 2010.

    Company name: _____________________________________
    work address:_______________________________________
    work telephone no: __________________________________
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        live case study
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