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					STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?                              ADDITIONAL RESOURCES
                                                   FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS
SERVICES: For personal, career and                 STEINHARDT GRADUATE STUDENT
educational counseling, general academic           ORGANIZATION (GSO): GSO is Steinhardt’s
information, and student activities and            graduate student government. Get involved,
services, contact Counseling & Student             represent the “student voice” on school and
Services, Pless Hall, 82 Washington                university committees, and help strengthen
Square East, 2nd floor, 212 998 5065,              student life for graduate students.

GRADUATE STUDIES: For doctoral candidacy,
approval forms for master’s thesis, instructions
                                                   Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, 3rd Floor
                                                   212 998 5351,           Getting Started
for filing the doctoral dissertation, and
matriculation status, visit Graduate Studies,
                                                   NYU STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER:
                                                   60 Washington Square South, Suite 210
                                                                                                      Guide For New
Pless Hall, 82 Washington Square East, 2nd
floor, 212 998 5044,
                                                   212 998 4411,

                                                   GRADUATE LIFE:
                                                                                                      Graduate Students
                                                   212 998 4937,
YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISOR IN YOUR                                                                                         Get Connected…
                                                   HOUSING: Office of Graduate Admissions,
ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT: For advisement,                                                                                  Be Involved…
degree requirements, and program                   212 998 5030,
                                                                                                                      Stay Informed…
requirements, meet with your academic advisor.     graduate_admissions/housing
                                                   NYU Off-Campus Housing Office, 212 998 4620,
payments, withdrawals, and refunds, visit          NYU Summer Housing, 212 998 4621,
Registration Services, Pless Hall, 82 Washington
Square East, 2nd Floor, 212 998 5055,                STUDENT LOUNGES: Pless Hall, 1st and
                                                   3rd floors.
STUDENT HEALTH CENTER: For health                                                                          Office of Student Affairs
problems, medical consultation, immunizations,     BUSINESS CARDS: For business cards                      Joseph and Violet Pless Hall
and information about health insurance,            printed with the Steinhardt School of Culture,          82 Washington Square East, 2nd Floor
go to 726 Broadway 3rd and 4th Floors,             Education, and Human Development logo,                  New York, NY 10003-6680
212 443 1000,                      visit the Office of Student Affairs, Pless              212 998 5065 tel
                                                   Hall, 2nd floor or call 212 998 5065.                   212 995 4353 fax
                                                   PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST: The NYU             
25 West 4th Street, 212 998 4444,
                                                                                                                           Steinhardt Student’s Guide, available in the
                                                   Office of Student Affairs, Pless Hall, 2nd floor
OFFICE OF GRADUATE ADMISSIONS:                     and Student Matters, the on-line newsletter
82 Washington Square East, 3rd floor               for students in NYU Steinhardt available at
212 998 5030, 212 998 5353,              
                                                   Inquire in your department about
                                                   departmental handbooks and publications.
         Welcome to the Steinhardt School                                       STEP 2. IMMUNIZATIONS                                    STEP 5. REGISTRATION FOR YOUR CLASSES
         of Culture, Education, and Human
                                                                                New York State law and/or New York University            Once you have met with your academic
         Development at New York University
                                                                                requires that all newly admitted students                advisor, you are ready to register for classes.
         As you continue your academic journey as a                             complete several health related requirements.            You may not register for classes before being
         graduate student, take advantage of resources,                         For complete information, visit                          advised. Register on-line through Albert via the
         services and activities designed to enhance                                              “Academics” tab in your NYUHome account.
         your studies and move you closer toward your                           requirements.html
         personal, career and professional goals.                                                                                        STEP 6. PAYMENT OF TUITION AND FEES
                                                                                STEP 3. ACTIVATE YOUR INTERNET ACCOUNT
                                                                                                                                         For payment and billing information, go
         GETTING STARTED . . .
                                                                                All NYU students are assigned a NYUHome                  to the NYU Bursar at 25 West Fourth
                                                                                account with free access to email. This is               Street or visit
                                                                                also a vital link of communication between
         Summer Departmental Advisement Sessions                                the University and you. You may access your              STEP 7. NYU IDENTIFICATION
         Meet with an advisor and participate in                                account from computer labs and NYUHome
                                                                                                                                         Your NYU ID card is an important document.
         activities designed to welcome you to NYU                              stations located around campus, and from your
                                                                                                                                         Carry it with you at all times. The NYU ID Card
         Steinhardt and your department. Contact your                           home computer. To activate your account, go
                                                                                                                                         gives you access to NYU buildings including the
         department for more information at                                     to: and follow instructions
                                                                                                                                         libraries and computer labs. To obtain your NYU                                                                                       Identification Card (ID), go to the NYU Card
                                                                                STEP 4. ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT
                                                                                                                                         Center, 383 Lafayette Street, 212 443 2273,
         NYU Welcome Week
                                                                                Every graduate student is assigned a           
         Join new undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                program advisor. Your advisor will help you to
         students from across the University for a
                                                                                understand degree requirements, electives,               STEP 8. NOW RELAX!
         week of workshops, social events, leadership
                                                                                and academic options; plan your program
         opportunities, and community building. For                                                                                      You are a registered student in the Steinhardt
                                                                                schedule; evaluate academic progress; and
         details, visit the Student Resource Center                                                                                      School of Culture, Education, and Human
                                                                                acquaint you with specialized services open to
         website at                                                                                                Development. Welcome! You may buy books
                                                                                you as a member of the University community.
                                                                                                                                         and academic supplies at the NYU Book Center,
         NYU Steinhardt New Graduate                                            Meet with your academic advisor for                      726 Broadway, 212 998 4667, or you may
         Student Information Sessions                                           educational planning and advisement:                     wait until classes begin. Books are listed by
         Learn about policies and procedures that                                             course number under your professor’s name.
         guide graduate study, find out about student                                                                                    Call the NYU Book Center for instructions
         resources in the school and university, and meet                                                                                on how to order books by telephone or visit
         your colleagues. Look for additional information                                                                                the website at
         in August and/or check our website at

         NYU Steinhardt Doctoral Student Orientation
         Get acquainted with some of the services
         and events especially planned for doctoral
         students. NYU Steinhardt Doctoral Student
         Orientation is scheduled just prior to the start
         of fall classes. Expect additional information.

STE IN HA R DT SC HO O L O F C ULTURE, EDUCATION, AND HUMAN D E V E LOP ME NT                                                      G E T T I N G STA RTE D G U I D E FO R N E W G R A D UAT E STU D E N TS

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