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 1.    Plaudit(n) = praise and approval.
 2.    Imprecation(n) = offensive word i.e used to express extreme anger.
 3.    Blether(v,n) =to talk continuously about things that are silly or unimportant.
 4.    Portage = a young person who is helped in their career and personal development by more
       experienced person.
 5.    Quotidian = ordinary.
 6.    Parlance = expressing yourself.
 7.    Prehensile = able to hold things.
 8.    Lineal = coming directly from later generation of same family as somebody.
 9.    Furlough (n,v) = permission to leave your duties for a period of time.
 10.   Piqued = to make somebody annoy or upset.
 11.   Blitz(n,v) = that which is done with lot of money.
 12.   Scrimp (v) = to spend very little money on things that you need to live.
 13.   Glean = to obtain information or knowledge.
 14.   Kaput =not working correctly.
 15.   Prudence = sensible and careful when you make judgments or decisions.
 16.   Lack-luster = not intresting or exciting.
 17.   Pergola = an arch in a garden with a frame for plants to grow over and through.
 18.   Ingénue(n) =an innocent young women ,especially in film/movie or play.
 19.   Portcullis = strong, heavy iron gate that can be raised or let down at entrance at a castle.
 20.   Cloche (n) = a glass cover placed over young plants to protect them from cold weather.
 21.   Jetty (n)= a wall or platform built out into sea,river etc , where boats can be tied & where people
       can get on & off boats.
 22.   Appendage (n) = a smaller or less important part of something larger.
 23.   Slalom (n)= a race on skies or in canoes in which the competitors have to avoid a series of
       obstacles in a very twisting and different course.
 24.   Catharsis (n)= the process of realizing strong feelings , as a way of providing relief from anger ,
       suffering etc.
 25.   Skein (n)= length of thread, especially wool or silk, wound loosely round on itself.
 26.   Gauge (n,v) =n: instrument for measuring the level.
       V: to make judgement about ,especially peoples feelings.
 27.   Fumigate (v)= to use special chemicals, smoke or gas to destroy harmful insects or bacteria in a
 28.   Arbitrary (adj) = using power with out restriction & with out considering other people.
 29.   Contart (v)= to become twisted or make something twisted out of its natural or normal shape.
 30.   Sangfroid (n)= the ability to remain calm in a difficult or danger situation.
 31.   Burgeon (v)= to begin to grow or develop rapidly.
 32.   Ruse (n) = a way of doing something or of getting by repeating somebody. Synonym: trick.
33. Invitro (adj) = taking place outside a living body.
34. Tendinitious (adj) =expressing a strong opinion that people are likely to disagree with. Synonym:
35. Fetid (adj) = smelling very unpleasant. Synonym: stinking.
36. Sapient (adj) =having great intelligent or knowledge.
37. Endow (v,n) = to give a large sum of money to school,college or another institution to provide it
    with an income
38. Tableau (n)= group of silent motion less people representing a scene stage.
39. Montage (n)= a picture ,film or piece of music which consist of several different items that are
    put together, often in unusual combination or sequence.
40. Tenor (n,adj) = a man’s singing voice with a range just below the lowest woman’s voice.
41. Coup (n) =1. Sudden , illegal and often violent change of government 2. The fact of achieving
    some thing that was difficult .
42. Smidgen (n) = a small piece or a amount of something.
43. Heyday (n) = the time when somebody had most power or success or was most popular.
    Synonym : prime.
44. Inveigle (v) = to achieve control oversome body in a clever & dishonest way , especially so that
    they will do what you want .
45. Dour (adj) = the impression of being unfriendly , severe . 2. Not pleasent, with no
    features that make it lively or intresting .
46. Otiose (adj) = having no useful purpose. Synonym : unnecessary.
47. Demagogic ( adj) = a political leader who tries to written support by using arguments based on
    emotion rather than reason.
48. Vegan (v) = a person who doesn’t eat any animal products such as meat, milk or eggs.
49. Scrip (n) = an extra share in a business, given out instead of a dividend.
50. Filial (adj) = connected with the way children behave towards their parents.
51. Ménage (n) = all the people who live together in one house. Synonym : household.
52. Trait (n) = particular quality in your personality.
53. Psychedelic (adj) = 1. Of a drug producing hallucinations. 2. Having bright colours or an abstract
54. Stygian (n) = very dark & therefore frightening.
55. Rife (adj) = 1. It is very common there ( wide spread) 2. Full of something bad or unpleasant.
56. Fraulein = unmarried woman ( spinster).
57. Table d’tote (adj) = meal in a restaurant costs a fixed price & there are only a limited number of
    dishes to choose from.
58. Chimerical =
59. Usurpation (n) = to take somebody’s position and/or power with out having the right to do this.
60. Callisthenic (n) = physical exersices intended to develop a strong and attractive body.
61. Contretemps (n) = an unfortunate event or embrassing disagreement with another person.
62. Rectitude (n) = the quality of thinking or behaving in a correct & honest way. Synonym :
63. Insurrection (n) = a situation in which a large group of people try to take political control of their
    own country with violence.
64. Earstwhile (adj) = former.
65. Shambolic (adj) = lacking order or organization. Synonym : chaotic, disorganized.
66. Hegemony (n) = control by one country, organization over other countries etc with in particular
67. Clique (n) = a small group of people who spend their time together and don’t allow others to
    join them.
68. Peremptory (adj) = expecting to be obeyed immediately & without question or refusal.
69. Solipsisitic (adj) = the theory that only the self exsits or can be known.
70. Ichthyologist (n) = study of fishes.
71. Gramche =
72. Augury (n) = a sign of what will happen in the future.
73. Basilisk (n) =
74. Wizend =
75. Trice (n) = very quickely or suddenly.
76. Requite = to give something such as love, kindness a favorite in return for what somebody has
    given you.
77. Yomp (v) = to march with heavy equipment over rough ground.
78. Ombudsman (n) =
79. Cachet = it has a special quality that people admire & approve of.
80. Façade = front of a bulding.
81. Lambaste (v) = to attack or criticize very severly, especially in public.
82. Hoipolloi =
83. Quidproquo = a thing given in return for something else.
84. Uxorious =
85. Prince –consort (n) = a little sometimes given to the husband of a queen who is himself a prince.
86. Bole (n) = the main stem of a tree.
87. Repertoire (n) = all the things that a person is able to do.
88. Quisling (n) = a person who helps an enemy that has taken control of his/her country.
89. Lepidopterist (n) = a person who studies about butterflies & moths.
90. Horsd’oeuvre (n) = a small amount of food usually cold, served before the main part of meal.
91. Internecine (adj) = happening between members of the same group, country or organization.
92. Cognomen =
93. Arrant (adj) = used to emphasize how bad somebody is.
94. Brink manship (n) = the activity, especially in politics of getting into a situation that could be very
    dangerous in order to frighten people & make them do what you want.
95. Spangle (v) = to cover or decorate something with small shiny pieces.
96. Totem (n) = an animal or other natural object i.e choosen & respected as a special symbol of a
    community or family.
97. Namby-pamby (adj) = weak & too emotional.
98. Clique (n) = a small
99. Cower (v) = to bens low and/or movie backwards because you are frightened.
100.        Rapscallion (n) = a disreputable person.
101.        Flabbergasted (adj) = extremely surprised or shocked. Synonym : astonished.
102.        Serendipity (n) = the fact of something intresting or pleasant happening by chance.
103.        Ex-officio (adj) = included or allowed because of your job, rank or position.
104.        Flaxen (n) = paleyellow. Synonym : blonde.
105.        Fealty (n) = a promise to be loyal to somebody , especially a king or queen.
106.        Obsequious (adj) = trying too hard to please somebody especially somebody who is
    important. Synonym : servile.
107.        Adlib (v) = to say something in a speech that you have not prepared. Synonym :
108.        Climactic (adj) = very exciting, most important.
109.        Immere (v) = to shut somebody in a place so that they can’t get out. Synonym :
110.        Liability (n) =
111.        Void (n,adj,v) =
112.        Smorgasbord (n) = a meat at which you serve yourself from a large range of hot and cold
113.        Akin (adj) = similar to.
114.        Abjure (v) = to promise publicly that you will give up or reject a belief or a way of
    behaving. Synonym : renounce.
115.        Underwrite =
116.        Gusset (n) = an extra piece of cloth swen into a piece of clothing to make it wider
    stronger or more comfortable.
117.        Ecdysiast =
118.        Denouement (n) = the end of a play, book etc. in which every thing is explained or
    setelled, the end result of a situation.
119.        Adjure (v) = to ask or to order somebody to do something.
120.        Ostensibly ( adj) = seeming or stated to be real or true when this is perhaps not the case.
    Synonym : apparent.
121.        Sobriquet (n) = uninformal name or title that you give somebody. Synonym : nickname.
122.        Lugubrious (adj) = sad & serious. Synonym : doleful.
123.        Zesty ( adj) =
124.        Shallot (n) = a vegetable like a small onion with a very strong taste.
125.        Meander (v) =
126.        Calico (n) = 1. A type of heavy cotton cloth that is usually white. 2. A typical rough cotton
    cloth that has a pattern printed on it.
127.        Bedlam (n) = a scene full of noise & confusion. Synonym: chaos.
128.        Milliner (n) = a person whose job is making and/or selling woman’s hats.
129.        Magenta (adj) = reddish purple in colour.
130.        Avuncular (adj) = behaving in a kind of friendly way towards young people, similar to the
    way on uncle treats his nieces or nephews.
131.        Mogul (n) = a very rich important & powerful person. Synonym : magnate.
132.        Telegenic = person who looks good on television.
133.        Squall (n,v) = n : a sudden strong & violent wind. V: to cry very loudly & noisily.
134.        Halcyon (adj) = peaceful and happy.
135.        Viaduct = a long high bridge, usually with arches, that carries a roador railway across a
   river or valley.
136.        Limerick =
137.        Waif = a small thin person, usually a child who looks as if they do not have enough to
138.        Lope (v) = to run taking long relaxed steps.
139.        Deem (v) = to have a particular opinion about something.
140.        Promulgate (v) = 1. To spread an idea, a belief etc. among many place. 2. To announce a
   new law or publicly or system officially.
141.        Sijlvean (adj) = connected with forests & trees.
142.        Faze (v) = to make you feel confused or shocked, so that you don’t know what to do.
   Synonym : disconcert.
143.        Fondant (n) = a thick sweet soft mixture made from sugar water, used especially to
   cover cakes.
144.        Exalt = 1. To make somebody rise to a higher rank or position, some times to one that
   they don’t deserve 2. To praise somebody very much.
145.        Rebuff (n) = an unkind,refusal of a friendly offer, request or suggestion. Synonym :
146.        Emtree (n) = the main dish of the meal or a dish served before main course.
147.        Maudlin (adj) = talking in a silly, emotional way often full of pity for yourself, especially
   when drunk. Synonym : sentimental.
148.        Pertinent (adj) = appropriate to a particular situation. Synonym : relevant.
149.        Illicit (adj) = not allowed by the law. Synonym : illegal.
150.        Embargo (n) = an official order that loans trade with another country. Synonym :
151.        Sidle (v) = to walk somewhere in a shy or uncertain way as if you don’t want to be
152.        Luminary (n) = a person who is an expert or a great influence in a special area or activity.
153.        Aditose (adj) = used for storing fat.
154.        Horde (n) = a large crowd of people.
155.        Censer (n) = a container for holding & burning incense, used especially during religious
156.        Prognosis (n) = 1. An Opinion based on medical experience of the likely devolepment of
   an illness or disease. Synonym : forecast.
157.        Purlievs (n) = the area near or surrounding a place.
158.        Staccato (adj) = with each note played separately in order to produce short, sharp
159.        Flounder =
160.       Maestro (n) = a great performer , especially a musician.
161.       Dirge (n) = a song sung inpart at a funeral or for a dead person.
162.       Fantasia (n) = a piece of music in a free from, often based on well known times.
163.       Moot (adj) = unlikely to happen & therefore not worth considering. V: to sugge an idea
   for people to discuss.
164.       Orb (n) =
165.       Deferential (adj) = behaviour that shows respect to somebody.
166.       Inclement (adj) = not pleasant, cold , wet etc.
167.       Soporific (adj) = making you want to go to sleep.
168.       Fallow (adj) =
169.       Mantle =
170.       Drone =
171.       Tepid (adj) = Slightly warm, sometimes in a way that is not pleasant.
172.       Bower (n) = a pleasant place in the shade under trees or climbing plants in a wood or
173.       Profusion (n) = a very large quantity of some thing. Synonym: abundance.
174.       Swelter (v) = to be very hot in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Synonym : stifling.
175.       Gorge (n,v) =
176.       Gaudy (adj) = too brightly coloured in a way that backs taste.
177.       Redolent (adj) = 1. Making you think of the thing mentioned. 2. Smelling strongly of the
   thing mentioned.
178.       Succulent (adj) =
179.       Gloaming (n) = the faint light after the sun sets. Synonym : twilight . dusk.
180.       Al-fresco =
181.       Pellucid (adj) = extremely clear. Synonym : transparent.
182.       Ballyhoo (n) = unnecessary noise & excitement.
183.       Juxtapose (v) = to put people or things together especially in order to show a new
   relationship between them.
184.       Specious (adj) = seeming right or true but actually wrong or false. Synonym : misleading.
185.       Aupair (n) = a young person, usually a woman who lives with a family in foreign country
   in order to learn language.
186.       Coquetry (n) = behaviour that is typical of a coquette.
187.       Chivalrous (adj) = polite , kind and be having with honour especially towards women.
   Synonym : gallant.
188.       Seraphic =
189.       Winsome ( adj) = pleasant & attractive. Synonym : engaging.
190.       Tryst (n) = a secret meeting between lovers.
191.       Enthrall (v) = so intresting , beautiful etc that you give it all your attention.
192.       Jamb (n) = a vertical past at to side of a door or window.
193.       Foray (n) = a short sudden attack made by a group of soldiers.
194.       Vangaurd (n) = the leader of a movement in society. ex: inpolitics art, industry.
195.       Amenable (adj) = easy to control, willing to be influenced by somebody.
196.        Saunter (v) = to walk in a slow relaxed way.
197.        Ascetic (adj) = not allowing yourself physical pleasures especially for religious reasons.
198.        Conclave (n) = a meeting to discuss something in private.
199.        Homily (n) = a speech or piece of writing giving advice on the correct way to behave etc.
200.        Tonsure (n) = the part of a monk’s or priests head that has been shaved.
201.        Acolyte (n) = a person who follows & helps a leader.
202.        Tawdry (adj) = involving low moral standards extremely unpleasant or offensive.
203.        Hackneyed (adj) = used too often & therefore boring.
204.        Spartan (adj) = simple or serve , lacking anything that makes life easier.
205.        Aucouramp =
206.        Proscenium (n) = the part of the stage in a theater that is infront of the curtain.
207.        Shangai (v) = to trick or force somebody in doing something they don’t really want to do.
208.        Utopia (n) = an imaginary place or state in which every thing is perfect.
209.        Roseate (adj) = pink in colour.
210.        Harlequin (n) = amusing character in some traditional plays , who wears special brightly
   coloured clothes with a diamond pattern.
211.        Swarthy (adj) = having dark skin.
212.        Jaundiced = not expecting something to be good or useful, especially because of
   experiences that you have held in the past.
213.        Apposite (adj) = very appropriate for a particular situation or in relation to something.
214.        Pathos (n) = the power of performance , description etc to produce feelings of sadness
   & sympathy.
215.        Sanctimonious (adj) = giving the impression that you are better or moral than other
216.        Pillory (v) = to criticize somebody strongly in.
217.        Winnow (v) = to flow air through gain in order to remove its outer covering. Synonym :
   shift out.
218.        Hurtle (v) = to move very fast in a particular direction.
219.        Fleck =
220.        Pestle (n) = a small heavy tool with a ground endused for crushing things in a special
   bowl called a mortor.
221.        Naibete’ =
222.        Aggrandize (n) = an increase in power or importance of a person or country.
223.        Cavalier (adj) = not caring enough about something important or about the feelings of
   other people.
224.        Stodgy (adj) = heavy & making you feel very full.
225.        Deadpan (adj) = without any expression or emotion , often pretending to be serious
   when you are joking.
226.        Gratuitous (adj) =done with out any good reason or purpose & often having harmful
227.        Bellicouse (adj) = having or showing a desire to argue or fight.
228.        Trowess (n) = great skill at doing something.
229.       Expiate (v) = to accept punishment for something that you have done in order to show
   that you are sorry.
230.       Carousan (n) = a moving belt from which you collect your pass at an airport.
231.       Irascivle (adj) = becoming angry very easily.
232.       Windfall (n)= an amount of money that somebody wins or receives unexpectedly.
233.       Foist (v) = to force somebody to acceptsomething they don’t want.
234.       Drivel (n) = n : silly nonsense, v : to keep talking about silly or unimportant things.
235.       Effluvium =
236.       Bulchritute (n) =beauty.
237.       Mendacious (adj) = not telling the truth. Synonym : lying.
238.       Disparate =
239.       Notation (n) = a system of signs or symbols used to represent information , especially in
   maths , science, music.
240.       Dapper (adj) = small with a neat appearance & nice cloths.
241.       Sidereal = related to the stars that are far away not the sun or planets.
242.       Verdigrds (n) = the greenish substance which forms on roofs when copper reacts with
243.       Bilk (v) =
244.       Ovfuscate (v) = to make something less clear & more difficult to understand usually
245.       Skank = an unpleasant person.
246.       Behemoth (n) = a very big & powerful company or organization.
247.       Itsty-bistry (adj) = very
248.       Dastion (n) =
249.       Mores (n) = the customs & behaviour that are considered typical of a particular social
   group or community.
250.       Protocol =
251.       Paraphernilia (n) = a large number of objects for personal prossessions especially the
   equipment that you need for a particular act.
252.       Acquiesce (v) = to accept something without arguing even if you don’t agree withit.
253.       Waggish (adj) = funny,clever, not serious.
254.       Vugavoo (n) = a thing that people are afraid of.
255.       Bungle =
256.       Penury (n) = the state of being very poor.
257.       Rebuke (v) = to speak severly to somebody because they have done something wrong.
258.       Colloqui (n) = aconversation.
259.       Squander (v) = to waste time, money etc in a stupid or careless way.
260.       Desolate (adj,v) = very lonely & unhappy.
261.       Ameliorate (v) = to make something better.
262.       Skullduggery (n) = dishonest behaviour or activities.
263.       Ghastly (adj) = very frightening and unpleasant. Synonym : horrible, terrible.
264.       Misnomer (n) = a name or word that is not appropriate or accurate.
265.        Rendigion (n) = the performance of something especially wrong or piece of music, the
   par way in which it is performed.
266.        Nugatory (adj) = having no purpose or value.
267.        Stigma =
268.        Adulation (n) = admiration & praise especially when this is greater than necessary.
269.        Attrition (n) = a process of making somebody especially something your enemy, weaker
   by repeatedly attacking them or cracting.
270.        Array =
271.        Sartorial (adj) = relating to clothes , especially mens clothes and the way they are made
   or worn.
272.        Appall (v) = to shock somebody very much.
273.        Genre (n) = a particular type or a type of literature art, film or music that you can
   recognize because of its special features.
274.        Tout =
275.        Soliloquy (n)= a speech in a play in which a character , who is alone on the stage speaks
   his or her thoughts , the act of speaking thoughts in this way.
276.        Tocose (adj) = humorous.
277.        Cherudic (adj) = sweet & innocent.
278.        Enfetter =
279.        Terfidious (adj) = that can’t be trusted.
280.        Attenuation (v) = to make something weaker or less effective.
281.        Wetter (n) = large & confusing amount of something.
282.        Mordan (adj) = critical and unkind but funny.
283.        Hortatory =
284.        Cozen =
285.        Loutish (adj) = a man or boy who behaves in a rude & aggressive way.
286.        Egress =
287.        Sumder (v) = to split or break something a part especially by force.
288.        Staid = not amusing or intresting , boring & old fashioned.
289.        Traduce (v) = to say things about somebody that are unpleasant or not true.
290.        Tastiche (n) = work of art etc. that consists of a variety of different styles.
291.        Dawdle (v) = to take a long time to do something or go somewhere.
292.        Lax (adj) = not strict , severe or careful enough about work, rules or standards of
293.        Swathe = 1. A board strip. 2. A row of grass etc. as it falls when cut down.
294.        Fungible =
295.        Accessorial =
296.        Sequestered = isolate.
297.        Langruous =
298.        Cognosxible =
299.        Hubris = excessive pride or self confidence.
300.        Fractious (adj) = bad tempered, difficult to control.
301.        Monogram (n) = a design of interwoven letters.
302.        Defeatist (n) =a person who accepts failure readily.
303.        Traumatic = of apply distressed experience & emotional shock following a stressful
304.        Domicile (n) = the country in which a person lives permanently.
305.        Caval = secret political proup.
306.        Staputory = required or permitted by law.
307.        Thrall (n) = the state of being in another’s power.
308.        Gull (n) = long winged sea bird.
309.        Spatula = an implemented with a board blade for mixing.
310.        Calcific =
311.        Imfallible (adj) = incapable of being wrong.
312.        Insolence (n) = rude & disrespectful.
313.        Salvage = save from being lost or destroyed.
314.        Rank = a row of people or things & position in armed forces.
315.        Derison = scornful ridicull.
316.        Hindsight = understanding of something after it has happened.
317.        Gross (adj) = unattractively large , vulgar.
318.        Stigma = mark of disagree.
319.        Perige = the point in moon’s orbit when it is nearest to earth.
320.        Rubble = rough fragments of stone.
321.        Insolubility = seedy, wholesome.
322.        Bilge (n) = bottom of a ships hull, informal nonsense.
323.        Splenetic = bad tempered.
324.        Multifarious (adj) = very varied.
325.        Bogger (n) = badly written verse.
326.        Serbility (n) = excessively willing to serve or please others.
327.        Concatenate = connected series.
328.        Acerdity (n) = sharp & direct.
329.        Stendorial = very loud.
330.        Distill (v) = extract the most impartant aspects of.
331.        Neophyte (n) = novice.
332.        Surcease =
333.        Verve (n) = energy , spirit & style.
334.        Pellucid (adj) = very clear.
335.        Bedech =
336.        Pejorative (adj) = expressing contempt or disapproval.
337.        Impolitic (adj) = unwise.
338.        Germane (adj) = reievant.
339.        Perdition (n) = eternal damnation.
340.        Werity (n) = literary speed.
341.        Decollate =
342.      Bruit =
343.      Recidibism (n) = a person who constantly comits crimes.
344.      Noisne (adj) = having a very unpleasant smell.
345.      Compendi (n) = collection of similar items, collection of facts on a subject.
346.      Odium (n) =wide spread, hatred or disgust.
347.      Nadir (n) = the lowest point.
348.      Fbuince (n) = cheerful and full of energy.
349.      Pillory = a wooden frame with holes for the head and hands in which offenders were
   formerly locked & exposed to public abuse.
350.      Pert = cheeky and lively in a pleasant or amusing way.

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