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  Money With

        Lisa Givens

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Debunking The Myth About Pay-Per-Install…………………….9

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Introduction To Pay-Per-Install

You Should Read This Ebook If You Can Answer
Yes To The Following Questions.
Are you a software developer and still using the “Donate” banner to raise money
from your software? Or, are you still relying only on Google Adsense to generate
income? Then you should read further.

Are you a software developer and looking for ways to increase your income online
using your software development skills?

Do you already have a software built but are not making money with it right now,
but would like to start making good income with it?

Do you have a website with downloadable freebies and want to generate more

Are you a good programmer but don’t have very good software ideas that can
make you some money, and now you want to learn how to develop the next great
idea for a great software?

Then this ebook is for you.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

What You Will Learn From This
In this ebook, you will learn what Pay-Per-Install is and how to create massive, and
passive monthly income using Pay-Per-Install.

Learn proven strategies that have proven to work with lots of software developers.
I have used these same strategies myself to build a respectable income using Pay-
Per-Install in the last 2 ½ years.

If you already have software built, I will show you how to start getting income with
it right away using Pay-Per-Install.

If you haven’t developed any public software yet, I will show you how to develop
software ideas, and turn these ideas into software that people will like to
download. I will show you how one simple idea can generate up to $1200 recurrent
income for you monthly.

First, Why Is IT Hard To Make Money With
Software Development?
Many software developers develop software because of their passion. Software
development cost hundreds or even thousands of hours and money. The resources
spent have to be compensated in one way or the other or you cannot sustain the

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

In a perfect world we would just keep developing great software and let people use
them for free without asking anything back. However, the world is not perfect and
everything turns around money. You need money for hosting your site, money to
buy development software and new computers.

More importantly you need money just to pay the bills so you can go on writing the
software codes you love writing and don’t need to bother about where the money
to pay for the extra expense of software development is going to come from.

The problem is, people do not really like to pay for software. Moreover, you may
not even like to sell your software because you did not start programming for
financially gain. However since life must go on, you need to raise cash to pay the
cost of development. Many software developers only have two options:

     1. Create a website for your software and use programs like Google AdSense
        to monetize it. The problem with this approach is that Google Adsense is
        not as lucrative as it used to be.

     2. Have a “Donate” banner or “nagging screens” which ask people to donate
        money to you to enable you continue your software development. The
        problem with this approach is that people are either too busy to do the
        trouble to actually donate money to you or just do not think about it after
        downloading the software.

That leaves you with one last working option – Pay-Per-Install. A good Pay-Per-
Install program is the only software monetization system that will guarantee that
you will make money from day one. Secondly, it will ensure you have enough
money to continue the development of your software.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

“       A good Pay-Per-Install program is the only
        software monetization system that will
        guarantee that you will make money from day

What is Pay-Per-Install (PPI)?
Pay-Per-Install is an advertising scheme for software distribution. It allows third
parties to advertize their software with the installation of your software. PPI is a
form of affiliate program. When users download your software they are
recommended third party software for installation. The keyword here is
“Recommended”. The user can decide to accept the recommendation or not, by
clicking on a button. You get paid anytime users choose to install one or more
software from the recommended list.

For this to work, there are PPI providers. These providers make deals with
advertizers for software distribution. In turn, the PPI provider makes deals with
affiliates (you) who bundle the third party software with theirs for distribution.
This is done either directly using an executable or indirectly, by calling a link to the
executable online during the installation.

A good Pay-Per-Install provider will ONLY install additional software on the user’s PC
if the user explicitly agrees to this. Only software chosen by the user will be

A good PPI provider does not install third party software without authorization from
the user, or trick, force the user to install the software. There is no covert or drive-
by installation. The user must agree to this operation and therefore, is in full
control. This is an important element when looking for a Pay-Per-Install provider.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Secondly, a good PPI provider does not carry Malware, Adware or other dangerous
software that could compromise the computer of the host.

There are many Pay-Per-Install providers online today because of the booming business.
However, the market is very fluid because many providers come and go. Therefore, it is
important to use a very reliable player when starting.

I am going to show you how to find the right player for your Pay-Per -Install business.
Personally, I have been using Installmonetizer for over two years now and I have never
regretted this. I am also going to tell you why.

Debunking The Myth About

    “The biggest myth about Pay-
    Per-Install is that it is only used
    to distribute Malicious software
    and Adware.”

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

There is nothing more further from the truth than this. Yes, it is true some malicious
people who want to make money quick do use Pay-Per-Install program to distribute
payload of malware to unsuspecting users. However, this is only a part of the story and
usually made possible by the following factors:

          The Pay-Per-Install provider is itself a malicious entity, and use not just Pay-
           Per-Install but hacked and compromised software or software license key
           generators to spread malicious software.

          The Software developers have malicious intent. In most cases, these people
           do not even bother to develop their own software. They take popular
           software and inject them with their malicious codes and distribute them on
           illegal download sites or torrents. Unsuspecting users will then download
           these software and infect their computers with viruses, Trojans and other
           malicious software.

With any technology, there are always people who will abuse the system. This is not
inherent to PPI.

Many large companies like Microsoft, Real, Babylon and Google have used PPI at one
point or the other. In fact, the use of PPI is getting bigger and better because it is a very
effective way for companies with big advertizement budget to promote their software
with an instant result.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Possible Angry Users
Some people say your users could be very angry with you if you use PPI to monetize
your software. The fact is, I have never received any email from angry users because of
using PPI in my software. That may be partly because I use the best PPI company online
today, which in my opinion is InstallMonetizer. They do not recommend junk software to
people, non do they install software without the user’s permission.

PPI Is Not Worth The Trouble.
People who say PPI is not worth the trouble haven’t made the effort yet to really build a
business around PPI. Today, a good PPI program is the best way to profit from your
downloadable software. It is better than Google Adsense, and besides, it is not a
replacement to other forms of advertizing but an added value which could be very
lucrative for you.

Obviously, some people may be upset with you, sometimes, because they know you are
trying to make money by recommending third party software. Others may be genuinely
upset with you because they think you are trying to spread malware to them. This
should not bother you as long as you are sure you are not engaging in any act that is
detrimental to your users.

This is the more reason to get a reliable and genuine PPI provider.

Delisting By Google
This is another story people often tell why you should not be involved with PPI. This
holds true only if your PPI provider is distributing Malware. If Google scans your site and
comes across executables containing mechanism for distributing Malware they will
remove such links from the index. If you continue to distribute such software, your
domain may be delisted. This is a way for Google to protect its users.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

With a reliable PPI provider like InstallMonetizer you will not get the Google ban or get
removed from the index. The bundled exe is not a Malware and it does not install
Malware on user’s computers. In fact, you can setup InstallMonetizer to make call to the
url containing the exe during installation. Therefore, no exe is actually bundled with
your software.

Besides, if your software is carrying Malware, no reputable download site will list your
software. This means, you will not be able to make use of free promotion from the
download sites to distribute your software. If Google wouldn’t list your software and
the download site wouldn’t help you with distribution then your distribution area will
start to shrink very fast.

Pay-Per-Install Is Not Ethical
One of the argument people have against PPI is that it is not ethical and that it helps to
spread viruses and other Malware to unsuspecting users. In some cases this is true.
There are lots of unscrupulous people who are giving bad name to PPI program.

What you should know is that PPI is a very legitimate business model that is supported
by many large, and reputable companies who see PPI as a marketing channel. PPI does
not break any law or is by any way unethical when done right.

Doing it right means you must stay away from spreading malicious software to people,
tricking people to download your software or installing software on user’s PC’s without
their explicit permissions.

Many of the reputable PPI companies do not take part in such types of malicious
practices. Therefore, you could engage in PPI freely without troubling your conscience.

How to Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

The Feeling of Selling Out
Many people feel they are selling out by using PPI to monetize their software. I use to
feel that way myself until I realized that I wasn’t getting much from my users to finance
or even pay for the hosting of the site.

There are even people who will refuse to click on an ad from your site just because they
know you could get some money for it.

The bottom line is, at the end of the day, the hosting and the cost of producing the
software has to be paid for. There is nothing wrong with earning money that will enable
you to pay for your recurrent expenditure. In turn, this will enable you to develop better
software, which at the long run is a win for your users.

Besides, your users are NEVER forced to install any third party software on their
computer. It is simply voluntary.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make
With Pay-Per-Install?
Pay-Per-install is one of the best ways to profit from your software development skills,
especially if you are developing software for individuals in the Windows platform.
Contrary to what many people think, selling software is very difficult. I have tried it.
People rarely buy software they plan to use once or twice a month. Moreover, there are
free software to do almost anything online. These software are mostly very good and
many are open source. The reasoning is, why pay for software when you can get it for

So, if you cannot sell it, while not make some money from it by using Pay-Per-Install.
PPI can be very lucrative when done right. I know of at least few people making 7
figures yearly from PPI. That is mind burgling. Of course, these people have been at it
for years and I have developed free software base in the past which they are now
profiting from.

PPI income is passive, which means once you set it up it will keep running for months,
even years without your interference. I have had software that was not updated for a
year. I did not write any single article or do any further promotional activities to
promote the software, and yet it was doing at least $700 monthly. When done properly.

Setting up a profitable PPI program is not as difficult as you think even when you are not
a programmer. Getting the idea for a profitable software is also not difficult. If you are
not a program you can hire someone for as little as $500 to write good software for you.
My first PPI success was from software I created for just $1200. In retrospect, I could
have done this for under $500 if I had limited the features.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

  Pay-Per-Install is an advertizing program which can help you to monetize your
  software downloads. However, you must remember that:

     There are lots of myths about Pay-Per-Install which are not true and should
      not prevent you from profiting from PPI today.

     There are many dubious people in the PPI business therefore, you need to
      seek out very good PPI provider that will not rip you or your users off.

     PPI is not illegal or unethical therefore, there is no need to shy away from
      the business because it is a legitimate business model both for advertizers
      and for software developers.

     When you do it right, you can expect to make reasonable amount of money
      using Pay-Per-Install. It is a passive income that could provide you a nice
      monthly revenue.

How To Choose A PPI Provider

You are as successful as the PPI provider you choose with the PPI business. There
are many horror stories on the Internet on how people get ripped off by PPI
companies. There are many practices by dubious PPI companies to make sure you
do not get better from your business.

Some of these practices includes bad reporting of stats, excessive scrubbing or
shaving. - This is when too many installs are not counted, late payment of
revenue or none payment. Sometimes, PPI companies completely disappear from
the Internet going away with your money.

Let’s face it, even with the best PPI companies you do not have internal records of
what is really going on behind the scene. However, you can increase your odds by
going with the best.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

When dealing with a PPI provider there are just too many factors you have no control
over, such as:
       • The number of times your users are reported to have received an advertiser’s
       • The number of installation actually recorded.
       • The number of recorded installation that are approved.
       • The country the installation are purported to have taken place. US and central
           European countries command better payment.

In most cases, the business is based on trust. This trust can be built by a PPI provider
providing you with very good stats of your daily download activities. This is why it is
important to know what to watch out for when chosen a PPI company.

I have put together some of the factors you need to consider to help you chose a PPI

There are lots of dubious players in the PPI industry. This is mostly due to the fact that
the industry is not regulated in any form. As such, it is often hard to tell who is doing the
right thing. One of the criteria is to check out who the PPI provider is promoting.

You can be confidence with a PPI provider that is promoting software from a reputable
company such as Microsoft, Google, and Babylon. It is a kind of transferred or transitive

If Microsoft allows a PPI company to promote its products using PPI then the chance is
almost zero that such a company is engaged in Malware distribution. Microsoft
wouldn’t like to be associated with such practices.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

In this business, reputation is key. This is the only way you can play for the long term.
Many people often try to make very fast money and allow themselves to be drawn into
making use of various dubious companies to achieve their goals. The end result is that
they may never make money and may end up being slapped by the main search engines
and listed as malware source.

No malware
Malware distribution is a very lucrative business today. The easiest way to distribute
Malware is through the download of music, movies, images and software. Since people
are becoming more careful about what they download online, Malware developers try
to legitimize their Malware by bundling it with legitimate software or using dubious PPI

You should ensure your PPI provider is not engages or flagged as Malware provider.

Prompt Payment
In is important to get paid, and on time. Many PPI providers could be mean cowboys.
That is what you would expect if you are a part of business responsible for the
distribution of Malware. Many of them will not even pay you and will disappear over
time with your money. By the time you find out you have been ripped off it is too late,
and all the effect you have put into it is wasted.

Easy Integration
The ads code from the provider should be easy to integrate with your installer. There
are still providers out with very difficult integration system. You can find this often by
affiliate companies who tries to do everything. A good provider will have a very easy
integration system that even nonprogrammers can use.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Recommended Pay-Per-Install Provider
You are getting familiar by now with the business of Pay-Per-Install. The question
remains, what is the best PPI provider out there? I have tried almost all companies out
there with mixed results. The one company I have stuck with is InstallMonetizer at This is the only company I can recommend at the
moment, and I will tell you why:

InstallMonetizer Has Large Number Of Advertisers
With Quality Software
The number one aspect for me is that they do not distribute garbage with your
software. They have a wide range of advertizers that offers ads for users from virtually
any country in the world totally over 18 advertizers as per the time of writing this. Many
PPI providers are happy to have just about 3 to 4 providers.

The huge number of providers and the geographical coverage means you will get
optimal return on your software download.

Prompt Payment
I have been using now for over 2 ½ years. During this time I
have been paid every month no matter how much I made. They have never missed or
delay a single payment. They have different forms of payment, including PayPal,
Alertpay and direct payment of funds by wire to your bank account in many countries.

I would say, this is a reliable track record by any standard. If a PPI provider cannot pay
you on time or starts to miss payment then it is time to take your business elsewhere.
InstallMonetizer has been consistently doing business and growing in the past three
years and have had time to have a very strong track record. Many PPI providers in the
contrary have just started doing business. This is not to say they will not be good, it is
just that they have not been around long enough to allow for a proper assessment.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Clean & Easy Bundling And Install
I am not a programmer. When I got started I had to try out lots of PPI providers. In many
cases, the PPI integration was a pain. If you are like me who is not a developer, you may
not be able to explain to a programmer what needs to be done. In some cases your
developer may not be familiar with PPI at all. As such, your integration scripts must be
easy for the developer to understand and perform without your intervention.

You need to understand that without a good integration your installs will not be
counted properly. If your install is not being reported properly then you could as well
not be using PPI. Good reporting is very important.

The integration of the exe therefore, must be very easy and clean to do as this will also
help you perform several split testing. This is another area where InstallMonetizer excel.
There install integration is so single even nonprogrammer could do it.

Global Advertisers
PPI providers often advertise online stating very handsome pay-out by install. They
often conveniently forget to mention that this only applies to US IP install. However,
many of your users may not be from the US. From your total download, if you are lucky,
20% of your download may come from US IP addresses. In that case, the other 80% of
your traffic will be useless both to your provider and to you.

Many advertisers have 2-3 software. You don’t need these providers. You want to have a
provider that has software offers reaching out to literary all countries of the world. This
is another reason why I use Installmonetizer because they provide me global advertizers
so I can get paid for my worldwide downloads.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Competitive Install Rate
Install rate is the rate at which people presented with an offer during installation
response positively. Your install rate logically is connected to the quality of the third
party software recommended to your users. If your PPI provider is recommending
crappy software, nobody will install it.

“However, if your users are offered quality and
useful software you will see your install rate
skyrocket. This means more money for you.”

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Reporting, Reporting, Reporting
InstallMonetizer has the best reporting system out there. You get to see at any time of
the day a report of how your campaign is doing.

This is the same report that forms a part of the report they send to the advertizers. This
way, there are no funny games going on with the stats. InstallMonetizer provides the
following stats:

•        Offer Screens: total offer screens displayed.
•        Accepted by user: total users who clicked the "Accept" button on the offer screen.
•        Offer Opt Out: total users that unchecked the boxes thus declining the offer.
•        Declined by user: total users that clicked "Decline" button on the offer screen.
•        Installs Failed: total installs that failed during the download process.
•        Completed Installs: total installs that were completed successfully (Measured by
         our system).
•        Approved Installs: once installs are done, advertisers will verify the install. Once
         verified, their approved count appears here.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Finally, you have to be able to trust the company you are working with. This is why
you need good stats. InstallMonetizer provides very good stats. This helps you to
analyse the number of install yourself and see where you are making progress.

You can also perform testing of your packages. For example, let say you have just
discovered a new traffic source and want to start a new campaign based on it. You
could test this new traffic source by creating a new install packet bundle. This will
give you a new identifying code to place in your software installer. With this set up
you will be able to track all the installs coming from that specific bundle. You can do
this as many times as you like. This is a very powerful tool.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

No malware
Malware distribution is a very lucrative business today. The easiest way to distribute
Malware is through the download of music, movies, images and software. Since people
are becoming more careful about what they download online, Malware developers try
to legitimize their malware by bundling it with legitimate software or using dubious PPI

You should ensure your PPI provider is not engages or flagged as Malware provider.

Pay On Time
InstallMonetizer will pay you every month, on time. This is very important because you
need the money to invest in your software development and new traffic source.
Besides, you will work better when you do not have to worry about your payments.

Easy Integration
InstallMonetizer integration code contains just few lines. You can integrate it into your
software in just 2 minutes.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

To be successful with PPI you need to increase your odds. You can do this by
following some simple rules.

     Only use reliable Pay-Per-Install providers

     You can find out about a services provide by following their track record and
      see who they are promoting.

     A good PPI provider must have very good integration and reporting scheme.

     This business model, like many other business model is based on trust. You
      must make sure you can trust your PPI provider.

Getting Started With PPI

To be successful with PPI you need to be patient and plan it like a business. You
need to put your strategy in place that will work in the long term and not only in
the short term. Planning for quick money will only leave you disillusioned. The
problem with trying to make quick money on the Internet, especially using PPI is
that it is always short lived, even if you make any money at all. In my opinion, it is
not worth the effort.

A long term approach will mean that you will be pulling in over $1000 or more
per software, per month, within few months, depending on how successful your
software is. Remember, this is a passive income.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

What Can I Expect To Earn From PPI?
The question most people often ask is what returns can I expect from PPI? To answer
this question, let me illustrate on the types of returns you could expect with three
examples. These are very low numbers, which have been achieved just by single

Example One
I started the PPI business over 2 ½ years ago because I was frustrated that I could not
translate my passion for software development into a profitable business. Around that
time, it was becoming very difficult to make money with Google Adsense, especially if
people do not have any reason to come back to your site after downloading your

At the time, I had a couple of Windows applications, so I decided to try out one using
PPI. I rework the software and added PPI support. At the end of the first month I made
$440, which was way better than the Adsense income I was generating monthly. Within
3 months I was making over $1000 monthly. In the last 2 years, this single software has
generated over $30,000. That is an average of $1250 monthly. I have not even upgraded
the software since it was first created.

Importantly, because the website I created purposely for this software is getting older in
the search engine, the ranking is also increasing. This is also reflected positively in the
number of installs I am getting.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Example Two
I decided to introduce a friend of mine to PPI. He had created software which was
driving traffic to his site. This software is a desktop enhancement software for Windows
XP. Windows XP was quickly getting out of fashion and my friend needed to generate
money to help him redesign the software for the Windows 7/8 environment. The only
problem was, my friend did not have any more cash to do this.

So, I told him to first use the software as-is. He then created a new exe of the software
and incorporated the PPI codes, then placed it on the site for download. In the first day
of using PPI he had generated $150. This site generated $6000 in the first month alone.
One of the main reasons he was successful is that this software was already hosted on
the big download sites. Even new software can do very well with Pay-Per-Install.

Example Three
The final example is of one of my clients who just left the university. He had written two
Windows software, which were gaining popularity amongst his peers. Due to the bad
economy he had been unable to get a job since he left school. What he did was to
splash some Google ads on his site and hope to get some money through it.

When he came to me he was getting about 35000 downloads per week. We decided to
rework his site for more traffic to target more closely his software keywords and signed
him up for Per-Per-Install. Because he was already getting some great download
numbers, it was instant cash flow for him. The first month brought in $3600.

The three examples I presented here are based on ordinary software with ordinary
download numbers. There are examples with bigger numbers, but these are beyond the
scope of this book. My goal here is to give you a realistic view of what anyone can

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

How To Build Your PPI Empire
Now you know what is possible. It is time to see how you can start your own PPI Empire
and start making money today using your software.

First Create Your Software
If you want to make money with PPI, you should either have software already built or be
prepared to build one. Coming up with a software idea is not as difficult as it may seem.
First, you don’t need to create elaborate software. Sometimes, you only need to create
what I call “a delivery system.” this is a small piece of software that you can use to
bundle things like images, tools and other packages.

In one of my projects I created a small application which basically package compilation
of Windows 7 Gadgets. The small exe is used to deliver these gadgets to the users. With
this I was able to build-in my PPI codes to deliver other apps. This simple product
delivers over 2000 daily install.

There are so many types of delivery system you could build. The core thing here is that
the user sees value in your product. People need to see some value in your product to
warrant them installing the software.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Where To Get Your Software Idea?

Before you are ready to develop your software you must first have a software
idea. Your software idea, as explained above does not have to be the next killer
software idea. Your idea must be useful, and help people to solve one or two
pressing problems with their computer. A good idea for software is also
something that helps people to have more fun while using their computers.

Right now, good software that helps people to do the following could be a very
profitable software idea:

       Desktop enhancement tools.
       Any useful tool to help people manage the Windows OS environment.
       Any software that help people to download software, music, movies
       Software to help people use YouTube better.
       Games (these are sometimes harder to program because of the logic
        and graphics involved in a good game.)

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

A good place to find software idea is to visit the big download sites such as, and . Check out the top
100 download list and see what types of software people are downloading. Find out,
why they are popular among the people. You can read the comments from users to have
a clue. People will often write about what they don’t like about the software and what
they like about it. Finally, see if there is any of the software you can improve or clone.

Once you find a pick, you will have to estimate how much time it will cost a programmer
to produce similar software. The way you will go about doing this is out of the reach of
this work.

Other places to find an idea is at sites like:

There are other sites out there catering for the open source community. Open source
software sites are ideal place to gather idea for software. If you do not want to spend
lots of time writing codes, you can just pick up an open source software and legally
modify and redistribute it. You can do this due to the nature of the open source license.
You just have to keep to the terms of agreement.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

You will find great ideas from the forums you frequent, especially, Windows OS related
forums. It can be forums on desktop enhancements, tools, apps or any other areas that
attract lots of Windows users. Find out what is hot there. Think along the line on how
you could make the life of the people simpler or more interesting with the software
your are thinking about building. The more people you can help, the more download
you will get.

When looking for software idea, only invest in ideas that can help huge number of
people. In the PPI business you need huge download numbers. An idea that will help
you create a software with a market of about 100 daily download may not be the best
place to invest your time.

Talk to your friends and see what types of useful software they have come across and
asked then what they found useful about the software. Research and see what types of
download numbers such software is doing on the main download sites, such as or

Social Media
Check out some Windows OS groups at Facebook and other social media sites.
Remember, you need ordinary Windows users and not developers. See what people are
asking for and see how you can develop somewhere that helps.

On of the social media sites you can check out is this sites is the
meeting place for people who are interested in digital arts. But it is also a great place to
learn about what people like to have on Windows desktops especially, in the area of
desktop customization.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

How To Build Your Software For
This section was not designed to teach you how to build software very fast. This is a
very broad topic. However, it is intended to give you a general idea about the topic.

You can either build your own software as a developer or hire someone to do it for you.
No matter the road you plan to take, the basics of good software design for PPI will
apply to you.

Building good software is not as complicated as it seems. First, you will need a very
good idea. Have a solution that helps people to solve a problem.

One of my software that is making over $1000 monthly was built in just 30 hours. A
good developer could develop nice software between 40-50 hours, then you are ready
to go.

There are few reasons why people tend to go on and on when developing new
software. If you are a developer, you simply have to develop just what the user’s need
for the first version. You should build-in only few features, but do it very well. You can
always improve the software later. I will give you two different examples to illustrate

A while back, I developed software to help people download videos from YouTube. The
software did some cool things you couldn’t do on YouTube at that time. So people loved
it. When the software was released I got reviews from many great software sites which
spurn more download. There were days I received 15000 downloads. The initial
development only cost me just $800.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

I was so passionate about this software that I wanted to improve it further. I added
many more features to the list. I wanted to have the following done:
        Ability to create playlist
        Save video files to different video formats
        Share playlist to Facebook
        Stream video files to your TV
        and many more.

Within a short while, I had crammed together enough features into the software to clog
any Windows computer.

This was obviously a bad approach. The developer was overwhelmed with many of the
features that he disappeared. By the time I was halve way I had spent over $10.000
before all the new features were abandoned. It was a big mistake of such magnitude
that I wouldn’t make now.

Each of the new features I proposed could easily have served as new software in the
same genre.

My second example is a desktop enhancement software developed for under $800. It
took the developer 3 weeks to code. After it was done, I put it out for download. The
software has since done over 1.000.000 downloads. You read it right, One million

Apart from some minor bug fixes, no major changes have been made to the software
since it was first released. I have resisted fooling around with the codes since it was
doing what it was written to do.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

A year back, I decided to get the base excited on Facebook, I told them I was about to
update the software to version 2. I requested people to provide me with ideas for new
features. Apart from the usual “cool”, “awesome” “looking forward to the new version”
there was nothing tangible I could work with. I then decided to leave it the way it was. I
am now another year further and the software is still pulling in huge daily downloads
without any version upgrade.

The big lesson learned here is only to create software with limited functionality and do
it very well. Don’t spend more than is necessary on your software because your users
may not appreciate it.

I have software with functions that nobody even known they are there and nobody is
asking for them. These examples are based on software I paid to get develop. I am not
a developer. But I can put together a good idea for good software and pay someone to
do it.

However, the same principles should apply to you if you are a developer. If you want to
develop your own software to make money then you must treat it as a business
otherwise, you will not succeed.

Finally, this is very important. You should always make sure that your software have a
very attractive GUI. Sometimes, people will install software based on a good looking
GUI. Other times, people will bypass good software because they don’t like the GUI.
Take a look at download sites to see example of good software GUI.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Hire Someone To Code Your Software
This subject has been written more often on the Internet by so many good sources that
I do not need to write so much about it here. Rather, you should see this as a mental jog
to show you the possibilities you have to have your software written.

If you want to hire a freelancer then you should consider the following sites:
I personally use because of the ease of use for me and most of my
workers are already there.

There are two things you should consider and understand while hiring someone to write
you software. You need to decide from the start if you are going to pay hourly or pay a
fix price for your software. If you have not worked with a developer before then an
hourly rate could be a nightmare, because the work could drag on, and on. If you fire
the developer later you may be stuck with halve baked software you cannot do anything

Fix price contract has it downside as well. If a developer completes a software based on
fix price you may end up paying the developer high premium anytime you want to
modify any part of the software or correct bug fixes. This can run your cost up
significantly in a very short time.

I often used a fix price for very small projects that is well documented. I will use hourly
rate for larger software but with very strict supervision. Of course, I make sure the
developer is not a rookie.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

 You will be successful with your software development projects if you take the
 following advice:

     Always do your research to see what type of software people want and what
      is commanding lots of downloads.

     Only create software for the masses, skip the small niches.

     Don’t create software only because you like it. It must be usable and help
      millions of people.

     Do not spend more time and money than is needed on your software,
      people may not need the extra features.

     Always create stunning GUI for your software and advertize it by showing
      great screenshots of it.

How To Market Your Software

Without marketing, your software is not going to get traction, even if you plan to
give the software away for free. This is not as difficult as it seems. I am going to
break down the process here for you.

There are three main things you need to do to effectively market your software:
      Design a good website that converts to download

       Perform on-site and offsite SEO on your site to boast your rankings with
        the search engines.

       Distribute your software to all download sites you can find

Many developers are already aware of ways to do these, but many people are still
in the dark and could do with a detailed explanation on how each of these three
things could greatly affect the number of your daily downloads.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Design A Homepage That Converts
As a software developer, you want to make a first, good impression when people visit
your website for the first time. The idea is to give the visitors a positive idea about your
software. People must feel they can trust you judging by the way your site looks.

1. Make A Good Impression
It's likely that you have a variety of goals for your website, including educating visitors
about your products, providing contact points, support information, and even
community building. Too often, the urge to communicate a wide range of site features
and product benefits leads to a home page that overwhelms visitors seeking a
straightforward solution.

Your website is often the first impression a visitor will have of your product, and to
make a positive impression you should ensure your design looks professional and your
messaging is engaging, concise and easy to understand.

Use these tips when considering your layout:
       Spend time planning your site architecture.
       Carefully consider your site navigation and the level of information exposed in
          each area of your website.
       Don't nest pages too deeply or present an overwhelming volume of
          information on any one page.
       Give navigation links titles using terms visitors will look for to find the
          destination pages.
       Keep your homepage clean
       Remember that your homepage must be relevant to a broad audience.
       Concisely present the most important messaging points for your product.
       In a featured location state what your product does or the problem it solves.
       Carefully consider which buttons or navigation elements to include so visitors
          have clear, obvious choices to make at a glance.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

If you are not particularly well versed in web design or copy writing it may well be worth
your while to hire a web designer to help you create a clean, aesthetic site, or at the
very least customize a existing WordPress theme.

When it comes to writing copy, you have two options: hire a writer or write the copy
yourself. Either way, your site’s copy should contain a concise and accurate description
of what your software does using plain language that everyone can understand. Avoid
using industry jargon or localized slang and, in a simple and direct way, describe the
problem your software solves and how it does so.

Your homepage is the most important page on your site. Keep it simple and uncluttered
and allow visitors who just want to download your software an easy and direct way to
do so. You can include greater detail about your product, but do it on separate pages –
and continue to make sure to write simply and clearly.

It can be tempting as a developer to write using technical language, but unless your
software is exclusively targeted at developers, it is better to write in more accessible
and easily understood language. Developers often tend to overestimate the technical
background of their websites audience.

One method that can help you hone in on your "pitch" is the "tweet method": try
putting together descriptions of your software’s value proposition in 140 characters or
less. This can be a powerful way to develop a compelling statement on what
makes your software something that people need to have.

Finally, make sure to include a screenshot of your software on your website. Many users
want to see what the product looks like before downloading it. A good screenshot can in
many cases be just as powerful as a list of features, communicating at a glance what the
product does and how easy it is to use. You may even want to create a nice gallery of
screenshots or take it to the next level and create a video.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Get People To Download Your Software
When a visitor arrives at your website it's likely that they will see a variety of options
you've created in anticipation of their possible goals. However, the primary goal of your
site should be to help users engage with your software. From this perspective, a critical
metric for any developers' website is how frequently visitors convert into downloads.
Following these guidelines will help you design a site that converts well:

Include a large and obvious download button above the fold on your homepage.
The Mozilla Firefox website is a good example of a well-designed download site with a
prominent download button.

Our experience shows green and blue tend to be the best performing colors for
download buttons as they are both eye-catching and soft on the eye. With that said,
you may improve conversion significantly by testing different colors and button designs
to see what works best for your audience and website.

   Include the phrase “Free Download” on or near your download
Other similar terms such as “Download Now” can boost download rates as well.
Experiment with different specific language to see what works best for your product.
Keep excess clutter and text away from the area surrounding the download button so
the user won’t be distracted and downloading your software will be the prominent call
to action on the page as shown below:

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

The biggest problem with many software homepages is that they try to educate the
user first and drive downloads second. The majority of visitors don't spend much time
reading, and if someone is on your homepage, there is a good chance that they
are ready to download your software, so make it easy for them. Include additional
information in less prominent areas—such as below the fold or on separate pages, so
visitors who want more detailed information can still access it.

A/B and multivariate testing
To take your site design to the next level you can conduct A/B and multivariate tests to
determine which of several site designs performs best. A/B testing refers to altering a
single element on a web page and testing which of the two variations performs the
best. This supports data driven design decisions that move your site closer your
conversion goals.

A/B tests can be conducted relatively quickly, easily and for free using Google Website
Optimizer. Try testing the design of your download button, the value proposition
messaging for your software and the color scheme for your website.

For more information about A/B testing, check out Smashing Magazine's comprehensive

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Publishing Your Software On Download Sites
Depending upon the existing reach of your software and the resources you have to
spend managing listings, there are a variety of approaches you can take toward getting
your software listed.

The Shotgun Method
There is a wide selection of automated submission tools to choose from that can help
you submit your software to hundreds of download sites automatically. Robosoft is one
such a frequently updated tool that can submit your software to 1,000+ download sites,
taking care of account creation and even some CAPTCHA's automatically. While in the
long run it is worth having your software listed on many download sites, your
submission methodology may depend on how much you're willing to spend and how
much time you have to manage your listings.

For example, it costs $99 USD to use Robosoft’s service, but when you next release an
update for your product you won't have to spend a lot of time tracking and updating all
of your listings manually. It is worthwhile updating your listings after significant updates
that affect the product version number because this can boosts visibility by raising your
software to the top of "What's new" lists - just don't be abusive with your updates or
you might find yourself out of favor with site administrators.

Smaller publishers will likely find the investment in good automated services and tools
worthwhile to boost awareness of their product. Larger publishers may find that
focusing their attention on manually optimizing listings on larger sites is a better
investment for them.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

The DIY Approach
For a more targeted approach to listing your software, we've compiled a list of some of
the most reputable and influential download sites. Cumulatively, these sites drive a
significant portion of all software downloads and getting your software listed can
introduce a substantial number of new users to your software that wouldn’t discover it
otherwise. --
Snapfiles --
Majorgeeks --
Softpedia --
BetaNews/FileForum --
Brothersoft --
Softonic --
Tucows --
Simtel --
Download32 --
Downloadatoz --
Soft32 --

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Get Your PAD On!
Regardless of the exact submission method you choose, most will require that you
submit a portable application description (PAD) file along with your software. PAD files
use a standard data format to store all of the typical information about your product
download sites require to complete a listing, and allow some sites to fill form fields or
entire listings automatically. While PAD files can be created by hand, the easiest way to
make one is using a PAD generator, such as PADGen, a downloadable app,
or PADBuilder, a free online service. Software like Robosoft can also create a pad file for

Send The Right Message
Whether you are working with PAD files, filling in forms manually, or using automated
submission tools, always put extra care into writing the description of your software. A
carefully crafted and engaging write up can lead to a marked increase in downloads, and
in long-term users who better understand the value proposition of your product. When
describing your software:

Include keywords that a person might search for when hunting for a solution to the
problem that your software solves.

Keep your description concise. You may have a lot of information to share, but most
visitors don't spend a lot of time reading.

Focus on communicating the most important benefits of your product. Sometimes it is
better to write about the problems the product solves rather than the features it has.

Write for the general audience of the download site(s) you are listing on. Assuming
visitors have the same technical knowledge as you can deter people from trying your
software versus competing products that appear easier to use.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Build Your Reputation
As part of your overall software marketing strategy you want to have your software
listed on as many reputable sites as possible. Do your research and never list your
software on sites that carry Malware or engage in any other questionable practices.

Curating your brand from an early stage is an important step toward building a good
reputation, the trust of your user base, and increasing both your distribution and search

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Lets recap some of the main points in this chapter:

     Make it easy for people to download your software. Design your site to
      focused on downloads and nothing else.

     The best way to create a website is to use Wordpress. This is cheap, fast and
      easy to maintain. Get existing theme and modify it to suit your needs.

     Use automatic PAD distribution software to distribute your software to as
      many download sites as possible. However, manually submit your software
      to the major download sites.

     Build trust and reputation with people.

Introduction To SEO
Marketing For Software

Search engine results are clearly a key factor in driving software distribution. As
most developers can attest, a huge percentage of website visits are driven directly
from search results; which means if you want to improve distribution, you need to
optimize your site for great search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your web site’s
visibility in search engines so it shows up closer to the top of organic (non-
paid/non-ad) search results when someone queries keywords related to your site
or software. Search engines constantly test and tweak the "signals", or the data
they use to rank the relevancy of sites and pages, which is what makes SEO as
much art as dynamic science.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

The closer to the top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) your software shows up,
the higher the chance of someone clicking through to your site. A recent study by
Optify, conducted in December 2010 using data from organic keyword searches, found
that on average the #1 search result receives 36.4% of clicks, followed by 12.5%, 9.5%
and 7.9% for the second, third and forth positions.

Search results are determined by the relevancy of a web-page in relation to the search
query and the "authority" the site or page has. Authority equals trust, and while little is
known about how exactly search engines calculate authority -- the number and quality
(authoritativeness) of backlinks to your site is definitely a key factor.

SEO is a combination of "on-page" and "off-page" factors. In this guide we’re focusing
on SEO techniques to employ on your site (i.e. on-page SEO). Effective on-page SEO will
help you with your off-page SEO, which we’ll cover in another article about building
links back to your site.

What follows is an overview of some of the best ways to maximize your site’s on-page

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Know your keywords. Google provides a great keyword tool to show how much
traffic is generated by different keywords that relate to your software/site. Based on
this information, you can determine the relative importance of various keywords
related to your software. You can also use this information to structure your site and
content (e.g. URLs, title tags, H1s, bolded text, etc) for better search engines

When starting a new site, it’s easier to rank higher by targeting keywords that are
less competitive, i.e. keywords that aren’t in great demand by other sites. Perhaps
more importantly, when choosing keywords think about the words that someone
would use to search for a solution to the problem your software solves, instead of
keywords that are all related to the features and functionality that your software
has. If you want to get an idea of what keywords are driving the most traffic for your
competitors check out Alexa.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Your goal is to write easy to understand content that includes your target keywords. This
isn’t about trying to stuff as many keywords you can on a page – it’s about writing copy
that naturally includes your targeted keywords. A general rule of thumb is to use your
targeted keywords 2-3 times for a short page and 5-7 times on a longer page. Check out
this SEOMoz article about perfecting on-page keyword targeting.

Search engines and users love sites that deliver fresh content, so think about starting a
blog to help bring in new and repeat visitors. Most importantly, never "lock" important
content in file formats that search engines have trouble crawling (Flash, even AJAX can
be a problem -- Google offers guidance on ensuring AJAX is crawlable, etc).

Remember, content isn’t king; original, relevant, high-quality content is king.

Site architecture
Your site architecture determines how easy it is for search engines to crawl and users to
find your content. The "flatter" the site architecture, the better. Meaning, the fewer
levels it takes to get to content, the better off you’ll be. Your goal should be to make all
of your content accessible within three clicks. Your most important content, including
your software download, should be one click away. Check out this post which includes
a video about site architecture.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Site speed
Although site speed is currently a very,very small factor in your site’s rankings, ensuring
your site is as fast as possible creates a better user experience. It also speeds the time it
takes for search engines to effectively crawl your site and for users to load pages.

KISSMetrics published an infographic which illustrates how slow site speed increases the
rate of users abandoning a site/page. They found that "40% of people abandon a
website that takes more than 3 seconds to load" and that "A 1 second delay in page
response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.“

A couple of ways to increase your site’s speed (and save on bandwidth) include: keeping
image files as small as possible without losing quality, minimizing the number and size
of Javascript libraries your site uses (Google offers hosted libraries you can use), tighter
"or" cleaner HTML and CSS code (try a CSS minimizer), and using Gzip to compress
pages (works on Linux and Windows web servers).

Google has a page dedicated to tools and services designed to help make the web
faster. Yahoo offers a great tool for measuring site speed called YSlow which works in
Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It tests webpages and assigns grades (A-F) to different
factors that influence speed so you can figure out what changes to make to increase

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Page title tag
The title tag tells search engines and site visitors what a page is about and is one of the
most important factors for on-page SEO. Use your chosen keywords here, with the most
important keywords as the first words of the page title. The page title is also what users
see on a SERP, although most engines limit what they show to around 65 characters
along with a short description of the page (see Meta Descriptions). While not absolutely
necessary, you can include the name of your site or company in the page title; just make
sure it’s appended to the END of the URL.

You make a free application to help users backup their Windows system. Note this is a
highly competitive category of software with many established products.

       Windows Backup Cloning Software Free | ABCSoftware
       Windows Backup Software Free | ABCSoftware – Makers of Great Windows
       ABCSoftware – Makers of Great Windows Software – Free Windows Back Software
       If you’re aiming to get people to download your Windows’ backup software, put
       the right keywords first!

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Headline Tag (H1) and other header tags
The headline tag (H1) is used for the main headline of a page and usually matches the
page’s title tag, but it doesn’t have to. The header tag doesn’t carry as much weight for
rankings as previously thought, but it’s still important to use so people can easily see
the main topic of the page. Make sure you only use one <H1> tag per page as Google
has been known to penalize pages that use multiple h1s. Other header tags (H2, etc)
help you semantically structure your content, but won’t do anything to increase
   Example: You have a piece of software for downloading photos from Flickr.
   You decide to target the keywords: "download photos" "flickr".
      <h1>Download Flickr Photos Quickly & Easily</h1>
      <h1>Download Flickr Photos Quickly & Easily</h1>
      <h1>Learn How You Can Quickly & Easily Download Photos from Flickr</h1>

URL structure
URLs are incredibly important in determining how a page ranks. Ideally, you should
structure your URLs so that the most important keywords are at the beginning of the
URL, and keep all URLs as short as possible. Shorter URLs are easy for people to
understand at a glance, and make it much easier for them to share. Always use hyphens
instead of underscores since hyphens are "guaranteed" to be treated as spaces (which
are bad), whereas underscores are not. Never use spaces in URLs, they will be converted
to % and having % in a URL isn’t very friendly. It’s also generally advisable to strip file
extensions from the end of your URLs, but is not an SEO necessity.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

      Good SEO-friendly URL:
      Not-so-good URLs for SEO:

Images and alt text
Using appropriate file names and alt text for images is an often overlooked way to
optimize your site and has the potential to drive more traffic from image-based
searches. The key is to make sure the file names of your images and the alt text include
your target keywords. The title tag (which is shown when hovering over an image) is
another place to use your relevant, targeted keywords. SEOMoz recently published a
great write-up on theimportance of optimizing your images for SEO.
      Not-so good:

Release your images under a Creative Commons license. Say a software blogger is
searching for an image for a post about Windows backup software. By naming your
image with your targeted keywords, the blogger may discover your software and if it’s
good, he or she may include you in their article.

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Meta descriptions
Meta descriptions don’t carry any weight as far as rankings go, but they serve an
important function – they can help drive increased click-throughs to your site. On a
SERP, you’re presented with a page title as well as a snippet of what the page is about –
this is *usually* the meta description.

A well-written, original and catchy meta description -- no longer than 150-160
characters (the maximum length shown for a search result) -- which contains your
relevant and targeted keywords along with a strong call to action (see example below)
can make the difference between someone clicking on your site or someone else’s – as
long as the search engine chooses to use the meta description, which is not always the
case. Sometimes, copy in the body of the content is used; sometimes it’s a combination
of body copy and the meta description.

How to Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Get our free Windows backup software now and prevent data loss. Quickly and easily
clone your hard drive. Download today -- save headaches tomorrow.

      Myfreesoft offers Windows programs that help you maintain your Windows
      system. We offer free software you can download today.

Meta keywords
Stuffing keywords into the meta keywords field was a common tactic back in the
AltaVista days. Those days are long gone and so is "keyword stuffing" as an "SEO
technique". Some argue that you should still use meta keywords, while others strongly
argue against it. The decision is yours, but if you do use meta keywords, make sure they
correspond to the actual content on the page you’re using them on.
      <meta name="keywords" content="backup, windows, clone, hard drive, free,
      (drastic example but you get the idea):
      <meta name="keywords" content="backup, windows, clone, hard drive, free,
      download, coffee, hotels, airlines, cars, celebrities">

How to Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Dynamic sitemap
A sitemap (usually an XML file in the root directory of your site called sitemap.xml) lists
all the pages on your site you want crawled and includes information such as the date
the page was last modified. If you’ve followed the guidance provided thus far, search
engines should be able to easily crawl and index your site -- with no additional work on
your part. However, using an automatically generated sitemap is easy to implement in
most content management systems and ensures that content which is not directly
linked to from within your site will still be crawled and indexed.

Note: To exclude certain pages or directories for being crawled, you use a file called
robots.txt. Learn more about using the robots.txt file to exclude specific files or
directories from being crawled. Be aware that there are "aggressive" spiders that ignore
robots.txt, which means you’ll need to employ real security measures and access
restrictions if you really need to keep certain files from being crawled.

Learning more about SEO
If you follow the above guidance, it will help you boost your search engine rankings and
hopefully drive additional traffic to your site. Although making your site content,
architecture and URLs SEO-friendly is extremely important; by itself, it is not enough for
you to rank highly for competitive terms. In order to do that, you need a large amount
of quality (authoritative) inbound links to your site. We’ll cover "off-page" SEO tips for
building links to your site (backlinks) in another article. Luckily for software developers,
it’s a bit easier to get some

How to Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

authoritative backlinks by distributing your software through download sites or portals.
For more resources to help you familiarize yourself with the basics of SEO, Google has a
great starter guide that covers some of the key things you need to understand about
search engine optimization. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, also
publishes great, short and extremely timely videos on YouTube about SEO (and other
topics) which help dispel myths and will get you going on the right path.

In the meantime, there are a slew of great resources online for learning about SEO
(besides the vast amount that Google offers). Here’s a short list of some great,
trustworthy ones to help you get started and up your SEO knowledge.

         SEOMoz (they also have a huge list of SEO resources)
         Google Web Master Central
         Search Engine Land
         Search Engine Watch
         SEO Book
         Alltop SEO – aggregator of the top SEO resources
         Marketing Pilgrim
         YouTube Google Web Master Central Channel
         W3Schools

Until next time, definitely download a full-sized PDF or image of Search Engine Land’s
recently released "Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors for an outstanding infographic
representing what (currently) matters when it comes to SEO (both on and off-page).

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

“Both On-site and Off-site SEO is very
important for your site and will affect
your download numbers because most
of your downloads will come from the
search engine”

How To Make Real Money With Pay-Per-Install

Final Thoughts
I hope you are up to speed now with the concepts of Pay-Per-install and you are
now ready to try it out and make some money. I know you may still have
questions about how to really excel in developing your PPI business.

To get started, there are four things you need to do today, and do not

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