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                                                        Painter of Ubud

                                                       B    ali is a very popular tourist destination, Bali is identical to the natural
                                                            beauty and culture of the local people. The tourism sector is the main-
                                                       stay of bali island, a variety of tourism facilities constructed to the satisfac-
                                                       tion of the tourists who vacation in bali. Bali is most known for its beautiful
                                                       beaches, but bali island also have a view terraced rice paddies are located in
                                                       Tegallalang village - Ubud. This is where the tourists can enjoy the beauty
                                                       of rice fields with traditional irrigation system of “subak”, this beautiful
                                                       landscape give a inspiration for painter to make a beautiful painting.

                                                       Ubud is known as peaceful place, a beautiful natural conditions and cool
                                                       weather adds to the beauty of the area in dubbed “art village” by the world
                                                       tourism. Traditional Balinese culture is very pronounced if you visit the vil-
                                                       lage of Ubud, the painters are very happy to stay in the area that inspired it.
                                                       Ubud village is a source of inspiration for artists both domestic and foreign,
                                                       especially from the rest of continental Europe, fame Ubud is known as a
                                                       regional art world since the days of the ancient kingdom.

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                          Painter of Ubud
The fame of the artists of ubud help provide inspiration for    in ubud and became one of the flagship attraction of ubud.
European artists to live in Ubud village as the famous artist   Most of the natives ubud worked as a painter and farmer,
Antonio Blanco, he even married a balinese woman named Ni       painting is a hereditary occupation which has been inher-
Ronji. The painter is quite famous in bali, even has a museum   ited from ancestors ubud residents.

                                                                Painting is already a tradition of citizen ubud, natural tal-
                                                                ents endowed by their ancestors, further adds to the appeal
                                                                ubud village to visited by the tourist while vacationing in
                                                                Bali island. Ubud is the art center of Bali, dozens artshop
                                                                found there, along the way you will see many art shop that
                                                                sells various furniture, ranging from rattan, teak, or bam-
                                                                boo, kelod Ubud you will find a variety of knick knacks
                                                                that would make a great craft souvenirs. Also in ubud also
                                                                scattered dozens of restaurant and lodging, from cheap ho-
                                                                tels to a five star exclusive and ubud private villas for your
                                                                experience holiday in ubud.

                                                                Although bali tourist visits have decreased due to the Bali
                                                                bombing case, but as time goes by tourists visiting Bali
                                                                back to normal, even increasing every year, it’s because
                                                                most tourists believe that Bali is a tourist destination that is
                                                                safe and peaceful, it is also because the contribution of the
                                                                government and society bali. Painters from participating
                                                                ubud add to bali popularity as a favorable tourist destina-
                                                                tion, and there’s nothing wrong if you choose Bali as your
                                                                next holiday destination with family or your friend.

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Description: Ubud is known as peaceful place, a beautiful natural conditions and cool weather adds to the beauty of the area in dubbed "art village" by the world tourism.