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									               Need of Magazines in India

Recommended Magazines listings on this page include the most popular
magazines available in the Indian magazine market. Popular magazines
become so for many reasons, and as is the nature of hard print, magazines
that have comparatively lesser sales may have a greater readership base
due to circulation and sharing between readers as Recommended
Magazines. So, it is difficult to maintain a list of Recommen ded Magazines if
one holds that popular magazines are only those that have the greatest sales
and visible circulation. Here, we have recommended magazines that are
viewed as popular magazines on many criteria and simply not on current

Recommended Magazines By Infibeam
Recommended magazines are more acceptable to a reader than simple
popular magazines. Popular magazines do not guarantee that they will match
the tastes of one and all. Such is not possible for any magazine. People look
for recommendations from other readers with similar taste to reduce the
number of confusing options in mass -market popular magazines.

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