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                                   of Global
                                   Supply Chain

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        management school of the
           University of Antwerp
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    “Our trademark is that                                             Antwerp Management School is ambitious, and we want to
                                                                       share that ambition with the students in our graduate programs.
    besides just offering an                                           As a young management school drawing on a long tradition,
    education, we also pay                                             we have rapidly acquired an important place among business
                                                                       schools locally and internationally. We want to develop and
    attention to the develop-
                                                                       expand this position firmly year after year. The accreditation
    ment of competencies                                               we recently got from AACSB is another token of our ambition.
    and personality.                                                   The growth and success of Antwerp Management School
    Companies tell me that                                             is especially due to its uniqueness. We are passionate
                                                                       about management and developing and promoting young
    Antwerp Management                                                 management talent. This passion has been translated into a
    School master graduates                                            number of graduate programs such as the master of Global
    are quite conscious of
    their individual profile                                           Local markets are becoming world markets. As a result of
                                                                       globalization, managers need to be internationally oriented.
    and therefore immediately                                          Even within their own organizations, managers increasingly
    productive.”                                                       face a need for flexible, cross-cultural interaction. As the
                                                                       global village becomes reality, the domain in which the
                                                                       manager works is growing to encompass the entire world.
                                                                       Consequently, Antwerp Management School is determined
                                                                       to educate its students to become young professionals who
                                                                       take on important responsibilities in the global business
                                                                       community. We promote entrepreneurship, responsibility
                                                                       and professionalism in a student-friendly environment.
                                                                       Our location in the heart of Europe, in the thoroughly creative,
                                                                       internationally attuned, friendly city of Antwerp is a great
                                                                       asset for this mission.

                                                                       Welcome to Antwerp Management School.

    Antwerp Management School has been
    awarded the prestigious AACSB label
    by the ‘Association to Advance Collegiate
    Schools of Business’. AACSB accreditation
    is the international hallmark of excellence
    in management education. It represents
    the highest standard of achievement for
    business schools worldwide.                                        Philippe Naert
2                                                                      Dean Antwerp Management School
Antwerp Management School                                       Master programs                                               ‘Studying at Antwerp
                                                                                                                              Management School is
On March 31, 2000, Antwerp Management School was                A master program is a long-term curriculum intended for
established as an independent entity within the University      present and future managers. The programs last at least       truly a life-changing
of Antwerp (UA). All postgraduate management programs           ten months and at most two years – some can be taken full     experience!
and business management master programs in the UA were          time, others part time. Antwerp Management School awards      The diverse and interna-
transferred to Antwerp Management School.                       legally recognized master degrees in management, human
                                                                resource management, MBA, global management, finance,         tional group of students
Because of the close collaboration with the Faculty of          innovation & entrepreneurship management and 3continent       is an incredible asset
Management and Economics, and that of Political and Social      global management, among others.                              and makes all the hard
Sciences, Antwerp Management School has many advantages
as a university management school providing high quality                                                                      work very interesting
                                                                A Management school without borders:
management programs. The UA and its faculties have a solid                                                                    and rewarding.’
reputation at home and abroad, and they participate in many     international thinking and acting
national and international research and educational projects.                                                                 Hianny Romero
                                                                Overcoming borders, thinking and acting internationally –
                                                                this typifies our university management school. In China,     (Bolivia, Master of Global
Education at Antwerp Management School –                        Moscow and elsewhere, Antwerp Management School               Management, Class of 2009)
Interactive courses with hands-on learning                      has launched dynamic projects and personalized programs.
                                                                Programs targeting an international audience are also being
Antwerp Management School offers two types of educational       offered in the home port of Antwerp.
programs: master and executive programs. The wide range of
courses combine scientific accuracy with a hands-on approach.
Managers with divergent educational backgrounds and work
experience can take introductory, refresher or advanced
There are twelve master programs and more than sixty short
or long-term executive programs on a variety of subjects.
In every field, they are also set up for organizations in the
public and social profit sectors. All programs are designed
to take account of the participants’ needs and demands.
By regularly reviewing course content and assessing students’
needs, the School ensures continual innovation at the highest
level of quality.

                                                            Master of Global
                                                 of Global Supply Chain
                                                 Objectives                                                    Target group

                                                 The Master is aimed at giving insights in global supply       The program is designed for students with an interest in key
                                                 chains to young professionals, with little or no experience   supply chain positions in major organizations with worldwide
                                                 in logistics and supply chain management. Students are        activities or leading positions in international logistics
                                                 prepared to take up supply chain management functions in      companies.
                                                 global companies with complex supply chains. Graduates will
                                                                                                               We are looking for top quality students who have graduated
                                                 gain insights in global supply chain networks and will
                                                                                                               from a university (preferably but not exclusively in Economics or
                                                 develop a global perspective on Supply Chain Management
                                                                                                               Engineering) and with a particular interest in logistics and
                                                 and Logistics, from strategy down to operations.
                                                                                                               supply chain management. Students should be fluent in English.
                                                 The Master of Global Supply Chain Management is a major       International exposure is definitely an advantage.
                                                 of the Master of Global Management, a full time program
                                                 at Antwerp Management School. The official degree is:         Perspectives
                                                 Master of Global Management: Global Supply Chain
                                                 Management.                                                   As the logistics sector is continuously increasing worldwide
                                                                                                               and supply chain functions are rapidly gaining in importance
                                                                                                               in international companies, graduates can substantially
                                                                                                               broaden their scope of employment opportunities both in
                                                                                                               terms of functionality and sector, and increase their chances
                                                                                                               of worldwide career progress and employability.

    Participants from all over the world,
    recent graduates and young profes-
    sionals alike, join to lay the foundations
    for a succesful business career in an
    international environment.
    The program provides a truly multi-
    cultural experience through its diverse
    student body, international teaching
    staff and its international business
    projects and exchange opportunities.
Supply Chain Management
Program Schedule                                                 Course Descriptions                                                foreign investment patterns of Asian regional groupings and
                                                                                                                                    selected Asian countries are discussed, and special attention

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Master of Global Supply Chain Management
The Master of Global Supply Chain Management consists of         n Global   Strategic Management                                    is devoted to eligibility under the EU’s Generalized System
general management courses (24 credits), global supply chain                                                                        of Preferences, and to EU trade policies with regard to Asia
                                                                 The Strategic Management course aims to provide
management courses (21 credits) and a practical business                                                                            (e.g. anti-dumping policies). Next, an indepth analysis and
                                                                 participants with a broader understanding of strategic issues
                                                                                                                                    comparison of major business players in Asia is conducted.
project (15 credits).                                            in organizations. It focuses on the content of strategy and
                                                                                                                                    Some examples are the Japanese keiretsu and sogo soshas,
                                                                 on how a strategy is developed. A problem-based approach
                                                                                                                                    the South Korean chaebol, government-linked and state
                                                                 to theoretical concepts will be used. The course proposes
  Course                                          Credits                                                                           owned companies and former colonial trading houses.
                                                                 a ‘consultancy perspective’ to strategy and strategic              Finally, the major distribution systems are reviewed in
  General Management courses                                24   management problems. Participants must (try to) apply the          selected Asian countries, together with alternative sources
  Global Strategic Management                                6   theoretical concepts discussed in the sessions, both within a      of business intelligence.
  Business in the European Union                             3   specific industry and in different case study situations.
                                                                                                                                    n Managing      people in a Global Context
  Asian Economic & Business Environment                      3   n Business    in the European Union
  Managing people in a Global Context                        6                                                                      This course combines various disciplines dealing with
                                                                 Regional trade groups and economic integration increasingly        the human aspects of organizations. Emphasis is on
  Development of Personal Management Talent                  3   determine world trade and business. The European Union             management of human resources in an organizational
  Economic Analysis and Managerial Decision Making           3   (EU) is no doubt one of the oldest, largest and most success-      context. To fully understand the impact of the different HR
  Global Supply Chain Management courses                    21   ful examples of economic integration. A solid insight into the     practices, we will introduce the course with some general
                                                                 economic and business aspects of the EU not only helps             notions on motivation, leadership and culture. The main
  Basics of Supply Chain Management                          3
                                                                 to understand the business environment in the EU, but also         disciplines we will use are Organizational Behavior, Human
  Strategic Procurement                                      2
                                                                 provides insight into integration areas like NAFTA, MERCOSUR,      Resource Management and Change Management.
  Production and Operational Excellence                      2
                                                                 ASEAN, SACU and many other regional trade arrangements.
  Distribution structures and outbound logistics             2                                                                      n Development       of Personal Management Talent
                                                                 The course will introduce students to the principles and the
  Supply Chain Business Game                                 2                                                                      Personal growth and development is of high significance in
                                                                 functioning of the EU. Special attention is given to basic EU
  Modeling Global Supply Chains                              1   economic policies, and how these influence and determine           a continuously changing society. A strong awareness of the
  ICT and Technology for Supply Chain Management             2   business opportunities and strategies in the EU. Students          possible impacts of your actions on your colleagues and on
  Financial Supply Chains                                    1   must realize that the European market is characterized by          the world around you is equally important. This course aims
  Selected topics: Sustainability and CO2-driven supply          intense competition, which provides further motivation for         for an in-depth development of basic skills and attitudes in
  chain, Co-modality, Port and hinterland logistics,             European firms to improve both their efficiency.                   order for students to develop ‘authenticity’. This is crucial
  Air logistics, Logistics outsourcing, Reverse Logistics    6                                                                      for any individual to function well in an organizational
                                                                 n Asian   Economic and Business Environment                        (and social) setting. In this course the emphasis is put on:
  Master / Consulting project                               15
                                                                 The course starts with the strategic importance of Asia from       1. gaining insights into your own potential and talents.
                                                                 an economic and business perspective, as assessed by major         2. gaining insights into how you function individually
                                                                 indicators. These include indicators on the macro-economic            and within a team.
                                                                 situation, international competitiveness, the prevalence of        3. learning how to apply these insights into a professional
                                                                 corruption, cultural differences, etc. Regional economic              context.
                                                                 integration in Asia is discussed, and selected Asian countries     4. understanding the conceptual framework and the
                                                                 are reviewed in terms of historical as well as recent political,      underlying connections of the development of
                                                                 social and economic developments. International trade and             management talent.                                           5
    n Economic     Analysis                                            budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy,
                                                                       valuation and capital asset pricing, valuation of financial
    This course is an introduction to some major market
                                                                       and real options, and short-term financial management and
    principles. Focus in the first part will be on microeconomics
    with an explanation of some key terms and subjects related
    to supply and demand on the market and forces leading to           n Basics   of Supply Chain Management
    determination of the market price. Subsequently, we will go
                                                                       This course provides an extensive introduction to the
    into greater detail on different aspects of the circular flow of
                                                                       fundamentals of supply chain management, with a strong
    economic activity, beginning with households, which are
                                                                       emphasis on global supply chains. Key concepts in managing
    the consuming units (demand in output markets and supply
                                                                       the complete flow of material in a supply chain are
    on input markets). Next the focus will switch to firms on the
                                                                       introduced. Fundamental relationships among the activities
    supply side of the market, and more specifically to the firm’s
                                                                       that occur in the supply chain of an organization from
    costs, revenue, profit, objectives and behavior in the market
                                                                       suppliers to customers are explained.
    given the market structure. In the last part, we will consider
    market imperfections and the role of government.                   n Strategic   Procurement
    n Managerial      Decision Making                                  The purpose of the Strategic Procurement course is to learn
    The primary objective of this course is to experience the          and apply the principles, philosophies and processes of
    possibilities, limitations and traps of quantitative methods and   supply chain management to the purchasing management
    how to make use of them in managerial decision making.             process on a global basis. The vision of the course is to learn
    Emphasis is put on the way these methods can be helpful            to facilitate the continuous improvement of the purchasing
    to a manager as an aid to decision making. Participants            management system in a company.
    will experience this aspect of quantitative methods by             n Production     and Operational Excellence
    examining and discussing a number of small scale applications
    inspired by real life situations. After completing the course,     This course gives an introduction to the functional area of
    participants will know how to build a model, to choose the         production and operations management as practiced in
    appropriate technique, and to assess the results obtained          manufacturing industries and the services sector. It includes
    in order to analyze and solve a problem. The mathematical          decision-making, project management, facility layout in
    foundations are treated up to the level needed to understand       manufacturing and services industries, waiting lines, quality
    the applicability/ inapplicability of quantitative methods.        control, just-in-time systems, forecasting, aggregate planning,
    They are only relevant as background information and are           inventory management, materials requirements planning
    not the main subject of the course.                                (MRP), and operations scheduling. Moreover, it provides the
                                                                       necessary knowledge methods and tools to understand and
    n Financial   Management                                           improve the operation of production and service units.
    The student will learn a framework, concepts and tools
    for analyzing financial decisions. Topics covered include
    discounted cash flow analysis, investment analysis, capital

                                                                                                                                       Business Project

n Distribution    structures and outbound logistics                Co-modality                                                         The international business project will challenge
                                                                   Co-modality, the cooperative use of different transport             you to apply the knowledge and skills acquired

                                                                                                                                                                                              Master of Global Supply Chain Management
In order to deliver their products to their customers, global
                                                                   modes still remains a major challenge with respect to total         during the year to a concrete management
acting companies organize their supply chain adequately.
                                                                   supply chain cost and service level, especially in door-to-door     project, carried out either within a company or
This course focuses on the current European distribution
                                                                   services.                                                           as a comprehensive research paper with practical
structures and future trends in particular. Visits to a selected
                                                                   Port and hinterland logistics                                       applications.
group of European Distribution Centers are planned.
                                                                   International mainports are important in global supply chains       In the course of the academic year, interactive
n Supply    Chain Business Game                                    today. Especially the access to and the size of its hinterland is   seminars and a variety of workshops, team
The business game will be played in small teams who are            a key issue for global companies.                                   assignments, business games, etc. will lay
competitors in the manufacturing and the worldwide distribu-                                                                           the foundation for in-depth knowledge and
                                                                   Air logistics
tion of tablet computers. The decision content includes                                                                                understanding of the global economy. Moreover,
                                                                   Air cargo logistics is reserved for a specific niche of products
fundamentals of production, distribution, finance and other                                                                            a number of workshops aimed at developing
                                                                   with very short lead times. The belly room of passenger
disciplines within an international business setting.                                                                                  essential management skills will help you carry
                                                                   airplanes are often used for cargo. The number of full
n Modeling      Global Supply Chains                               freighters is limited.                                              out your international project successfully.

This course provides a toolset for the supply chain manager        Logistics outsourcing                                               These workshops will focus on your personal
in order to better understand and manage the supply chain.         The outsourcing of logistics services has changed dramatically      development by creating self awareness
Modeling tools as the SCOR-model and benchmark tools are           throughout the last 10 years, from outsourcing of transport         and critical reflection, communication and
considered.                                                        and warehousing to the strategic outsourcing of the entire          presentation skills as well as teamwork skills.
                                                                   supply chain in a 4PL concept. Leading Logistic Service             Being able to deal with diversity is crucial when
n ICTand technology for Supply Chain                                                                                                   working in an international environment.
                                                                   Providers are directly involved.
                                                                   Reverse Logistics                                                   Finally, general management skills such us
This course provides an overview of software systems for           It will provide students with advanced knowledge of current         international contract negotiation and leadership
supply chain management, ranging from strategic decision           applications of reverse logistics use and opportunities to study    will prepare for day-to-day functioning in global
support tools down to shop floor execution systems.                practical applications in global supply chains. Companies are       positions. All of these are an integral part of your
n Financial   Supply Chains                                        continuously under pressure to adapt to new procedural and          curriculum and an intensive preparation for your
                                                                   technological trends to improve the visibility of product and       final project.
This course focuses on the money-value of the supply chain.
                                                                   cargo flows through an ever-widening and complex supply
n Selected topics, developed in cooperation with                   chain.
  leading companies                                                n Master    / Consulting project
  Sustainability and CO2-driven supply chain                       The master project (also called International Business Project)
  Following the economic crisis, supply chains have been           will give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge
  under massive pressure to become leaner, more agile and          and skills to a real-life practical project related to global
  more sustainable. Carbon driven supply chains combine all        supply chain management in a specific company or
  these characteristics. A key feature of carbon driven supply     international organization.
  chains encompasses horizontal collaboration.
                                                Admission & Selection

    We are looking for high-quality             Admission requirements                                             We strongly encourage early application, as we only accept a
                                                                                                                   limited number of students. Moreover, applying early will give
    candidates who have the potential to                                                                           non-EU students sufficient time to arrange for visas.
                                                Candidates for the Master of Global Supply Chain
    become effective managers in a rapidly      Management must have:                                              The deadline to apply for EU citizens is September 1, 2012
    changing global economy. We therefore       n a university degree                                              and for non-EU citizens July 1, 2012.
    assess the candidate’s intellectual         This degree can be in any specialization, but it must be           n Selection procedure
    ability, management potential,              awarded by an officially recognized institution. It should
                                                                                                                   Once your application file has been accepted, you will be
    personal aptitude, motivation and           represent four years of full-time study at university level,
                                                                                                                   invited to take an International Admission Test. This test is
                                                resulting in a master’s degree or an equivalent bachelor’s
    commitment, with a view to developing                                                                          done on-line at a website and tests your numerical and verbal
                                                degree (a full time, 4-year curriculum, excluding orientation
                                                                                                                   skills. Studying for this test is not necessary.
    qualities required to become a socially     or preparatory years).
                                                                                                                   In addition, interviews with all applicants will be organized.
    responsible business leader in a complex    It is possible to apply before you have completed your studies.
                                                                                                                   The interview will concern your motivation, perseverance,
                                                In this case the selection procedure will take place under the
    global economy. You must be both a                                                                             personality, leadership skills and how you function in a group,
                                                assumption that you graduate from your present studies
    leader and a team player, willing to take   before starting the program.
                                                                                                                   as well as your knowledge of English.

    initiative and responsibility, eager to     n Proficiency in English                                           Applicants living in Belgium (or who can travel to Belgium) will
    understand the nature and complexity                                                                           be invited to Antwerp Management School for the test and the
                                                The entire program is taught in English and students
                                                                                                                   interview on special selection days. International applicants will
    of management in a global world, and        are expected to participate actively in class discussions.
                                                                                                                   be invited for an online Skype interview.
                                                Consequently good, active knowledge of the English
    driven by a strong desire to develop your                                                                      The Admissions Committee will take a decision on the basis
                                                language is crucial for successful participation. All applicants
    entrepreneurial spirit.                     whose file is accepted will be interviewed by an Antwerp           of the application file, the test results and the interview.
                                                Management School representative.                                  Candidates will receive written notification of the Admissions
                                                Applicants whose native language is not English must submit        Committee’s decision within one month of completing the
                                                TOEFL or IELTS test scores.                                        application procedure.

                                                Application and selection                                          Fees and expenses

                                                n Application procedure                                            The total fee of e 9.200 covers the tuition and use of all
                                                                                                                   university facilities. It includes the cost of field trips. It does not
                                                If you want to apply for this program, please follow this
                                                                                                                   include books. Antwerp Management School does not offer
                                                                                                                   scholarships. For information on scholarships awarded by the
                                                - fill in the online application form on
                                                                                                                   Belgian government or private institutions, please visit our
                                                                                                                   website or contact the Belgian Embassy in your country.
                                                - write a motivation essay. Detailed instructions can be
                                                  found on the webpage of the program
                                                - send scanned versions of transcripts, IELTS score, CV
                                                  and motivation essay tot
Career Management Service

The Career Management Service (CMS) at Antwerp                          n Specific     search for own job
Management School is dedicated to supporting students of                At Antwerp Management School, we have a target we want
the Full-time Master programs as they launch their careers              to reach every year, which is ‘finding a job for every student
and provides them with the necessary skills and insights to             within 3 months of graduation’. To achieve this goal, we will do
do a qualitative job application and job interview. The CMS             everything in our power to give all participants of the Full-time
encourages them to really become the manager of their own               Master programs a tailor-made Career Management Service.
career through different types of events.
                                                                        To give a brief view of how we aim to achieve our mission, here
                    Group sessions/activities
                                                                        is an overview of the various activities organized by the CMS:
               Career development            Fairs,
                     sessions           company visits,                 Kick off day    At the start of the academic year, students get
                (self-awareness,      consulting projects,   Specific
                CV-writing, etc.)    networking activities                              a full day of theory and practical exercises on
  Self-                                                       search                    self-awareness, self-motivation and insight into
awareness                                                       for                     their own functioning.
                                        Coaching in          own job
               Individual coaching
                                      (CV, motivational                 Team            A two day residential seminar to deepen self-
                                        letters, etc.)
                                                                        building        knowledge and build awareness of challenges
                        Individual guidance                             seminar         and possibilities of team work, etc.

n Group     sessions/activities                                         Presentation A two day workshop on enhancing one’s
                                                                        skills       resentation skills.
Students will be invited to a variety of sessions on up-to-date
topics in the current job market: CV writing, self-assessment,          Cultural        Cross-cultural awareness with a focus on people
the use of social media, etc. Through interactive discussions           awareness       management skills.
and exercises, they will get an opportunity to challenge each
                                                                        CV writing      How to write the CV that will get you the best
other and give their critical views on the various parts of
                                                                                        job opportunities on the market.
corporate selection processes.
                                                                        Interview       Interactive session with theory and practical
n Individual   guidance
                                                                        training        exercises on how to survive a job interview.
The CMS actively invites students to get in touch, in order
to talk about their future careers and how best to tackle the           Traineeship     Two job fairs organized on campus where a           Participants in the Full-time Master programs are
labor market.                                                           and career      wide variety of companies attend and are            actively encouraged to take initiatives and to
                                                                        forum           interested in undertaking a one-to-one              explore possible new ways to get in touch with
n Self-awareness                                                                        conversation on the opportunities they offer.       companies. After all, they are the ones piloting
In all these activities we aim to make students think about                                                                                 their own careers.
                                                                        Several workshops given by different recruitment agencies.
their careers and the path they want to take, but everything
starts with knowing one’s ‘self’. This will be actively                                                                                     For more information, please contact:
                                                                        Company visits
supported by the ‘Development of management skills’                                                                                         Sarah Tijskens T +32 (0)3 265 41 75
                                                                        etc.                                                                               E
course which maintains a continual link with the Career
Management Service.
                                             a metropolis with added value

     Antwerp is a major city and by no       A prosperous city                                                Dries Van Noten, Walter Van Beirendonck and Ann De
                                                                                                              Meulemeester, are international trendsetters admired for their
     means only in the eyes of its 450.000                                                                    innovative creations from Paris to Tokyo. A multitude of pubs
                                             At the end of the fifteenth century,
     inhabitants. For a number of reasons,   Antwerp became the leading commercial                            and restaurants offer a large and varied selection for drinking
     Antwerp could be considered the         centre in Western Europe. It has remained                        and dining.

     ‘Capital of Flanders’.                  a flourishing metropolis ever since. Antwerp is the world’s
                                             fourth largest port. Every year, more than five trillion euros   Antwerp Management School
                                             of added value is created here. Antwerp is also home to a
                                             number of large oil refineries and chemical and petrochemical    Antwerp Management School is located in the historical
                                             companies, second only to Houston Texas in the industry.         center of the city of Antwerp. After an award-winning
                                             The city is famous as the world diamond hub – more than          renovation, a splendid 15th century mansion, called
                                             half of all raw, cut and industrial diamonds transit through     ‘Het Brantijser’, became the new home of the School in the
                                             Antwerp. The Antwerp diamond sector has a yearly turnover        year 2000. Other university campuses are within walking
                                             of 17 trillion euro from 1,200 companies employing 15,000        distance. The School is easy to reach by public transportation.

                                             Focused on the world

                                             Because it is a port, Antwerp has been outward looking for
                                             centuries. Paris, London, Cologne, Frankfurt and Amsterdam
                                             are within a 300 kilometer radius, which adds to the city’s
                                             cosmopolitan identity. The numerous foreign companies
                                             active in Antwerp make the city feel almost like a scale model
                                             of the world economy and the fact that a major part of the
                                             local population speaks fluent English and French simplifies
                                             international contacts.

                                             A dose of culture

                                             Antwerp boasts an impressive cultural heritage including the
                                             medieval Cathedral and the intimate Market Square with
                                             its Renaissance town hall and guild houses, among other
                                             landmarks. Works of Antwerp’s world famous painters,
                                             such as Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens, can be viewed in
                                             different places throughout the city. Antwerp is also the home
                                             of contemporary artists of European stature like Jan Fabre
                                             and Panamarenko, and local fashion designers, including
Library Services                                                   Services / Technology

An on-line research library provides access to more than           Antwerp Management School makes extensive technological
4.000 journals and electronic databases. Business students         resources available to business students. Emphasis on internet
can use the central library of the University of Antwerp (UA),     connectivity as the ‘window to the world’ is clearly reflected in
the other libraries on the various campuses, and all specialized   the program content and teaching methods. Students will use
documentation centers of the university. The University of         business technology on a regular basis and have free, unlimited
Antwerp is recognized as a European Documentation Center           web access. The School’s extensive campus network lets
and is the only depository of World Bank publications in           students download course materials, course assignments and
Belgium. Moreover, international newspapers are provided           software from the intranet. Several computer labs on campus
on a daily basis. Students have access to a vast number of         are available to students, including hundreds of networked
publications in any field of science through an extensive          computers, laser printers and multimedia applications. All
network, including other schools and universities, and the         classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
library of the city of Antwerp.

                                                                   A large number of off-campus student accommodations are
                                                                   available in the vicinity of the School. Antwerp Management
                                                                   School does not own any student housing but it gives students
                                                                   extensive assistance in securing housing, whatever the
                                                                   accommodations, budget and location desired.


                                                                   Belgium enjoys a moderate maritime climate with fairly
                                                                   mild winters (average temperature in January is 5°C – 40 °F)
                                                                   and beautiful summers (average temperature in July is
                                                                   24 °C – 78°F).

                                                                                                             Antwerp                   11
Master of Global Supply Chain Management


                                           Antwerp Management School
                                           Master of Global Supply Chain Management
                                           Sint-Jacobsmarkt 9-13 | BE-2000 Antwerp - Belgium          The autonomous
                                           T +32(0)3 265 44 71 | F +32 (0)3 265 49 53          management school of the
                                                                                                  University of Antwerp

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